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UFC: Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic ще се завърне през 2008-ма


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В днешната публикация на Sportske Novosti, хърватски спортен всекидневник, Dana White потвърди, че Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic ще се завърне през 2008-ма.

"Mirko ми сподели, че е загубил концентрацията си в последните няколко битки. Ясно ми показа, че не е доволен от представянето си. Имаше някаква операция на носа и ми каза, не увери ме, че ще се върне по-готов от всякога."

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Той и да се върне, вече нямам много вяра в него...


[color="red"][size=18][center][size=7][b][font="Impact"][color="#ffa500"]Flair[/color] [color="#0000ff"]is[/color] dead [color="#000000"]![/color][/font][/b][/size]

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Според негови думи се надява да се завърне през Февруари. За мен това са доста добри новини. След напускането на Randy и преминаването на Fedor в М-1, Cro Cop е добре дошъл.

За първи съперник бих избрал Antoni Hardonk. След като и двамата са 1-2 в UFC има логика, а и това би трябвало да е лесен съперник за Cro Cop.

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Eто един recap oт интервю с Cro Cop. Благодарности на Stipe oт Хърватия.

Cro-cop: i can't wait for the fight against Minotauro

After reconstruction of his nose - deviation of septum- mirko has returned to his trainings. as usual after his losses mirko is highly motivated. not only to finish his last 3 fight but to prolong his career.

- many people write me off and i am very motivated to show them different.

- Mirko can't do sparing training for 6 weeks because of his nose but he will do other exercises. in his team there will be changes but his fitness trainer will be the same. - said his manager

- i want to raise my weight to 231 lbs. in my fight against kongo and gonzaga i felt that i need to raise my weight because i was losing much more power because they were heavier. we will do it slowly so i don't lose my speed. - said cc

this year cc will not fight but his next fight should be in february. it doesn't bother him that he can get minotauro because he lost against minotauro partly because of his breathing.

i would fight minotauro with delight. i was losing power against him because of my nose when the fight was at her finish. now my problem is gone so i look forward to my next fights.

I will go to amsterdam to ivan hyppolite and do some sparing trainings against his fighters. - said cc

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