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UWF Capital Punishment II


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На сайта на Wrestlingzone.ru видях картата на този турнир.Стана ми интересно как така ще участват едновременно и хора на WWE и на TNA макар и да са за трета промоция.Това същата Universal Wrestling Federation ли е която съществуваше до средата на 90-те.Имам смътен спомен че бях гледал Steiner Brothers в мач там някога по DSF когато имаха обзорно предаване World of Wrestling посветено на малките федерации.Шоуто ще е в Аlltel Pavilon -Richmond Virginia.

Ето и картата с обявените мачове засега:

Announced matches:

"Team Slaughter" (Sgt Slaughter, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, ???? & ????) vs "Team JBL" in "Un Civil War 10-Man 2-Ring Cage Match"

"L.A.X." ("Notorious 187" Homicide & Hernandez) vs "Team Macktion" (Kirby Mack & TJ Mack) in "Grudge Rematch" with Speical Referee Ricky "Dragon" Steamboat

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs Joey "Mercury" Matthews

Ruckus vs Senshi

"The Monster" Abyss vs D'Lo Brown


Rumored matches:

Scheduled to appear: Gail Kim, JBL aka Bradshow, Ron Simmons aka Farooq, Steve Corino, CW Anderson, David Young, "Primetime" Elix Skipper, Road Warrior Animal, Dustin Rhodes, Earl Hebner, Brian Hebner

"APA" (Farooq & Bradshow) Reunion

Доста любопитно ми се видя.


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Не става дума за федерацията от началото на 90-те. Просто съкращението е същото. Това UWF е съкращение от United Wrestling Federation. Федерация е собственост на пилота от Nascar Hermie Sadler и доскоро организираше house show-тата на TNA. Сега обаче TNA се отделиха от UWF и сами организират house show-тата си. Card-ът на това шоу на UWF изглежда доста добре, но ме съмнява, че и качеството на самото шоу ще е такова. Може да има 1-2 по-добри мача, но не очаквам нищо повече. А и като гледам кои звезди ще участват, най-вероятно главното нещо, върху което ще наблегнат, е носталгията.

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UWF Capital Punishment II

Richmond, VA

Stuart C. Siegel Center

September 21, 2007

1) Joey Matthews (called Joey Mercury by the ring announcer and even had his MNM music) defeated AJ Styles.

Matthews did some pre-match heeling on a somewhat hometown crowd (he got started not to far away I believe) and AJ came to our defense. Ricky Steamboat was scheduled to referee this match but didn't. The match started very slowly with A LOT of stalling (this would be a running theme unfortunately), but once they picked up the pace it was a hotly contested bout. We saw AJ hit most of his moves including the inverted DDT and the Pele (which just came RIGHT OUT OF NOWHERE!). Finish came when Matthews reversed a rollup and held the ropes. Good match once it got going.

a) JBL came out to address the crowd. He mentioned that he wasn't insulting us to get cheap heat, he legitimately despised each and every one of us. Given his seemingly heartfelt reaming out of the Richmond fans at Armageddon when they chanted boring during the Chavo-Yang match, he may be telling the truth. He called out LAX for trying to end the career of a promising young star, referring to one of the Mack brothers of Team Macktion (I believe T.J.) who suffered a collapsed lung from a bad Border Toss at the Rock'n'Roll Express Tag Team Tournament. Homicide sparred with JBL for a while but when it came out that LAX did it "to make an impact" JBL asked LAX to be on Team JBL for the Un-Civil War (War Games) main event. Team Macktion came out to fight with LAX but security took them to the back. They came back out moments later alongside Sgt. Slaughter who invited Team Macktion to join Team Slaughter for War Games. As a result of this we didn't get our scheduled Team Macktion vs. LAX match, presumably postponed until the next night in Spotsylvania.

2) AJ Styles won an 8 Man Royal Rumble last eliminating Damian Wayne to earn a shot at Joey Matthews the next night at Spotsylvania.

This match was supposed to feature local talent to give them a shot at the big time. The match started with Phil Brown (fairly notable local guy whose done a lot of dark match work for WWE) and "The Obsession" Tyler Connelly. This was cruel to do to these guys because nobody knew who they were and turned on them HARD. The first two men were supposed to fight for five minutes and everyone else would come out at two minute intervals, but after four minutes they brought out the next guy. Damian Wayne was No. 3, and the crowd perked up a bit for him. No. 4 was Charlie Dreamer, and skinny blond kid that the crowd HATED because the ring announcer called him "Tommy Dreamer" when he came out. Next out was Preston Quinn, followed by Joey Silvia and Prince Malik (who looked like he may have been Phil Brown's tag team partner). I will say that Brown looked impressive in there. Wayne and Quinn teamed up to eliminate everybody (I believe they are collectively the Old School Empire, or at least Quinn is in that team) and they waited for the last entrant. The countdown buzzed down twice and no one came out. AJ Styles ran in from the other side and delivered a double missile dropkick that eliminated Quinn. Styles then got up and tossed Wayne as well, earning his rematch with Matthews. Matthews, who had been watching from ringside, got in the ring and it looked like he and AJ would go at it but Matthews backed down.

3) David Young & Daffney defeated "The Man Scout" Jake Manning & Gail Kim in an Intergender Tag Team Match.

Jake Manning is a cross between Eric Young and Eugene in a Boy Scout outfit. The best part of the match was Daffney's outfit. Endless amounts of stalling between Young and Manning at the beginning, killing a crowd that was already leery of Manning. Young pinned Manning after a spinebuster.

B ) UWF President Hermie Sadler came out to thank the fans and the sponsors of the show for making it such a success. Ricky Steamboat and Ron Simmons came out to present a check of $20,000 to the Commonwealth Autism Center (this show was a fundraiser for the event, even auctioning off the opportunity to manage the wrestlers). Steamboat said a few words, and Ron Simmons reacted to the huge amount in the only way he could (which would actually illicit the biggest pop of the night). A "One more time" chant prompted yet another utterance of his favorite word.

4) Senshi defeated Ruckus.

Let me start off by saying that the man that won the auction to be guest ring announcer for this match was a thousand times better than the actual ring announcer. The crowd didn't know who Ruckus was, but he won them over. This was the most technically sound match of the night and there was limited stalling. Ruckus hit a lot of high impact moves, impressing the crowd. Senshi eventually won with the Warrior's Way. Very good match.

5) D'Lo Brown defeated Abyss by DQ.

Much like AJ-Matthews this match got really good once it FINALLY got going. Abyss summoned Larry Zbysko for a while, and then he applied the world's longest bearhug. Eventually the match got really good and they even went for the WrestleMania finishes. Abyss hit D'Lo with the Black Hole Slam but the referee was down. D'Lo hit Abyss with the Sky High and the Lo Down but Abyss kicked out. Abyss gave D'Lo a chokeslam and D'Lo kicked out. Abyss then got frustrated and whacked D'Lo with a chair for the DQ. Abyss then LEVELLED referee Brian Hebner with the chair. D'Lo made the save and hit Abyss in the gut with the chair. D'Lo then gave the chair away to a kid in the crowd.

At about 10:30 we had our intermission so they could set up the Steel Cage for the main event. Charlie Dreamer came back out to help put up the cage. It took them a while to do so the intermission lasted much longer than it should have. Between the stalling in the matches, the incredibly loud PA system, seeing wrestlers the crowd didn't know, and the late hour many people left. The two rings were not close enough together so the Steel Cage had about a two foot gap in the middle of it.

6) Team Slaughter (Steiner Brothers, Team Macktion, and Dustin Rhodes) defeated Team JBL (LAX, Extreme Horsemen, & "Primetime" Elix Skipper) in an Un-Civil War (War Games) Match.

We started with the coin toss to see who got the advantage. Guess what? They stalled during the COIN TOSS. JBL won, obviously. Dustin Rhodes and CW Anderson started. They wrestled for five minutes before Steve Corino came out for Team JBL. T.J. Mack came out next, followed by Homicide. Homicide cleaned house but he bumped into Steve Corino and the two briefly stared each other down. Rick Steiner came out next and in a funny moment cleaned house on everybody including T.J. Mack. Hernandez was next for his team, followed by Kirby Mack. LAX and Team Macktion went right after each other. Hernandez brutalized both men, giving them wicked powerbombs and, in the spot of the night, giving T.J. Mack the Border Toss from one ring into the other. Elix Skipper was last in for Team JBL and Scott Steiner came in last for Team Slaughter. JBL eventually ran into the cage and delivered the Clothesline from Hell to Dustin Rhodes and two short arm clotheslines to Team Macktion. Sgt. Slaughter came in after JBL and put him in the Cobra Clutch. Scott Steiner put Steve Corino (I believe, it may have been Anderson) in the Steiner Recliner and he submitted. Crazy brawling throughout and while it won't be anybody's MOTY it was a fun way to end the night and in my opinion a show saver.

Post-match activity saw JBL confront Dustin Rhodes and Rhodes punched him out. Sgt. Slaughter came and stole his watch and left with it. JBL, doing his usual post-SmackDown laying on his back in the ring while addressing the crowd deal, informed us to be on the look out for a large bleach blonde man and an sergeant and that they should be arrested for theft. He also announced that he would be waiting in the ring for us to line up to kiss his ass. Outside the ring Homicide was pissed about the loss and slammed the cage door on Kirby Mack's back. He confronted Corino about the loss and things got really heated. CW Anderson came to Corino's defense and Hernandez eventually came to pull Homicide away. Looks like we may get an Extreme Horsemen-LAX feud.

Overall the show was kind of disappointing but still fun. The main event, Senshi-Ruckus, and the latter half of Styles-Matthews and Abyss-D'Lo were all good. The coolest thing of the night was the eclectic array of talent on this show, especially in the main event. From a match quality standpoint I don't know if I can recommend the DVD but if you want to see a surreal main event and support a good cause like autism research then check it out.

UWF was in Richmond for Capital Punishment II at the Siegel Center.


Bell Time on the tickets said 7:30, website said 8, they didn't start till 8:10. About 300 in attendance. Sgt. Slaughter, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Ron Simmons, and Scott Steiner signed autographs before hand for the fans who paid for the Ultimate Experience. Ricky Steamboat did not appear other than that as advertised.

Joey Matthews (doing the MNM gimmick) beat AJ Styles via holding the ropes after sitting out in a Sunset Flip. Ok match with the crowd really into. Joey Matthews cut an anti-Richmond promo citing his growing up near the arena as a starting point before heeling up on the crowd for cheap heat.

JBL came out. Announcer introduced him as the longest reigning WWE Champion (not even true in the last decade). He cut a promo mostly with cheap heat on Richmond for Michael Vick. He then called out LAX and at first browbeat them for beating up Kirby Mack of Team Macktion and then invited them to his "team" for the War Games main event after admiring their guts. Team Macktion, who LAX beat down on the last shows, then came out, were escorted back by Security, but then brought back out by rival captain Sgt. Slaughter and made part of his team.

David Young & Daffney beat Jake Manning & Gail Kim via pinfall after interference. Nothing match. Crowd chanted Boring and We Want Wrestling during it.

AJ Styles won an 8 Man Battle Royal for the right to face Joey Matthews the next night in Spotsylvania. Damien Wayne & Preston Quinn (a Mid-Atlantic tag team) were last in the ring thinking they had it won when AJ Styles came from behind, springboard dropkicked the both of them, and eliminated the both of them to earn the match and surprise the crowd. Decent battle royal with Joey Silva taking a big bump off the top turnbuckle to the mat below getting a big pop. Also in the match: Phil Brown, Prince Malik, Charlie Dreamer, & Angus McCloud

Ceremony for the presentation of the check for the Autism cause in Richmond. Ron Simmons came out at the end with the crowd chanting DAMN and then he did it twice for the crowd.

Senshi pinned Ruckus after the Warrior's Way in a good match and best of the night. Crowd was uneasy on the two, but got into due to the athletics, spots, and energy.

D'Lo Brown beat Abyss via DQ when Abyss used a chair on him and then the ref. Nothing match and the crowd was off and on into it.

Intermission for 30 minutes while they had trouble setting up the cage.

Team Sgt. Slaughter (Dustin Rhodes, The Steiners, & Team Macktion) beat. Team JBL (Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Elix Skipper, & LAX) in a "War Games" style match when captains got involved in the match, Sgt. Slaughter put the Cobra Clutch on JBL, and got the submission. Before the match, Hebner did the coin toss and the crowd chanted You Screwed Bret at him to which he replied "Yeah, I did, but that was 15 years ago." Funny, but it's technically not been 10 yet. Team JBL won the advantage for the match. Rick Steiner was ridiculous in this match, spent 2 minutes on his feet the entire 10-15 minutes he was in the match, and spent the rest punching some random people on the mat, mostly Homicide, in what looked to be like humping from a distant. Many audible chants for him to stand up and move. LAX and Team Macktion picked up the slack well. Steve Corino and CW Anderson had good chemistry with Rhodes in an old school way and got the crowd into the match while the other two teams got them in with the action. Steiners were there mostly for pops. Biggest spot was Hernandez taking one of the Mack brothers and doing his Border Toss from one ring to the other.

Not a good show, but also not expensive and not outright horrible.

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Като гледам отзивите май си е било преебавка.Не очаквах класики,но исках да видя J.B.L. & Ron Simmons заедно.


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