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ROH 3rd PPV Taping and Motor City Madness II


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ROH PPV taping report 9-15 Chicago

by Keith Lipinski

Keith's first report from the show - ROH tonight is Matt Sydal's last night on the indies before reporting to WWE.


* Ernie Osirus & Silas Young d. Rhett Titus & Bobby Dempsey . Silas pinned Titus with an outstanding headstand into an arabian press. Big pops for Bobby Dempsey and for the finish of the match. Bobby was over huge and worked like a mini-Vader at times. He even got a pop for taking off his t-shirt.

* Keith reports there are about 20-30 guys in attendance wearing bandanas with ski-masks over them in the crowd.

Main Show:

* The open they shot for the PPV had Sweeney, Claudio and Nigel doing promos; then a man wearing a ski-mask and black hoodie jumped over the railing and got kicked out after getting on the mic to talk smack for all of two seconds.

* Four corner match to start the show. Nigel McGuinness v. Chris Hero v. Claudio Castagnoli v. Naomichi Marufuji. Sweet 'n Sour Larry Sweeney has a Bluetooth headset on! Very good stuff so far highlighted by a Nigel McGuinness top rope body press to the second row on Hero & Claudio. The other highlight of the match was Castagnoli and Marufuji giving each other claw holds. Nigel pins Claudio in 18:00 with a jawbreaker lariat in an excellent match. This match had everyone hitting everything and breaking up pinfalls like crazy. Hero played chickenshit throughout, never wanting to be in the ring with Claudio.

* After a coin flip to determine who goes next Rocky Romero v. Matt Cross is up. Romero wins in 4:45 with an awesome kick to the side of Cross' head. This was sold wonderfully as Matt was carried out. Cross got in a lot of offense before missing a spin off the top rope.

* Davey Richards v. Austin Aries is up. Started slow but built to a good pace and the crowd is into it. Eventually Aries wins with a 450 brainbuster off the top rope at 13:23. Decent to good heat by the end of this match. Austin did a beautiful tope to the outside during this match - he's lost bulk and looks really good. There was a heckler in the crowd yelling Benoit stuff and when Davey did a crossface the heckler screamed "Good night Daniel!" Keith's thoughts on this: "It's too soon."

More Keith quotes: "The crowd is sorta quiet for the last two matches. From my vantage point the crowd heat is good, but not great or anything like that. They are into it when it counts."

* Roderick Strong d. Erick Stevens at 16:26 with a Gibson driver coming after an awesome Razor's Edge by Roderick from the middle rope. Erick Stevens looked very good and the match featured a lot of chops.

World title match is up next! Crowd really woke up for Bryan Danielson. He came out to the ring with his eye patch on.

* Takeshi Morishima {C} defeats Bryan Danielson via referee stoppage at 12:43 to retain the ROH World Title. He took off Danielson's eyepatch and just leveled his face with elbows. Crowd was not at all happy with this decision. Very good match given one of two men had an eye patch on for most of it. Morishima did two backdrop drivers and Danielson did a nice armbar submission while hitting elbows on his head. The ladder match is up next!

* Jay & Mark Briscoe {C} defeat Kevin Steen & El Generico at 27:23 to retain the ROH Tag Titles. "Amazing match!" Project 161 is revealed! They are Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black and NECRO BUTCHER.

Very good post-match where they hung Jay Briscoe upside down and he bled buckets onto Jimmy Jacobs' white jacket. Great promo by Jacobs follows - he used the word DRUNKARDS during it. Totally insane! Jacobs promo goes a little long and the crowd chants BORING towards the end but still very good. Blood was falling all over Jacobs like nuts!


* In the first match after the break Mitch Franklin {C} defeats 'Sugarfoot' Alex Payne to retain the Top of the Class Trophy. The finish came at 2:25 with a faceplant powerbomb. Mitch cut his hair before this match. SHIMMER match is up next!

* Daizee Haze & Amazing Kong defeat Lacey & Sara Del Rey at 14:48 when Haze pinned Lacey. Very good match, Kong looked awesome here and it helped to hype SHIMMER a lot. Sara actually got Kong up for a german suplex!

* BJ Whitmer & Brent Albright defeat The YRR (Young, Rich & Ready For Action - Chasyn Rance & Kenny King) at 5:19. They hit a double team flapjack piledriver on Chasyn. BJ now looks like a lanky Steve Corino. Two funny moments here included Kenny King slipping on the top rope during a springboard and the crowd chanting F-I-P.

BJ Whitmer says he's "seen the light." Henceforth Whitmer and Albright declare a new group called HANGMEN 3 consisting of them AND Adam Pearce. Crowd loudly chants "NO MORE FACTIONS!"

* Tyler Black v. Jack Evans is NO CONTEST at 2:40 when Necro Butcher threw a chair at Jack as he tried a springboard to the outside.

* Irish Airborne & Jack Evans v. The Age of the Fall was ALSO NO CONTEST . Age of the Fall is the PROJECT from earlier - Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher. Match ended at 6:50 when Necro punched the referee in the mouth. Necro and Evans did a lot of spots together in this match. Keith believes the faction slash group slash whatever may in fact be called "Up and Up the Fall."

* Delirious defeats Matt Sydal at 21:52 when D hit Chemical Imbalance for the pin. Crowd heat was decent but everyone's been really tired since the ladder match. Good but not outstanding.

Keith: "Overall an incredible first half, and the second half could not compare unless somebody had died."


And damn.. Jimmy Jacobs with blood pouring on him... amazing visial.. The MOTHER F'IN NECRO BUTCHER!?!

Good god, tonight's show was amazing..

4 corner survival was great.. fast action. Hero is awesome, he as won me over. Nigel dove right on top of me..

all the series match we're good. . Romero/Cross(***) was good for what it was, Davey/Aries (***1/4) was great (Some jerkoff was chanting "Good night, Daniel" when Davey had the crossface.. the guy got 'this fan sucks' chants as he should've. Stevens/Roderick was amazing(****), probably the best match in the series of NRC/Resilience (Yes, even the tag ones) and really solidified Stevens as serious buisness.

Danielson/Morishima had a great story and a great atmosphere, 70% of the crowd was behind Dragon like crazy.. Morishima says "I won't hit his damaged eye" but he did it anyway.. AND EVEN HIS GOOD EYE! Honestly, I thought Danielson had it won.. Great match. (***3/4)

The Ladder war.. The best I've seen live.. These two KILLLLLLLED each other. Literally. Insane spots everywhere, and boy.. I mean INSANE. Phenomenal match.. my current MOTY. (*****)

Then you hear this girl screaming... but it's just the music of Project 161, about 50 people wearing skimasks + bandannas rushed by the barricade and threatening the briscoes.. meanwhile Do It For Her (Tyler/Jimmy) hopped in the ring.. and there's NECRO F'ING BUTCHER on the other side.. Crazy. They hogtie Jay and Jimmy cuts a great promo.. which was followed with boring chants for some reason, amazing visual. Great way for them to debut, Jimmy abuses Lacey now.

Amazing Kong is the female Samoa Joe. She was HUGELY over. this match was good, Haze got the pin on Lacey. (***)

Hangman 3 (lole) defeated YRR. Pretty much a sguash... but it was good for what it was meant to do. (**3/4)

Six Man Tag was great.. wild brawl. Necro is awesome. (***1/2)

Delirious and Matt Sydal had a good match, Lots of kick outs. Sweney walks out on Sydal after the match. (***1/4)

Just got back from one of the craziest nights of wrestling. I think this show topped Good Times, Great Memories. It was better than Driven.

It was weird, they introduced Marufuji, then had Prazak and Leonard talk into the camera and Nigel, Claudio, and Hero (and Sweeney) all talk into the camera, before a hooded fellow yelled something and was tackled.

The Four Corner Survival was pretty good. The crowd seemed to be lacking a buzz at this point, only popping and clapping for the bigger moves (including Nigel diving into the crowd from the top). Good match, I think Nigel may take the belt in Edison, because he mentioned the winner gets a shot.

The Series matches were okay. Cross and Romero was ok, but the crowd started to pick up with Aries and Richards, and went to its usual Chicago state with Stevens and Strong. That match was excellent. Those two need to have a rematch. Stevens has grown a lot, and gives Aries a real running mate.

The Title Match was pretty good. It moved fast, and ended with Morishima pummeling Dragon till Turner called for the bell. Dragon got his spots in, and had him in the Cattle Mutilation. I really hope his eye is okay. I personally thought this match lacked something. I'm not sure what given the circumstances, but it wasn't a match of the year candidate or anything.

The ladder war, however, was. Good God Almighty. I must say I have the utmost respect for Generico, Steen, and the two Briscoes to go through that. The piledriver spot was insane, but it was preceded by like 10 other spots, one being Steen crucifix bombing Mark to the outside onto a ladder positioned on the apron and the rail. You need to see this match. I think they broke three ladders. The first was bent in a weird way, the second snapped in two when they tried to pick up Mark on it, and the third was bent from Mark going through it. They had a big orange ladder set up in the crowd and when Jay motioned for it, like 10 fans got it for him. Awesome match, worthy of the 'this is awesome' chant it got. Kudos and thanks to all 4.

Then a bunch of screaming came over the speaker and a bunch of hooded figures came out. The Briscoes went up to them, but Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black came running into the ring and they had a standoff. This ended quickly because Necro Butcher came from the other side with his hand wrapped in barbed wire. The proceeded to tie Mark up to the turnbuckle, and hang Jay by his feet from the chain that held the belts. They cut him open (but this was a weird part) and he dangled for about 5-8 minutes while Jacobs gave a promo letting Jays blood drip all over him. Lacey was also there dressed gothic-y. Good visual, but I couldn't really hear the promo. A loud boring chant broke out, though at one point. I just think that somehow they jigged Jay because he would have passed out being upside down like that and gushing blood. Oh well. After that was over, some dumbass fan did something and both Briscoes looked legit pissed as the crowd chanted 'f this guy'. I don't know what happened, but Mark looked ready to jump over and attack him.

Intermission came and went and Franklin beat Sugerfoot.

The SHIMMER women put on a great tag match. Amazing Kong is something else.

Whitmer and Albright squashed YRR. Okay match. Albright did a pounce-like manuever which was sick. I like heel Whitmer, but I don't like the name Hangmen 3. It might grow on me.

Evans came out and was attacked by Black who was then joined by Necro and Jacobs. Irish Airborne made the save and there was a six man brawl. Necro punched Paul Turner for the no contest.

Sydal and Delirious was pretty good. We chanted thank you Sydal and 'speech' but he just waved and bowed and left.

That's all, but the ladder war was the greatest thing ever.


I was at the ROH Show in Detroit Friday night. I have been at every one of the shows and enjoyed this one as much as any of them.

Then I read q review on another website and wanted to provide an alternate one as I felt the review was far more negative than justified.

1) Davey Richards v. Silas Young

Great match, Davey has really solid heel work and managed to get himself over as a heel while establishing Young as someone who will probably get another look. It's great to always have fresh talent. Some will work out, some will not but I thought this was fine for a debut. Richards fed his comeback well. Richards takes the win.

2) YRR of Kenny King and Chasyn Rance with Valerie ? (who I am quite sure is So Cal Val) over Alex Payne and Mitch Franklin. Mitch has changed up his look a bit thankfully. The much anticipated debut of YRR was great. I had not seen their FIP stuff but the act was solid. Losing in the finals of Tough Enough 2 was the best thing that could have happened to King. He got to ply his trade on the indy circuit and develop into a great worker and personality. Jackie and Linda? Um, no...

Anyways, this went well as a debut. YRR took the win. And then I marked out for Danielson appearing AND wrestling. When I first heard he wouldn't be wrestling in Detroit, I was disappointed but then glad in the face of contemporary concern over workers performing hurt. But he didn't do anything crazily high-risk and it was great to watch. Danielson did back to back matches with both King and Rance, taking both wins.

3) 4-Corner Survival: Pretty good installment of this type of match, with basically tornado rules for a change along with something at stake. Everyone boo'd when Stevens took the win, but he did a short promo acknowledging this, said it would be the biggest match of his career and he wouldn't let us down. I think this works as the world titlematch ended up being good (more on this later) but would not have gone over well advertised.

4) Jimmy Jacobs v. Chris Hero: Jacobs was the most over I have ever seen him, and Hero was a great heel. Great back-and-forth match, with Jimmy getting the win by submission. The abuse that Hero's entourage gives to Bobby Dempsey is entertaining.

5) Naomichi Marufuji v. El Generico: My first time seeing Marufuji, and my first time seeing Generico in ROH and he is really over. Marufuji is so great, he worked a headlock of all things outside the ring and had fans really into it, going around the ring and running Generico into the ringpost as well. Marufuji took the win in what might have been the match of the night. Near-falls, high spots and psychology a-plenty.


6) Claudio Castagnoli and Nigel McGuinness v. Brent Albright and BJ Whitmer: I was watching these four guys and thinking that they would have been great for the old Mid-South circuit on Bill Watts' watch. And they're great for ROH. I loved this match. Claudio has come through his identity crisis of adopting his look with flying colors. Whitmer is a work in progress with short blond hair but it changes him and makes it easier to boo him.

Solid work in this match, with Albright and Whitmer taking the win.

7)Jack Evans v. Rocky Romero: Great match with two well-matched guys. I can't picture Romero as anything but a heel. Jack is such a star. Great brawl and high-flying match. Jack takes the win.

8) Takeshi Morishima v. Erick Stevens: Great match for me. I was stoked to see Morishima. In my mind he got both himself and Stevens over. He got all his offense in but Stevens got crazy power moves on him, including a powerslam (a la Ted Dibiase, with Morishima running into it off the ropes), a doctor bomb, a TKO (fireman carry into ace crusher) and another I can't remember. Stevens got a huge ovation and upped his status a lot. Morishima takes the win.

9) Briscoes v. Austin Aries and Matt Cross: Good match with some lulls while Cross was playing babyface in peril trying to tag Aries. Solid effort though with nothing to complaing about. Briscoes as main eventers is great. Briscoes take the win after spike jay driller.

We as ROH fans have to appreciate that we are receiving a state-of-the-art product. WWE or TNA would never give half these guys a chance, but the product is head-and-shoulders above what we see from corporate wrestling. There is no modern equivalent to ROH: they have lots of great traditional, old-school traits but are cutting edge and experimental as well. Count your blessings that they are able and willing to do what they do for us.

Dave Musgrave aka puropotsyp

Няма какво да кажа освен че ROH delivers again. Просто не мога да повярвам как шоу може да top-не невероятното Good Times Great Memories, но ще видим. Ladder мача поне според репортите е бил невероятен.А бе просто адското шоу е било..

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Некро се завърна, най-накрая... обаче, така като изчетох последните новини днеска сутринта, и аз имам странното усещане, че в РОХ всичко е пренатъпкано със стейбъли от по трима човека(фенски казано - three-man stables). NRC, Resiliance(или нещо такова...), Vulture Squad(залагам че последния човек в стейбъла ще бъде PAC), сега и емотата(какво ли парви Некро там)и тази олд-скуул хийл формацийка на Пиърс, Олбрайт и Уитмър си става, нека го кажа право - кочина! Да се надяваме, че Саполски няма да се оплете, при все че е малко вероятно. Дано в скоро време видиме някакъв сорт Steel Cage Warfare чрез който да бъде въдворен малко ред...

[color="#990000"]HAIL SABIN[/color]

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Не знам за вас, но на мен ми звучи като не много силни шоута. Чакам с нетърпение да видя Hero vs. Jacobs, Ladder мача (който трябва да видя, за да се уверя, че е ЧАК толкова добър) и Farewell Sydal vs. Delirious (явно карат последен мач от Best of 135 Series... някой води ли отчет на мачовете им?). Taping-ите за третото PPV не ми звучат много добре. Направо е препълнено с мачове. След Ladder мача мислех, че е края на шоуто и наистина, втората част не звучи много обещаваща. Поне разкриха кои са Project 161... макар и да не е голяма работа. Радвам се да видя Tyler Black, ама Necro Butcher никога не съм го харесвал.

Това, че има десет различни stable-а на мен ми харесва. Дано наистина не стане някакво оплитане, но е яко ростера да е разделен на десет лагера. Не знам защо, но просто ми допада и звучи някак яко.

О, и радвам се, че ROH си имат шампион, който да защитава титлата си в непредсказуеми main event мачове... (note sarcasm). Писна ми да гледам Morishima като шампион, наистина ми писна. Междувременно, виждам, че Castagnoli вече направо си плаче за титла.


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Направо е препълнено с мачове. След Ladder мача мислех, че е края на шоуто и наистина, втората част не звучи много обещаваща.

До Ladder Match-a ще е на PPV, след Intermission-a ще са си бонус мачове за DVD-то.

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Има ли го някъде излязло това чудо да го видя ?

Не PPV-то ще бъде излъчено през ноември, а другото шоу ще излезе на DVD някъде през ноември или декември.

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