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EliteXC Uprising


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Дата: 15-ти Септември

Местонахождение: Honolulu, Hawaii


Main Card

Robbie Lawler срещу Murilo Rua © - MW title

Jake Shields срещу Renato Verissimo

Nick Diaz срещу Mike Aina

Joey Villasenor срещу Riki Fukuda

Gina Carano срещу Tonya Evinger

Preliminary Bouts

Jaw Suk Kim срещу Brandon Wolff

Kala Kohole Hose срещу Jeff Fox

Mark Oshiro срещу Nui Wheeler

Mark Kurano срещу Jose Diaz

Justin Bucholz срещу Kolo Koka

Tyson Nam срещу Albert Manners

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Ето един play-by-play recap от sherdog.com

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sherdog.com reports from the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii with live play-by-play of EliteXC "Uprising," which is headlined by Murilo Rua (Pictures) vs. Robbie Lawler (Pictures) and features the return of Nick Diaz (Pictures).

Don't forget to check out the MMA Forums to discuss tonight's event ...

Live Results Here.

Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh often, as play-by-play is updated in real time.

Elias Delos Reyes (Pictures) vs. Chico Cantiberos (Pictures)

Round 1

Chico came out fast with a double-leg takedown. The two wrestled for position before Cantiberos again lifted Delos Reyes into the air and on his back. From the bottom, Delos Reyes locked up a tapout-inducing armbar that forced his opponent to submit at 52 seconds of the first period.

Ikaika Choy-Fu (Pictures) vs. Justin Buchholz (Pictures)

Round 1

Choy-Fu lands a hard shot in the early going that sent Buchholz retreating to his back. From guard, Buchholz attacked with an armbar and a triangle before getting back to his feet. Buchholz then landed a knee and some strikes that roughed up his opponent. Choy-Fu landed a sharp right hand, but Buchholz shrugged it off. Buchholz answered with a flurry of punches that sent Choy-Fu face first to the canvas, where referee Steve Mazzagatti whiffed while diving in to save Choy-Fu. Buchholz then went to Choy-Fu's back and sunk in a rear-naked choke, but Mazzagatti recovered and halted the bout before the choke was sunk. The official time is 1:35 of the first.

Jake Shields (Pictures) vs. Renato Verissimo (Pictures)

Round 1

Shields throws his right leg often in the opening half minute, with limited success. "Charuto" scores the first takedown of the fight with a well executed trip but Shiels works quickly to his feet, where he lands a trip of his own. Shields works from Verissimo's guard. Hard shots to the body and an elbow to the head lands for Shields. Jake moves to the mount, where he pounded "Charuto" out with a torrent of lefts and rights and several elbows. Referee Mario Yamasaki perhaps waited too long to save Verissimo, but at the least he gave him every opportunity to escape the bad position. The official time is 4:00 of the first.

Riki Fukuda (Pictures) vs. Joey Villasenor (Pictures)

Round 1

Villasenor cracks the Japanese fighter before Fukuda takes the fight to the canvas with a single-leg takedown. Quickly passing, Fukuda moves to side-control where he looks for an arm-triangle. Villasenor exploded to his feet where he trades shots to the body. Fukuda digs into the American's ribs with right and left hands. Again Fukuda takes the action to the canvas with a single-leg. Villasenor wobbles Fukuda with a right hand. Fukuda, now sporting a mouse on his right eye, recovers and scores with a left hand. The fighters trade kicks at the end of the round. Very close frame. Fukuda dominated much of the round but he walked around like a newborn deer taking its first steps after eating a right hand. 10-9 for Villasenor.

Round 2

Joey lands a left straight, right head kick combo that backs the Japanese fighter up. Hard uppercut scores for Fukuda. The Killer Bee middleweight works knees to the midsection. Villasenor looks tired. Good exchange of leather with Fukuda getting the best of it. Steve Mazzagatti separates the clinching fighters to restart the action. Fukuda finishes strong and takes the second round, 10-9.

Round 3

Hard inside low kick lands for the American. Villasenor shows a second wind in the final round as he lands a left hand and a head kick. Fukuda comes back strong with a left straight of his own. Hard kick to the body lands for Fukuda. Fukuda shoots and takes the action to the canvas. Villasenor sweeps the Japanese fighter and now works from the top position with 2:10 left in the final stage. Villasenor allows Fukuda to stand. The fighters trade hard left hands that find their target. Another close round. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Villasenor. The judges see it 29-28 Villasenor, 29-28 Fukuda and 29-28 for Villasenor. "Smokin" Joey Villaseor takes the split decision.

Tonya Evinger (Pictures) vs. Gina Carano (Pictures)

Round 1

Evinger scores a takedown and works from half-guard, where she looks for a guillotine choke. Evinger rolls her over and sinks it deep but Carano pops her head out. Carano blasts Evinger with lefts and rights before flattening Tonya out on her stomach. Carano worked for a rear naked choke for about 60 seconds before forcing her opponent to tapout at 2:53 of the opening stanza.

Mike Aina (Pictures) vs. Nick Diaz (Pictures)

Round 1

Aina storms out throwing low kicks and hard punches. Diaz eats a straight right hand. Diaz, the taller of the two, looks uncomfortable with his striking early on. Aina rocks Diaz with a right hand. Aina tees off with a wild flurry of punches. Diaz looks awful tonight. Diaz, still seemingly sleep-walking with one minute left in the round, lands his first meaningful shot of the bout. Uppercut and a right knee connect for Aina. First round is dominated by the Hawaiian, 10-9 for Aina.

Round 2

Diaz lands a left kick to the body to start the second frame. Aina answers with a a few punches followed by a heavy shot that sends Diaz hurt to the canvas. The crowd explodes but Diaz recovers and gets to his feet. Diaz shoots but Aina has one of it. Diaz clinches and throws the laziest knees to the midsection you'll ever see in mixed martial arts. Diaz looks for a standing guillotine but Diaz escapes and lands a hard right hand to the body. Diaz is bleeding beside his right eye. Diaz scores the first takedown of the bout with 30 seconds left in the round. He quickly hops on his back and looks for a rear naked choke when the horn sounds. Diaz finished strong but it was not enough to take the round on the Sherdog card. 10-9 for Aina.

Round 3

Diaz throws a low kick and a body shot before clinching with Aina against the fence. Knees to the thigh land for Diaz. Diaz picks up the pace as he jabs and throws combos with his hands down. Elbow lands for Diaz. Aina storms back with hard punches that find their target. Diaz drops levels for a takedown twice but the Hawaiian stuffs both attempts. On the third try, Diaz takes Aina down. Diaz is on Aina's back with both hooks. The final round ends with Diaz seuring an armbar but time runs out. The third is all Diaz, but was it enough? Sherdog.com sees it 29-28 for Aina. The judges score it 30-27 Nick Diaz, 29-28 Aina, and 29-28 for Diaz. The crowd showers the arena with boos as Nick Diaz takes the split decision.

Middleweight Championship Bout:

Robbie Lawler (Pictures) vs. Murilo Rua (Pictures)

Round 1

Lawler picks "Ninja" up and slams him to the mat, where he unloads with two right hands. Rua gets back to his feet, where he eats a right hand. Stiff low kick lands for Rua. A right hand from Rua finds its target. Lawler cuts the cage off and scores with a right hand. Hard uppercut from Lawler. "Ninja" turns up the heat on Lawler's right leg with several hard kicks. The Brazilian found his comfort zone late in the round and takes the first on the Sherdog scorecard, 10-9.

Round 2

Right back to Lawler's lead leg goes Rua. "Ninja" attemps a single but Lawler pushes the head down and avoids it. Hard uppercut lands for Lawler. Body shot from Rua. Standing elbow connects for the Brazilian. Rua's looking real tired. Lawler bides his time and throws the occasional counter shot. Rua takes the round on aggression, but he may have used too much energy as three rounds remain in this title fight.

Round 3

Body kick and a right hand land for Lawler. Rua continues to slap at the legs but Lawler checks them all. Lawler turns it on and drops Ninja with a left and a right. He pounces and blasts away until Mario Yamasaki steps in to save Rua. Very impressive performance by Robbie Lawler. The official time is 2:04 of the third.

Утре като го изгледам ще дам коментар.

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Tonya Evinger (Pictures) vs. Gina Carano (Pictures)

Ееее, най-слабия мач който съм гледал на Gina. :down: Не е виновна тя разбира се. Очаквах повече от Tonya, след тия закани, че не само ще я пребие, но и ще й свали горнището, та да лъсне по ц*ци. При това мачът започна идеално за нея, защото Gina обича да раздава удари и шутове, но най-слаба е в борбата. А още в първите секунди Tonya я свали на земята. И какво стана, вместо да се възползва, тя която е wrestler, позволи на Gina да я обърне и да й светне две-три в кратуната и после да я накара да се предаде. :lol: Това е първата победа на Gina Carano с предаване. Абе въпреки, че за разлика от мача с Джуди Кендзи, когато откраднаха шоуто, сега мача беше кратък, пак ми показа защо ми е любимия MMA боец. Има атрактивен стил, непобедима е още и е яко hot. :wub:


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Не бяха никак лоши мачлетата от турнира, макар че повечето имена ми бяха непознати. В МЕ Роби направо разби Нинджата, това момче има много силни ръце и Руа го усети, евала че успя да издържи два рунда и половина, ама толкоз. Щеше ми се да видя Нинджата в UFC, но сега като ли че ми се ще да видя повече Уолър срещу големите звезди, които се насъбраха при Дейна Уайт. И това ще стане някой ден, още малко експирианс да добие и очаквам големи мачове от него.


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