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"Cornered" - документален филм за Billy Collins

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It was one of the most brutal crimes ever committed in sports and it happened in the ring at Madison Square Garden. The padding was removed from the gloves of Luis Resto and for 30 minutes he assaulted Billy Collins during a match in 1983.

A new documentary entitled "Cornered" will look at the events surrounding the fight and the tragic aftermath. Eric Drath, one of the film's producers and its director, has pulled together interviews with the prosecutors, Collins' family, Resto and his trainer Panama Lewis.

"It's a very timely film considering the crimes that are being committed in sports today," Drath said. "But most of the crimes, like Michael Vick being charged with dogfighting, are occurring away from the playing field. This was a crime that was actually committed in the ring. People served time for the crime that was committed that night."

The film has been selected for the 29th annual IFP Marketplace, a showcase for independent filmmakers, and will be shown during the week of Sept. 16 in Manhattan. Drath is hoping that the film will be selected for the Sundance Film Festival.

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