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ROH Results Hartford (08.25) and Manhattan(08.26)


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ROH house show report 8-25 Hartford

I just got home from the ROH show tonight, and was without a doubt the best pure wrestling show I can say I've ever attended. From top to bottom, the crowd was hot and the matches never slowed down.

First I should mention that there was a Rascal Flats concert going on literally across the street from the convention center where ROH was being held tonight, so it made traffic and parking a nightmare, and I'm assuming that it probably also took away at least a small percentage of the audience away from ROH that would have otherwise attended. The crowd was rather small, I would guess maybe 400 at the most, but it very well could have been even less than that, I'm really not a good judge of such things.

The pre-show matches started just a little after 7:00, they were nothing spectacular, pretty much the same pre-show ROH has been running for a while now.

Pre Show Matches:

Bobby Dempsey beat Eddie Osiris

Daizee Haze beat Candice La Rae

Mitch Franklin defeated Pelle Primeau to win the ROH Top of the Class Trophy

Chris Hero defeated Hallowicked in the opener of the actual show. Hero and his crew seemed to have picked up the slack where Cabana left off, as he did a lot of comedy spots throughout the match, but it certainly didn't distract from the match at all.

Jimmy Jacobs made his return and defeated Rhett Titus. The crowd actually started to turn on this one at some points. It was good, but nothing spectacular, Jacobs got a pretty big reaction however.

Nigel McGuinness defeated BJ Whitmer, Delirious, and Adam Pearce in a match that was taped for the third PPV. McGuinness won after he pinned Whitmer. Match was again really fast paced, and Delirious took some great bumps. After the match, Pearce and his crew came in and beat up Delirious, and were threatening to staple his mask to his face with a staple gun. Whitmer did the run in, and looked him he was gonna make the save, but ended up swerving delirious, and beat him up too. I'm not sure if they actually put staples in Delirious' face, but it was a really convcing fake if they didn't because there was blood and everything.

Austin Aries Erick Stevens and Matt Cross beat Jason Blade Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards in a six man tag match. At the beginning of the match, Richards came out and attacked Pelle Primeau and took his spot on Jason Blades team. Match was fantastic and featured some incredible dives to the outside by everyone involved.

Brian Danielson defeated PAC in a match that was mostly Danielson stretching out PAC any way he could. It was actually pretty sick what he was doing to him at some points.

Morishima successfully defended the title defeating Claudio and Albright in an elimination match that saw Claudio pin Albright and then Morishima pinning Claudio. This match was just all right as well, Claudio and Albright did some really good work, but Morishima seemed to come off as kind of sloppy at times, as he screwed up a lot of his offense it seemed.

It took about 25 minutes to set up the cage during intermission

First match after intermission was Roderick Strong defeating Jack Evans in the cage. Both guys did an incredible job taking dives off the cage. This was just a fantastic match.

Main event was Briscoes defeating Steen and Generico to retain their belts. This match was pretty much just a brawl, as the majority of it took place out on the floor, which is great visually for your DVD's, but makes following the action live rather difficult. They seemed to be having some problems with the cage in the last match, so maybe that contributed to the last of it's use very much in this one. Match was good, but I thought it was overshadowed by Strong vs Evans.

Overall this was a fantastic show, amongst the best I have ever attended live. ROH continues to prove that they are the best promotion right now, probably not just in the United States, but in the world as well.



From Keith Lagasse:

Pre-show: Bobby Dempsey pin Ernie Osaris in 4:07.

Daizee Haze pin Candace LaRae in 3:10.

Mitch Franklin pin Pelle Primeau in 3:15 to win the ROH Top of the Class trophy.

In the main show, Chris Hero pin Hallowicked in 7:31.

Jimmy Jacobs (with a brace on his left leg) beat Rhett Titus by submission in 7:51.

In a 4 corners survival match, Nigel McGuiness beat Delirious, Adam Pearce and BJ Whitmer in 8:30. After the match, Brent Albright ran in and began a post-match brawl. Pearce threatened to use a staple gun, to make sure Delirious had to permanently wear his mask. Whitmer stopped it, but he shortly thereafter turned on Delirious, and the staple gun was used on Delirious' head after all (he took 3 staples in the head).

In a 6 man tag, Austin Aries, Matt Cross, and Erick Stevens beat Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and Jason Blade in 17:14 (Richards attacked Primeau before the match, and told him he can go next door to crowd surf with crowd at the Rascal Flatts concert next door, thus inserting himself into the 6 man tag). Next was Bryan Danielson beating Pac by submission in 12:39.

For the ROH world title, Claudio Castignoli pin Brent Albright at 11:16, but Takeshi Morishima pin Claudio at 15:22 to retain the title.

The last 2 matches were both inside of a cage. Roderick Strong pin Jack Evans in 12:30 (a couple sick spots from Evans in this one).

In the main event, the Briscoes beat Kevin Steen and El Generico to retain the ROH tag titles. After the match, Steen laid out both Briscoes, including driving one of them with a powerbomb through a folding chair.

Overall, a solid show. Return date in Hartford is on Friday, December 28th. Reporting with this results: Keith Lagasse; New Britain, CT:

ROH house show report 8-25 Manhattan Center

From Nick Fugitt:

It's that special time of the year again, Ring of Honor at the Manhattan Center. ROH put on a great show with highs and lows, so let's get crackin'.

1. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Erick Stevens & Matt Cross: This was a really fun opener. Crowd LOVED Quackenbush. Lots of power moves from Stevens, some wacky CHIKARA lucha from the wacky CHIKARA lucha guys. Some flips from Cross. Match ended with Stevens pinning Jigsaw. I can't remember what he won with and the internet has failed to provide me with a solution to this problem. ***1/2

2. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Mitch Franklin: Mitch won the Top of the Class trophy last night. Tonight he was murdered by Jimmy Jacobs to the cheers of Manhattan. It was short and ended when Jimmy hit a senton followed by a guillotine. He should have skipped the guillotine. (** 1/2)

3. BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce, & Brent Albright vs. Nigel McGuinness, Delirious, & Pelle Primeau: The only way the first team could be any more laughably bad is if Davey Richards replaced the awesome Adam Pearce. Mr. Pearce is the greatest wrestler ever by the way, because after the people started chanting REPO MAN, he applied a NERVE HOLD. YES. Rest of the match was boring as shit. Match ended when BJ gave Pelle an inverted piledriver. Then BJ beat on him forever, powerbombed him to death, then Pearce did, then Albright gave him a Half Nelson German. He gigged. (**)

4. Davey Richards vs. PAC: Horrible. Just fucking bad. Crowd pretty much hated it a minute in and it was completely Davey's fault. He was trying to be Chris Benoit circa 1986 with a black vest, 5 o clock shadow, long tights, and doing his spots. Way to go champ. The match had kicks and flips and keylocks and who the fuck cares, Davey Richards fucking sucks. (1/2 *)

Cary Silkin & Ryu Nakata from NOAH came out. They shook hands and announced for the next shows in Philly and NYC (Glory By Honor VI): KENTA, Naomichi Marufuji, Takeshi Morishima, and Mitsuharu Misawa. Half the crowd knew and half the crowd didn't know who he was so it wasn't a giant pop.

5. Austin Aries vs. Jack Evans vs. Roderick Strong: Jack came out first and said the last time he was in NYC in February, he said he was going to form a stable. But he's lazy. But he's going to start tonight. Julius Smokes came out and announced the formation of The Vulture Squad, a name so wacky it works. These three proceeded to have a great match with a table setup between the ring and the barracade. There was a ref bump and the place died but it led to awesomeness. Aries was going to do the 450 but Roderick pushed him through the table. Then Davey came out to beat on Jack with Roderick. Then Julius called for help and amazingly, Ruckus of CZW came out. He did a ton of cool stuff onto everyone. Aries asked what was up and Julius said "Forget the past, beat them up now" or something and they ganged up on Aries. Then the Resilience came out to even the odds. I assumed this was a no contest but then Aries pinned Strong with the 450. (****)


6. Ruckus vs. Eddie Edwards: Showcase of Ruckus, nothing more. He won with some awesome corkscrew move thing. (NR)

7. Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli: This was a grudge match, although there was really 0 hate. But it worked because it was worked like a wacky CHIKARA match so they get a pass. I was 100% positive that it would end in a fuck finish which was why it was so amazing that when Claudio hit the Ricola Bomb, Sweeney didn't move. (*** 3/4)

8. ROH World Title: Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson: All you need to know is that this is the 2007 Match of the Year and you need to go out of your way to see it. Great match, ELECTRIC crowd. Danielson focused on leg kicks like an MMA match and Morishima responded by beating the shit out of him. The pop when Cattle Mutilation was cinched in was amazing. Match ended with the craziest lariat ever followed by a Backdrop Driver. You all need to see the bump Danielson took from the lariat. If you remember when Big Show hit his Cobra Clutch Backbreaker on Tony Mamaluke and then tossed him like a rag doll and he flew around in midair, that's what it was like. (*****)

9. ROH World Tag Team Titles (2/3 Falls): The Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico: The placing of this match was retarded. The only reason this should have gone on last was if Steen & Generico were going to win the titles, because Morishima vs. Danielson was THE big match and clearly the main event. Now the match these guys had was great. If Steen & Generico had won, I'd give it ***** 1/4-1/2. Then the Briscoes won in two straight falls, the last ending in a Jay Driller and Cutthroat Driver. I feel the 2 straight falls finish is stale and the fact Steen & Generico couldn't get one fall on the Briscoes is dumb. So I'll say (****)

Afterwards apparently Steen & Generico took out the Briscoes with a ladder and stole the belts.

Overall this was a great night of pro wrestling. Everyone needs to get the DVD and watch the world title match.



ROH returned to the Manhattan Center in New York City. The place was packed , and the New York crowd was its usual exceptionally hot self.

1. Erik Stevens & Matt Cross def. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush – This match was one of the better openers ROH has had in a long time. There was tons of innovative stuff and most things looked crisp. The crowd was so into Jigsaw and Quack that Stevens and Cross were de facto heels. After several hot nearfalls Stevens hit a powerbomb on Jigsaw for the pin.

2. Jimmy Jacobs def. Mitch Franklin – This was the shortest match of the night. It wasn’t bad at all, but there wasn’t much to it. This was Jacobs’ first weekend back after his knee injury. Jacobs still came to the ring with a cane, but he was moving pretty well so it was probably more selling than a necessity. Jacobs used a new finisher, which was a DDT into a guillotine choke, which caused Franklin to tap out.

3. BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce, and Brent Albright def. Pelle Primeau, Delirious, and Nigel McGuinness – This was more of a traditional style heel vs. babyface tag match, and it worked like a charm. The crowd was hot for it, chanting “Repo Man” at Adam Pearce, and “F You BJ” after his recent heel turn. Primeau and Delirious both took turns playing face in peril. Nigel got tagged in and ran wild. One great spot was Shane Hagadorn, who is Pearce’s henchman, sneaking up behind Nigel, but Nigel suddenly turning around and nearly taking his head off with a lariat. In the end everyone was hitting big moves in and out of the ring, but Whitmer hit a sitdown tombstone onto Primeau for the pin. After the match Whitmer destroyed Primeau, who bladed. All of the heels attacked Primeau until Nigel ran them off.

After this match came the official announcement that on Glory By Honor VI Weekend (November 2 in Philadelphia and November 3 in New York City), Mitsuhara Misawa would be wrestling. This, of course, drew a huge reaction.

4. Davey Richards vs. PAC – This was the lowlight of the night. It had a few things working against it. First of all, after all of the shenanigans of the previous match, and the hot opener, they tried a more traditional indy style technical wrestling match early, and the crowd wasn’t feeling it. Second of all, PAC seemed very nervous, and botched a few things during the middle portion of the match. Thirdly, Davey Richards has recently started wearing long read tights, and comes to the ring in a black, leather vest. That, combined with his wrestling style and personality (intense, stiff, no smiling) made him seem a lot like Chris Benoit circa 1996. A probably small, but definitely vocal portion of the audience picked up on this, and started chanting Benoit’s name, and chanted for Richards to do the diving headbutt and the crippler crossface. At times he actually did do some Benoit spots, including a tombstone. Also, when he hit a German Suplex, some fans yelled for him to hold on and do two more, and he actually did hold and do another one (although the second was a cross-armed suplex). Needless to say, it was an awkward situation. But, back to the match, PAC did eventually hit a couple of his big high flying spots, which got big reactions, but he never really won the crowd over. This was also the longest match of the first half, which wasn’t a good idea. Richards eventually one by locking on his armlock after the tombstone, and getting the submission. The crowd did not like this match at all.

5. Austin Aries def. Roderick Strong and Jack Evans in a 3-way – They won the crowd back pretty quickly with this one, which was a mixture of a match and an angle. It started out with Evans saying that back in February he talked about starting a new stable, but he doesn’t have the greatest work ethic, so it took him until now to get things going. Then he introduced the first member of his stable, the returning Julius Smokes. Smokes got a “Welcome Back” chant, and did a promo deeming the new faction “The Vulture Squad”. After this, Strong and Aries hit the ring and went through a lot of spots. All 3 were definitely “on” tonight, as everything looked crisp. Strong bridged a table between the ring and the guardrail, and they teased going through that a few times. Eventually, the ref got bumped (maybe a once or twice a year occurrence in Ring of Honor), and things went nuts. Strong shoved Aries through the table, and Davey Richards ran out to help Strong attack Evans. At this point Smokes got on the mic to introduce the next member of the Vulture Squad, former CZW Champion Ruckus. He ran out to a huge pop, and went wild on Strong and Richards, doing lots of handsprings and flips. Cross and Stevens, who are part of Aries’ stable, also ran out. Cross hit a space flying tiger drop onto a bunch of guys. Back in the ring, Strong was coming up from behind Aries with a chair, but Aries saw him coming and knocked the chair out of his hand. Strong went to powerbomb Aries, but Stevens hit him from behind with a chair. Aries then hit a brain buster and the 450 splash for the pin. This whole thing got over tremendously.

At this point there was an intermission.

6. Ruckus def. Eddie Edwards in an unannounced match – This was just to showcase the newcomer Ruckus, and they couldn’t have picked a better place to debut him because the crowd was very receptive. He looked good, and won with a corkscrew splash.

7. Claudio Castagnoli def. Chris Hero – This match was excellent, and had great heat all the way through. Hero played the cowardly heel, and Sarah Del Ray interfered on his behalf early on, but Daisy Haze came out to be in Claudio’s corner. Hero eventually got the advantage and worked over Claudio. The crowd was hugely into Claudio’s comeback, and he hit several variations of the European uppercut. Hero his a sick double stomp from the top rope for a nearfalls. Claudio eventually won with his Ricola Bomb. Afterwards, Hero slapped around his whipping boy, Bobby Dempsey, who is very over in his current gimmick.

8. Takeshi Morishima def. Bryan Danielson to retain the Ring of Honor World Championship – This match saw maybe the hottest crowd I’ve ever been a part of, and I was at Joe vs. Kobashi, Cage of Death, and Danielson vs. McGuinness in Philadelphia. This match had non-stop cheering, chanting, and booing. The crowd desperately wanted Danielson to regain the belt. It started off with Dragon trying a rope-a-dope tactic where he ran around the ring and would come in with kicks to Morishima’s thighs. At one point Danielson ended up getting Morishima in the corner and repeatedly forearming his face, which the crowd went insane for. Finally, Morishima finally caught up with Danielson and got him the corner and just destroyed him with punches and stomps. He took Danielson out to the floor where hit an Ole Ole style boot to the head next to the guardrail. Then he placed Danielson in another chair and ran at him with a rear end splash. He went for another kick, but Danielson grabbed his leg and threw him over the guardrail and hit his somersault dive onto Morishima. He then hit Morishima’s leg with a chair. Back in the ring, Danielson went for a legbar, which Morishima powered out of. Morishima hit a Thesz press onto Danielson, but Danielson slid out from underneath him and locked on a half crab, which caused the crowd to explode. Morishima got out of that. Danielson actually hit a bridging German Suplex onto Morishima for a two count. Danielson locked on the cattle mutilation, which once again the crowd exploded for, but Morishima got the ropes. Danielon placed Morishima on the top and went for his belly to back superplex, but Morishima reversed and landed right on Danielson’s face. Danielson’s eye was badly swollen. Morishima got Danielson down but Danielson fired up and charged at Morishima, but Morishima hit him with an insane lariat that caused Danielson to do a complete flip in mid air. Morishima covered and Danielson kicked out. The crowd went insane. Morishima picked him right back up and hit the backdrop driver for the 3 count. Afterwards the crowd gave a standing ovation, and Morishima walked to the back. Danielson got up and the crowd chanted “best in the world” at him. Danielson grabbed the mic and solemnly said that Morishima was still champ, so he’s the real best in the world. The crowd chanted “Thank You Dragon”. This match was absolutely perfect, and one of the best matches I’ve ever seen live. Everyone owes it to himself to track this town. I really think that it was pro wrestling at its best.

9. Jay and Mark Briscoe def. Kevin Steen and El Generico in two straight falls to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles – Man did these guys have a tough act to follow. I sort of understand the logic that this match was set to have a lot of spectacular moves, and if Danielson and Morishima had to follow it, the crowd wouldn’t have been as electric as it was for this match. Also, this match being last caused the heat for the nearfalls to be a lot better, because people expected a title change. Early on, the crowd was exhausted from the previous match but by the second fall they completely got the crowd back. The Briscoes had one three 2 out of 3 falls matches in 2 straight falls, and lots of people thought Steen and Generico would finally be the team to at least split a fall with them. After pinning Generico in the first fall, they started the second fall by throwing Generico over the ringpost, into the aisle onto Steen. After that point, it was one huge spot after another with tons of nearfalls that had the crowd chanting “ROH”. Generico hit his awesome tornado DDT on the floor where he jumps from one side of the ring to the adjacent side over the bottom rope. Steen missed his swanton at one point. At another point, the Briscoes went for a springboard doomsday device, but Steen pulled Mark off the rope, and Generico did a victory roll on Jay for a great nearfall. Generico hit a somersault corner-to-corner dropkick on one of the Briscoes for another great nearfall. Steen hit the package piledriver on Jay, but before Generico could hit the brainbuster Mark pulled him out. Steen covered Jay for a nearfall. The Briscoes eventually won after the cutthroat driver, and the crowd gave a huge standing ovation to all four guys. After the match, the crowd tried to convince Generico to shake the Briscoes’ hand, which he did. Then Generico tried to convince Steen to do the same, which he hesitantly did. The crowd was about to give all four a standing ovation, but Steen then low-blowed both Briscoes. He then pulled out a ladder, and demanded that Generico help him attack the Briscoes with it. After laying out the Briscoes, Steen and Generico stole the tag title belts and left. Jay got back up and grabbed the mic and said that things were just getting started, and it was personal now. It continues to look like they will be having the first ever ROH ladder match at the 3rd PPV tapings in Chicago. This was another awesome match, as Steen and Generico are the most consistent guys in the company now. I’ve never seen a hotter second fall of a 2/3 falls match.

This show was, with the exception of PAC/Richards, off the charts. It’s easily the best New York City show of 2007. Danielson vs. Morishima was out of this world, and everyone has to see it. It’s probably the best match I’ve seen all year (with only McGuinness vs. Danielson, which will be on the September PPV, being close competition). There were great angles on this show, as well as a lot of great wrestling. The heat was great for the entire show. This is a must-see show for anyone who likes ROH.



Ring of Honor returned to The Manhattan Center for its 5th consecutive

sell-out in the building for "Manhattan Mayhem II."

1. Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw vs Matt Cross and Erick Stevens-Good

opener. The crowd was way into Quack, as this was his first NYC

appearance for ROH. He busted out his classic arm-drags and unique

offense, which frustrated The Resilience members, who were relying on

Stevens' power moves and Cross' high-flying. Finish came when Stevens

hit a doctor bomb on Jigsaw. Cross and Quack stood out here.

2. Jimmy Jacobs vs Mitch Franklin-Jacobs is returning early here from

an injury sustained in March against BJ Whitmer in the cage match at

"Supercard of Honor 2." Pretty standard match, which featured Jacobs

using some new moves, including a choke-out for the submission

victory. Franklin's not ready for the main card yet.

3. Nigel McGuinness, Delirious and Pelle Primeau vs Adam Pearce, BJ

Whitmer and Brent Albright w/Shane Hagadorn-The heels brutalized

Delirious in Hartford the night before by stapling his mask to his

face, and Delirious and the faces came out on fire. It eventually

settled down with the heels getting the heat on Delirious, before he

made the hot tag to Nigel. Funny spot where Pearce donned the Repo Man

mask before getting destroyed with a Nigel lariat. Some nice tandem

offense from Nigel and Pelle (who's built exactly like Mitch Franklin

and doesn't exactly look threatening), but the heels eventually got

the win when Whitmer nailed Pelle with a sit-out tombstone piledriver,

which was the right finish.

4. Davey Richards vs PAC-Oh boy. BAD match. I've seen PAC's work in

PWG and England and he's impressed me, but he was way off here. First

five minutes or so featured nothing of note, and then they blew two

spots back to back and the crowd turned on it completely. They then

seemingly freaked out and started hitting some insane stuff, but it

was really too late. Last few minutes were fine, though, and Richards

eventually made him tap. Richards got some "Benoit" chants because he

busted out some chops and German suplexes. Didn't seem like he was

playing it up though.

5. Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong vs Jack Evans-Evans finally

introduced a member of his crew to start out, bringing out Julius

Smokes as the mouthpiece for the group that may or may not be known as

"The Vulture Squad." Match was progressing nicely with highlights

being Roddy pushing Aries off the turnbuckle through a table on the

outside, and all of the usual Evans' high-flying goodness before a ref

bump and shenanigans ensued. CZW's own Ruckus ran out to a huge pop to

join Evans' crew and he took out Roddy with his crazy offense.

Eventually Davey came out and the NRC took over briefly, but then

Cross and Stevens made the save, and Aries eventually won with the 450

on Roddy.


6. Ruckus vs Eddie Edwards-Nice short, bonus match here, with both

guys looking good. Edwards has worked some in both ROH and NOAH and is

a good talent. Ruckus mostly dominated with his flips and got the win

after coming off the top with something resembling a corkscrew splash.

7. Chris Hero vs Claudio Castagnoli-The Kings of Wrestling EXPLODE!

Fun match, as Hero had Larry Sweeney, Sarah Del Ray and Bobby Dempsey

in his corner, which Claudio countered by bringing out Daizee Haze.

Some chants for Dempsey, for whatever reason. Del Ray took candy from

some fans and was feeding Dempsey with it. No joke. Hero did his usual

heel tactics, including the stall and the mock-impressive showboating.

Claudio was WAY over, earning a "HEYYYYYYY!" with every European

uppercut he threw. Finish came when he hit the Ricola Bomb for the


8. ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima vs Bryan Danielson-Absolutely

insane atmosphere here. Heat was like Joe vs Kobashi. Dragon started

out trying to work the legs of Shima and avoid taking any blows. Shima

eventually grounded him and leveled him with forearms shots in the

corner to MAJOR heat. Dragon got him outside and did his dive from the

top rope into the crowd on Shima. Shima utilized his weight advantage

including dropping down hard on Dragon's chest ala Yokozuna and

nailing him with the Thesz Press. Dragon had him in the Cattle

Mutilation at one point, but Shima's arm wouldn't go down for three.

Finish came when Shima hit the craziest lariat I've ever seen, which

sent Dragon flying through the air and left him easy prey for the

backdrop driver. Dragon apologized for losing and proclaimed Shima as

the real "Best in the World." Another match of the year candidate from


9. ROH Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe vs El Generico and

Kevin Steen in a 2/3 Falls Match-Only slightly less good than the

previous match. The Briscoes' teamwork is FAR beyond that of any other

team in the world right now. Everything they do just comes off so

crisp. Generico and Steen are a great team in their own right, though.

Steen is both hilarious and brutal as a heel, yelling at Generico

"you're failing me!" while the latter is taking a beating, and also

blowing snot rockets and hitting swantons and package piledrivers.

Really neat team. Too many highlights to name them all, but a couple

were Generico on the floor leaping THROUGH the bottom and middle

turnbuckle onto the other side of the floor and nailing Mark with a

tornado ddt, which was followed by Jay running across the ring and

nailing Steen (who was standing on the apron) with a flying

hurrancanrana to the floor. The Briscoes won the first fall when Jay

nailed Generico with a top rope splash, and then they beeled Generico

over the top turnbuckle, and he went sailing through the air onto

Steen on the floor. So good. Second fall teased Steen and Generico

picking up the victory big time, with Steen getting in the package

piledriver, but the Briscoes being able to break up the BRAINBUSTA,

before Jay killed Steen with a J-Driller, and Mark put him away with a

cutthroat driver. Generico shook hands with the Briscoes afterwards,

as did Steen, but, of course, Steen turned on the Briscoes and layed

them out with a ladder, none of which seemed to sit well with

Generico, but he went along with it. Ladder match coming soon?

Overall it was a great show, but the last two matches really saved it,

as they were just tremendous. After the third match, ROH President

Cary Silkin came out with NOAH's Ryu Nakata and they announced that at

"Glory by Honor VI" weekend on Nov. 2nd in Philly and Nov. 3rd in NYC

appearing will be Morishima, KENTA, Marufuji and MITSUHARU MISAWA!

I'll be third row for the NYC show and I've been waiting about ten

years to see Misawa live. Should be a spectacle.

Знам че вече сте ги чели ама нека да има.Забележете Dragon vs Mori за каква лудница е ставало въпрос.Heat от типа на Joe vs Kobashi.....Няма какво да говорим.

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