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NJPW - резултати от 26 Август 2007


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The most successful junior faction of the modern era, CTU, ended its three year existence today at Korakuen Hall before what was close to a packed house. It began with another entertaining dark match between the CTU Rangers and K-DOJO, like on last year's anniversary show. It had the same outcome too, as Ishizaka fell like last year, this time to Red's diving body press. The main show opened with New Japan's newest signing, Kazuchika Okada, making his redebut after graduating from Ultimo Dragon Gym. Okada is a very tall and very talented youngster, but has to start at the bottom, and tapped out to Naito today after a spirited fight. Okada said after the match that he is aiming for the heavyweight division and with his height, wishes to become a strong "big man" wrestler. As he isn't on any shows on the upcoming tour, he is likely still training at the dojo for full-time action. In what was described as an excellent match, Minoru proved himself the stronger of the Italy Brothers on the day, beating Super Jr. winner Milano by referee stoppage in a 24 minute thriller. Minoru's persistence in attacking an arm paid off when he trapped Milano in a cross armbreaker and the referee had to stop the match. Before the match, Taichi Ishikari had seconded Minoru with a "Ishikari Gym" signboard and after the match Minoru announced an end to the Italy Brothers, saying he is entering Ishikari Gym. He took the signboard... and threw it down! The Italy Brothers tossed Ishikari out of the ring and declared that their tag team would be immortal. Hirooki Goto made his official return, entering through the crowd as a "lone wolf" for his and Devitt's match opposite Iizuka & Yamamoto. The fans chanted "Goto", responding to his strong presence as he resembled a young superstar. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to win against two men he has upcoming singles matches against, Yamamoto pinning Devitt after his backdrop.

AKIRA returned to New Japan for the first time in several years, entering the new army of legends as Liger's tag partner. The two faced Jado & Gedo today, who had all of GBH in their corner. This paid off, as GBH regularly interfered, and some help by the extremely popular Togi Makabe led to Gedo pinning Liger to put an end to CTU for good. GBH destroyed Liger after the match, letting it be known Jado & Gedo no longer have any love for their former boss. These teams have two matches on the next tour, so a double chance for revenge for the new Liger & AKIRA team. Afterwards, Liger asked Minoru, Milano, Goto, and Devitt what their plans were. Minoru then formally announced a new faction involving those four and one other key player... Shinsuke Nakamura! It appears that when he returns from injury, Nakamura will lead this group with Goto, the juniors supporting them, and possibly Bernard & Tomko linked to them (or so cards for the next tour would suggest). The faction realignment seems to have taken an openweight direction, with juniors spread out across all four units, CTU members in three of them. So the lines are drawn - New Japan's regular army vs. Nakamura/Goto/Italy Brothers' Ikemen unit vs. Choshu/Chono's legend unit vs. Tenzan/Makabe's GBH heel army. After hearing about the new faction, Liger said new rivalries had begun today and declared CTU "dismissed", ending the legendary heel unit.


Tokyo Korakuen Hall

0. CTU Ranger Red, CTU Ranger Blue, CTU Ranger Yellow, CTU Ranger Green & CTU Ranger Pink beat Daigoro Kashiwa (Kaientai Dojo), Teppei Ishizaka (Kaientai Dojo), Taku Anzawa (Kaientai Dojo), Hiro Tonai (Kaientai Dojo) & Apple Miyuki (Kaientai Dojo) (9:16) when Red used a diving body press on Ishizaka.

1. Tetsuya Naito beat Kazuchika Okada (9:34) with a crab hold.

2. Minoru beat Milano Collection AT (23:54) by referee stop.

3. Hirooki Goto Return Match: Takashi Iizuka & Naofumi Yamamoto beat Hirooki Goto & Prince Devitt (14:09) when Yamamoto used a backdrop suplex on Devitt.

4. Jado & Gedo beat Jushin Thunder Liger & AKIRA (12:02) when Gedo used a Superfly splash on Liger.

И ето така се разпадна един от най-добрите стейбъли в последните години: CTU. А междувременно аз май получих удар от кеф: New Japan FUCKIN` RULES и ако продължават с това темпо направо им давам гласа си за федерация на годината без изобщо да се замислям. Не е истина колко много се кефя на последните развития и на новосформираните "групировки":

= Класическата New Japan Army - Nagata, Tanahashi, Nakanishi, Yamamoto, Iizuka, Uwano & Hirasawa

= Класическата New Japan Junior Heavyweight Army - Kanemoto, Tiger Mask, Inoue, Ishikari & Naito

= Samurai Gym junior heavyweight групата - El Samurai, Taguchi & Yujiro

- Първата и втората всъщност са подгрупи на една и съща група, а пък SG също са в комбина с тях.

= Great Bash Heel (GBH) - Tenzan, Makabe, Yano, Ishii, Honma, Jado & Gedo

= Групата на ветераните - Chono, Choshu, Liger, Koshinaka, SS Machine & AKIRA

= Новосформирaният и FUCKIN` AWESOME стейбъл - Nakamura, Goto, Minoru, Milano & Devitt

Отделно като прибавим въпросителни като отборните шампиони Bernard & Tomko и вземем предвид добрите връзки на New Japan с всяка една важна японска кеч компания с изключение на NOAH, нещата са повече от луди. Сега остава да извадят и един heel turn на Tanahashi и сигурно ще експлоридам от кеф :). Let the stable wars begin!~

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