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Pro's from the Palace (#197) - Who's up next for a championship reign?


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On to ROH....

The ROH World Tag Team Championships

The Briscoes are terrific champions. They can run the gamut and then some, for months on end. However, they've run in to a buzzsaw in Mr. Wrestling Kevin Steen, and the Generic Luchador, El Generico. Steen and Generico are the perfect tag team. Speed and power, agility and size. And they've shown it too. This weekend they have two matches with the Briscoes for the tag straps. A cage match, and a 2 out of 3 falls match. I think when the smoke clears, the tag straps will be around the masked luchadore and his partner. Which means, who gets a shot next?

And that's where things get dicey. Outside of these two teams, there's really not much out there. Yeah, you have the NRC and Resilience wars, and they could definitely give the champs some trouble, but they spend most of their waking moments beating each other up, I doubt they'd have the attention span to pull off a significant title reign. What about a team from either Dragon Gate or NOAH? DG is holding a tag team tournament right now. One of the co leading teams is Cyber Kong and Shingo Takagi. Shingo has ROH experience, and is a former ROH World tag team champion. It's obvious the Japanese influence has worked on the ROH brand, and the championships, see the world champion. What about going down that road again for the tag team titles, if they're not going to give the Briscoes another run, which I don't think will happen.

I suspect that the Japanese will take control of the tag team division, and I think the creative way to do it is to have the Summer Adventure Tag league winners travel to the US and face the ROH tag champs, whomever they may be. I think that'll be the next option for the ROH tag titles. It's a long shot, again, but it's needed, as ROH continues to lose talent to other companies and other circumstances.

The ROH World Championship

If Danielson doesn't win it this weekend, who knows. Danielson is the most likeliest candidate to run with the title again. Everyone expects it, and I think it's going to be the shock of a lifetime if Morishima manages to squeak past Danielson. Don't get me wrong, Morishima's a monster, plain and simple, and I've loved watching him destroy people left and right. However, they're playing up that his schedule, which is monstrous to say the least, is likely beginning to take its toll on the NOAH stalwart. Also, NOAH is involved in a tournament to crown the next contender for the GHC title, and Big Mo is right in the middle there. Will NOAH repay Morishima for the notoriety he is giving them world wide by getting him a good showing or the title shot itself? It's all intriguing. With Misawa coming to ROH as well come November, it's a distinct possibility that he may drop the GHC title to focus on activities in the US, and dropping it to a former ROH World Champion makes it sound just a little bit nicer, don't you think?

It comes down to, who's next? I thought Nigel was next, but after the amount of times he's had and failed, I doubt it. Roderick also has had the numerous chances, and not gone through to the next level, albeit still holding the FIP title. The most likeliest candidate is Danielson, but the one potential wildcard there is the NWA title. If Danielson is truly destined to win the NWA title in Puerto Rico come next month, is he prepared to handle the strain of two promotions on his back? Two promotions the size of the National Wrestling Alliance and Ring of Honor? My thoughts, no. I truly believe Danielson will be the NWA World Champ, because although Albright has been a beast since hitting the indies, its just a little more prestigious with Danielson's name on the NWA championship at this particular point and time.

SO, back to the lecture, who's next for the ROH title? Here's a swerve. Brent Albright. He's already getting chance #2 in the elimination match this weekend against Claudio and Big Mo. What's the chances of Albright doing well, and earning another singles opportunity? He's shown all the talent he can go, and being this 'hired gun' so to speak within ROH, he'd be the perfect assassin to destroy the inpenetrable fortress that is Takeshi Morishima. So, here's another swerve. The Shooter is the next ROH champ. At least, I think it will happen.

Credit: http://www.wrestleview.com/news2006/1187893169.shtml

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Добра статия!Съгласен съм с почти всичко което е написал автора и се надявам този weekend Danielson да победи Mori и да стане за втори път световен шампион.

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тц, Даниелсън надали ще я вземе в NYC, не ми се вярва да направи гръб до гръб два рейна... най-вероятно МакГинес в третия им пореден мач с Йокозуна 2.0, но пак се потретям - до край на годината Шима ще я пусне, защото не вярвам да остане на титулярно разположение на РОХ още дълго. И все още си иимам предчувствието че Олбрайт е след титлата. И ако смятам за критерий тази статия, то не само аз мисла така ;)

[color="#990000"]HAIL SABIN[/color]

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