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WWC - резултати от 4 Август 2007


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WWC Fan Day 2007 from Bayamon, PR on 8/4:

- BJ defeats Rick Stanlee to retain the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title when Lord William De La Vega interferes on Stanlee's behalf, but Hammet comes out to even the odds. Eventually Hammet helps BJ to win the match. The heels then attack BJ and Hammet, but the two hooded men from last week(Chicano and Jeffry) come out and clean house on the heels. Then BJ and Hammet go over to shake their hands, but the hooded men attack them as well!! Lots of "Chicano" and "Zona Illegal" chants during the segment. This establishes that the hooded men are really invaders and are not siding with heels or faces.

- Sheik Al Farat defeats Superstar Romeo. Solid contest done to establish Al Farat since this was his first match in Puerto Rico.

- Jose Estrada Sr defeats Barrabas Sr by pinfall in a legends match after using a set of brass knuckles.

- Rico Suave defeats Nosawa Rongai by pinfall after interference from Sexy Barbie.

- The Legion of Armaggedon defeat Noriega & Chris Joel to retain the WWC Tag Team Titles after interference from Slam Shady, who seems to have sided with Profe, the manager of the Legion.

- Crazy Rudy vs Huracan Castillo went to no contest in a match where the WWC Puerto Rican and Television Titles where on the line. It was a crazy brawl and the crowd was on their feet the whole match.

- Thunder and Lightning defeat Bryan & Black Pain to become the #1 contenders at the Tag Team Titles. The two hooded men from last week(Chicano and Jeffry) where in the second floor watching the match. They start yelling and challenging Bryan, who stupidly leaves the ring to go after them. Then the third hooded man comes out and takes a beer from his jacket, he smashes the beer on Black Pain's head and leaves into the crowd and Thunder and Lightning hit the 3D on Pain and cover to get the win. The third hooded man was clearly Mr. Big. Once more, the invaders dont even touch Thunder or Lightning, which hints at the nWo style stable of former IWA wrestlers that I mentioned would likely happen.

- Apolo defeats The Great Muta by DQ after he spits green mist on Apolo's face. Crowd was very hot for this match. Muta looked awesome.

- Scott Hall defeats Eddie Colon by pinfall to retain the WWC Universal Title. A masked man, not one of the invaders, but the same man who ran in during the Fire Blaze/Bronco match at the Anniversary and allowed Bronco to win and take Blaze's mask ran in during the match and superkicked Eddie, which allowed Hall to give him the Outsider's Edge and win the match. This masked man is clearly Apolo. I suppose Apolo, being a former IWA big name, is going to be part of the invaders stable.

Great show tops to bottom and WWC seems to be getting ready for war. Thus far, the invaders look like this: Apolo, Thunder, Lightning, Chicano, Jumpin' Jeff Jeffry and Mr. Big. Blitz is likely to debut soon because they made plenty of references to him during the last TV show, unless he got cold feet and backed out. And Scott Hall also made plenty of apperances for IWA before he came in for WWC, so I would not be surprised if he is part of the invaders as well.

Не е истина как искам да се докопам до новите тв шоута на WWC. Toзи нов stable звучи мнооого доволно. В същото време ми е супер кофти за IWA и големите им проблеми в момента, но какво да се прави. Поне в резултат от проблемите на IWA, WWC пак почнаха да се развихрят много сериозно.

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