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Заглавието говори само за себе си.

Dan Henderson Intreview:

MS: What have you been up to since your last fight?

Dan: Just traveling and cornering guys. I broke my hand so I couldn't train a whole lot.

MS: Your recent knockout over Wanderlei Silva to earn the Pride middleweight title, tell us about that fight?

Dan: It was a good night for sure. I didn't expect to knock him out, but I was hoping to. That was the game plan, but you never quite expect it.

MS: You actually asked for the Wanderlei fight, what was the reason behind that?

Dan: He had the belt and a great opportunity for me to get that belt. I knew I could beat him.

MS: You're currently champion in two weight divisions for Pride, both welterweight and middleweight, which division is your preference?

Dan: I plan on fighting at both. Obviously I'd rather not have to cut weight fighting at 205, but those guys are a little bit bigger, but I usually have a bit more fun with the bigger challenges. Probably prefer to fight at 205.

MS: You've also competed and won a heavyweight tournament, tell us about that?

Dan: It was a very tough evening. Three fights in a night against those guys, probably the toughest night of fighting I've ever had.

MS: Any interest in Fedor Emelianenko fighting for the Pride heavyweight title?

Dan: Definitely something that I would consider. It's a belt that I think I can win.

MS: You're the only fighter to ever hold two titles at the same time, what does that mean to you?

Dan: I feel a big sense of accomplishment in that. At the same time I'm still setting goals to not stop there. I want to get better; I want to be considered the top guy in the world. We haven't been able to have that opportunity yet, to really know who the top guy in the world is. That's something that I have my sights on now is to fight the top guy in the UFC in both those weight classes.

MS: So would you be comfortable fighting in the cage again in the UFC?

Dan: Yeah obviously I have to go and work a little bit of different stuff, but I would much rather fight in the ring. It's more appealing, the fans can see it better, I've never been fond of the cage…ever.

MS: How important is it as a fighter to have a great team like Team Quest?

Dan: It's essential; I think it's absolutely essential. In the last 6 months or so, we've really stepped up our training situation and made some investments as far as bringing in some great trainers and coaches on striking and on the ground as well. I can't stress enough how important that is.

MS: How did you get the nickname Hollywood?

Dan: I have so many nicknames now; I don't even know what to consider my nickname.

MS: What is your training schedule like?

Dan: Right now, I'm just training once a day in the evenings and lifting weights here and there. When I get something scheduled is when I really step it up twice a day and get a lot more training in. Right now I'm just focusing on getting some of my guys ready.

MS: How involved are you in the training side of the team?

Dan: Fairly involved. I try to make it there everyday for my guys and they are there for me when I need it. We've got quite a number of guys down there now. Shawn Tompkins is there full time and he's got his IFL team there quite a bit at a time as well. We've got a lot of really top guys in our room.

MS: How involved are you in the training side of the team?

Dan: I ride horses and hang out with the kids. I travel so much I don't have much spare time.

Source: http://www.mmasportsmag.com/interviews/ … issue6.htm

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Интервю с Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski:

I got a chance to speak with former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei "Pitbull" Arlovski. Andrei Arlovski is ranked, by many around the world, as one of the top 10 MMA heavyweights in the world. Arlovski holds notable wins over a who's who of fighters, which include: former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia, Ian Freeman, PRIDE veteran Fabricio Werdum, heavy hitter Paul Buentello, Vladimir Matyushenko and many others. Arlovski is best known for his incredible striking abilities, mobility on the feet, Sambo skills, dangerous submissions and even his unique mouthpiece, which contains two fangs, an accurate portrayal of his nickname, the "Pit Bull."

See what Andrei Arlovski had to say about his current status with the UFC, Dana White, Fedor and much, much more! An interview by Masson Liang

Masson Liang: First off, how are things between you and Patrycja shaping up? Are you guys thinking of marriage anytime soon?

Andrei Arlovski: Everything is good with us, thank you for asking. We are in love, but not thinking about marriage.

ML: How has everything been going, as far as training goes? With a nearly four-month hiatus now, are you still keeping in tip-top shape and training even though, according to Joe silva, you don't have a fight booked?

AA: I always try and keep in shape. I take a couple weeks off after a fight and then go back to the gym. I get to work on technique for boxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling and other things that need help. I also do some weights and conditioning.

ML: Many fans are wondering where you've been. When can "Pitbull" fans expect you back inside The Octagon?

AA: Hopefully soon. I was thinking September/October, but it is up to the UFC.

ML: Even though you won your last two bouts, even nearly knocking Marcio Cruz's head off, Dana White stated that you're last showings weren't very great and that it set you back. What are your feelings toward this?

AA: My opinion and my teams opinion is that I did a good job. It’s just the opinion of Dana White.

ML: Has UFC's treatment towards you changed in the past years and would you ever consider moving to another organization?

AA: I am very glad to be with the UFC and still have contract with them. I am UFC fighter now. Everything is good.

ML: What did it feel like to win the Heavyweight title from Tim Sylvia at UFC 51? Did you expect to win via Achilles lock?

AA: It was a very happy moment. I never know how I am going to win the fight but I always have a plan.

ML: In your words, what happened in your second bout with Sylvia? Did you think the fight was over after you rocked him the first time?

AA: I went out very confident that I would win. Yes I did... I thought when I dropped him on the ground I was sure I beat him again.

ML: Many critics said you weren't as aggressive in your fight with Werdum. Is there any reason behind this? Were there any injuries or were you just playing it safe and trying to keep the fight on its feet?

AA: I just follow instructions of my coaches and go and fight. Werdum is a very skilled fighter and I had to be careful with him on the ground.

ML: With PRIDE heavyweights, "Minotauro" Nogueira and Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, and many newcomers (i.e. Gabriel Gonzaga) now in the UFC, how do you rank yourself amongst the UFC Heavyweights today?

AA: It is very good for the UFC that Dana brought great fighters to the UFC. I hope that one day I will fight one of those new, big names.

ML: Is there any one particular fighter you would like to fight in the UFC? Perhaps a rematch with Tim Sylvia?

AA: I want to fight with the best and become heavyweight champion again. For sure I would like to fight with Tim Sylvia one more time if it is possible.

ML: Many people believe you match-up perfectly with "Cro Cop." How do you think you match-up with him?

AA: I think that we match up very well and if the UFC wants us to fight, we will. He is a very good fighter.

ML: In the ever-popular discussion of "Who can beat Fedor?" your name often appears. What strengths do you have that could carry you to victory over him?

AA: Thank you. When I was a champion I wanted to fight with Fedor but I don’t know that it is possible now. He is a great fighter, but I don’t think he is unbeatable.

ML: You recently landed a role as a Russian fighter in the movie "Never Submit." Can you tell us more about that?

AA: I am not doing that movie anymore.

ML: Well Andrei, we'd like to thank you so much for your time and support and we surely wish you the best in the future and are dying to see your return. Are there any sponsors you'd like to thank or anything to say to your fans?

AA: Yes. Thank you to all my fans for their support after my two losses. Please look at my web site (www.arlovski.tv) and myspace.com/arlovski for updates on me and my career.

Source: http://www.irishwhipfighting.com/2007/08/i...i-arlovski.html

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Video интервю с Mauricio "Shogun" Rua след UFC 71. В общи линии говори за Liddell vs. Jackson, предстоящият Jackson vs. Henderson мач и за бъдещето му в UFC.


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Cung Le intreview

I had a chance to speak to one of Strikeforce’s and quickly rising MMA star Cung Le. Holding three bronze medals in San Shou kickboxing, Le started fighting in K-1 and has now broken into the MMA scene. Le has had four spectacular fights, most recently knocking out MMA veteran Tony Frkylund. Le is best known for his sharp striking and San Shou kickboxing. See what Le had to say about facing Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson and his talked about matchup against MMA legend Frank Shamrock! An interview by Masson Liang

Masson Liang: How difficult was the transition from San Shou kickboxing to mixed martial arts?

Cung Le: It was not that hard to transition from San Shou to mixed martial arts. I just had to work on my ground and putting it together.

ML: What ultimately made you decide you wanted to transition from your traditional styles to mixed martial arts?

CL: My trainer Javier Mendez talked me into it.

ML: Thus far, you have four incredible knockouts in your MMA career. What do you have to say to critics who question your skills on the ground (BJJ, wrestling, etc.)?

CL: I don't have anything to say to the critics who question my ground game. I will just focus on what I do best and improve on what I need to improve on to be a complete fighter.

ML: Having fought 4 MMA matches now, how would you say your knowledge of submission grapplng and Jiu-jitsu is now? And how much Brazilian Jiu Jitsu do you incorporate into your usual training regimen today?

CL: I have more knowledge every time I step into the cage and into training with the whole MMA game. I love to train and incorporate as much as I could in my regimen.

ML: Who would you say your toughest opponent has been in MMA thus far and why?

CL: It is between Tony and Brian Warren.

ML: You mentioned the possibility of facing Frank Shamrock if both of you won your fights at the last Strikeforce event. Now that you've both come out victorious, what is the status of the fight between you and Frank Shamrock? Any word on that yet?

CL: I think the status of the Frank Shamrock fight will be next year sometime.

ML: We know Strikeforce is fairly leninent when it comes to fighting outside of their organization, do you have any fights outside of Strikeforce lined up yet?

CL: I do not have any fights line up right now.

ML: Is there a possibility of moving to another organization, maybe the UFC or WEC, after your Strikeforce contract expires?

CL: You never know!

ML: How do you think you match up with UFC's current middleweight champion Anderson Silva? or PRIDE's middleweight champion Dan "Dangerous" Henderson?

CL: I don't know how I would match up until I step into the ring with the UFC or Pride Champion. They both are very well rounded and make great fights.

ML: We know you have some interest in acting, is that something you'd pursue after your fighting career?

CL: That is my other focus right now in my career.

ML: Taking a quick look around IrishWhipFighting.com, what do you think of the site?

CL: I like it!

ML: Well Cung, we can't thank you enough for your time, are there any sponsors you'd like to thank? Or any other shout outs you'd like to give?

CL: I would like to thank the Irish Whip fans for all your support!

+ Elvis Sinosic intreview

Jordan Arnold: Can you tell us a little bit about your recent loss to Michel Bisping? Was he different than what you had trained for? Do you think you could beat him if ever given another opportunity?

Elvis Sinosic: Well I was caught by surprise with his takedown. I thought he was going to try and stand to KO me. I guess when I outclassed him standing, he changed his game plan. I think I proved during the match that I have what it takes to beat him. So of course, given another opportunity, yes I do think I would beat him. But sadly, the odds of that are unlikely.

JA: Are there any fighters that you're dying to fight before the end of your career?

ES: I always want to face the best guys out there, so guys like Chuck, Wanderlei, Shogun, all those guys are amazing challenges that I would love to face. And there are a lot more top guys in the LHW division too.

JA: You are 36 years old, how many more years of competitive fighting do you think that you have left in you?

ES: I figure I have atleast a couple more years left in me. But as Randy has shown, if you really have the desire and dedication, it can really keep going on.


JA: What win do you consider to be the greatest of your career?

ES: Probably Jeremy Horn because he was the number one contender in the UFC at the time. It was my UFC debut and it got me a World Title shot with Tito Ortiz. That was just one where everything went right when I look back on it.

JA: You have always been known for stepping up to the plate and taking on huge challenges. After fighting guys like Ortiz, Bisping, Sobral, Tanner, etc…who would you say has been the toughest competitor that you have faced?

ES: You know, all the guys I have faced have been tough. I’ve fought some of the toughest and most talented guys in the sport. They all bring something different to the table. So each in their own way are the toughest fighters I have faced.


JA: In your opinion, who are the top 205 pounders? Are there any up-and-comers (maybe some guys in your camp) who you expect to make a big splash soon?

ES: Well everyone knows that the top guys are Rampage, Henderson, Liddell, Shogun, Rogerio, Arona, with guys like Forrest, Bisping, Sokoudjou, Alexander and many more shooting up the ranks. In my camp, my training partner Anthony Perosh has decided to cut down to the LHW division. I think he will make a big impact there. Some of the guys in our camp who have already made an impact are guys like Shane Nix, Jesse Landry, Chit Kit Cheung… and we’ve got more guys ready to make their debuts soon.

JA: You have trained in many different styles of fighting (kickboxing, judo, freestyle wrestling, etc…). How much does it help your fighting to have all of these different styles under your belt?

ES: I trained in all the different styles trying to find the best blend of what really works. It helps in that it has made me realize what does work. That is why our MMA program consists of BJJ, Muay Thai and Wrestling. All these are tried and tested arts. Their training is applied and used everytime. Combined in the right way, gives you the best combination for either fighting or self defence.

JA: You have won 1 out of 7 total fights in the UFC. Would you say that this is due to the octagon, the mainstream attention, or just bad luck?

ES: Probably a little bad luck, probably a lot of tough skilled formidable opponents. I don’t want to pad my record, so I always look for the toughest fight I can. I will always aim for the tougher opponent if I am ever given the choice. I probably could have done better with my career if I’d had a manager who helped with that. But hey, I’ve loved every challenge and I’ve become a better fighter from every match. I know the fans enjoy what I do, and hopefully as long as they want to see me continue fighting, then you will see a lot more of me in action.

JA: Do you have any upcoming fights lined up?

ES: No fights at the moment lined up. But I am trying to get something organized for later this year. It’s pretty much up to the promoters if they’re interested. And as you know, the promotes listen to the fans.

JA: With the increasing amount of MMA fighters getting caught for steroids, what is your take on this issue? Why are people taking steroids if they know they can get caught?

ES: It’s the same reason people will find a way to use the rules. Winning becomes the most important thing. Winning becomes more important than anything else. When that happens, the risks don’t seem so big, because if it can help you win, then it’s worth the effort. That is why I just come to fight. I believe it is my performance that is important. If I give my best performance, then victory will come from that. For me, it is fighting that is important, giving my best, never giving up. Victory is not my goal, that is just the outcome.

JA: Would you like to thank any sponsors or say anything to your fans?

ES: I always thank my fans, it’s because of them that I keep on fighting. If they didn’t want to watch me fight, then I wouldn’t be fighting. Thank you very much for all your support. I want to thank my friend and training partner Anthony Perosh, all the guys at the academy, my students and training partners, my friends and family. Thanks to my sponsors Atama and Fairtex for continuing stand by me.

JA: Well thank you very much Elvis, and I look forward to talking with you in the future.

ES: Always a pleasure. I look forward to the next time.

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Интервю с Fedor Emelianenko

Q: How is your training going, and how did you spend the two month after your visited Saint Petersburg

A: The training is as usual, there is a lot of boxing, a lot of wrestling. Last two month I spent in Staryi Oskol (Fyodor's hometown), we held a training camp there. Most Red Devil team members were there as well.

Q: Were you able to get some rest?

A: Well, I did not have a vacation or anything like that. I did not travel anywhere. I thought there was a possibility that I will fight in September, but in the middle of the camp Vadim (Fyodor's manager) told me that there wouldn't be a fight. I decided to keep training at the same pace; I was helping other team members, in order to prepare them for the upcoming tournaments.

Q: What is the status of your contract? How are you negotiations with UFC going, what are their demands?

A: I think that Vadim is in a better position to answer these questions. As a far as I know, the contract is still being discussed. There are demands that we don't accept, and there are demands that they don't like. We are working out a compromise.

Q: Did you see CroCop's and Nogueira's debut in the UFC?

A: I saw CroCop's fight, but not Nogueira's fight. What can I say… As far as I know, Nogueira won, and Crocop lost… I think that CroCop's is tired psychologically, and this is the source of his troubles.

Q: Do you want to fight in the UFC, and who would you like to fight there?

A: As far as I know, they give me Randy Couture, so there is talk about a match against this fighter. I respect Randy very much. Of course, to be honest, I would not want to fight him because I really admire this fighter, and we could have become good friends. Oh well, a fight is a fight, and if they put us against each other, I'll have to fight him, he-he. As far as fighting in the UFC goes, I think I won't have a lot of problems as far as cage is concerned.

Q: Please tell us about your meeting with President Putin

A: It was a warm atmosphere. Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) listened to our plans to build Fyodor Emelianenko's sports academy in Belgorod. We plan to have various combat sports there: judo, sambo, kickboxing, thai boxing, boxing, etc. He was very interested. As I said it was a very warm and friendly meeting.

Q: Do you plan to visit such countries as Sweden, Netherlands, Germany?

A: Tomorrow I am leaving for Netherlands. I'll meet with Vadim there and we will meet with various companies regarding various merchandising contracts. I also plan to find time to spend 2-3 weeks in Netherlands improving my kicks. After my birthday I plan to visit with Povetkin (Russian Olympic champ in boxing), and train with him. He offered, and I would like to train with him.

Q: Do you plan to visit Korea?

A: Yes, of course, I would like to visit Korea. I always get a very warm reception there from the Korean fans. I don't know when exactly it will happen, because my schedule is pretty busy in the near future. I have to give several seminars, then in the beginning of November there'll be the training camp with the Russian Sambo team to prepare for the Combat Sambo World Championships, then the World Championships, then I have another seminar coming up… Then I will have to get ready to my future (MMA) fights.

Q: Ring vs Cage: what do you think suits you better, and where do you train?

A: During the most recent camp I trained without neither ring nor cage. In general, I train in both. I think that one should simply feel what's behind you, be it ropes or the cage, and act accordingly. It is possible to avoid contact with the cage altogether if you are moving correctly.

Q: Which organization do you think was more interesting for the spectators?

A: For the spectators I think PRIDE was more interesting as far as the production values and the roster. Now, UFC signed many fighters, and, of course, it has a much better roster. But, as far as show is concerned, PRIDE was better in that regard.

Q: Will you participate in the Combat Sambo World Championships in November?

A: Yes, I will. At least I would really like to. I want to be there, I was selected for the Russian team, and I want to represent Russia. I earned my spot on the team, and I want to represent Russia in the World Championships.

Q: How do you manage to motivate yourself and give 100% everyday during your training?

A: I love what I do, so this is my motivation. Well, of course, I don't give 100% every single day, there are ups and downs, but in general, I really love it.

Q: Thank you Fyodor. Would you like to say something to your fans?

A: I am really grateful for my fans. Thank you for your support. I am often asked whether "Do you feel our support, that we are holding our fingers crossed for you?". My answer is "Yes, I do". I am training hard, and I will try to bring you joy with my victories.

+ Recap от интервю с Dana White

On Saturday night in Anaheim, Calif., following UFC 76, UFC president Dana White once again addressed the media discussing everything from key points of the night’s event, as well as implications for future bouts, his thoughts on competing promotions and, of course, the status of elusive free agent Fedor Emelianenko.

After voicing his dislike of Internet websites and his disdain for the various top ten rankings, White informed the media that UFC 76 had garnered a two million dollar gate.

He announced that “Fight of the Night” was awarded to Tyson Griffin and Thiago Tavares and Forrest Griffin received “Submission of the Night” honors. The three fighters were given a bonus of $40,000 each.

White has been trying to put together a match between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva for several years. Every time it looks as it’s going to finally take place, something happens to prevent it.

Asked if Liddell losing to Jardine eliminated the possibility of a bout with Silva, White said, "I walked up to Wanderlei Silva during the third round and I said, ‘I think Chuck's going to lose this fight.’ He said, 'What f***ing fight are you watching? Chuck Liddell's winning this fight.' I think Wanderlei is very upset. This is a fight we've been waiting for, for a long time, and it's like it was never meant to happen, so I don't know."

"We've got to sit back and look at things. There're a lot of different fights that we could make off of this one. First, Chuck needs to decide what Chuck wants to do and [then] we'll figure it out. [silva vs. Liddell] had the possibility of being the biggest fight ever in mixed martial arts history.

“I was really pissed off that Pride, before securing that acquisition, set up that Dan Henderson fight, and it's been all downhill from there. We'll see what happens."

White added, "Maybe we do Chuck and Shogun now. Who knows?"

There has been much speculation regarding whether the number one ranked heavyweight in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, would end up in the UFC after the Fertitta brothers (whose company owns the UFC) purchase of Pride. White is confident that Emelianenko will eventually sign to fight in the Octagon.

"I think that Fedor, right now, the word is he wants to fight in this Sambo event, but I won't let him fight in it if he's with us. I think he's going to wait until he fights in this thing in October, November, and we'll probably come to a deal with him at the end of this year or the beginning of next year."

"I'm very positive we're going to end up with him. It would be crazy for him to fight anywhere else other than the UFC."

White and the UFC have big plans for Emelianenko if they can secure the deal. "What we'd want to do is, we'd want to know who is the best heavyweight in the world. So if we sign Fedor, Fedor comes right in and fights Randy Couture for the title," stated White.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson obtained the UFC light heavyweight title by defeating Chuck Liddell at UFC 71 in May of this year. Quinton will not be back in the Octagon until 2008 according to White. "Rampage hurt his hand and is not going to fight until after the beginning of the year."

Questioned about newer promotions popping up, like Bodog and EliteXC, the UFC president responded, " I think that I'm not impressed with any of them, but I tell you what, the last ProElite show [ProElite is the parent company of EliteXC] was better than the other one they've done. The production was better. I actually saw the end of it. I saw the Robbie Lawler fight."

White continued, "Again, you're talking about a lower level, lower tier. Robbie Lawler, I like Robbie Lawler. I'm the one who brought him into the UFC. And he's not in the UFC because he lost three in a row. Ninja wasn't even ranked. He had the title in ProElite. You're talking about lower, lower, lower level. If you picked all of those shows to be a number two to us, they're so far a number two; it's not even funny. And I'm just being honest now and not being a wise ass.”

He went on to say, "I think that they're necessary. We need those shows because fighters are being paid, fighters are fighting and getting experience, and guys are going to come up through there and fight in the UFC some day."

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Интервю с Vitor Belfort

“I have a big wish of fighting against Quinton Jackson, I think it would be a great fight” Champion of Cage Rage, on 22th of september, winner of the big belt of the medium-heavy weight after defeating James Zikic on the judge´s decision, Vitor Belfort gave a special interview to TATAME talking about the fight, the expectation in being invited for more events and a possible renovation. The complete interview you find below.

How have you broke your hand?

I broke my hand on the beggining of the year when I was training with a sparring. I was taking care of the injury, but then it became ossified. After that I fighted against an italian and broke on the same place, but this time only one half was consolidated the other was cracked. Before the combat, I went to Leonardo Metsavat and he told me that he would make a simple surgery to rub out the bone and consolidate everything. I had to fight on this event now, so I decided to fight with this injury, nobody knew about this, only Rogerão, Distak and my wife. I didn´t want anybody to comment that I fighted with a broken hand. I couldn´t use properly my left hand, so I chose a different strategy to submit the opponent and I used my elbow on his face. On the second round he gave me a good kick, but I recovered myself very fast, knocked him down and mounted. It was great. Now I´m going to do this surgery to stay 100% prepared for the next fight.

What are your plans for the future? People are asking for you in UFC...

I want to start everything from the beggining and win the most big belts that I can. I´ll give the maximum attention to my career and fight against the best athletes. I have this big wish of fighting against Quinton Jackson, I think it would be a great combat. EliteXC that´s buying all the events, made a proposal for me to go to a lower category to face Robbie Lawler and fight for the big belt. Me and Spike, we are taking a careful look at this proposal of lowering my weight, getting this belt from Robbie Lawler or the big belt of the medium weight in Ultimate and then winning the superheavy belt. I want to fight in all events I can, but this I´ll decide after taking a look at all the proposals I´ve got. I still have a fight in Cage Rage. I liked this guy, Gary Shaw (president of EliteXC). We´re studying a proposal of making a great event here in . I want to be where people recognize my value. I have a history in Vale Tudo and I still have some objectives in my career. My coaches Rogerão, Daniel, Distak and Babu will help me to continue my training sessions in Black House. I´m gonna train really hard. I´ll also train with Paulão and we are gonna do a great job together.

So you have plans of going to UFC and winning Quinton Jackson´s big belt too?

That´s right. Then I´ll go to the superheavy category, this is my aim. Now I´m with Cage Rage´s belt and want more. Pro Elite that bought Cage Rage is doing an interesting thing, that is getting all the big belts and making the athletes fight for a world belt of the category. I received a proposal and I´ll try to win the big belt of the 83kg category in this event. I want to take part in the events where people want to watch me fighting and the ones who will give me the chance of achieving my aims.

And the injury on your hand, how are you going to take care of it?

I´m going to make this surgery this week, then I´ll rest for two weeks and do physioteraphy. I expect everything to be fine in one month. I wished everything was solved in another way but it will have to be like this. Well, the good thing is that I won a fight with a broken hand, fortunately my strategy was right. I would like to thank my sponsors, my fans all around the world, the people that give me all the support, my wife, my son, my parents, my friends, my coaches, and everybody in Black House, specially Tiagão (Baggio), that helped me a lot and has a great future in MMA. That´s it. I´m back and brought another big belt to .

So you consider Tiago Baggio as the new talent of MMA…

He´s a very tough kid and won this last event in Castelo (Gladiator Combat). It´s the sparring that is doing the most traning sessions with me and it´s always giving me all the support.

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Интервю с Kenny "KenFlo" Florian

Irish Whip Fighting: What was your game plan going into the Din Thomas fight?

Kenny Florian: The game plan with Din was to be patient on the feet, technical and to pick my shots. I wanted to break his boxer's rhythm and frustrate him with kicks and movement. I also wanted to put a lot of pressure on him with takedowns and ground and pound. I wanted to mix it up on him and keep him guessing as to what I would do next.

IWF: You also mentioned that as of that fight, you "got mean." Can you tell us about that?

KF: It really wasn't that fight that started it. It was after the Sherk fight that got me to realize that you need to see each event as a true fight not a competition. You have to be mean. Your opponent is going to try to hurt you and you must hurt him first without mercy.

IWF: You clearly dominated a very experienced fighter in Din Thomas. How does it feel knowing that you can compete with the best in your weight class?

KF: I felt that I was ready for the best and that fight was a small example of what I can do against top competition. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to show everyone.

IWF: Since your decision loss to Sherk (which is one of my favorite all time fights, by the way), you've won three in a row, and finished them all. What do you attribute to this recent success?

KF: Thanks. The way that I train now is night and day. First of all I am healthy now. I don't have a back injury that stops me from training or makes things like walking painful. I put everything I have into fighting now. I train like an animal and I train for the worst case scenario. Everything is planned, training is scientific and I try to do what few do to be successful.

IWF: You have defeated Kit Cope, Sam Stout, Dokonjonosuke Mishima, and Din Thomas via Rear Naked Choke. Would you call this a specialty of yours? Or does the opportunity just always arise?

KF: I have a 100% success rate when I have taken someone's back in MMA. It is a technique that few really understand. I practice this a lot and I am sure I will find even more details to make this technique perfect. The RNC is the most efficient and most effective move in all of the martial world. The true goal and most fun is the search for perfect technique in all areas. This goal goes beyond any title or any money you can win.

IWF: Who would you like to take on next? Maybe the winner of Penn-Sherk? Or a rematch against Sanchez?

KF: I am ready for whatever comes my way. I am just going to train hard and be prepared for an incredible opponent.

IWF: Where do you see yourself in the title picture? Are you going to continue to destroy contenders until you get a shot?

KF: That is the plan. I don't ask for specific fights nor do I put together fights for the UFC. I am just going to concentrate on what I need to do to get better and prepare for the best opponents. I just want to challenge myself and fight the best.

IWF: Do you think you could beat Sean Sherk if given a second opportunity?

KF: I hate saying I could beat "so and so" especially when that opponent already beat you. I would much rather say nothing and prove it. God willing, I will fight for the title again someday.

IWF: The PRIDE guys really seem to be having a hard time with the UFC guys. Is that due to PRIDE being weaker than people thought, UFC guys being better, or something else entirely?

KF: Both Pride and UFC fighters are tough and very good. Let's get that out of the way. Pride fighters have had to adjust to the rule changes, to the environment changes etc . . . It comes down to the same factors all the time in any event. 1st, MMA is unpredictable and 2nd, styles make fights.

IWF: Can you tell us a little about Sityodtong MMA? It seems to be working great.

KF: I believe that my trainers are the best. Mark DellaGrotte (Muay Thai/MMA), my brother Keith (BJJ/MMA) and Kevin Kearns my strength and conditioning coach deserve a lot of credit. I truly believe we are ahead of what everyone else is doing. I think this is due to us having open minds and developing new trends and not following what others are doing. There is only one day that I feel I am the best and that is on fight night. Every other time, I am training hard and filling in the holes in my game in fear that someone with the right skills will expose my weaknesses. This drives me everyday. I always try to challenge myself and try to constantly learn new things and improve beyond any perceived limits I may have on technique or what I think MMA is. I go to the gym like I know nothing. Guys think they know it all and like they have it all figured it out. This is their big downfall. I know I still have to learn sooooooo much. I know that MMA will never stop evolving and I need to be constantly learning and developing new techniques and I also need to look at techniques of old as well. My trainers all have that same mentality. No stone can be left unturned. I am also always training with different people as well and stealing what I can. My brother and I always watch tape of various mma events and look for both successful and failed techniques in mma. There is much to learn from past fights.

IWF: Joe Rogan always makes it a point to talk about your sharp elbows. Is your elbow work something you've had to develop or has it always been there?

KF: Elbow techniques must be practiced constantly. I am still waiting for the time where I will get one for the KO. I always throw them to KO and not to cut so I will hopefully get the elbow KO one day.

IWF: How much do you think that being on The Ultimate Fighter has helped your career?

KF: I am fighting in the UFC because of it so it has helped my career tremendously. MMA in general is popular in a large part because of the success of that show.

IWF: What's your take on the steroid issue?

KF: Steroids should have no part in any sport especially in a sport where hurting another individual is involved. It's cheating. When does it stop? If they use steroids, I will bring in a knife? Is this the mentality? Anything to win? There is no honor in using PED's in MMA and I think there are going to be cowards in all sports who are willing to take those risks.

IWF: I've been looking for a KenFlo shirt, but I can't find any! Are you planning on making some?

KF: I have limited edition shirts made up after each fight and they sell out within a couple weeks every time. I have some now but I don't sell them on the web yet. Hopefully I will do that soon. I try to save them for the local peeps and my students and seminar participants. Otherwise they kick my ass.

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Интервю с Jason Reinhardt, автор на най-добрия MMA рекорд.

On November 17th Jason Reinhardt will step into the octagon for the very first time. The 37-year-old fighter doesn't fit the mold of the typical UFC newcomer. Besides his age, Reinhardt will enter the cage with an 18-0 career mixed martial arts record, the best in all of MMA. His journey to the UFC is now only being fully realized long after it initially began. Reinhardt nearly was casted onto the 5th season of The Ultimate Fighter but didn't make the final cut. His opponent at UFC 78, Joe Lauzon, did.

Reinhardt was still offered a fight in the UFC, against Roger Huerta at UFC 63, but he was unable to compete after an injury forced him to withdraw from the fight. In just over a month he will complete his journey to the UFC in Newark, New Jersey though his quest to win a UFC-championship will persist.

Jason, who trains with Miletich Fighting Systems in Iowa alongside former-UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia and other UFC and MMA veterans, took time out of his busy schedule to complete an interview with UFC Daily and will continue to provide additional updates for the site leading up to his fight against Joe Lauzon in November.

UFCDaily.com: First and foremost Jason thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview. Let's jump right into things.

Jason: No problem, anytime. I'm always available to the fans.

UFCDaily.com: You tried out for the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter and didn't make the final cut. Did this help you land a contract with the UFC or how did the UFC contact you about coming to the organization and taking on Lauzon?

Jason:Yes, I made it down to the final 18 for the Ultimate Fighter 5. It was devastating to get that far and not make it to the final cut. All I kept hearing was : "Your personality is made for a Reality Show” (laughs). I felt I did well in the TUF interviews. Who knows, being in the final 18 may have gotten me the exposure to be invited to the UFC? My first fight in the UFC was suppose to be in August of 2006 against Roger Huerta, but I had to pull out due to an injury. This was another set back. But, I never give up, no matter what. So, the UFC knew about me. I would like to think my dedication and perseverance also had something to do with me getting another chance. So, here I am fighting Joe Lauzon. Monte Cox and Chad Bergmeier called and said your fighting Lauzon in the UFC and I said, "Great, let's do it”. I am very happy to be fighting such a tough and respectable fighter like Joe Lauzon.

UFCDaily.com: Right now your professional record sits at 18-0 with a wealth of submissions. Most would consider submissions your strong point but are there any weaknesses in your fight game you will look to improve heading into this fight against Lauzon?

Jason: Yes, my record is 18-0. I have fought some battles in the cage, believe me. I've had some very tough fights, and I've had some guys I've handled kinda easy over the years. I've always tried my best to respect all my opponents. Martial arts is all about respect, loyalty, and honor. Any fighter who takes this sport serious, trains hard, who has goals, and dreams I respect and I like seeing good people fulfilling their dreams. But, nothing comes easy in life. You have to truly want it…bad. I don't respect lazy people!!

I have always fought who my manager tells me. It's no different when I got the call to fight Joe Lauzon. Of course you have to be intelligent about your career. We are professionals. You don't take a fight with someone like Joe Lauzon in a small show, where it won't get you anywhere. That is stupid. I wish more people could understand this is a business too. I have been around a long time, and have seen a lot throughout my career. You save the Lion for the big show, in order to to showcase what you have worked for your whole life. Lauzon happens to be the lion. The whole world will know who Jason Reinhardt is after this fight: win, lose, or draw. If I didn't think I was going to win the fight, I wouldn't bother getting on the plane. As far as my submissions being my strong point as you say, yes, my record indicates this. I've won many fights by submissions.

Please don't be offended, but I'm not going to tell the whole world if I have any weaknesses as an MMA fighter as you asked. Joe could be listening? And since he's a computer guru, I know he's gonna read this. I think every fighter has things they need to work on. This is professional fighting at the highest level. Come Nov. 17th people are free to make their own opinions. Let's leave it at that. Purchase the pay per view, and see if Jason Reinhardt has any weaknesses. I love the fans, and I respect their opinions!

UFCDaily.com: How many fights are on your current UFC contract?

Jason: I have a 4 fight deal with the UFC.

UFCDaily.com: Were any other opponents or events ever discussed with you?

Jason: Yes, there have been several different shows approach my manager about me fighting for them. For example, Showtime, in late Jan. 2007, the WEC World Title in early Feb. 2007, against Eddie Wineland at 135 lbs., and the Gracie Fighting Challenge, in March 2007. I'm just very happy to finally make it to the UFC after all these years. When you truly want something in life bad enough, you won't quit until you make it whether it's being a fighter, a business man, an actor, a better husband, father, etc. Never let anyone tell you you can't make it, or be the best you can be. I believe in being positive, and always surround yourself with positive people, who encourage you. Believe in yourself.

UFCDaily.com: Joe was recently quoted as saying the following regarding you coming to the UFC. Could you respond to these comments: "[uFC matchmaker] Joe Silva is probably sick of Jason emailing him, and it's my job to shut him up. That's how I got the fight with Jens, and that's how Jason is getting in now. He is praying for lightning to strike twice, but it's not gonna happen.”

Jason: Ya, Joe Lauzon tells the world to email Joe Silva and you will make it to the UFC, just as I supposedly did? Those were his words on his web site Joelauzon.com. All I have to say about that is every fighter wanting to make it to the UFC, all you have to do is email Joe Silva or keep calling him on his cell phone and he will get you right in. Man, it's easy. You bug Joe Silva enough, stalk him, sleep at the end of his driveway, etc. and your in the UFC. It's that simple. Lauzon says so. Or just email me and I will give you Joe Silva's email. On a serious note come on, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I've never emailed Joe Silva in my life. Well, I think I did one time, just to tell him how I thought I was taller than him (laughs).

And as far as Lauzon saying it's his job to shut me up? I'm not going anywhere. I'm a fighter man, and I'm here to stay. I have a family to feed. I have nothing bad to say about Joe Lauzon. If he needs to say those words, like "it's his job to shut me up, etc.. etc..” that's cool. It's funny because I've not said anything that I'm going to do to Joe Lauzon. That's not my style. So, in reality, shut me up how, ya know? All I have to say to this kid, is keep talking, because we are fighting Nov. 17th and when the bell rings all those words mean nothing. It's just me and him when that Octagon door closes. I've got some tricks up my sleeve and I'm sure he does too. He's a very good fighter, but so am I. This is why this fight has the potential to be extremely exciting. We both are very aggressive. Let's face it, everyone wants to see an undefeated guy like myself fight, and many want to see an undefeated guy lose. I'm a marketable fighter so purchase the pay-per view and see what happens. I will not disappoint win, lose, or draw. The fans mean a lot to me.

UFCDaily.com: How do you think you match up against Lauzon?

Jason: I feel I match up with Lauzon well even with the big reach and weight advantage. Certain positions of the fight I match up good and not so well in other positions. This is why I'm working very very hard on things I need to work on with this long armed sucker (laughs)!

Hey man, it's a fight, and this is the highest level, and I'm so happy to be competing at the highest level in the UFC. May the best man win.

UFCDaily.com: Last year you had to withdraw from a fight against Roger Huerta at UFC 63 due to a neck injury? Are there any lingering effects or are you healed and healthy?

Jason: I would rather not talk about my injury. I'm good to go. I'm strong. Let's just say it's been a long road but the point is, I made it and I'm ready to shock the world. You will never hear an excuse come out of my mouth.

UFCDaily.com: Looking ahead take us through your preparation for this fight in terms of daily training and what you will be focusing on?

Jason: I train with my long time camp Miletich Fighting Systems. Spencer Fisher has been working with me a lot, and is like my brother. Josh Neer has been helping me a lot, and I feel we have become close friends. All the guys man at MFS. Pat Miletich is the Master behind it all. I don't feel comfortable telling the world at this point what I'm doing to prepare for Joe Lauzon. I am focusing on everything. This is not 1994.

I am very lucky to have the Gracie Barra camp 40 min. down the road from me in Springfield, Illinois as well. Miletich Fighting Systems is a 3 hour drive, so I have been going back and forth traveling, between Miletich Fighting Systems, in Iowa, and the Gracie Barra Springfield, Illinois. Academy. Professor Marcos Barros, who moved to Springfield, Illinois from Brazil, is a Gracie Barra Black Belt and has a very nice Academy in Springfield. His jiujitsu is amazing. He's just an all around great person.

UFCDaily.com: Joe is in Hawaii to train with B.J. Penn. Will you try to change up your routine from the past to adapt to this?

Jason: I will listen to my coaches, and they are advising me on situations I need to adapt to and work on. B.J. Penn is a great fighter and coach and I'm sure he will have Joe Lauzon ready to rock n roll, just as my coaches will. A fight is a fight.

UFCDaily.com: There has been criticism over the UFC selecting you to face Lauzon in that they are protecting him from tough competition. Do you feel the UFC may be attempting to do this by bringing you in to face one of their more marketable fighters?

Jason: I will tell you what, if that is the UFC's plan so be it. I'm up for any challenge. I am tough competition. I always come to fight. I'm nobody's stepping stone. The UFC sure didn't protect Joe Lauzon when they brought him into fight Jens Pulver now did they.

UFCDaily.com: We all know Randy Couture has remained successful as he aged. Do you think age will play a factor in this fight?

Jason: Randy Couture is successful because first, his mind is very strong, and he takes very good care of his body. I don't party much. I may have a few beers after Nov. 17th though (laughs).

I've taken care of my body, even though I've fought tooth and nail over my chronic injury, I've suffered with for 6 years. I always am working out. I will be 38 years young come fight night. I feel age is in your mind. Your mind controls everything. So, no, I do not feel my age will have a bearing in this fight.

UFCDaily.com: Off the topic of your fight in particular what is your opinion on performance enhancing drugs in MMA? Is it as widespread as many fear and what do you think can be done to combat it?

Jason: My opinion on performance enhancing drugs such as steroids is that I would, personally, never judge a fighter or athlete for. It's a personal choice a fighter has to make. However, for me personally, I do not want to embarrass the sport of MMA by doing that stuff. Dana White and the whole Zuffa team has worked too hard to have fighters tear down the good image of the sport. We have gone too far. If fighters have done them in the past, it's time to stop I feel. We don't need that stuff.

If it's against the rules, I am personally against it. All it does, is cost you money with fines, you lose potential bonuses, sponsors, and it's an embarrassment to your team, your family, and the UFC in general. Plus, you can lose your job as a professional fighter. Then, there is another issue…

There are situations where doctors actually prescribe steroids to help you heal from injuries. There's a place right in Vegas called Cenegenics, where Dr. Allen Mintz has athletes who have been injured and prescribe steroids for healing purposes such as HGH and testosterone to help recover from serious injuries? He was recently on 60 min. Is he wrong? What's the rules about going to a medical doctor for this kind of treatment? I believe this is a legitimate question? What's the commissions stance on this? Is this against the rules? I don't know. There are anti-aging centers all across this country which prescribe testosterone and HGH to people and athletes for real reasons, for your health. Some, for anti-aging purposes, and some for healing of injuries so what can be done to combat it, you ask? I don't have the answers? It's really a complex topic. Dana White is in a tough situation, and should not be criticized.

We are expected to perform at the highest level, and if we have a serious injury because of the demanding things we are required to put our bodies through, and go to a doctor and he tells us we can heal and continue to feed our family's by him prescribing steroids, is this wrong?? I don't know? I'm just being honest here. So, basically, in my opinion steroids have no place in our sport to improve and enhance our performance for the fight.. For healing of injuries, prescribed by a doctor, I don't know? I feel it's a legitimate question? Again, if it's illegal, and against the rules, doctor prescribed or not, I'm against it.

UFCDaily.com: By what round and what method do you think you will win?

Jason: I personally think it's about the craziest thing to say what round or what method a fighter is going to win a fight. Nobody truly knows at this level. I'm not good with that kind of stuff. 4 oz. gloves are unpredictable.

UFCDaily.com: Are there any people or sponsors you would like to publicly thank?

Jason: My sponsors I would like to thank are Doctor Randy Peterson, and Valera Peterson, Warrior Wear, Wally Shallabi from Midwest Insurance Agency, Drew Miller (owner of DMC Custom Homes). I would like to thank Pat Miletich and everyone from Miletich Fighting Systems especially Tim Sylvia as well as Mike Griffin from Pro Gym. Also thanks go out to my wrestling coach Miguel Murgas from Cuba and Greg Giddings They all have made it possible for me to train like a true professional athlete.

I would like to thank God for giving me the strength to never quit. I want to thank Jesus Christ who gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us and who has given me the strength to never give up. Without him, I'm 110% sure I would not be where I am today as a fighter or person.

Thanks to my wife, my daughter, and all of my family and friends for all their support. Also thanks to Pastor Keith and everyone from the Miletich Bible Study, George Seaberg, and all the guys from the Wednesday morning group, who have inspired and taught me about Jesus Christ.

Finally thanks to all my MMA students. I'll be home soon guys, thanks for holding down the gym.

UFCDaily.com: Thanks again for talking with us and best of luck in your upcoming fight.

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Q&A Dana White "Off The Record"

Dana White was on TSN's Off The Record with Michael Landsberg on Thursday's show. While he only participated in the "next question" segment, he still had some interesting things to say. Here is a transcript of the interview:

ML: Dana, what's the capital of Canada?

DW: (laughs)Quebec?

ML: Ah, Quebec would definitely not be the capital of Canada! You're a Vegas guy, did you win any money on the Super Bowl?

DW: No, I didn't win any money on the Super Bowl, I am a Patriots fan, and I didn't think they were gonna cover.

ML: Then you should have bet against them doofus.

DW: Nah, I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that. That's bad Karma.

ML: What the best thing about mixed martial arts?

DW: It's the most exciting combat sport in the world...it's the most exciting sporting event in the world.

ML: What the worst thing about mixed martial arts?

DW: Renewing contracts.

ML: You used to manage Chuck Liddell, why does that guy have a beer belly?

DW: (laughs) I don't know, that's just the way he is built. He can't get abs, it's impossible.

ML: How do you think Tito Ortiz will do on Celebrity Apprentice.

DW: I don't know. He is a weasil. He'll probably make it far.

ML: When was the last time you watched a Jenna Jameson movie?

DW: (laughs) I can't stand Jenna Jameson, I wouldn't watch any of her movies.

ML: So then you are not a member of ClubJenna.com?

DW: I am definitely not a member.

ML: How many energy drinks does Joe Rogan drink before the start of a TV broadcast?

DW: (laughs) Actually, I think if Joe Rogan drank an energy drink, he'd explode. I don't think he drinks any.

ML: Give me one word to describe Randy Couture.

DW: Legendary.

ML: Give me one word to describe Vince McMahon.

DW: Genius.

ML: Who has the worst entrace music in the UFC.

DW: Oh God...next question....no, I got the answer..Terry Martin.

ML: Who comes up with the titles for your Pay Per View events?

DW: Me and my marketing staff.

ML: How do you guys get away from the numbers? Because it's eventually going to sound stupid, "UFC 273, the battle of ancient warriors".

DW: I could not agree with you more. It's hard to get away from the numbers. We tried, and a...people just keep numbering them, so we have to.

ML: What grade where you when you got on your first fight?

DW: Probably fourth...fourth grade.

ML: So who would win in a fight? You, a former aerobics intructor, or Shane McMahon?

DW: (laughs) Me.

ML: And finally, what would you look like with Don King's hair?

DW: Actually I was him for Holloween last year. I looked pretty stupid.

ML: You know what, thanks for doing this. And it is UFC 83 April 19th in Montreal. Good luck with that.

DW: Thanks

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Е, ебава се естествено. Нали UFC 83 ще бъде в Montreal, който btw направи най-бързият sell out в историята им.

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1. It was your first fight after two defeats. Were you nervous about your comeback to the ring?

Mirko: I wasn't nervous, I've been fighting in the ring for many years and I feel at home in it. I was excited about fighting in Japan again.

2. You looked impressive in the ring. You bulked up, did you do it on purpose or did it just happen?

Mirko: Gaining muscle mass was a 6 months process and I did it primarily to increase my raw strength.

3. Your boxing techniques looked fresh? Did the work with Marijan Zizanovic pay off?

Mirko: We train really hard and it's for sure that some credits for it should be given to Marijan. He's a real expert, I should have started this cooperation even sooner. It's a sure thing that my stand-up techniques will look even better in my next fights.

4. Did you think, theoretically, about what would have happened if you had lost one more fight? You are much better than Mizuno, but a single punch in this sport can decide a winner?

Mirko: I don't think about defeats, I'm well motivated and focused on bigger fights in the future and wins, of course.

5. How did it feel to return back to Japan after the US episode? Your popularity in Japan is still incredible, Saitama (and the atmosphere) is looking almost exactly like in PRIDE?

Mirko: The feeling was just fantastic, we can say that Japan is my second home. Japanese fans really respect this sport and the fighters, while Saitama is a place of some good memories.

6. Mizuno was a good warming-up, now you have more serious challenges in front of you. There are rumors about LeBanner, your old friend from your very first K1 fight, that you won?

Mirko: DREAM has mentioned several names for my next fight, it appears that my next opponent could be someone from K1. If it's LeBanner, that will be a big fight that I'm looking forward to.

7. Is it true that there is a one out of three chance in DREAM that you could face Sergey Kharitonov, who was one of the most well-rounded fighters in PRIDE?

Mirko: It's possible, it depends on DREAM, I want to fight against well known, great fighters.

8. Do you think that worldwide media is being a little bit unfair to you, after you spoiled them with an almost perfect score in last few years? After a brilliant open weight Grand Prix finale, you suffered two defeats, which made many people say that you are finished and that you have never been a top fighter.

Mirko: I don't think about this, my job is to fight and to do the best I can. Everyone can have an opinion, but in order to have a complete picture about this sport, people should try it themselves. A low motivation is a major problem for a fighter, and opinions like this are actually very motivating.

9. Your trademark is the worldwide famous high kick. You destroyed dozens of opponents with that kick, but exactly the same kick was devastating for you against Gonzaga. Is it hard to get back on track after such a loss and is it mentally tough to get back to the ring/cage again?

Mirko: My biggest problem in the UFC was a mental blockade, I spoke about it a few times already. I was empty, my motivation was low, I had no real desire to win the fight. It's very expensive in a fight.

10. Do you have any regrets about joining the UFC? I believe the difference was bigger than you could imagine. The cage, the rules, the audience, even the fighting style. Have you been surprised by the quality of UFC fighters - it was a common belief that PRIDE fighters were better?

Mirko: It's just another lesson for me. The UFC has some great fighters and the game is very different. The cage makes a difference too, but I'm looking forward to my return to the cage as I want to prove that I can be successful in it.

11. You announced that you'll return to the UFC and fight Gonzaga, Kongo and Nogueira again?

Mirko: All options are open but in this moment I only think about my next fight.

12. Your former sparring partner and BJJ trainer, Fabrizio Werdum, is getting better and more successful. Some credits probably go to your team where Fabricio learned a majority of his stand-up techniques. How is your relation with Werdum at the moment, there were even stories told that you could fight him in the UFC?

Mirko: It's a fair relationship, we trained together and we separated in a friendly manner.

13. News about you is always very popular among Index's readers. Do you surf the net yourself? You have your own blog now?

Mirko: I'm relatively often online, I get around better. Almost every evening I visit Index's website after my training, it contains very interesting news. Since a while I also have my own blog on www.mma-id.com where I post the latest information about my trainings, career and other interesting things.

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From his win over Caol Uno to become the first ever UFC lightweight champion to being the first fighter to ever defeat B.J. Penn, Jens Pulver has been a part of historic fights during his entire career. But no moment may be more defining than when he faces Urijah Faber on June 1 for the WEC featherweight title.

Never a stranger to being under pressure, Pulver is ready for the challenge of a fighter like Faber, who is currently riding a 12 fight win streak and ranked #1 at 145lbs by virtually every recognized poll in MMA.

Not only that but Pulver will step into Faber’s hometown of Sacramento, CA for the fight, but the former UFC champion isn’t shying away from the challenge.

”That’s one more challenge to overcome,” said Pulver in a recent interview with MMAWeekly Radio. ”I’ve overcome a lot in my life and I’ve overcome a lot in this sport, and this is just one more place for me to go out there and do it again. He deserves everything he’s getting because he’s a great champion, he’s a great fighter, and it’s my job to go in there and take it.”

Being a part of possibly the biggest fight in WEC history doesn’t phase Pulver much either. He understands the importance of the fight, but he’ll look at the historic significance of the bout for his legacy some other time.

”Later on I’m going to look at it as an honor, but right now I’m looking at it more as, ‘can I get back to the top, please?” Pulver stated. ”Can I just be back up there as one of the best fighters? I always find myself in these situations, in these defining moments, and I’ve come out on top once or twice, but I’ve also come out on the bottom a few times and this is just that point in my career, right here, right now, this is massive.”

”This is big, and I’m really training as hard as I can. This is do or die for me, in the aspect of I really want to come out on top this time.”

While the entire MMA world will discuss the ins and outs of who will come out victorious in the fight, Pulver and Faber have both stayed busy with training, while avoiding much talk when it comes to each other.

”We have nothing but respect for each other, but watch how hard we pound each other, cause that’s our job,” Pulver commented. ”Nobody makes us get in that cage, we choose to get in that cage. We’re going to go out there, we’re going to fight as hard as we can.”

The WEC and Versus recently profiled both Pulver and Faber for a preview show about the upcoming title fight. In the documentary, Pulver was shown breaking down fight tape on his opponent and while he admits he likes to look for tendencies in his opponent, Pulver says Faber is a tough fighter to game plan for.

”He’s one of those kids, he’s like a chameleon,” Pulver said. ”The kid adapts and makes things up as he goes, so you can’t really map him.”

While Pulver may not be able to map out what Urijah Faber will do on Sunday night, what he is hoping for is when it’s all said and done to walk out with the WEC featherweight championship.

What exactly would that mean to a fighter who has seemingly seen in all in the sport of MMA?

”It’d mean the world to me,” Pulver closed.

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