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BJ Penn иска Hughes

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Diaz Takes UFC Contract After Gamburyan Injury

By Brian O'Hara

LAS VEGAS--The rematch between former UFC Welterweight Champion BJ Penn and former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver lived up to all the hype and drama that shaped their rivalry to begin with. Threats by Pulver to knock out Penn's teeth were returned by promises by Penn to rip Pulver's shoulder apart, but in the end it was a show of respect and good MMA action that prevailed, with Penn finessing the tapout from rear-naked choke three minutes into the second round.

After a mixed bag of strikes and submission attempts by both fighters in the first round, the second round was Penn's to take and the Hawaiian obliged. Fans inside the Pearl at the Palms Hotel Resort in Las Vegas were witnesses to a historical event; two coaches who squared off at the season finale at the most electric atmosphere to an "Ultimate Fighter finale to date.

Penn, who had lost a majority decision to Pulver at UFC 35 in 2002, believed that during that time he has transformed into a completely different fighter. "The biggest difference is that I'm a grown man now, Penn said. "I'm an experienced fighter and he actually caught me when I am at the best in my life right now.

Penn walked into the Octagon weighing an incredibly lean 163 pounds, having fought as heavy as 200 pounds in the heavyweight division in the past to earn the moniker of one of the world's greatest pound-for-pound entries, though his stamina often came into question.

"I wanna see how good I can get. I'm going to carry this on for the rest of my career, Penn stated. "The minute I stop doing that is the minute I should just walk away.

Penn admitted that his motivational preparation for fights depends on his rivalries and certain opponents and with Pulver behind him, the Hawaiian has set his sights on another loss to avenge.

"There could only be one person and that's Matt Hughes, he said.


Да, би било страхотно да видим трети мач по между им, но в момента по-логично е BJ да се изправи срещу Sherk и първо да спечели Lighweight титлата. После спокойно може да се върне към Welterweight дивизията и да го видим в мач с Hughes и GSP. Aко Penn излезе подготвен така както излезе срещу Pulver историята от подписа ми ще се повтори :) .

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Късметлията Пен ще бъде разбит от Хюз в 3-ти мач ;) но надали ще се случи.. Мат отмъсти за загубата си и сега надали ще погледне назад.. иначе предполагам, че Penn може и ще победи Sherk за златото някой ден.

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Във втория им мач Penn спечели първите два рунда, но после получи контузия, която му попречи да диша нормално. Затова и загуби мача според мен. Hughes надали ще откаже още един мач. Не е човек, който да бяга от някой.

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