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ROH 2-nd PPV Taping


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Here are the results of tonight's ROH PPV taping in Chicago Ridge,

courtesy of our own Stevie J who was in the audience!

Pre-show match:

Ernie Osiris and Sugarfoot Alex Payne vs. Mitch Franklin and Dingo In Green

Big pop for Sugarfoot. Sugarfoot and Ernie win after Ernie does a backflip

off the top and Sugarfoot covers for 3. BIG POP.

Belltime has officially changed to 7:35pm.

The show is offically underway! Dave Prazak is in the ring putting over

ROH hard, there are streamers everywhere.

No Remorse Corps vs. Delirious/Erick Stevens

Delirious and Stevens hit the ring, along with Davey Richards. Delirious

cuts a babbling promo. Stevens and Delirious chop the sh*t out of Romero

and he flees. Crowd chants "Rooooooooderick" for Strong. Delirious does a

flip off the top rope to the floor. Strong chops Delirious hard and does

eyepoke. Romero does double footstomp. The No Remorse Corps gets the win.

Austin Aries comes out of the crowd and hits the ring, does a suicide

dive. He cuts a promo saying he has a piece of paper which will free him

from TNA and make him ROH full time. Everyone is throwing him pens. Aries

says he's back home where people respect this business. Aries puts over

ROH as best product in the world. Big F*CK TNA chant from the crowd.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Matt Sydal

Claudio is making the crowd go "eyyyyyy" and do the wave. Delayed vertical

suplex and "eyyyyy", tornado spin release and "eyyyyyy", gut wrench suplex

for 2. Sydal sweeps the leg and does a running flip on Claudio to the

outside. That starts competing "Let's go Sydal" and "Let's go Claudio"

chants. Ton of near falls and standing shooting star presses by Sydal for

2. Claudio tosses Sydal in the air like a pizza - WOW! Sydal calls for the

finish, does a head scissor. Claudio reverses in mid-flip and hooks the

legs 123 for pin - f'n awesome match! Winner: Claudio Castagnoli.

Afterwards, Larry Sweeney & Chris Hero come out. Tank Toland and Bobby

Dempsey are with them. Dempsey gets a "He's on ster-oids" chant. Sweeney

is trying to recruit Sydal, says he has a contract for him. Claudio takes

the mic, tells Matt not to do it, that Sweeney is a scumbag. A "You're a

scumbag" chant follows. Claudio rips up the contract and starts to kick

ass, but Sydal attacks him from behind. Hero stretches out Claudio. Sydal

asks Sweeney if the contract promising a fruitful career was valid, and if

so to print out another and he'll join Sweet and Sour Inc. Sydal shakes

all their hands and everyone leaves, except Claudio who's still down and

gets up slow. Big pop when he finally stands.

Naomichi Marufuji vs. BJ Whitmer

Big streamers and pop for Marafuji, most streamers so far tonight. It is a

great match. Both guys have whipped each other into every guardrail and

stiffed each other in the ring, tons of near falls and reversals. Marafuji

cleans Whitmer's clock with a clothesline for near fall. BJ in tree of

woe, Marafuji goes coast to coast with a face kick for 2 and a big pop.

Marafuji comes off the ropes drills Whitmer's head into the mat for 123

pin. Winner: Naomichi Marafuji. A slightly anti-climactic finish, but the

crowd's happy chanting for him, "Please come back, please come back."

Pelle Primeau vs. Brent Albright

Pelle Primeau comes out with the Top of Class trophy. His opponent is

Brent Albright in a hood. Stevie J takes a high-velocity streamer to the

head from a fan trying to throw it into the ring. Albright puts Primeau in

an armbar and makes him tap. Winner: Brent Albright.

ROH World Championship Match: Takeshi Morishima vs. Jimmy Rave

Morishima pounds the sh*t out of Rave. The crowd starts chanting, "Die

Jimmy Die". Then dueling chants start - "Let's Go Jimmy" and

"Mo-ri-shi-ma". Jimmy is thrown off the top rope, Morishima does a

"Joe-esque" senton on him. Rave is getting a lot of hope spots. Rave has

Morishima in an ankle lock, but Shima gets to the ropes. Morishima kills

Rave with a brain smashing suplex and gets the pin. Winner and still

Champion: Takeshi Morishima. A quick, but largely good fun squash match.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen & El


Let's hope Mark doesn't try to kill himself again this time! El Generico

and Jay Briscoe to start. Steen tags in - he's one chunky looking dude!

Briscoes do double dropkicks on him in the corner. They're building this

slow and mostly letting the heels beat up the Briscoes. Briscoes starting

to make a comeback on Generico, Mark in particular - and he tags in Jay.

Steen does a flip over the ropes on Mark. Now they're all outside the ring

- but not able to see since everyone is standing. Someone was just thrown

into crowd next to us, but still cant see who. Steen hits a powerbomb for

2. Generico does an amazing flip to the outside. Steen got a near fall off

the top. Generico gets hit with Jay driller for 2.9, double team Jay

driller for 3! Winners and still Champions: The Briscoes. Afterwards,

Steen beats them up with a ladder. He starts getting "You fat f*ck" chants

as they finish celebrating and start leaving the ring. The Briscoes

recover and leave to a big pop.

The announcer just revealed that they'll tape a 3rd PPV at this venue on

Sept 15th!

Intermission at 9:25pm.

SHIMMER Tag Match: Lacey & Rain (w/ Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Daizee Haze & MsChif

MsChif is hilarious - she keeps screaming and scaring her opponents.

They're trying like hell to keep Daizee from making a tag. She keeps

screaming at the ref - this is so funny. Daizee finally gets the tag and

keeps right on screaming. Lacey is distracting the ref and Daizee has to

manhandle him to get him to count a near fall. Lacey & Rain double team

MsChif for the pin. Winners: Lacey & Rain. Jimmy Jacobs poses with them


Grudge Match (30 min time limit): Nigel McGuinness vs. Chris Hero (w/Larry

Sweeney, Tank Toland & Bobby Dempsey)

Hero runs the ropes while he's coming out, while Sweet and Sour Inc. do

jumping jacks. More streamers for Nigel's entrance. Hero feigns a

handshake, and shakes Sweeney's hand instead. Competing "Let's go Nigel"

and "F*ck you He-ro" chants start. Hero does his flips and knee drops for

his own benefit and gets a "Holy sh*t" chant. Dueling handstands on the

top rope. When hero does his, Nigel just pushes him off onto his team.

Nigel chases the heels and Hero dropkicks him thru the ropes. Nigel sweeps

Hero's face into the mat a few times but gets a boot to the face thru the

ropes. Hero tries a crab, but Nigel gets a rope break. Nigel with chops on

Hero. Hero stomps on Nigel's head, but he gets up. Hero with chops, Nigel

with uppercuts. Nigel gets the better of it and Hero is dazed. Nigel with

a surprise short arm clothesline for 2.9 that pops the crowd. Hero set on

the top, but he knocks Nigel off and nails a dropkick. Nigel and Hero

outside, Nigel wipes him out on the barricade. Hero does the senshi stomp

but only gets 2. Heels pull Nigel over the top and he chases them to the

back. Top rope stretch slam face first to the mat and Nigel gets the pin.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness. Hero sells like he's out cold. Hero comes to

quickly, rolls out out of the ring, and ref helps him to the back.

Adam Pearce comes out after the match, wearing a Flair-like robe that says

"Scrap Iron". The crowd starts a Repo Man chant. Pearce cuts a promo on

Colt Cabana and heels on Chicago, his hometown. Morishima comes out, and

the crowd chants "You f'd up" at Pearce. Announcer says that this has just

been made into a World Title Match!

ROH World Championship Match: Takeshi Morishima vs. Adam Pearce

Pearce blows 2 shoulder tackles as shima doesn't budge. He tells Shima

-"Are you kidding? You hit the ropes." Shima does and steamrolls him.

Shima with a top rope dropkick. Pearce throws Shima out. More Repo Man

chants. Pearce suplexes Shima back into the ring - impressive! Cross body

off top misses. Shima sits down on a sunset flip and nearly gets 3. Pearce

puts on a repo man mask! Big mistake - Shima goes on offense. Hagadorn

tries a run in, but Morishima still gets the 123 pin. Winner and still

Champ: Takeshi Morishima.

"Glory By Honor V: Night 2" Rematch: Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA

Danielson comes out, and everyone is singing "The Final Countdowwwwwwn".

Dragon and Kenta are even thus far. Danielson is getting the crowd to pop

for wristlocks and ab stretches. Kenta bitchslaps him. Danielson is doing

his trademark inverted submission drops and nose pulls. Kenta knocks him

down for another bitchslap. Stiff kicks - Bryan catches the third and

turns Kenta inside out. Side choke straight out of MMA, but Kenta escapes.

Two uppecuts and a suplex, 2 count for Bryan before Kenta kicks out.

Danielson stomps right on Kenta's ribs. Whoa - surfboard rolled to

shoulders on mat, Bryan only gets 2 though. Kenta gives him an ace cutter

off the ropes. Dueling chants - "Let's go Dragon" and "Let's go Ken-ta!"

Bryan hits a big backbreaker but eats a boot charging the corner, then

dropkicks Kenta when he comes off the ropes. Danielson charges the ropes

and Kenta kicks him. Kenta gets back, Danielson suplexes him through the

ropes to the concrete floor then throws him back in for 2.9. Danielson

goes for rear naked choke. Kenta wont tap and gets to the ropes. Lefts and

rights followed by cattle mutilation, but Kenta tries to get the ropes and

does. Rolling near falls. They start suplexing the crap out of each other,

get up groggy and slap each other awake. Mid-ring simultaneous moves and

both men are down to a big R-O-H chant from the crowd. Cattle mutilation

again! Crowd chants "Please don't tap". Kenta counters and suplexs

Danielson on his head for 2. Danielson and Kenta on the top rope. Kenta

comes down and runs across ring, powerbombs him into turnbuckle. Kenta

escapes a pin and locks on some sort of sleeper, but I can't see exactly.

Bryan gets arm up before 3. Bryan hits a go-to-sleep, elbows him in the

head repeatedly, and hits a dragon suplex but can still only get a 2

count. Dragon gets nailed by Kenta and pinned just like that out of

nowhere! Winner: KENTA. Fans start chanting "Match of the Year" and "Thank

You Ken-ta". They shake hands to big applause from the crowd. Danielson

and Kenta bow to each other, and the crowd chants "Please come back" for


Overall, tonight's show was fantastic. From the opening bell to the main event, this was one of the most consistent shows I've ever seen live. The crowd was alive for the whole event and with the different set-up I couldn't tell how many people were there. Random Thoughts and ratings.

The doors opened twenty minutes earlier and the show still started at 7:45. Amazing.

I still wanna know why there was only one pre-show match. That kinda threw me off. But knowing that Pelle was on the main show, Hagadorn was "injured", Titus was in CHIKARA, and Dempsey was doing squats made it more understandable.

Opening six-man tag... fantastic way to open the show. The spots were great and the energy in the crowd was high. And just to top it off, Austin Aries running to the ring and signing the contract was the real topper. I didn't see this coming at all, which made it even better, Aries promo will come off very well during the PPV too. I think that there is no one who really symbolizes ROH more than Aries. ***1/2 match, ***** segment with the match and promo.

Claudio and Sydal was surprisingly great. Before the match Claudio was encouraging the fans to do the wave which I guess makes him a face. Kinda surprised Sydal turned heel and joined Sweeney's group, but it makes sense. Dempsey's outfit and forearm given to him by Claudio was also funny too. ***1/2

Marifuji wrestling Whitmer seemed like a bit of a disappointment at first, but it turned into a fun match. Definitely want to see Marifuji again. Even though he isn't as big as Morishima or as flashy as KENTA, Marifuji is solid in the ring. ***1/4

Poor Pelle deserved a better fate than wrestling Albright. Fun squash though. NR

The world title match was way too short to really mean anything. I don't think I've ever seen Jimmy Rave have a good match live. Kind of a disappointment and really the only one of the night. *1/2

The tag title match was crazy. EL Generico was almost on my lap, there were some really dangrous spots. And Kevin Steen apparently did something to the fans of Chicago because he was getting a lot of heat. Good match, and I think the street fight will be etremely violent and even crazier. ***1/2

I have to say that this was one of the best first halves I've ever seen. It showed with how burned out the crowd was for the second half. Not sure what the first show looks like, but people who buy this show should be really impressed.

After intermission, the women's match took place. It was perfectly acceptable, but it was hard for me to get into and excited about with everything that happened in the first half while also knowing what was coming.

Nigel vs. Hero was a great match with some very good comedy spots thrown in. Longer than I expected too. ***1/2

Pierce an Morshima was there. Good to see a second championship match even if both turned out to be a little short and lame. ZPierce put on a repo man mask and was very interactive with the crowd as per usual. Pierce is also not from Chicago anymore which was the second most important announcement made. The first was of course Sept. 15 being the third PPV taping. *1/2

I honestly hope that Dragon is okay cause it looks like he hurt his shoulder again after a potential MOTYC with KENTA. This was such a stiff match. The "This is awesome" chants were there, but quickly shot down. I'm not sure whether or not this was better than their other efforts, but I will definitely say this will rank high in MOTY voting. ****1/2

Great show. Too bad there were some moron fans who chanted "Mr. Fuji" as Marifuji and started a "U.S.A" during the tag title match. The stupid "This is awesome" chant as also bad, but what made it even worse was the "F*** TNA" chant that actually came in the middle of the freakin" main event. Oy vey.

Post-show I went to Rosa's. I asked Dragon how his shoulder was and he said it hurt which came as no surprise. And since I was wearing an A.J. Pierzynski jersey, Adam Pierce gave me crap since he's a Cubs fan and A.J. is a Sox player. Adam Pierce fired insults too fantastic to even try and come back from. But we shook hands at the end of night. He seems like a really cool guy, and although I'll boo his ass during the show I do think he's a cool guy. Also got to see Roddy, Sinclair (BOO!), Rocky, Albright, Aries and even Gabe.

I ended the night by thanking some of the wrestlers for a great show and most importantly welcoming Aries back and telling him it's great to have him back. Indeed. Viva la ROH!

Just got back about a half hour ago and all this is on memory, but it was a tremendous show, and should be a hell of a PPV.

They shifted the seating around, as the entry way now goes along the left hand side (looking toward the back of the arena) where the little bleachers are and comes out at a right angle. They have a new big section of bleachers in the view of the main camera. Held a lot of people. So they had the normal bleachers on the right hand side for GA, the new GA bleachers, the regular A,B,C,D sections, and standing GA. I like the new layout.

Alex "Sugarfoot"Payne and Ernie Osiris defeat Mitch Franklin and Dingo.

Match was ok, Sugafoot was over huge again in Chitown. Nice little appetizer.

Prazak is out, and we count down to PPV! Big pop to start and Prazak starts talking about how the world will see the sport of pro wrestling and the most exciting wrestling when the Resilience with Delirious comes down. Stevens demands a 6-man tag with the No Remorse Corps "Right Now!"

NRC defeats The Resilience and Delirious

Really decent opener, with a very hot crowd. Two or three tremendous near-falls by Cross onto Richards and Romero, one being a shooting star press, the other his corkscrew moonsault move. Davey wins with the DR Driver. Afterward, Austin Aries (sporting much longer hair) hits the ring, and chases the NRC out. He grabs a mic, claims he has a piece of paper that guarantees his wrestling freedom, and reiterates Prazak's speech about the best wrestling today, which much more vocal energy. Then he asks for a pen. About 25 pens get thrown into the ring like streamers, Aries signs, shakes Cary Silkin's hand, and exits to the biggest pop I've heard in an ROH ring. Austin Aries and ROH chants. Fantastic way to open the PPV.

Claudio Castagnoli defeats Matt Sydal

Excellent, fast paced match. Finish saw Claudio roll through the hurracanranna into a sunset flip. Match saw a number of near-falls and awesome moves by Sydal from CC's shoulders. Really good match. Afterward again, Sweet N Sour Inc. hit the ring and offer Sydal a spot. CC rips it up, and hits Dempsey and Tank, but Sydal hits him and says if Sweeney prints out a new copy of the offer, he will sign. I like this because I like booing Sydal and now I have a legit reason to. Good segment, as it puts over SnS Inc and puts Sydal somewhere.

Naomichi Marafuji defeats B.J. Whitmer

Decent match, hard-hitting. Marufuji won with Sliced Bread #2. BJ had a goatee and looked pissed off, and borderline heelish. Most of the chants went to Marufuji. Can't think of any crazy spots, it was just a good hard-hitting contest. Whitmer had new music, too. (don't know the song)

Brent Albright destroys Pelle Primeau.

I think Pelle got two kicks in. After the half-nelson plex, Albright picked up Pelle and gorilla pressed him. I thought, and so did the two sections I was by (I was in the new bleacher section) thought he was going to toss Pelle into the crowd a la Bam Bam and Spike Dudley. But instead, he slammed him into his armbar. Fun squash.

ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima whomps Jimmy Rave

Dueling chants to start, but both men hit their signature moves right away. Rave hit the heel hook, but Morishima got to the ropes. He then used a drop kick off the top and the Back Drop Driva to win. Very quick, and surprising, but made sense since it made Morishima a badass on PPV and didn't blow out the crowd for the tag title match. Good squash.

ROH World Tag Team Champions Mark and Jay Briscoe defeat Kevin Steen and El Generico.

Insane fight. It was shorter than expected, but they built the feud really well for the street fight in August. Heat on Jay and Generico, as it broke down rather quickly into some insane spots: Steen somersault plancha onto Jay, Mark gave one to Steen, Generico a HUGE springboard asai moonsault onto Mark to the outside. Then, while on the outside, the Briscoes double hiptossed Generico into the crowd, and Steen promptly POWERBOMBED Mark into the crowd. Wild stuff. Finish saw Mark dispose of Steen with a doublestomp through the ringside table and come back in for a spike Jay Driller.

The PPV had a bit of everything- brawling, hitting, technical wrestling. It was a great showcase of ROH.

They announced the return to Chicago on September 15th. I was hoping for Glory By Honor VI but we get the 3rd PPV taping instead! I'll take it.


Lacey & Rain w/ Jimmy Jacobs defeat MsChif and Daizee Haze.

Goood tag match. MsChif's banshee screams were over huge in my section. The Wrecking Crew won it with a double team Unprettier.

Nigel McGuiness defeats Chris Hero

Fun match to start with Sweeney anc Co.'s antics. Got going into a really good match. Hero hit a few of his big moves (including a rolling cravate [Hero's Welcome???]which looked nasty) but Nigel kicked out. Eventually, Claudio came down and chased out SnS Inc. Nigel wins after a Tower of London. Great match, and did a nice job continuing the Claudio feud. I would love to see Claudio and Nigel vs Hero and Sydal. Anyone else thing Sweet N Sour Inc is the new Embassy with all their money and high living?

Adam Pearce comes and says he no longer considers Chicago home. Big pop. Repo man chants. He then asks for a chump. And Morishima's music hits!!

Morishima squashes Pearce!

Pearce got in a lot more offense, including a big suplex and a leg drop off the top. 'Shima hit the moves he missed against Rave like the Bonzai drop and hit the Back Drop Driva for the win. He then gives Hagadorn another and pins him, too. Looking back, this was a perfect spot for Aries, but it's understandable why he didn't actually compete tonight. Morishima still looking good.

KENTA defeats Bryan Danielson

Awesome match. I'll admit I never saw the first one at GBHVn2, but this was spectacular. Lots of back and forth action with lots of submissions counters. Nasty spot saw Dragon belly to belly suplex KENTA to the floor off the apron, and Dragon started to clutch his shoulder. They then went into an amazing sequence which saw KENTA try to sunset flip Dragon off the rope, slip and stretch over the rope, recover, pick Dragon up and powerbomb him into the opposite corner. Awesome spot, and it made up for the slip. Finish saw an exchange of finishers, and Dragon hit GTS at one point. Excellent match.

Great show, great PPV. Aries back is the best news as now maybe the Resilience can win one. Thanks ROH as they deliver as always! Definitely a show to pick up on DVD. thanks for reading.

Austin Aries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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KENTA vs. Dragon е бил страхотен!Не знам дали е възможно да е по-добър от този на GBH,но наистина нямам търпение да гледам мача,а и цялото шоу.Определено тази година ROH продължава да рулира и да не ни оставя да скучаем!!!И естествено Mori продължава да размазва почти всеки от ростера!!!

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