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Интервю с Голдбърг


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Bill Goldberg joined the show about 30 minutes into the broadcast. Here are some highlights:

Bill said there is a good chance his show Bull Run will be picked up for a second season. Bill talked a bit more about the show.

Bill said despite his time in WWE being a crappie experience, his time with WCW still helps him keep a good taste in his mouth when he thinks about his time in the ring. Bill said he misses being a "super hero" type character that kids could look up to.

Bill said he has spoken recently with Brock Lesnar and he is a big fan of him despite having some past differences. Bill thinks Brock is capable of taking down anyone in the MMA world.

Bill said he had become good friends with The Rock because of their football experiences.

Bill got involved in MMA as a fan by attending many of the original UFC events. Bill said he tried to pattern his wrestling career with an MMA style to go along with his football credentials. Bill is now an MMA announcer. Bill says he realizes he is not the greatest announcer ever but he feels he brings a colorful side to the broadcast with a fresh perspective.

Goldberg said Dana White (UFC owner) reminds him a lot of Vince McMahon. The Carnage hosts joke that UFC is becoming the WWE of MMA.

Goldberg put over Elite XC's first event and feels their new talent signings, coupled with Showtime's strong production make a product with a lot of potential.

Bill talked briefly about his movies, Bill was asked which of all of his projects he is enjoying the most and he narrowed it down to his TV show and MMA commentary.

Bill recently became the proud owner of two chickens. Bill also owns a horse, 4 dogs, 2 cats, plus a few snakes and coyotes that frequent his property. Bill also went into detail on some of his favorite cars before the interview concluded.

Ето един човек,който знае перспективите на Брок в ММА,не като някои други........ :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Вчера го четох това интервю в PWInsider. Като цяло нищо особено или поне recap-ът е доста кратък.

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