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MMA: Дебюта на Леснар е под въпрос

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According to a report, Brock Lesnar's MMA debut may have to wait. Originally scheduled to headline the K-1/Elite XC combined "Dynamite! USA" show promoted by FEG, the fight seems to be off.

Lesnar's scheduled opponent, Korean kickboxer Hong-Man Choi was denied his fighter license for the proposed June 2nd bout at the L.A. Coliseum. No official reason was reported.

So what happens now? Well, the promotion will likely try and go back to the commission and get the match back on the card. If they can't, it seems a little late to find any replacement, let alone a "suitable replacement" for the former WWE wrestling star.

If that wasn't bad enough, the entire card is in jeopardy as well. According to TheFightNetwork.com, there are a number of legal problems which could prevent the show from happening at all.

Mike Kogan, promoter from FEG USA, laughs off such concerns. Kogan responded to the website article by stating, "I know they have to get people to hit their website, but to me, that is insulting because I'm a professional promoter. Does the commission have certain things it wants from us? Yes. Have we been filing things with the commission? Yes. Will we be licensed? Yes."

Ten days to go, we'll see.

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Koreeca e visok okolo 2,20 i e mnogo silen-po4ti niama zagubi-Brock puk nameri sreshtu koi da debiutira.Ako e kikbox ma4a -obhvata na Hong-Man Choi e ogromen i makar i baven,udria mnoigo silno.Ako sa razresheni hvurliania i kliu4ove,Brock ima malko po golemi shansove-poneje Hong-Man Choi ako padne trudno shte stane s tova tialo,oba4e toi e shampion v koreiskata nacionalna borba podobna na sumo,ta i v borbata ima opit.

p.s. Mnogo stranen izbor za purvi oponent-menidjurite mu idioti li sa??


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Като евентуални заместници на Hong-Man Choi се спрягат Tank Abbott, Ruben Villareal, Butterbean и James Thompson. От тези имена най-много бих искал да видя Tank vs. Lesnar, което е далеч по-добър draw от колко Hong-Man Choi vs. Lesnar.

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