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The Island of Misfit Shows: nWo Souled Out (1997)


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Eto edno show na WCW predstaveno ot Louis Izzo.

- Yes, way back in the prime run of the New World Order, someone, obviously that being Eric Bischoff, had a wonderful idea to book an entire PPV around the nWo, featuring Pro-nWo signs, referees, fans, commentary, and anti-everything about the WCW guys. Interesting, no? Well, this is WCW after all, so we’ll see how everything turns out… but first, for those who forgot, and judging by WCW (it sucks, you know), the members of the New World Order at the time were Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx, Buff Bagwell, Ted Dibiase, Vincent, Michael WallStreet, Eric Bischoff, Elizabeth, Big Bubba Rogers, and I think Scott Norton.

- Live from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, it’s nWo Souled Out! Commentary is handled by the New World Order’s Eric Bischoff and Ted Dibiase. Bischoff always sucked at this job, but Dibiase is competent enough to carry him, says I.

[Note: All the “nWo Beauty Contest” segments are not included with these matches to download, so that saves me about 15-additional minutes of torture.]

- Chris Jericho vs. Masahiro Chono:

I forgot all about Chono… he joined a month before this show, but I think he went back to Japan as part of “nWo Japan” soon after. Nick Patrick is the referee for all matches, since he’s nWo for life now, too. From somewhere North of the Border is Chris Jericho, according to the New World Order announcer of the P.A. system. Chono is the 1st International member of the New World Order. To show his fairness, Patrick has an New World Order shirt and cap on for all matches. Lockup to start, and no one gets a clear advantage. Jericho is told not to pull hair, after a phantom hair pull. Jericho with a side headlock, hammerlock, headlock. Irish whip, and a shoulder block doesn’t budge Chono. Chono boots Jericho in the midsection and dumps him out of the ring. We see Harlem Heat and Sista’ Sherri enter through the crowd, and here comes the Faces of Fear, Brian Knobbs, Arn Anderson, Mongo, and Debra. Test-of-strength in the middle of the ring, and Jericho has an advantage. Chono with boots to the mid-section to take over, as Bischoff kinda’ takes shots at WWF for papering their crowds (see: Royal Rumble the week before, with over 20,000 tickets handed out to fill the Astrodome). Chono heads to the top rope, and comes off with a diving shoulder tackle. Jericho comes back with a snap suplex, followed by a spinning heel kick. Springboard pescado by Jericho onto Chono outside the ring. Jericho with a jump-back-reverse-side-kick ™-Eric Bischoff; but rams himself in the ring post, and Chono takes control. Back into the ring, and Chono doesn’t do much. Irish whip, and a shoulder block doesn’t do anything… again. Chono takes the knee out from under Jericho in a fake-out for a shoulder block attempt. “USA” Chant, pissing off… uh… who? Jericho’s Canadian and Chono’s Japanese. I guess it’s for Nick Patrick. Jericho with an enziguri out of nowhere. Jump-back-leg-round-kick sayeth Bischoff, more-so in a joking fashion it seems. Chono blocks a boot to the midsection and takes Jericho down with a dragon screw. Chono works the ankle and goes for the STF, but Jericho fights it off. Lots more nothing going on. Irish whip is reversed, and Jericho comes off the ropes with a diving back elbow. Jericho with a German suplex, but Patrick takes his sweet ass time to count two… and Bischoff calls it a fast count, of course. Jericho with a clothesline, and another some-what slow count, but faster than the last. Chono applies a sleeper hold and drops him down in a reverse DDT type move. Chono heads to the top rope, and we get an ugly spot where Jericho “catches” him and hammers away. Irish whip is reversed, and Chono with an inverted atomic drop. Chono brings out a sucky table from under the ring. Chono heads to the ring apron and teases a suplex. Jericho blocks and brings Chono back in the ring with his own suplex. Jericho to the top rope, and the missile dropkick connects. Jericho slowsly crawls over for a two count, as Chono gets his foot on the ropes. Fisherman suplex by Jericho, followed by the Lionsault. Jericho sells a knee problem on impact, but manages to cover for two again. Jericho to the top again, but Chono fights him off. Chono pushes him off, and Jericho goes through the table set up at ringside. He’s Hardcore! He’s Hardcore! Back in the ring, and Chono is measuring him up. Chono with a big boot, and he covers for the three count at 11:10. Not too good of a match. Jericho was only allowed his signature spots here and there, and Chono had it in neutral. Not the best way to open a show at all. (*1/2)

- Mexican Death Match:

Hugh Morrus (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Big Bubba Rogers:

… No, I’m not joking. But before anyone forgets, Big Bubba broke away from the Dungeon of Doom to join the New World Order… yes, the Dungeon of Doom was still around, too. No idea on the Mexican Death Match stipulations. I noticed that none of the WCW guys have entrance music. Big Bubba is pretty forgiving… he was the first man to get his ass kicked once the New World Order was officially formed (Hogan/Nash/Hall) the night after Bash at the Beach ‘96. Lockup into the corners, and Bubba gives a clean break. Lockup, and Morrus throws down Bubba. Repeat. Bubba charges, and gets floored with a clothesline. They head outside the ring, where Bubba gets to eat some steel steps. Back in the ring, as Patrick threatens to DQ Morrus. Bubba goes low… then again. Jimmy Hart yells at Patrick as Bubba remains in control. Morrus comes back and clotheslines Bubba over and out of the ring. That would be a DQ in the old WCW. Jimmy Hart gets some cheap shots in for the hell of things. Back in the ring, and Morrus whips Bubba to the corner. Bubba removes a well-placed chain from a turnbuckle, and nails Morrus in the face. Bubba continues using the chain, swinging and missing more times than Adam Dunn. Morrus uses the chain now, and gets warned again. Morrus heads UP TOP, and the No Laughing Matter connects. Nick Patrick with the longest 10-count in the history of wrestling. Unless you count Shawn Michaels in the WrestleMania XII Iron-Man Match. Bubba gets back up and nails Morrus from behind. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Morrus with an avalanche. Morrus with a clothesline, and another slow count. Morrus grabs something undefinable and hammers away on Bubba with it. Bubba pokes the eyes and hammers away on Morrus. Irish whip, and Bubba with a lunging clothesline, followed by more punching. Morrus makes it back to his feet, and Bubba pounds away. Morrus with a BLATANT low blow, then dumps Bubba out of the ring. They head up the ramp… slam by Morrus, and he goes up the steps, missing an UGLY moonsault. Points for spot attempt, negative points for the execution. Bubba steals a motorcycle from ringside and attempts to run Morrus over… and he does! Well, Morrus kinda jumps to the side pretending he got hit, but oh well. Bubba rushes back in the ring, and Morrus is counted-out at 9:03. Well, that sure wasn’t a good match. Morrus kinda’ tried to carry the match, but Big Bubba was a waste of roster space at this point of his career, and it was just a mess to try and keep up with. Points for the “inventive” finish, but that’s all. (3/4*)

- Jeff Jarrett vs. Michael Wallstreet:

Bischoff makes fun of Jarrett’s ring attire before the match. For those who forgot, Wallstreet, along with others like Bubba, joined the New World Order during their membership drive in December of ’96, where anyone that wanted to become a member could, as long as they did it before December 30th. Wallstreet ditched his singlet with dollar signs for a pair of jeans and New World Order t-shirt. Lockup into the corner, and Wallstreet with a cheap shot. Dibiase makes reference to a past with Rotundo… I mean Wallstreet. Lockup #2, and Jarrett tries for a cheap shot, but Patrick prevents it. Jarrett with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder block. Criss-cross, and Jarrett with as hip toss. Jarrett with a back elbow in the corner, then comes off the top rope for a cross body press and a slow two count. Wallstreet with a school boy for a slightly quicker two count. Wallstreet with a knee to the midsection. Irish whip, and Jarrett slams Wallstreet face-first into the canvas. Jarrett chokes Wallstreet across the middle rope. Bischoff claims Scott Hall “invented” the Ladder Match. I understand hyping your guy up and twisting facts, but that’s MAJOR twisting. It’s bad enough when Shawn Michaels claims to have done it. Anyway, Wallstreet clotheslines Jarrett out of the ring and rams him into the apron. Wallstreet drops Jarrett across the security railing as we constantly see McMichael and Debra sitting in the crowd. Jarrett comes back momentarily, but gets whipped into the rail, and lands on the other side. Back in the ring, and Wallstreet catches Jarrett in a sleeper hold. Here comes Debra and McMichael, inching closer to the ring, as Jarrett gets in his own version of a Sleeper. Patrick claims it’s a choke, and forces a break. Irish whip, and Rotundo boots Jarrett in the face. Wallstreet with an elbow drop, but Jarrett is near the ropes. Reverse chinlock applied! More focus on Mongo, the man who makes Paul Roma look like a good choice for a Horsemen member. Okay, I’m kidding. At least Mongo got over. Wallstreet cheats, of course, as this chinlock spot bores me to death. Jarrett with a series of elbows to the midsection, followed by roundhouse rights. Irish whip, and Jarrett with an inverted atomic drop. Jarrett with a snap suplex, then comes off the middle turnbuckle, missing a fist drop, Weird camera angle in the corner, I might add. Wallstreet punches more. Irish whip, and Jarrett with a boot to the chest. Jarrett with a series of elbows, and applies the Figure-Four, but Patrick drags Wallstreet to the ropes to break the hold. Mongo continues to play games at ringside. Irish whip, and Jarrett applies an abdominal stretch. CHEATING TOO! Wallstreet counters and cheats, and here’s Mongo… WHACK! Rotundo gets nailed, and Jarrett covers for the fast three count at 9:24 as Mongo threatens the referee. WCW breaks the shut-out, and now it’s 2-1 in favor of the New World Order. Minor “Mongo” chant, by the way. Not too good of a match. Just boring, and way out of place for what wrestling was becoming. Rotundo was seen less and less in WCW after this until entering (Semi) retirement. (*)

- “American Male Loser” Scotty Riggs vs. Buff Bagwell:

Yes, that’s how Riggs was introduced. Once again for those who forgot, Bagwell turned on Riggs to join the New World Order, breaking up the American Males, and forcing us to never listen to their theme music again. Oh well, at least the fans won out on the latter. Riggs talks smack to the camera, and actually says “smack.” He looks more like a nerd than some “cool” dude. Buff is certainly high on the list of people that should know their place in wrestling history. A low-card scrub used to pad out a heel stable. Riggs attacks from behind and hammers away. Bagwell runs out of the ring ater a few clotheslines. Riggs’ red tights, along with Hugh Morrus’ tank top, are the only pieces of real color on the entire show. Everything else is black and white. Back in the ring, and Bagwell with a boot to the midsection, followed by rights. Bagwell applies a side headlock, followed by a shoulder block. Criss-cross sequence, and Riggs with a dropkick, followed by choking and punches. Bagwell takes control in the corner and does nothing of interest. Whip into the corner is reversed, and Riggs with a belly-to-belly suplex. Buff with some slaps, proving the point further that only women slap. Riggs with a shoulder block, followed by a hip toss to send Bagwell over the top rope and to the floor. Riggs with a pescado to follow up, and the match is all downhill from here, I guess. More goofy camera work as Riggs gets whipped into the security rail. Buff hammers away and rams Riggs onto the apron. Riggs drops Buff throat first across the ropes, then comes off the top rope with an axehandle for a two count. Riggs tries for a suplex, but Buff blocks and suplexes Riggs across the top rope. Buff nails Riggs off the apron, into the security rail, then poses in the middle of the ring. The P.A. system guy says “loser” as we see Riggs crawling back into the ring. Back in the ring, and Buff stomps away. Buff chokes Riggs across the middle rope, then rams Riggs into the buckle. Riggs with a brief comeback, but Buff blows a back breaker, as it almost turned into a knee to the crotch. Bagwell with a series of elbows for a two count. Riggs rams his ass into Bagwell, a nightly practice when they were teammates, but gets booted again. Buff with a powerbomb and covers for a two count. Another “loser” is shouted out from the P.A. system. Irish whip, and Riggs with a sunset flip (after some mooning), but the referee won’t count. Buff with a clothesline and punches. Mounted (…) chinlock by Buff. They obviously are setting up an Electric Chair Drop… but Buff instead rams his ass on Riggs’ head. The homoerotic overtones are over-whelming for this match. Buff remains in control, boring me to sleep and watch Married… with Children at the same time. ANOTHER CHINLOCK! Bischoff must be bored, because he randomly starts remarking about the Rocky movies. Ugly electric chair drop by Riggs, dropping Buff a little too much on his neck. Buff with a suplex attempt, but Riggs counters with a sucky cradle for a two count. Riggs ducks a clothesline and connects with an atomic drop, followed by an enziguri. Whip into the corner, and Riggs boots Buff twice. Riggs connects with a Tornado DDT, but he wastes too much time standing around doing nothing. Riggs with a series of dropkicks. Irish whip is reversed, and Buff wins a double cross body press for a two count. Riggs with a back slide for a two count. Riggs with a sloppy powerbomb, but that move stinks when you’re only 4’7”. Riggs sets Buff on the top turnbuckle, but Buff fights him off, and the Block Buster connects for the three count at 13:49. Apparently, that was the debut of the move, at least as Buff’s finisher. Way too long for a couple of midcard jokers. This match could’ve done the same thing with half the time, if you cut out the 5-6 rest periods from Bagwell. (*)

- Diamond Dallas Page vs. Scott Norton:

Please God, end this midcard hell! To be fair, DDP was getting pushed already as a possible threat to stopping the New World Order, but Norton was on-and-off appearing in WCW because of working overseas with New Japan Pro Wrestling as well. Norton was one of the last men to join the New World Order at this point. Lockup, and Norton shoves DDP back into the corner. DDP takes a buff from his cigar, and gets shoved down again. “Loser!” DDP with a side headlock applied, and Norton sends him out of the ring with a shoulder block. Norton with a wristlock applied, and DDP counters into one of his own. Norton pulls the hair to escape. DDP with a bitch slap and poke to the eyes, followed by a side headlock takeover. Irish whip to escape, and DDT takes Norton down with a DDP… wait, reverse that. That only gets a one count, though. Norton with chops in the corner. Whip into the corner is reversed, and DDP connects with a front-drop piledriver… or whatever. I couldn’t call it. Norton comes back with a jaw breaker, and floors DDP with a clothesline. The crowd goes nuts, so someone is coming out I guess. In the crowd… it’s Sting! Norton with a shoulder breaker, and DDP rolls out of the ring. Norton follows out and whips DDP into the security rail, then the ring post. DDP tries fighting back, but gets thrown into the ring steps for his trouble. “Loser!” Back in the ring, and Norton remains in control as Bischoff talks about Norton being a door man at some bar in Minneapolis back in the day. DDP with a spinning clothesline, but Norton is up first. Irish whip, and DDP with a crucifix into a sunset flip, but Norton blocks. Norton tries a butt squash, but misses, and DDP sweeps the leg from under him. DDP hammers away as we get a horrible camera angle. DDP to the top rope, and a clothesline connects for a two count. Irish whip is reversed, and DDP with another DDT. Suddenly, Buff Bagwell comes out, along with Bubba, Rotundo, and Vincent, the scrubs of the nWo. It’s a distraction attempt! They want him as a member, you know. DDP gets on the mic’, and accepts their offer?! Wait, never mind, DDP nails the Diamond Cutter on Norton! DDP nails Vincent and Buff, then runs through the crowd. Apparently, he’s counted-out at around the 9:30 mark. Cool moment for DDP turning down the New World Order, but the match was nothing special. I’m starting to notice a trend. (*1/2)

- Tag Team Championship Match:

The Outsiders © vs. The Steiner Brothers:

(Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Rick & Scott Steiner)

To my surprise, there’s actually a Main Event caliber match on this show, after sitting through suck-fests featuring Big Bubba, Scotty Riggs, and Jeff Jarrett. The Outsiders won the titles at, I believe, Halloween Havoc ’96, and did nothing with the belts since. They also are the first to use the traditional nWo theme music, as everyone before this used their original theme songs, with random “New World Order” shouts throughout it. Scott and Hall start the match with a lockup. This goes into the corner, and Scott gives a clean break. Toothpick toss by Hall, and I’m not sure you want to piss off Scott Steiner. Hall with a wristlock, and some working over of the shoulder. Scott escapes with a firemans carry takeover, and applies an armbar. Hall with a series of knees to the midsection, and applies an abdominal stretch. Scott applies his version of the hold, and caps it off with a pump-handle slam. Irish whip, and Scott with an over-head belly-to-belly suplex. Nash runs in, and Rick plants him with a DDT. The New World Order is cleared from the ring, with the Steiners mounting each other. Back in the ring, and it’s Rick vs. Hall. Hall with a boot to the midsection and rights in the corner. Rick turns things around and unloads with some rights of his own. Rick with a big scoop slam and elbow drop. Rick to the middile turnbuckle, but he jumps into the arms of Hall, and is thrown down with a fall-away slam for a two count. Hall applies an armbar, and does some bitch slapping. Rick punches free, and Scott tags back in. Irish whip is reversed, and Hall plants Steiner with a chokeslam. Nash tags in for the first time, and drives Scott down to the canvas. Nash with his signature knees in the corner, followed by elbows to the side of the head. Whip into the corner, and Nash with a charging clothesline. Whip across the ring, and this time Scott comes back with a boot to the face and a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Rick tags in, and applies a bearhug for 1.2 seconds. Nash with a series of forearms and rights. Rick fights back with his own roundhouse rights, knocking Nash on his boney ass. Irish whip, and Rick with a powerslam for a two count. Nash ducks a clothesline, and Hall nails Rick from the apron. Nash with a big boot, sending Steiner out of the ring. Hall is on the floor to greet him with a clothesline. Back in the ring, and Nash covers (with added leverage) for a two count. Hall controls, punching and choking for the most part. Irish whip, and Hall with a stiff clothesline. Nash tags back in, and rolls snake eyes, and Hall follows up with a clothesline from the apron. Nash hammers on Rick, and plants him with a slam. Nash misses an elbow drop, but Rick is too hurt to make it to his corner yet. Hall tags back in, and pounds away on Rick in the corner. Rick crawls to his corner, but Hall teases Scott into the ring to distract the referee, which could’ve been done easier, also. Hall with a side suplex, and Nash tags back in for one of his own, more devastating version, for a two count. Nash chokes Rick across the middle rope, as does Hall, and Nash with a splash across the back of Rick. Scott has enough, and comes around the ring to nail Hall and yell at a fan. I think he dropped the F-Bomb, but I can’t tell 100%. Back in the ring, and Nash drops Rick with a short-arm clothesline. Rick with a LOW BLOW to Nash! Scott and Scott both tag in, and the Steiner version nails everything walking. Scott with a double under hook suplex to Hall. Irish whip is reversed, and Scott with a release German suplex to Nash. Everyone’s in the ring, until Rick clotheslines Nash over and out. Nash manages to block a top rope finisher attempt, and Hall plants Scott with the Outsider’s Edge. The referee is knocked out, though. Rick heads to the top rope, and nails a bulldog on Hall! Scott rolls on top, and here’s Randy Anderson, WCW Referee, to make the three count at 16:40 and we have NEW Tag Team Champions! Awesome finish, but too bad the decision was over-turned on the next episode of Monday Nitro because Anderson wasn’t a sanctioned referee. I don’t know if this was the same time where Bischoff made him beg for his job, but oh well. Decent match, but nothing spectacular. (*1/2)

- United States Championship; Ladder Match:

Eddie Guerrero © vs. Syxx:

This has a chance to be good, but will it be good enough to save this show from the crapper? Eddie’s introduced as “The Mexican Jumping Bean.” Syxx is our “old friend” from WWF, the 1-2-3 Kid. The only logic behind giving him the name Syxx was that 1+2+3 = 6. Some people say it’s because Syxx was the “6th member”, but that’s probably just an excuse so they have a reason to call him “Syxx.” Eddie is the Champion, but Syxx has the belt. I think he might’ve stolen it, but no one would give him anything for it to pay for his drug habit. The title is suspended on a HOOK. Syxx quickly attacks Guerrero, and floors him with a heel kick. Syxx with rights and chops against the ropes. Irish whip, and they seem to have blown a spot. It looked like Syxx was going for a tilt-o-whirl for a counter, but Eddie sold a elbow… and yep, they repeat the spot for correction, and Eddie with a back breaker sends Syxx out of the ring. Eddie to the top rope, and he comes crashing down on Syxx with a plancha. Back in the ring, and Guerrero rams him into the buckle. Irish whip across the ring, and Guerrero runs into a knee. Guerrero stops Syxx from a top rope maneuver, but gets tossed off, and Syxx nails a Super Spinning Heel Kick. Syxx with more hammering away in the corner, and follows with a Bronco Buster. Syxx hammers away with rights. Irish whip, and Guerrero comes back with a dropkick, sending Syxx out of the ring again. Guerrero pulls Syxx back onto the apron, but gets nailed in the midsection, and Syxx takes him over with a suplex to the floor. Syxx heads back in the ring, and quickly comes back out with a senton plancha. Too bad the camera wasn’t paying much attention. Syxx goes for the ladder, but he looks too small to carry such a big ladder. Anyway, Syxx rams Eddie with it, squashing him between the ladder and ring apron. MORE GOOFY CAMERAS! Nick Patrick helps Syxx get the ladder in the ring, since he can’t do it himself. Guerrero plays tug-o-war with the ladder, and smacks it into the face of Syxx. Back into the ring, and Guerrero sling-shot stomps the chest of Syxx. Guerrero rams Syxx with the ladder a few times, then props it up against the turnbuckle. Guerrero with chops in the corner. Irish whip is reversed, and Guerrero goes crashing into the ladder. He nails it hard enough that he takes the ladder down on him as he goes down. Syxx places the ladder across the chest of Guerrero, and stomps away on it. Irish whip, and Syxx presses Guerrero into the air, landing on top of the ladder. Syxx with a suplex, then heads up the ladder in the corner. Guerrero climbs up the opposite side, but Syxx pushes him back off. Syxx heads to the top rope now, and Guerrero dropkicks the ladder back into Syxx’s face. Eddie heads to the top rope, and takes Syxx down with a super-plex! Guerrero sets the ladder up for his first climbing attempt, and Syxx goes up the other side. It’s a slugfest at the top, and Syxx with a dropkick sends both men flying back down to the canvas. Both men start climbing again, and it’s another slugfest. Syxx knocks Guerrero into the ropes, but Guerrero staggers backwards, knocking over the ladder and Syxx in the process. Guerrero does some slow crawling again, but Syxx grabs hold of his ankle. Guerrero kicks him off, and comes back down to work Syxx over. Guerrero starts climbing again, and Syxx comes up the other side. Both men grab the belt, and Eddie nails Syxx with it to claim possession of the belt at 13:47. Well, that was certainly a different ending for a ladder match. Some nice spots after the first half of the match spent no attention to the ladder stipulations, but overall, not at the caliber of some other ladder matches that WWF was doing around this time frame. (***)

- nWo World Championship Match:

Hollywood Hogan © (w/ Members of the Dallas Cowboys & Vincent) vs. The Giant:

The Giant is a foot-note in New World Order history, being the first man to be kicked out of the group. He also ended up being the first man to be kicked out, then allowed to rejoin, so his history is always a fucked up one. This is the final match of the card, Thank God. I can’t stand to watch any more New World Order stuff. The Giant easily gets the most unflattering introduction of all of the WCW wrestlers on this show. Hogan cuts a whacked out, cracked out “promo” over the P.A. system before his entrance. Of course, he gets the grandest entrance of them all… well, by 1997 standards, that is. No Voodoo Child yet for Hogan. I think Hogan’s entrance is longer than the actual match. Nate Newton, George Teague, Ray Donaldson, and I think I see someone else who goes unnamed, are with Hogan for whatever reason. Hogan throws the first punch and rakes the eyes. Giant comes back with some nasty chops, forcing Hogan to run outside the ring for a breather and chasing. Hogan nails Giant coming back into the ring and hammers away with rights. Hogan with a series of boots to the midsection, and more roundhouse rights. Irish whip is reversed, and Hogan with a diving clothesline takes down the Giant. The Giant pops back up, though, and kicks away at Hogan. Giant rams Hogan into the buckles and dumps him out of the ring as weakly as you possibly can. Hogan fights back with an eye rake, but the Giant fights off the attack of Hogan and some black guy. Was that Vincent or a Dallas Cowboy? Back in the ring, and Hogan remains in control. Giant no-sells now, and they blow a slam attempt. Hogan, to his credit, tries to make it look like he’s going for a small package, as the Giant powers him off the ground for a slam. The Giant with a GIANT elbow drop! No mas! Hogan rolls back out of the ring for another Road Runner imitation, but this time Hogan throws powder in the face of the Giant to take control. Giant selling a BACK RAKE is pathetic. Hogan chokes the Giant, nd gets away with it very much. The Giant continues to no-sell and rams Hogan into the canvas. Bischoff and Dibiase verbally blow Hogan all match, of course. Irish whip, and the Giant connects with a back breaker. Snap him like a Slim Jim! Wait, wrong old fart that was turfed from the WWF. The Giant heads to the top rope (seriously), and misses an elbow drop. Hogan slowly covers for a two count. CHINLOCK! Hogan really busting out the wrestling for this match. Irish whip, and Hogan with the BIG FOOT! Giant won’t go down, though. Hogan with an eye rake, and the Giant clearly assists Hogan for a slam. Hogan drops the big leg, but the Giant pops right back up. GOOZLE!... eventually, and the Chokeslam connects! Nice to see Hogan fucked this one up, too (see Judgment Day 2002). Patrick counts two, the claims Hogan kicked out at two. Then again. It’s obvious Hogan isn’t getting up. The Giant goes after Patrick and plants him with a Chokeslam! Buff runs into the ring, and he gets greeted with a Chokeslam. Bischoff has a guitar, and hands it off to Hogan. Giant chokeslams Vincent. Chokeslam to Mike Rotundo. Chokeslam to Big Bubba. Hogan plays El Kabong on the Giant, and it won’t break! Dust comes flying out, as it finally explodes after 5 hits. No bell is called for, so call it a No Contest at 10:00. Hogan does the spray paint job as the crowd quite loudly chants “We Want Sting.” At least Giant doesn’t have to lay around like at Hog Wild, where he laid around for 10 MINUTES after being hit with a belt. What a way to end the PPV, but it’s the New World Order, so it was expected. The New World Order Love-Fest continues as Hogan talks smack to the camera and the crowd chants for Sting. No save is made, despite 40 WCW guys being around the arena. (DUD)

The 411: The most interesting show I can think of. The idea of putting on an entire PPV, with a $30 price tag, centered around the New World Order was certainly a decision that required a lot of balls. Although it ended up being a MAJOR flop, the idea was just… wow. An entire card based on WCW vs. nWo matches, a New World Order self-loving set, commentary team, ring announcer, and referee, and just an overall unusual feel to the show. Most of the matches sucked ass, and only one match was worthy enough of being called a good one. I guess I would say everyone should watch it once just to see how different the show was presented, but never watch it again, because the matches sucked.

Final Score: 5.0 [ Not So Good ] legend


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Това ППВ си беше много добро. В сравнение с днешните бози пък е направо фантастично. :cool2:

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