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UFC: Българин на UFN 10

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Jordan Radev (0-0 UFC), a UFC newcomer will make his debut at the event against Drew McFedries (1-1 UFC). Radev has an impressive 11-1 MMA record coming into the event while Drew McFedries most recently fell to UFC 72 headliner Martin Kampmann at UFC 68. Both fighters will be looking to prove themselves in the bout as Radev is completely unknown to UFC fans while McFedries has just a 5-2 MMA record and will be looking to add to the win column

Nice :clap: . Пожелавам му успех и дано го видим пак в UFC.

Jordan Radev on sherdog.com


Eто го и card-a за момента

Date: June 12th

Location: Hard Rock Hotel - Hollywood, Flordia

Main Card

Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout

Jon Fitch vs. Roan Carneiro

Drew McFedries vs. Jordan Radev

Under Card

Jason Black vs. Thiago Tavares

Forrest Petz vs. Luigi Fioravanti

Pete Spratt vs. Tamdan McCrory

Gleison Tibau vs. Jeff Cox

Chad Reiner vs. Anthony Johnson

Nate Mohr vs. Luke Caudillo

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Наистина новината е страхотна и нямам търпение да видя дали Данчо Радев ще успее да се справи с противника си който е от e от MMA школата на Милетич,а доколкото знам това е най-голямата подобна.Дано нашото момче да се представи подобаващо като мисля,че има вероятност ако победи да го видим в Ultimate Fighter 6.

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Яко наистина,добре е да навлезем и в атя сцена,защото българите са добри бойци по принцип,надявам се да има успехи :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Браво, мисля че сме достойни да имаме представител в UFC :)


[color="red"][size=18][center][size=7][b][font="Impact"][color="#ffa500"]Flair[/color] [color="#0000ff"]is[/color] dead [color="#000000"]![/color][/font][/b][/size]

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UFC round-by-round coverage from Hollywood, FL

by Dave Meltzer and Alex marvez

Thanks to Alex Marvez for prelim match coverage:

Luke Caudillo vs. Nate Mohr

Good 1st round ... Luke leveled nate w/a punch but didn't folo up ... Round 1 ended . Round was all standup ... Luke's mouth is bloody ... Another busy standup round 2 ... Split rounds so far (nate wins second) ... Very close 3rd round ... Nate wins unan dec 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

Chad Reiner vs. Anthony Johnson

Chad got ko'd in :13 seconds after 2 left hooks ...

Tamdan McCrory vs. Pete "I always get tapped on the ground" Spratt

Tamdan should have won in the first minute with a choke but lost it ... Spratt took control from the top while tamdan stayed on his back ... Spratt got caught in an armbar but power bombed his way out ... Tamdan got stood up w/30 seconds left in the round ... Guys brawled to end an exciting first round that would go to spratt ... Spratt took tamdan down to start tje second rnd and was the aggressor ... Ref stood them up, spratt took him down again but got caught in a triangle choke and tapped in 2:04 of the 2nd rnd:

P.s. Anthony johnson lost 23 pounds in the days leading into the fight ... He's a very good promo as well ...

Gleison Tibau vs. Jeff Cox

Tibau reversed a Cox takedown and got the submission with an arm triangle choke in 1:52 of the first round.

Forrest Petz vs. Luigi Fiorvanti

worst fight of the night; crowd started chanting "boring" with 2:30 left in the third round; fight was all standup but only one major blow was scored. Forrest stunned Luigi with a punch at 1:30 in the second round, but Luigi ran and got out of trouble. Forrest bloodied luigi's ear at the end of round one and bloodied his mouth at 3:30 of the third round. final result was a 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 decision for Forrest.

Jordan Radev vs. Drew McFedries opens the PPV show.

McFedries caught him with a right uppercut that put him down and knocked him out after the first punch on the ground and it was stopped in 33 seconds.

Jon Fitch vs. Roan Carneiro is up next.

Carneiro won round one. He scored two takedowns against a top level wrestler and early on went for an Anaconda choke. Fitch has seemed flat so far.

Fitch came out strong in the second,connected with several punches, with a big left that put Carneiro down. Fitch got behind him, threw several punches to the side of the head and put him away with a choke.

Thiago Tavares vs. Jason Black is up next.

Tavares outgrappled Black and mostly beat him up from the mount, with some hard punches and elbows. Black's right eye was swelling badly. Easy round for Tavares.

Nice second round as Black was working for an armbar or Kimura from the top, but Tavares escaped, and then Tavares finished from the bottom with a triangle.

Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout in the the main event is up now.

One of the best rounds of the year. Both guys were just standing, trading and connecting with fists and feet. Fisher dominated early with a lot of strong punches. Stout came back and Fisher's right eye was bleeding badly. Very close round with both rocking the other in the last 20 seconds. I'd give the round very slightly to Fisher, but both are on the way to $30,000 best fight bonuses.

Fisher won the second round by constantly beating Stout to the punch, and also throwing kicks and knees. Stout got occasional punches in. Shawn Tompkins told Stout he was winning every exchange, but that's not exactly true. Fisher's face is busted open, with cuts over and under the right eye as well as on the left eye. I've got it 20-18 for Fisher.

Fisher dominated a tremendous third round. He dropped Stout to one knee with a punch and rocked him several times with hard punches. Crowd gave both men a standing ovation at the end of the round. I have it Fisher 30-27.

Straight 30-27 scores for Fisher. Fisher said he thought it was a draw. He shouldn't be judging his own fights.

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Много слабо представяне. Загуба за 33 секунди. Иначе в профила му гледам, че това е едва втората му загуба срещу 11 победи.

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Толкова за "добрите Български бойци" :lol:


Това е още един такъв оптимист. Срещу Фьодор което е по-интересно.

Ми нашия горкия си легна на четири крака, и оня му разби бъбреците. :lol:


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