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The Top Ten Upset Victories


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10) Ricky Steamboat upsets Ric Flair (Chi-Town Rumble '89)

When Ricky Steamboat became a challenger for Ric Flair's World Title, everybody knew how great an athlete Steamboat was, but nobody really gave him a chance in hell of beating the seemingly unbeatable Flair. These two had a terrific, classic match and at the end, Steamboat was able to counter Flair with a rollup and pick up the three count. The look on the faces on some of the members of the crowd told the story as they looked absolutely SHOCKED that Steamboat had just won the title. This was a great way to kick off an unforgettable feud as it automatically made Steamboat look like a legitimate champion.

9) Carlito upsets John Cena (Smackdown, 10/7/04)

For weeks, vignettes had been shown hyping up the debut of the newest Smackdown superstar, Carlito Caribbean Cool. Carlito finally made his debut on this edition of Smackdown and immediately became hated by the fans by interrupting and then challenging John Cena in his hometown of Boston for his United States Championship. After being punked out by Carlito earlier in the night, everybody looked for Cena to destroy Carlito to get some sort of retribution. Carlito surprised everybody by being able to go toe-to-toe with Da Champ and soon a match that was suppose to be a squash for Cena became a competitive one. Cena gained the advantage and it seemed that he was on his way to victory when Carlito was able to use Cena's own chain to crack Cena across the head with behind the ref's back and pick up the three count to become the new United States Champion. The look on the faces of the Boston crowd was that of absolute disbelief as they didn't believe what they had just saw. The seemingly unstoppable Cena had been beaten in his hometown to a newcomer and lost his title in the process. This was a fantastic debut for Carlito and instantly made him a credible superstar.

8) Shelton Benjamin upsets Triple H (Raw, 3/29/04)

When Shelton Benjamin got drafted to Raw from Smackdown, many people felt Shelton would get lost in the shuffle on Raw since he was mainly a tag team specialist as a part of The World's Greatest Tag Team with Charlie Hass. Shelton was attacked by HHH and Evolution during his first night on Raw and after receiving a pep talk from Stone Cold Steve Austin, he had all the confidence he needed to challenge The Game to a match. Shelton went head on with The Game and not only displayed some great wrestling ability, but also an aura of cockiness which completely threw HHH off. Triple H seemed to have momentum when Ric Flair came out to give him support at ringside, but that brought out Chris Benoit who came to give Benjamin some moral support. After an excellent match, HHH got distracted by Benoit on the outside which allowed Benjamin to hit a Stinger Splash in the corner and rollup Trips for a three count. It was a monumental upset at the time and it turned Benjamin from a tag team wrestler to an upper-card wrestler in an instant.

7) Iron Sheik upsets Bob Backlund (MSG, 12/26/83)

Bob Backlund had held the WWE Championship for over five years and had survived every challenger that had every come across him. It seemed as though Backlund was unbeatable and when he faced off against The Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden on the day after Christmas, nobody thought that would be the day that Backlund's historic reign would end. These two had a grueling match and The Sheik was able to lock in his patented Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring and it seemed like it was over for Mr. Backlund. The only problem was that Bob refused to quit despite the unbearable pain he must have been in and it took Backlund's manager, Arnold Skaaland, to throw in the towel for the match to finally end and be awarded to The Iron Sheik. The crowd was absolutely stunned as a hush fell over them as they couldn't believe that Backlund had just lost to the foreign enemy. Sheik's reign would be short-lived due to Hulkamania running wild, but this was his greatest victory and was a complete shock to fans at the time.

6) Jeff Hardy upsets Triple H (Smackdown, 4/12/01)

The Two Man Power Trip of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H were running wild over the WWE as Stone Cold was the WWE Champion and HHH had defeated Chris Jericho shortly after Wrestlemania 17 to become the new Intercontinental Champion. The Hardy Boyz along with Lita would take on The Power Trip and Stephanie McMahon on an episode of Raw and after the match, The Power Trip would assault Team Xtreme and take out both Matt and Lita. This enraged Jeff and he challenged HHH to a match for his Intercontinental Championship. HHH displayed his superiority for the majority of the match and it seemed like it was going to be a walk in the park for HHH. Soon, Jeff was able to fight his way back into the match and the fans started to firmly believe that Hardy might pull it off. Triple H started to dominate again to diminish those hopes until Matt Hardy ran down to ringside and cracked HHH with a chair behind the ref's back which allowed Jeff to hit Trips with a Swanton Bomb to win the Intercontinental Title. This was a major upset at the time and a great Smackdown moment.

5) Santino Marella upsets Umaga (Raw, 4/16/07)

Sure, this just happened a couple weeks ago but can you think of any upset in the last few years that was more surprising than this one? We've all seen the crowd plant thing before, but usually the crowd plant gets punked out or beat down. Who the hell would have expected Santino Marella to beat the seemingly indestructible Umaga? Santino needed the help of Bobby Lashley to pick up the victory, but it didn't take away from the fact that this was one of the most surprising victories in recent wrestling history. Long Live Santino Marella!!

4) Ron Simmons upsets Vader (WCW live event, 8/2/92)

Sting was scheduled to take on the WCW Champion, Vader, at this live event in Baltimore, Maryland but due to an injury, he had to forfeit his title shot. As a result, Bill Watts created a raffle to determine who would challenge Vader for the title and the winner was Ron Simmons. Simmons to that point had been mainly known as a tag team specialist as a member of Doom and has marginal success as a singles wrestler, so nobody really thought he had a chance at beating the monster named Vader. Simmons was able to defeat the beast and as a result, became the first black World Champion. This was an impromptu and historic upset victory that reinforced the fact that anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling.

3) David Arquette upsets Eric Bischoff (WCW Thunder, 4/25/00)

When you read that David Arquette beat Eric Bischoff, that doesn't seem like much of an upset seeing how neither man is exactly at the pinnacle of athleticism. What made this such a huge upset was that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, would have ever thought that David Arquette would win the WCW Championship. The match itself featured Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff against Diamond Dallas Page and David Arquette in a match where whoever scored the pinfall would be the WCW Champion. Arquette was able to gain the pinfall on Bischoff and subsequently cost his partner, DDP, his WCW Championship. This has become known as one of the biggest blunders in WCW history (which is saying a lot), but you can't deny that it was a truly shocking moment that nobody saw coming.

2) Mr. McMahon wins The Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble '99)

During the Austin/McMahon feud, Mr. McMahon tried to make it impossible for Stone Cold to regain the WWE Title and made sure that Austin was the #1 participant in The Royal Rumble to guarantee that he didn't win. Vince was even going to enter the Rumble himself (at a much higher number) to ensure that Austin didn't win. The only problem is that Vince's wife, Linda, and Shawn Michaels made it so that Vince was #2 in the Rumble and would have to square off against Austin at the beginning of the Rumble match. Everybody and their great-granny thought that Austin was going to beat the crap out of McMahon, eliminate him, and then go on to win the Rumble and march towards Wrestlemania. That wasn't the case, though, as Austin & McMahon fought around the arena and Austin was eventually assaulted by members of The Corporation and seemed to be out of the Rumble. Mr. McMahon came back out to ringside to gloat about Austin being taken out, but soon enough Austin made his way back to the arena to finish competing in the Rumble. Austin came back on a mission and seemed to be well on his way to winning his third consecutive Royal Rumble when suddenly The Rock sauntered down to ringside to taunt Austin. Austin made a swing at Rock which enabled Rock to grab his arm and Mr. McMahon snuck up behind Austin and dumped him over the top rope to win The Royal Rumble. The crowd was in absolute shock once this happened as absolutely nobody expected Vince to win the Rumble. A surprising moment indeed and a victory that will live forever in wrestling infamy.

1) The Kid upsets Razor Ramon (Raw, 5/17/93)

When The Kid arrived on the WWE scene in 1993, he was a jobber extraordinaire and would frequently be seen on the losing end of things. So when he faced off against rising star Razor Ramon on this episode of Raw, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Razor was going to be the winner. But then a funny thing happened. This match wasn't the squash that everybody expected it to be and The Kid was showing signs of brilliance that he had never showcased before. The match ended when The Kid was able to surprise Razor with a moonsault off the top rope and get the three count. Razor got up instantly and looked shocked and bewildered that he just lost to this jobber. The Kid went on to become the 1-2-3 Kid and it was great to see a jobber become a popular superstar in the matter of 3 seconds. That's what makes wrestling so special.

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Kum tezi iznenadi bih dobavil i edna ot 95-ta kogato jobber-a Barry Horowitz pobedi Scip (Chris Candido) koito togava imashe niakakuv midkarderski push.

Otdelno prez 94-ta Earthquake (John Tenta) pobedi ne drug a Yokozuna vuv Sumo match

Ina4e ot iznenadite na p.p.v-ta zaslujava da se spomenat pobedata na Jericho na Vengeance 2001(nikoi ne o4akvashe tova),eliminiraneto na Undertaker ot Maven na RR 2002,daje pobedata na Owen nad Bret si beshe iznenada pone za men.

A i vuv WCW kogato Kidman pobedi Hulk Hogan....


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За мен изненада си беше, когато в един мач The Hurricane (Gregory Helms) победи не друг, а The Rock. Ето какво пише в oww за този мач:

March 10, 2003 - RAW: Hurricane pulls a major upset victory over the Rock after Steve Austin came down and distracted the Rock..
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