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Интервю с Brock Lesnar


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Here are some highlights from Brock Lesnar's interview on Carnage:

Brock is down to his fighting weight of 270.

Brock said when he left WWE he had already beaten everyone including Triple H so he didn't have a problem jobbing on his way out.

Brock thinks leaving WWE was the best decision he could have made because he went out on top despite losing his last match.

Brock enjoys being home with his family and not on the road all of the time with WWE.

Brock has been doing extensive training however the rumors he trained with Royce Gracie are not true as the two have not yet had a chance to hookup.

Brock said he wanted to do an MMA match while working for WWE and at one point there was a plan for Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle to get involved with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

Brock talked about his time trying out for the NFL but said he wasn't willing to put the time into that type of commitment (by living in Europe) to play in lower level leagues.

Brock said he does not yet have an MMA ring name. He hopes to get his nickname after winning his first match.

Brock talks about a shoot with Kurt Angle "mopping the floor with him." Brock says if him and Kurt had a real shoot they probably would each win 5 out of 10. However Brock does go on to say there would be no shame in losing to Kurt and he always considered Kurt an excellent training partner.

Brock went on to talk about his training in wrestling, football and MMA and thanks them all individually.

Brock says he has a lot of high expectations for himself. Brock wants to be involved in MMA for a long time.

Brock is currently in K-1 but says he will fight wherever the business will help him.

Brock says he is still the IWGP champion because the "paper champion" that has the belt now has never beaten him.

Brock could not disclose whether he is allowed to work in the U.S. for another wrestling company.

Brock puts over Goldberg as a smart "Jewish tight ass."

Before concluding the interview, Brock told some road stories including a time he had car trouble with Dustin Runnels in NYC and of a WWE plane incident.

In closing, Brock hesitated in saying he doesn't see himself returning to WWE because he is enjoying the MMA world too much right now but he did imply his views could change in the future.

This was a great 20+ minute interview where Brock really spoke freely and we encourage everyone to check out the archive on AudioWrestling.com and CarnageTalk.com right now!

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Интересно четиво. Мисля, че Брок е отговорил сериозно на повечето въпроси, а не си е измислял разни глупости. Е, има няколко неща, които не са сериозни, но тях мисля, че ги е казал на майтап.

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