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Кой турнир...

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Кой от последните 6-7 турнира на BWC беше най-добър. Искам да знам това с наближаването на края на федерацията. Изключил съм "Apocalypse 2006", защото иначе става много лесно :P

Нека гласуването да започне сега!


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Еми най-ми хареса Blue Flame :P ME беше адски ;)

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Star ratings & класация

Thin Ice

Specter def. Jericho in a "No DQ" match to win the Cruiserweight Championship - ***1/2

Brad Allen def. G to win the European Championship - ***

Heidenreich, The Rock & Mindfreak def. Djihad, Borko & Remus - ***3/4

California def. Torex to win the Intercontinental Championship - ***

Wrestlinggod def. Toni - ***

Raven, Axl & The Druids def. BOD in a "Handicap match" when Raven pinned G to win the Tag Team Championship for himself & Axl - ***3/4

UNDERTAKER def. Ultramadd, Olimpic & Loop - ****1/2

Overall: 82/100


B.O.D def. The Aardwolves & Raven/Axl - ***1/2

Specter def. Rey Mysterio to become #1 conender for the Cruiserweight Championship - ***

Wrestlinggod def. The Rock, Borko & Toni - ***1/2

Remus def. Mindfreak - **3/4

California & Brad Allen def. Olimpic & Loop in a "Team split match" - ****

Djihad def. Heidenreich in a "Boiler room brawl" - ****

Ultramadd def. UNDERTAKER - ****3/4

Overall: 86/100


Wrestlinggod won a Battle royal to become the first ever International Champion - ***3/4

The Rock def. Borko - **3/4

Specter def. Rey Mysterio to win the Cruiserweight Championship - **

Torex def. Axl ***1/2

UNDERTAKER def. Radox ****3/4

The Aardwolves def. The Druids in a "Tables match" - ***

Ultramadd def. Phil Lions in a "Hell in a cell match" - *****

Overall: 83/100

Blue Flame

Wrestlinggod def. Crusher - ***3/4

Torex def. Remus by TKO - ****

G def. Specter in a "Superhero night city match" - **1/2

Rey Mysterio def. Jericho & BRM in an "Elimination match" - ***3/4

Borko def. The Rock - ***1/2

Ultramadd def. Heidenreich & Radox in an "Elimination match" - *****

Team "Dark empire" def. Team "BWC" in a "Survivor match" - (Survivor : Phil Lions) - *****

Overall: 95/100

No man's land

Jericho def. BRM, Dani, Mario, Charisma & John Cena in a a "Knockout match" - ***3/4

Torex def. Crazy Boby to win European Championship - *3/4

The Superheroes won a "Superhero night city invitational" - **1/2

The Rock def. Olimpic & Loop in a "Handicap match" - ***1/2

Toni def. Wrestlinggod - ***

Ultramadd def. Radox in a "Apocalypse #1 contendership match" - ****

"The Empire" def. "The Dark Flock" - ****3/4

Heidenreich def. Djihad - ****1/2

Overall: 86/100

The Chosen one

UltraMadd def. Djihad in a "TCO 1/2-final" - ***

Brad Allen def. Raven by DQ - ***

Loop def. Phil Lions in a "TCO 1/2-final" - ***

HEIDENREICH def. Shawn Michaels - ***1/2

UNDERTAKER* def. California in a "Casket" match - ***1/2

UltraMadd def. Loop in a "TCO final" to become "The Chosen One" for year 2006 - ***3/4

KANE, Radox & Olimpic won a World Championship match - *****

0verall: 85/100

1. Blue Flame

2. Chasm

3. No Man's Land

4. The Chosen One

5. Doom

6. Thin Ice

Като заключение наистина може да се каже, че Blue Flame бе най-якият евент от изброените :)

~ Най-якия мач от 6-те евента за мен е тройния на TCO.. може би най-добрия и драматичен в BWC!

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TCO!Просто страхотен турнир,а и там е любимия ми мач от както водиш Е-ФЕДА.И Radox моля те от сърце,не спирай да пишеш шоута :(

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Дори да оставим настрана сантименталния факт, че на "Blue Flame" беше дебютния ми PPV мач за е-федерацията, той пак си остава любимия ми турнир. Тогава имаше някои много добри истории и се водеха интересни мачове и вражди.


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Ми Blue Flame май беше най-добрият турнир.Но и другите също са на високо ниво

The Dragon is Here...
If Ya smellllll... What the Dragon...is Cookin'?!

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