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Can They Be Champ? 4.23.07: The Next Champs


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Eto edin hubav analiz na Mike Minotti za pretendentite za svetovnite titli na RAW,SMACKDAWN,ECW,TNA.Ne 4e kazva neshto tolkova senzacionno ,no napulno spodeliam mnenieto mu.

Who will be the next WWE Champion?

Likely Candidates: Edge, Shawn Michaels, Triple H

Cena has held the belt for the majority of the last two years, so whoever takes the belt off of him is going to have to be an established main eventer. They can't have guy who's never been a world champion before get his big break by beating Cena. They're simply not ready to put someone over Cena at this point. What's far more likely to happen is for someone to take the belt off of Cena (probably "unfairly") setting up a feud where Cena will have to win his belt back. Like exactly what happened the last two times he lost his belt.

So, who's going to have the honors? Well, Cena's current biggest feud is with Shawn Michaels. Now, they weren't willing to put Shawn over Cena at WrestleMania, but that doesn't mean Shawn can't win the belt off of him. Taking the championship at a smaller PPV may seem like less of a burial to the WWE than doing so at the company's biggest show of the year. Besides, a lot of the fans have been clamoring for it. If HBK comes out of this feud without getting a hold of the belt once, the fans will continue to turn on Cena. Even now, Cena is getting some of the worst heat he's had since One Night Stand. So let Shawn get the belt, have him hold it for awhile, then let Cena win it back at some overbooked gimmick match (Hell in the Cell maybe? It would play off of Shawn's history with that kind of match). That way everyone would be happy.

Of course, at this point, it seems far more likely that Cena is never going to drop the belt in the Michaels feud. In that case, he'll probably hold onto the belt until Summer. And guess who comes back this Summer? HHH. Upon returning from his injury, Trips is sure to get some huge pops. His character's popularity could be at an all time high. And what better way to capitalize on that than having him feud for the world title? They could even get Shawn involved, if they wish to continue that feud. Now, they're a lot of rumors that the WM23 main event was originally going to be HHH vs. Cena II. Well, maybe the WWE will simply have HHH win the belt this fall, hold onto it until WM24, and then put that match on then.

Still, I think the safest bet to take the belt off of Cena is Edge. He's the man who did it both times before (ok, technically it was RVD that second time… but Edge helped). He's also the one who could benefit the most from another title run. The man is now the top heel on Raw. We need to see him hold the belt to know that he's a legitimate threat. And I'm sure you've noticed, but all of that Cena booing seems to fade away whenever he's feuding with Edge. I'm sure the WWE loves that.

Now one man I may have considered to be a candidate until recently was Orton. But after being sent home from the Euro tour, I have to imagine that he'll be in the doghouse for a while. Of course, he has gotten out of said doghouse pretty quickly in the past, so who knows.

If I had to pick a wild card, I'd have to go with Great Khali. You know that they would love to put Cena in another underdog program again. God help us all.

Who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion?

Likely Candidates: Batista, Mr. Kennedy

There really are only two likely men to take the belt off of Taker. Batista makes sense because he really is the most over man on Smackdown right now. Besides, he's still feuding with Taker, and probably will be for a good while yet. And if the WWE is worried about Batista looking a little weak due to losing the belt from Taker, what better way to salvage the situation than have him win it back from him. Or maybe the WWE could use this opportunity to turn Batista heel. Have his inability to win the belt back from Taker drive Batista so mad that he's willing to do anything to get it back.

The other candidate is Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Ken Kennedy. I think this is pretty obvious, but I'll explain myself anyways. He's guaranteed a title shot at his time and choosing, and since Kennedy's character is supposed to be so cunning, I'm sure he'll do it at an opportune time. It'll be more Edge than RVD. And when the time comes, there's a very good chance he'll win the belt. The precedent has definitely been set for that. Still, many think that they won't have Kennedy win due to fears that Money in the Bank will become too predictable. Well, that hasn't stopped them from having the Royal Rumble winner win the belt at WrestleMania over and over again.

Those really do seem like the only logical choices. King Booker is injured, Kane hasn't been a serious title contender for a while, same with Benoit, Finlay usually puts other people over, MVP is still too new… I think that about covers it.

Who will be the next ECW World Champion?

Likely Candidates: RVD, Elijah Burke, CM Punk

Well, I don't think Lashley will be dropping the belt anytime soon. He's having way too good of a time defending it against all of those Raw and Smackdown guys. But, he'll have to fight someone from ECW eventually. Right?


Well, I guess all that time is giving some of ECW's younger stars some time to develop and shine. The two-standout rookies are Elijah Burke and CM Punk. Elijah Burke has come a long way as a heel (remember when he was merely a lowly escort for Terkay?). His character is a totally believable conniving leader. His wrestling has improved as well. I mean, he's not on fire in the ring or anything, but he's a lot better than some people on ECW (like, you know, the champion). So if they really want to push this New Breed thing hard, what better way to do it than by having their leader win the belt? They'll have control over all of ECW. They'll definitely be enough people willing to challenge Burke for the belt. They could even have his own teammates eventually turn on him for want of the belt.

And then there's Punk. The man has definitely gotten pretty popular in his short time in the WWE. And love or hate his heel turn, you can't deny that it definitely sent shockwaves. It's easily the most talked about thing happening on ECW right now. Of course, all signs are pointing to this heel turn being short lived, but that just means that Punk can return to being a face more over as ever. But if they plan to keep him heel, what better man to take the belt off of Lashley? He's over, has the ability, and has his own posse of New Breed members willing to cheat for him.

Then there's RVD, who may get the belt as a good will gesture from the WWE, who desperately wants RVD to resign with them rather than jump ship to TNA. A title would definitely make him happy. Worked for Chris Benoit in WCW.

Yes, that was a joke.

Wild card? Snitsky. He's big, and… you know… big guys are tough.

Who will be the next NWA (or TNA… I'm still confused) World Champion?

Likely Candidates: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett

Ok, Angle and Joe clearly both have title runs heading their way. They're the two biggest names in the company, and probably the most over men TNA has. Besides, they're both face (I think Angle's a face… he does seem rather perturbed quite often) so they have a good chance of taking the title off of Christian.

Who has the better chance of getting the belt first? I would probably say Angle. His title match against Christian was less recent than Joe's, and I still believe they're going to save Joe winning his first title for Bound for Glory 2007.

Of course, there's always the Jarrett factor. He's face now too, so maybe he's setting himself up to take the belt off of Cage. I don't know though, surely Jeff realizes that Angle and Joe need to get a hold of that title more than he does. Seriously, I believe he has that much sense.

Abyss would probably be the wild card here. He's face now, and may want to go after the man who took the NWA title away from him in the first place. And he's big. That's always important.

As for Sting… well, his last title reign didn't go so well, did it?


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... he's not on fire in the ring or anything, but he's a lot better than some people on ECW (like, you know, the champion)...

добре го нахраниха :clap: :D

иначе, в началото Сина, Майкълс/и Трипс като се появяваше/ха да му помага/т, му се вдигаше и поп-а, обаче какво стана и двата пъти като се изправи срещу тях на ринга... не занм, Е-то явно нямат никаква идея какво да правят с него, ако не е чемп...

а да, не видях Монти сред претендентите за титлата на ЕЦВ-то, странно...

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Не виждам кой може да бъде следващия шампион освен Трите Хикса,всичко друго се изключва според мен както подредиха работите

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Напълно съм съгласен с автора на статията и мисля,че точно това са хора които имат възможност да станат следващите шампиони.Единствения пропуск беше Monty Brown,тъй като в ECW аз виждам най-голям шанс за него да стане шампион особено при този постер за ONS III!

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