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Интервю с Paul "The Great" Wight (a.k.a. The Big Show)


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Paul Wight was a guest on Live Audio Wrestling Sunday night. Here are the highlights:

- Wight said he was pretty much banged up when he left WWE. He said the hardcore wrestling took years off his career.

- He said he has conquered his diet, and has lost 70 pounds. He has cut out carbohydrates, and is doing cardio training.

- Wight said he was having trouble sleeping when he weighed over 500 pounds, but is doing much better after losing weight.

- “Mentally I was fried,” said Wight.

- He said at times, all you are is a piece of meat for the writers and promoters. He brought up his match with Akebono where he basically wrestled in a diaper.

- Career highlights include working with Randy Savage, Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Steve Keirn, Undertaker, Steve Austin, The Rock, and Mick Foley.

- Memorable feuds to Wight include working with Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

- He said he was low-balled by WWE when his contract expired. He said he was making seven figures, and they offered high a high six figure deal without bonuses or added benefits.

- He said he leased a 45 foot tour bus in the last two years as he couldn’t fit into most rental cars.

- Wight said the non-talent contract offered by WWE was a “put me off the shelf, pay me, shut up money.”

He said he was insulted by the offer.

- He said the bamboo used in the Punjabi prison match was made of steel, and it hurt like heck working inside the structure.

- “I don’t know,” when asked about his future. He said he is just chilling at home.

- Wight said he hasn’t been approached by TNA. He feels they are respecting him by letting him rest up.

- He feels WWE blocking Jerry Lawler from working the Hulk Hogan match was a business decision, trying to prevent Memphis Wrestling from growing.

- On the Hogan front, Wight said McMahon “has a real boner for Terry.”

- Wight said he was first approached about doing a match with Hogan at Wrestlemania last October, but the match didn’t materialize. He feels on 4/27, they can do the match they want to do.

- He said he doesn’t think Hogan wants to wrestle him night after night on a farewell tour.

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Интересно е било интервюто като сигурно ще е забавно за слушане.Както и предполагах Big Show е отслабнал и то доста.

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Доста добро интервю наистина.


Junior потребител


Супер потребител





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