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WCW Mayhem 99


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Поредното PPV на WCW което се води горе-долу добро само заради един мач,но под режима на Vince Russo,който отново показва,че има талант за създаване на глупости,а именно едно ужасно PPV със 10 много слаби мача от общо 12 мача добре,че бяха Bret и Benoit да го отсрамят малко това фиаско,но със сигурност този мач щеше да е по-добър без всички тези намеси.На това PPV еветуален дрийм мач,Sting-Bret Hart се превърна в много слаб мач.Мача на David Flair и Kimberly го оставям без коментар.

Following on from Halloween Havoc ’99 it seemed Russo had a very straightforward idea of where the company was going after putting Goldberg over Sid and then Sting for WCW’s main two singles titles. However the night after Halloween Havoc it was announced that Goldberg was NOT WCW champion as the match against Sting was unsanctioned. This was despite Goldberg being announced as champion and celebrating with the belt the night before. The belt was held up and WCW held a 32 man tournament to determine a new champion. 32 men seems a touch excessive as the majority of those people have zero chance of winning. Well, actually under Russo’s swerve-tastic booking that might not be the case. To kick things off he jobbed Goldberg to Bret Hart inflicting Goldberg’s second ever kayfabed defeat. The show also had some bizarre booking whereby Russo decided to expose the business a little more than usual and have Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs talk about the finish of their match being pre-planned backstage. Then have Bagwell go “off-script” and get the pin. Words fail me. This series of “shoot style” promos and skits were possibly the worst thing WCW had ever done. And that includes a lot of really dumb stuff. Russo’s ADD was kicking in big time during the all important tournament too. Most matches ran about a minute and the continuity was useless. People advanced without winning. Madusa went out and lost twice. It showed the lack of scope that Russo had. He simply didn’t feel like the average fan cared about continuity. One of the best of these taking place during a single match where Russo managed to book a count out finish to a falls count anywhere match. When people slate his booking style it’s because most of it is totally nonsensical. A week later he booked a No DQ main event between Sid and Kevin Nash. No points for guessing the finish on that one – it was a DQ.

After failing to deliver on every occasion it was run World War III was finally dumped in 1999 and replaced by the generically entitled “Mayhem” (although if there was ever a purpose for a 6 man 3 ring battle royal it’d be sorting out a situation where there was no champion). The PPV would mark the end of the WCW title tournament, which had been by and large a booking disaster. The tournament ran for a month, from the night after the last PPV to finish at this PPV. The semi-final line up is as follows; Bret Hart v Sting and Chris Benoit v Jeff Jarrett. Meanwhile Goldberg is back in with Sid, which is where he was before the blow off at the last PPV.

We’re in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan. The Brain can’t pick a winner in the tournament. He does suggest that Sid will never quit. Crowd chants “we want Bret” over all of this. Tony points out there are TWELVE matches on this show making it their “biggest” PPV ever. Biggest clusterfuck perhaps.

WCW title tournament SF - Jeff Jarrett v Chris Benoit

Benoit starts in charge and hits a tornado DDT for 2. Swinging neckbreaker gets 2. To the ropes - SUPERPLEX for 2. Outside and Benoit dominates out there as well until Jarrett posts him. Back inside and Jarrett hits a powerslam for 2. Vertical suplex gets 2. Benoit tries for a sunset flip and that ends in a near falls. Jarrett then takes back over with a clothesline for 2. Sleeper from Jarrett but he can't get it done with that and Benoit slaps on his own sleeper only for Jarrett to jawbreaker out. For that he gets met with a backbreaker and some chops. ROLLING GERMANS! That gets 2. Cue the overbooking with Creative Control coming out here. Creative Control were among the dead wood in the locker room when Russo got there so he gave them a gimmick. In case you can’t remember they’re normally known as the Harris Brothers. They’ve worked various gimmicks over the years because they’re so bland they need some kind of gimmick to be anywhere near interesting. They’ve been known in the past as the Bruise Brothers, the Blu Brothers, DOA and the Grimm Twins. Benoit hits a snap suplex but Jarrett dumps him on the ropes. Jarrett goes for a diving crossbody but Benoit rolls through it for 2. Jarrett looks for a roll up but Benoit blocks into a pin for 2. Back suplex and Benoit calls for the FLYING WOLVERINE! It has to be noted that Benoit is SUPER OVER. Creative Control break the pin. Stroke on Benoit but in comes Dustin Rhodes to break the fall and he brawls with CC. Jarrett gets the guitar but Benoit takes it off him and lays him out with it for 3 at 9.32. ***. A really good match until the Russo bullshit took over. The match would have been fine with the guitar antics and really didn't need all the run in's. The contrived booking probably loses it about half a star. The referee was positioned half a dozen times inside of a minute. No referee is that bad. Plus he seemed to not notice he was counting a pin in the remains of a guitar. This is one of those ‘how to ruin a match by bad booking’ demonstrations. Crowd is still hot for Benoit afterwards.

Cruiserweight title – Disco Inferno © v Evan Karagias w/Madusa

This would be the cruiserweight title in the toilet. Disco is ok if he has a decent opponent but Evan is fucking terrible. Madusa looks horrible. She’s all plastic and makeup. Tony points out the flaws in Russo’s booking (yeah, it’s THAT bad) by saying Madusa lost in the tournament twice and then forgot about her ambitions of wrestling men because she fell for Evan. Disco gets laid out backstage by Jeff Jarrett. Disco is now managed by Tony Marinara (who is better known as Tony Mamaluke). Which means the best worker in the match is at ringside. The second best worker in the match is also at ringside. Marinara joins commentary to tell us that Disco owes him $65K. This is NOT the best use of Mamaluke. Meanwhile in the ring two bad wrestlers are putting on a bad match. Disco desperately tries to hold it together but Evan is generally in charge so he has no chance. Evan hits stuff with no rhyme or reason to it. Disco opts to shake his crotch at Madusa instead. Yeah, because she’s looking SO hot tonight. Jesus. Evan goes for one his usual pre-planned attempts at lucha libre and falls on his head. Then he rubs his crotch across Disco’s face in an attempt at a sunset flip. To be fair he does just about manage it albeit with help. This has gone on way too long already at 4 minutes. Disco again shows intentions towards Madusa because that appears to be the focus of the match. When Russo thought she was a sex symbol I can only presume he was simply staring at her falsies. Marinara considers selling the cruiserweight title. Heenan suggests it’s worth $50,000. HAHAHAHAHA. It’s not worth $50. Not anymore anyway. The usually sympathetic Canadian crowd chants “boring”. At least they’re chanting something! Disco go back after Madusa who slaps him. Marinara gives up on commentary to go and offer Madusa a sexy time. He shows her his watch so Evan comes and chokes him. Disco grabs a chair but accidentally clocks Marinara with a terrible chair shot. Evan just about manages a springboard crossbody to win the title at 7.58. DUD. I could go negative stars but this probably isn’t even the worst match on the card so we’ll just call it nothing and move on. Oh yeah, and some punk kid is now the cruiserweight champion. You really don’t want to know where this is going for Starrcade. And subsequent cruiserweight title bookings. In a hideous post match sight Evan and Madusa make out.

Hardcore title – Brian Knobbs w/Jimmy Hart v Norman Smiley

Smiley sucks up by wearing a Maple Leafs top and the rest of the gear too far that matter. This would be the creation of the hardcore title just so WCW looks even more like a toned down version of the WWF. The WCW hardcore title looks way too clean. I always liked the fact the WWF’s title looked like a piece of crap held together with tape. Smiley is into his “screamin’ Norman” gimmick now. “There’s no screaming in wrestling” – Heenan. He screams after being hit with various bits of plunder. Hart throws the trashcan in for Knobbs but Smiley catches it and uses it. Out comes the hockey stick and Knobbs takes that inside a trashcan. SLAP SHOT! BIG WIGGLE~! Knobbs homophobia won’t let him take that for longer than about a second and he beats Smiley down and steals his hockey gear. An assortment of garbage plunder shots follow. Knobbs is noticeably less safe but I guess that makes his shots more entertaining. They brawl backstage where there’s more crap lying around. Knobbs manages to break a table by setting it up. HAHAHA, what a jackass. Smiley eats table. More plunder. Every time Smiley screams it gets a pop. Jimmy Hart is up a ladder throwing canned food at Smiley. Jimmy Hart is so lame. They brawl into an elevator and the door closes on Hart’s attempted trashcan shot. When it reopens he blasts Knobbs by mistake and Smiley gets the pin at 7.27. Why in the hell didn’t Jimmy break the pin? * for effort because at least they were wailing on each other. The finish bugs me for another reason. The whole match was plunder shots and yet a weaker than usual shot from Hart finishes it? What the fuck is that?

Filthy Animals (Konnan/Eddie Guerrero/Billy Kidman/Torrie Wilson) v Revolution (Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn/Asya)

The Animals are now changed into faces after last month’s big angle with Ric Flair. This is elimination rules with Konnan and Shane just out here to manage. Asya gets beaten up by the Animals. Shane joins commentary but thankfully Konnan doesn’t. Eddie ends up paring up against Dean, which at least gives us something entertaining. Especially as Saturn hits an Asai moonsault onto them as they brawl. Malenko takes exception to a Canadian fan with a flagpole. Asya levels Kidman with a clothesline but Torrie jumps her. “ASYA’S GOT TORRIE” screams Shane over and over again. He’s just so irritating when he’s not ‘on’. Eddie pushes Kidman away while checking on Torrie and Malenko gets the roll up on Kidman to dump him first at 2.55.

Kidman gets all pissy with Eddie and the crowd LOUDLY chants “Eddie”. Kidman leaves, because he has to, and the heels beat Eddie down. Torrie is still lying down holding her ankle. Konnan has walked off as well for some reason. Don’t you think Eddie might need your help right now? Mrs Torborg hits a vertical suplex on Eddie for 2. Crowd appreciates the form. Heels keep making tags. Eddie catches Dean with a snap rana for the pin at 5.01 though. 2 left on each team.

Saturn piles into the back of Eddie and presses him onto the ropes. Wrist Clutch Exploder! Torrie is out on the floor struggling. Asya holds Eddie but Saturn miscues and nails her with a kick. Eddie frogsplashes Asya and she’s gone at 6.27.

Saturn gets a Northern Lights for 2. He opts for a sleeper and smirks at Torrie. Eddie jawbreakers out. He goes right back to it and Shane finally starts earning his money by pointing out how Eddie turns into the move to take the pressure off the artery. Saturn goes for a springboard but Eddie dropkicks him. Tornado DDT from Eddie gets 2. Eddie gets caught in the DVD…for 2. Shane blames a slow count. Up Saturn goes but the elbow misses. Eddie looks for a tag but it’s only Torrie there. When he realises he doesn’t bother. Snap rana on Saturn gets 2. Man, way to make Malenko look lame for jobbing to it. They screw up a crossbody into the Rings of Saturn but eventually Saturn gets it and Eddie gives it up at 10.16.

That leaves us with Saturn v Torrie. She looks terrified. She also looks HAWT. Torrie cowers in the corner. Hey, she’s backing right into his crotch. Mmmm. LOW BLOW! That gets 2. Shane gets on the apron and Saturn GOES LOW on Torrie for the win at 11.14. He punched her in the cunt. Lucky he didn’t lose his hand. **. It was ok. There was a lot of entertaining guys out there having to squeeze a lot into a short space of time. Quite why Saturn needed to CHEAT to beat Torrie Wilson is anyone’s guess.

BACKSTAGE Creative Control and Jeff Jarrett beat up Buff Bagwell.

Curt Hennig v Buff Bagwell

If Hennig is pinned he’s out of WCW. That’s been in force for some time. We get clips of him winning and losing via an assortment of different combinations. Jarrett and Creative Control run in here before Bagwell even leaves the locker room to assault Hennig. Bagwell then clears the ring out with a 2x4. Isn’t Bagwell a heel? Actually based on the pre-match antics I have no idea who is the heel. Crowd chants “Perfect”. Bagwell makes a few mistakes by sending mixed messages to Hennig before delivering the opposite of what he seemed to be hinting at with his body position. I remember a friend of mine calling Bagwell the guy who defined how bad WCW was. He wasn’t even that much of a wrestling fan. He just knew that Bagwell was bad and by definition so was WCW for allowing him to compete there. Sign in crowd – I hate signs. Heh. Crowd gets bored as Hennig goes to an extended sleeper/chinlock. “We want Bret”. The announcers aren’t really telling me what’s going on in this match. Is if just Hennig’s career on the line here or what? Heenan seems to think it’s a retirement match. They really could have done with hyping that at some point so I knew what was going on. They sleep walk through another couple of minutes. Bagwell dances for the first pop in a good while but can’t follow up. Buff gets the Blockbuster out of nowhere for the pin at 8.14. Can’t they both retire? DUD. Hennig’s retirement lasted less than day. I know wrestling takes the piss in terms of retirements but one day?

POST MATCH Hennig gets a standing ovation. You’d think they’d use that and make him a commentator or something but they don’t even hold on the applause. Like I said, he came back the next night.

BACKSTAGE Sting says he actually never lost the WCW title. So we may be in Canada but he’s still the champ.

WCW title tournament SF – Bret Hart v Sting

Huge pop for Bret obviously. This IS Canada. Sting is the defacto heel and gets heat for the first time since attempting a heel turn. Sting backs into the corner to try and take the crowd out of it. Shoving contest. Sting goes nose to nose. More shoving. Crowd pops HARD for everything Bret does. Sting goes to the eyes while the announcers debate the Sharpshooter v Scorpion Deathlock aspect of this match. “Wooo” – Sting. “Boooo” – Crowd. Bret with a trademark suplex for 2. Sting goes low. Erm, isn’t that a DQ? You can’t just punch a guy in the nuts. “Wooo” – Sting. Now he’s heeling it up like a schmuck. Sting works at a chinlock, which would be fine if we were talking about a longer match here but we’re not. They brawl outside for a while. That’s pretty uninspired. I guess Bret’s saving himself for later. Sting misses a Stinger Splash on the announce table. Back inside another Stinger Splash gets feet. Sting deliberately bumps the ref for his second blatant DQ in this one. Lex Luger runs out here with a baseball bat and nails Sting in the knee. Aren’t they buddies? I guess that’s gone again. Bret gets the bat and kicks Luger in the nuts. Sharpshooter for Luger. Good. He taps out. The referee calls for the bell and we finally have a DQ at 7.33. Bret says he doesn’t want it on DQ even though Sting should have been disqualified three times. Bret gets the crowd rallied up and we continue. Sting is now hobbling around thanks to the baseball bat. Heenan suggests that if you get a win you should take it anyway you get it. Sting gets caught in the Five Moves of Doom but eats a boot off the buckles. Sting is too hurt to capitalise despite managing to hook the Scorpion Deathlock. Bret just punches out of it and counters into the Sharpshooter. Sting is already hurt and taps quickly at 10.05. *1/2. It was ok until the booking kicked in. Bret winning clean would have been far more impressive and they could still blame Sting’s bad knee on before.

POST MATCH Sting calls Bret back in and they shake hands in order to confirm that Sting is definitely no longer a heel.

BACKSTAGE Scheme Gene gets a word with Chris Benoit. He says he’s waited 14 years to get a shot at a world title. He says it’ll be an honour to wrestle Bret and cuts a decent promo saying that he’s out to test Bret’s motto of “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be”.

ELSEWHERE Luger is suddenly in a neck brace. He needs it at all times to keep his spine aligned and can’t wrestle tonight. He’s going to give everyone in the crowd a cheque to compensate for his inability to perform.

Vampiro w/Jerry Only v Berlyn w/The Wall

Only is the bass player from the Misfits. Another example of WCW just hiring someone because they were vaguely famous. I’d have marginally more interest in seeing a tag match here just to try and limit the involvement of Vampiro, who I can’t stand. Just to add to the crap we get Steve Williams and Oklahoma coming out here. Oklahoma is Ed Ferrera mocking Jim Ross. Quite why they thought this would get over I don’t know. At least Ferrera is good at mocking Ross. We get a complete mess involving the two wrestlers and their respective managers. Oklahoma does the “Austin, Austin, Austin” thing when Vampiro gets dumped on the ropes. He decides to run play by play thus totally wrecking the match for those at home as well as those in the arena who don’t give a single shit about this match. Oklahoma even name drops Danny Hodge and the only plus of this is that because he’s doing PBP Schiavone isn’t. Wall tries to pin Vampiro so Berlyn gets in his face to remind him who the talent is. Wall takes exception and now we’re really seeing the end of Berlyn’s gimmick as he’s now playing second fiddle to his bodyguard. The wrestling in this thing is getting even worse. Vampiro in particular manages a horrible spin kick and then an even worse superplex. Jerry comes in for a double suplex and they blow that too. Nail in the Coffin for Berlyn. Vampiro wins with a camel clutch with the chain (this was a dog collar match although at no point were both guys wearing it so I didn’t bother mentioning it) at 5.04. -*. Quite spectacularly bad. They were trying to do two or three things in the same match and NONE of them worked.

POST MATCH Dr Death goes in there to destroy the Goth boys. Erm, ok. So everyone is a loser. Great.

BACKSTAGE Mike Tenay tells Scott Hall he’s the US champ and the TV champ because Rick Steiner isn’t fit to compete. So he just won the belt because the other guy couldn’t compete so he wins the title?

ELSEWHERE Curt Hennig leaves the building for the “last time”. Until tomorrow that is.

ELSEWHERE Kim Page arrives for her match with David Flair.

Lex Luger w/Miss Elizabeth v Meng

Luger has that hard neck collar on. We get some clips of the feud so far. It looks bad. I’m always horrified when I have to recap a Luger match after about 1995 (possibly earlier). This is one of those occasions. Luger can’t sell anything right including a woeful barricade shot. Meng doesn’t bother selling at all. Meng can’t get the Tongan Deathgrip though because Luger has a neck brace on. Meng steps on his neck instead and Luger lies there shouting “help”. Sign in crowd – Meng likes bananas. Is that right? He looks like more of a peach man. Meng fucks up a punch. Luger goes after his head but he’s an Islander so that won’t work. Meng headbutts the buckles and totally no sells everything. Luger’s selling by comparison makes me wish he was no selling. Sticking your butt out and jumping in the air when a kick misses you by 8 inches isn’t acceptable. Liz breaks out the mace and “accidentally” sprays Luger with it. That was awful. Meng takes his chance to take the neck brace off. Meng then goes to the neck pinching to put Luger down for the count at 5.22. -*. I can’t believe they got that much useless crap into five minutes. The replays show Liz spraying more vigorously after Luger’s face was in the way. D’Oh.

BACKSTAGE Scheme Gene has Bret Hart. He says friendship goes to one side with the title on the line. He says he doesn’t want to disappoint his Canadian fans. Luger strolls by in the background. No one cares. Bret doesn’t even miss a beat.

ELSEWHERE David Flair polishes his crowbar. That’s not a metaphor for anything.

US/TV title – Scott Hall v Booker T

Hall is putting both belts on the line. Booker is a mystery opponent as Hall offers an open challenge. Hall offers a crotch chop to the challenger. Hall basically thinks of this match as a joke and treats it as such. Booker tries to inject some pace into the match but Hall keeps begging off to kill time. Booker gets caught in a chokeslam for 2. Hall’s whole approach seems somewhat weak here. Like he’s not trying. Fallaway slam connects and Booker gets clotheslined over the top. Hall tries to pin using the ropes but can’t get them because he’s so badly positioned. Is he drunk again? Crowd seems to be applauding something up in the stands. Apparently it’s a look-alike of The Rock hence “Rocky” chants during the match. Yeah, a look-alike is more entertaining than this. Booker breaks out the spinneroonie as Jarrett & Creative Control come out here AGAIN. They try the inference AGAIN and the referee gets conned AGAIN. Booker gets caught in the Razor’s Edge for the pin as numbers overwhelm him at 6.03. The booking in these matches is just awful. ½*.

POST MATCH the lights go out and Midnight is out here. She cleans house with Booker. Her real name was Anna Marie Crooks. She was a bodybuilder before entering WCW. She’s done little since leaving.

BACKSTAGE Lex Luger walks. He’s looking for Liz but can’t find her. Clearly upset at her costing him his match.

David Flair v Kimberly Page

The build up for this included David being kissed by DDP. Then he went nuts with a crowbar. Kim ran him over with a car. Then Bigelow came out here to defend Kim. Then Kim leaves the Nitro Girls so Russo makes her a wrestler. Kim looks incredible but then she really does have one of those bodies to die for. Kim tries to go low but David is wearing a cup. He lays out the referee and grabs the crowbar. Kim begs on her knees. Heh, that’s a familiar position for her. She pulls out David’s protection and hits him with it before kicking David in the balls. This is terrible btw with David not being able to sell anything. Kim looks hot but that’s it. Kim mounts with slapping and choking. Hell, I’d take that. He’s like two inches from her chest. David gets the crowbar again and Kim begs off but out comes Kanyon to make the save fresh from filming Ready to Rumble. Dallas Page is out here too. David goes low on Kanyon but DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on David. He goes to nut shot David with the crowbar but Arn Anderson runs out here to make the save. That epic clusterfuck would be YOUR match. Crowd chants “bullshit” because there’s no match at all. David wails on Arn with the crowbar too and randomly runs into the crowd. If you’re looking for a rating on this shit it’s somewhere in the negative star scope.

I Quit match – Sid v Goldberg

Goldberg starts hard with a powerslam but the crowd doesn’t seem to like him too much. “Goldberg sucks” – Toronto. Sid hooks the Cobra Clutch into a slam. Sid beats Goldberg down in the corner. Crowd is actively chanting for “Sid” now. Even Tony has to recognise it. Chokeslam! If this were under normal rules Sid would be on his way to a victory. Another chokeslam. If you look on You Tube btw there’s a video of Sid’s now infamous “I have half the brain that you do” promo complete with Kevin Nash laughing at him. Goldberg gets a cross armbreaker but Sid gets the ropes. Goldberg works the body with punches and the crowd continue to boo. Cobra Clutch from Goldberg and Sid, like a complete pussy, passes out at 5.29. Another match that didn’t go anywhere before finishing. This is the problem with cramming 12 matches onto the PPV. You can really only give one match time and that’s the main event. Hence this. ½*. Crowd HATES the finish.

BACKSTAGE Scheme Gene stirs shit between Luger and Liz. She’s left the building. Luger says he’s not going to get mad; he’s going to get even. The main event I’ve recapped before and I’m not redoing it because I’m still somewhat irritated at how Russo took two over guys and put them in a main event for the vacant title and then booked a tonne of interference that added nothing to the match.

WCW title - Bret Hart v Chris Benoit

Russo's only plus point is he booked this match as a PPV main event. Bret is over HUGE so obviously Russo turned him heel a month after this. With the belt no less. Idiot. Benoit draws first blood with an armdrag and he goes to work on that arm. Bret switches and works the arm himself. They go to the mat (they've started too slowly here and it's lost the crowd somewhat). "Let's go Bret" chant gets going though. Bret looks for the Sharpshooter but that's countered INTO THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE. Bret gets in the ropes to save himself and they slap hands as a sign of respect. In comes Malenko to interfere and attack Benoit so Bret lays him out. Stupid. I hate Russo. Back inside and Bret hits a piledriver for 2. Benoit chops the hell out of him in the corner to turn the tables. Backbreaker gets 2. Back suplex gets 2. DDT from Bret on a counter and he gets 2 with that. They counter again and Benoit gets the advantage - TOMBSTONE! Bret is down and Benoit is up - FLYING WOLVERINE! In comes run in #2 as Scott Hall turns up...LATE so Bret has to kick out. In comes Nash as well. That brings out Goldberg to spear Nash. I DESPISE Russo. Just book a MATCH. That's 2 people, one on one you ASSHOLE. I end up fast forwarding that (a load of fighting, which goes backstage and gets followed on a split screen) because I have no interest in those guys. Back to the MATCH and Benoit goes to work on the leg of Bret. Shinbreaker from Benoit and he starts lifting some of Bret's legworking. Figure 4 from Benoit! Bret gets the ropes to survive and goes to work on Benoit's back leading to a backbreaker for 2. Bret's selling of the leg is TEXTBOOK. To the ropes and Bret hits a TEXTBOOK SUPERPLEX. Benoit sells the back and Bret pins him for 2. Russian legsweep gets 2. Bret keeps on the back as he has been for some time. We get a slight glitch in the tape and Benoit is now on the floor. Bret tries to suplex him back in but it's blocked - ROLLING GERMANS. CRIPPLER CROSSFACE BUT BRET BLOCKS IT - SHARPSHOOTER! BRET WINS THE TITLE at 17.42. ***1/4. Lost an entire * thanks to the pointless and overbooked interference.

The 411: A show was a lot of potential but both the good matches were riddled with needless interference. Vince Russo’s style of booking just couldn’t produce great matches. He didn’t have the attention span to book it and assumed the crowd didn’t have an interest in watching it. Despite all of the truly great matches in wrestling being given, more often than not, at least 20 minutes and little/zero interference. Especially when you’ve got two great wrestlers who are super over like Bret & Benoit and you still book a shitload of interference. You can’t have the crowd being hot and having something new happening every few seconds. You’ll burn out the audience and no one will remember half the shit that happens. It’s a lesson Vince Russo still hasn’t learnt to this very day. Wrestling fans DO have attention spans. Especially on PPV.

Final Score: 4.5 [ Poor ] legend


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Ае другото да речем добре, ама леле само как си нацелил баш най-нескопосания цитат да подчертаеш IMO.

Bret is over HUGE so obviously Russo turned him heel a month after this. With the belt no less. Idiot.

Всъщност, идиотът тук е именно автора на статията и това е много добър пример за bitching for the sake of bitching без изобщо да се има предвид контекста на ситуацията. Възможно най-кратко казано: историята покрай turn-a на Bret даде на WCW нещо, което компанията не беше ималa от месеци насам - насока. Освен това й даде потенциална няколкомесечна money програма в лицето на Goldberg vs nWo 2000 (и вероятно в последствие Goldberg vs The Powers That Be). Bret Hart heel беше много добро решение като идея, което обаче се прецака в процеса на изпълнение поради най-различни причини (най-вече контузии).

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Избрах тази фраза,защото е смешна и вярна каквото да говориш не можеш да отречеш,че престоя на Bret Hart си беше провал като доста дрийм мачове бяха провалени нещо, което си е факт,откакто Bret дойде в WCW кариерта му тръгна надолу.


[center][size=7][font='comic sans ms']ONE MORE MATCH[/font][/size][/center]

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Тук съм напълно съгласен. WCW въобще, въобще не използваха Bret Hart kакто трябва, макар че от друга страна съм чувал и доста кечисти да споделят, че Bret Hart въобще не е бил същият след SS 97. Мисълта ми беше за конкретния случаи. Просто цитата ми се видя възможно най-грешен поради най-различни причини и затова го споменах. Даже btw, ако не ме лъже паметта самия Bret Hart е споделял, че е бил най-доволен от push-a си в WCW при Russo. Така де, World Champ, топ heel на компанията, лидер на топ heel stable-a и вражда с top babyface-a - никак не е зле като оферта. Направо си ме е яд, че всичките контузии и проблеми от този период прецакаха тази дългосрочна вражда, която имаше добър потенциал на хартия.

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Bret беше и в WWE,heel шампион и лидер на heel stable,а именно Hart Foundation кaто враждата им с америкацните продължава да бъде една от най-хубавите вражди в историята като също имаше вражда със top babyface.


[center][size=7][font='comic sans ms']ONE MORE MATCH[/font][/size][/center]

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