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Интервю с Allison Danger

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Half way through her month-long tour of the UK and Europe, Phil Lowe caught up with Ring of Honor and SHIMMER regular Allison Danger to find out what she’s made of the UK, the future for SHIMMER and plenty more…

Its been a while since you last spoke with us here at WrestleMag.com. The big difference this time around is that you’re actually here in the UK! This is your first trip over here I believe, so first question is, what have you made of the UK so far?

I love, love, love the UK. Honestly, outside of RyanAir, this trip couldn’t have been more perfect. Getting to work with new and different women on the scene, getting to taste a different style of wrestling, different crowds…just fantastic. I have been so fortunate to work with some top-notch promotions and talents. The fan response has been amazing as well. Ideally I would love to make the UK my second home in wrestling.

Obviously part of the reason you’re over here was for the Ring of Honor shows in Liverpool earlier this month. Did you have any expectations or any thoughts on how the weekend would pan out for you personally?

I was a bit nervous going into the weekend. I was not sure of the kind of reception would be waiting there. Fortunately, ROH is my home, and to be able to debut in a whole new market with them was tremendous. I had that safety net of being there with the company I love, my friends and my tag partner Sara Del Rey. Sara and I had been preparing for this trip for nearly two months, hitting the gym and watching tapes. And the fans were out of this world. I was blown away with how great everyone was at the Fan Slam. Especially the cutest little guy in the whole wide world, baby Rory. I think he was the youngest ROH fan at 8 months old. Good to start them young I say!

Another reason you’re over here is to work with several UK promotions on shows around the country. With this being your first trip to these shores, how clued up are you on the British scene?

I had done some research on the promotions I am working with and have really been trying to study the different women I will be working with, such as Sweet Saraya and Pippa L’Vinn. So far I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jetta, Eden Black, Roxi, Jersey and Jennidee. I’ve also grown such an appreciation for the British Rounds style - even before I came over - but now that appreciation has grown into a borderline obsession.

What are you hoping to get out of working with both the promotions, and the British talent involved?

I want to learn. Getting a taste of the scene over here had been so a long term goal. The British scene has such a distinct way and such a rich history. I find the British style quite fascinating and would love to learn more.

Aside from wrestling, my understanding is that you’re here on a scouting mission of sorts and will be working with some of the young British females who are carving out a career for themselves. Have you any kind of plan ahead of the next month as to how you’re going to approach things?

Dave Prazak and I are constantly looking for new women to bring into the SHIMMER family. The women invited in have to not only be solid in the ring but also how they handle things outside the ring is strongly looked at. From my perspective of being over here, I can see the total package of each individual and see if they embody the philosophy of what SHIMMER is all about.

Is there room for some of these girls to get a shot in the States with say SHIMMER as a result of what you see over the next few weeks?

‘Jezebel’ Eden Black will be the newest UK girl to come over to the States, making her SHIMMER debut on April 7 in Berwyn, IL. I have gotten to witness some real talents, one in particular and I will be returning to the States with several DVD demos. In fact, any girl still wanting to be considered that I will not personally get to work with is still welcome to pass me a DVD before I head back on April 2nd.

You’re not the first of the SHIMMER girls to visit the UK this year, with Lacey and Daizee Haze amongst the names who have appeared over here so far in 2007. How encouraging is it to see women’s wrestling getting exposure and gaining new fans?

It is very encouraging and a great opportunity for all the women involved, especially the US girls. I hope these past few months really open doors for both the US and UK women. I personally would love to return here and I would love to see more UK girls get the chance to work in the States. This could truly be a win-win situation for everyone.

The opportunities given to you and the others involved with SHIMMER has obviously been beneficial to your career in the past year or so. Do you see promotions such as SHIMMER and also the likes of Chick Fight being able to a) stay in business, and B) expand on what they’ve already achieved in the past couple of years?

Absolutely. Chick Fight has recently exploded onto the UK scene and I couldn’t be happier for them. Those shows are always a blast to work. I really hope to see their expansion continue and to see more girls in different regions getting the chance to work with the Chick Fight crew. As for SHIMMER, it would be a dream come true to see it continue to slowly grow and stay successful. Not only does Prazak have a great mind for this business but also his heart is truly into the company and it shows in everything he builds. I believe if SHIMMER continues to stay true to its philosophy, continue to put on strong shows and DVDs and builds slowly then I hope we will be around for a long time to come.

As for yourself, how do you see your career progressing in the next few years?

I would love to continue to travel, especially exploring the European market. A return to Japan is always a never-ending dream. Eventually I will have to leave the ring but I do hope to remain in wrestling behind the scenes. Especially at SHIMMER as Prazak is stuck with me!

As we’ve already said, this is your first trip to the UK. Are there any countries that you’ve not yet wrestled in that you’d like to?

Switzerland would be number one on that list right now and I would love to wrestle in Italy, Austria and Scotland. I have really fallen in love with Europe and would love to return on a more regular basis.

On the subject of wrestling overseas, much is made of how the atmosphere of shows can vary from country to country, which I guess is the same in all sports. Do you find this to be the case, and have you any particular favourite places that you enjoy working in?

Japan was one of my favourite places and an absolute dream to work in. The entire atmosphere surrounding the wrestling is intoxicating to me. A close second though is Ireland. I worked with Irish Whip Wrestling and what a top-notch group they have there. The crowds were rabid, the locker room was awesome and I finally found a nation of people who cuss more than me. I learned some new words to take to the States!

If the opportunity arose for you to work in TNA, either as a wrestler or perhaps working in your ROH role with Christopher Daniels, is that something you’d like to do?

Any opportunity to continue my role with Daniels would always be a welcome one. I owe Christopher Daniels a lot; he has been so good to me, both personally and professionally. He has been a role model and a mentor to me for more than four years now and I am very grateful that I have been able to work alongside him.

I was recently backstage at TNA tapings in Florida, simply visiting some friends as I had been there doing the FIP shows. It was a lovely atmosphere and it was great to see some faces I had not seen in so long. It would be an honour to be considered.

And on the subject of working elsewhere, if WWE came calling would you be tempted to work there, especially taking into consideration how talented female wrestlers are overlooked?

I think everyone would be tempted to go. It would be an honour to be considered but, as with everything, you have to weigh the pros and cons of your decisions.

credit: http://www.wrestlemag.com

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