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Интервю с Alex Wright


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This past week on In Your Head radio with Jack and Oneinchbiceps , they interviewed ”Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright. The former WCW Cruiserweight and Television Champion was here to talk about the fall of WCW, Working with Ric Flair, backstage politics, The Berlin character, His Dancing, and his new wrestling school in Germany called ”The Wright Stuff Wrestling School,” which is located at www.prowrestlingschool.de. Be sure to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

Jack greets Das Wunderkind and asks if he said that right? Alex said he did and that he hasn’t heard that name in a long time.

Jack asks where he got the nickname from? He said he doesn’t know, but it was probably because he was young and facing off against legends like Ric Flair and Arn Anderson

Alex brings up his new wrestling school he is now running in Germany, ”The Wright Stuff: Wrestling School.” Jack asks what made him open up a wrestling school? Alex said that there aren’t nearly as many places for people in Europe to train to be wrestler like in the United States and that he just wanted to give young kids who love the sport an opportunity. He says that classes start at the end of April and beginning of May. He says that he will teach his kids the basics, old-school, high flying stuff and newer moves. For information on the school check out www.prowrestlingschool.de.

Jack asks if he was nervous facing off against all the legends that he did? Alex said not really, he grew up around the wrestling business and he was a little nervous at first but once he got in the ring with them he was fine. He went on to say he learned a lot from the legends that he wrestled like Ric Flair.

Alex says he follows WWE and TNA currently.

Jack asks what the power plant was like and Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker? Alex said the power plant was really hard, going 5 days a week and going all day. He said that Surge was ”one tough bastard.” He said he was lucky though to be trained by him.

Alex says that he isn’t retired and he’s just taking time off and that he has been burned out from wrestling since the end of WCW and all the backstage politics that went on there.

Incher asks who was his favorite opponent? He said he really enjoyed wrestling so many guys with so many different styles, He really liked wrestling Ultimo Dragon, Chris Benoit and Ric Flair because of their different styles and different things they brought to a match.

Jack asks if he every thought he would be World Champion? He said, you always have that dream, but he knew he didn’t really have a chance at, so he just wanted to have the best matches that he could.

Jack asks where he learned his dance moves? He said that Techno music was really popular in Germany at the time and that he use to dance to pick up girls when he went out. Jack asks if it worked? Alex said it worked a little to well, he said he has been married for going on 15 years now.

Jack said that he always heard a rumor that he had a singing career in Germany. Alex said that wasn’t true, but he did do one song and when producers found out he couldn’t sing, they had him rapping…in any case Alex said he doesn’t recommend listening to them.

Jack asks if WWE ever contacted him? Alex said yes, but he was loyal to WCW and never had a reason to leave. Jack asks if WWE tried to acquire him after they purchased WCW? Alex said they couldn’t because his contract was with Time Warner and if he was offered he wouldn’t have taken it because he was so burned out from WCW.

Jack asks if it was a good idea to bring in Vince Russo? Alex said ”No” and that Russo didn’t fit into WCW’s main audience and that he thought WCW was doomed only after they brought him into the company.

Incher asks about the Berlin character and ”The Wall?” Alex said it was a great gimmick but was used wrong and debuted at a terrible time. He said that it was his idea because he wanted to go for shock value and that he developed the character with Diamond Dallas Page and got it cleared by Dusty Rhodes. As for ”The Wall” he said it’s a shame he had to go so young and that he was a long time friend of his.

Jack asks why the Berlin gimmick stopped? Alex said it debuted that wrong time, it was pulled because it wasn’t Vince Russo’s idea and that it closely resembled the Columbine Shooters.

Incher asks if Disco Inferno is the coolest guy or what? He said he is probably the funniest guy and that he used to get ”ribbed” by a lot of guys.

Jack asks if he was surprised how big WCW got with Nitro and the NWO? Alex said he wasn’t surprised really.

Jack asked if he enjoyed tag teaming with Disco Inferno? He said he enjoyed it sometimes because it was great entertainment but he would have liked to have stayed a more serious wrestler.

Jack asked if he is surprised that Fit Finley is now almost a main event guy nowadays? He said not really because he is a phenomenal worker.

Jack asks if he enjoyed working for Eric Bischoff? He said at first he did, but as they years progressed and the politics kicked in, it seemed like Eric lost sight of his own goals for the company.

Jack asked if he enjoyed working in Japan? He said yes, and that he would love to work for Japan if he is given a shot.

Incher asks if TNA offered him a contract would he take it? He said that he would like to focus more on his wrestling school, but if an offer did come up he would have to look into it. Incher then asks about his opinions on the TNA product? Alex said its good, but there is some stuff he doesn’t like very much, but he is happy TNA exists because its another place for people to work. Jack asks if he sees any similarities between WCW and TNA since they brought Russo in? Alex said yes that there are similarities.

Incher asks how he was brought into WCW? Alex said Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff.

In Alex’s final moments he wants to think all his fans for the support they give him, even though he hasn’t been on TV for many years and says if anybody is interested check out ”The Wright Stuff: Wrestling School” in Germany and their website is located again at www.prowrestlingschool.de.

It was cool to catch up with ”Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright and don’t forget to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interview in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask a superstars yourself.

Стори ми се интересно и реших да го постна :) ,Алекс може да е бъдещ кечист за новите брандове,ако се осъществи идеята :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Готино четиво.. Мерси.. ;) Покрай цялостната wCW меланхолия, която ме е обзела последните няколко месеца това ми дойде много добре... :)

И да.. Има доста интересни моменти,трябва да призная.. ; )

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