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The Top Ten 2.27.07: Big Men


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Eто я новата класация,доста забавна бе,но според мен Кейн е за по-преден номер а и Бам Бам и Майк малко ин мемориам ги е сложил,но не възразявам-заслужават хората.

Honorable Mention: Kane

The Big Red Machine may not be the greatest wrestler in the world, but he has one of the coolest and most durable characters the wrestling industry has ever seen. Kane's psychotic demeanor and menacing frame has made him a feared, and often popular, character in the WWE since his debut. Kane can also deliver the goods in the ring with the right opponent as proven in his bouts with the likes of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and Chris Jericho. You can't fault Kane for some of the bad matches he's had, I don't even think that Ric Flair in his prime could pull out a decent match with Freakin' Deacon.

10) Sid

Whether he was called Justice, Sycho, or Vicious, the one common denominator about Sid was that he was undoubtedly cool. Anywhere Sid wrestled, he was immediately viewed as a contender to the title due to his off the charts intensity and seemingly unstoppable power. As a kid, I was a big mark for Sid because he seemed legitimately out of his mind and being the sick bastard that I am, I liked that about him. Also he had one of the coolest entrances in the history of the WWE because I loved how he gave a pound to the fans on his way to the ring and then would get to the ring, put one fist in the air, and have SID sprawled in pyro behind him. Awesome. Sid is a prime example that you don't have to be a technical marvel to connect with fans as smart and mark fans alike appreciated his work.

9) Kevin Nash

Ok, I'm probably going to catch some shit for this pick, but I don't give a damn. Big Sexy has always been one of the coolest personas EVER in the wrestling biz. And even though people like to crap on Nash's in ring ability, he did have some damn fine matches under the persona of Diesal in the WWE. His match against Shawn Michaels at Good Friends, Better Enemies is still one of my favorite matches to this day. Even when Nash isn't in the ring, he manages to entertain, as proven by the hilarious Paparazzi Production skits. Sure, they might be contributing to the slow death of a once great division, but at least it's going out with some humor.

8) The Big Show

Say what you will about Show, but for a man his size, he is one of the most agile and durable wrestlers you'll ever see. You aren't going to get any 5 star classic matches out of Show, but he has been involved in many entertaining matches with the likes of Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Sabu, Ric Flair, Raven, The Rock, HHH, Rhyno, Mick Foley, and others. Show plays his role perfectly as he seems like an unstoppable, unbeatable beast (unless you mention his time on Raw in 2002 where he was jobbing to everybody and their momma, but let's forget about that). I always felt that The Big Show was vastly underrated and I think that now that he's retired, people will look back on his work years from now and realize he wasn't so bad.

7) Mike Awesome

Awesome's inclusion on this list has nothing to do with his recent death because I have always felt that Mike Awesome was one of the best big men I'd ever seen. He was built like a heavyweight and could do all the power moves any heavyweight could do, but he could also fly like a cruiserweight and that is what made him special. Seeing Awesome come off the top rope with a splash or jumping over the top rope on his opponent was always a thing of beauty. He had some great matches in ECW, especially his legendary series with Masato Tanaka. I will always be pissed at WCW for turning him into "That 70's guy" which was a gimmick that pretty much killed off all his credibility. I was amazed that Vince couldn't find any use for him in the WWE after the Invasion angle because with a good manager, Awesome could have become at least an upper mid-carder based on his talent. We definitely lost a good one in Mike Awesome as I believe that he had the potential to be one of the best this business has ever seen, but we'll never know now.

6) Hulk Hogan

He's the Immortal One. The Icon. His impact on the wrestling industry is without question. Hogan definitely wasn't the one to rely on for mat classics, but his matches were definitely not boring. His charisma oozed throughout any arena he performed in and he could suck a crowd into a match like few others before or after him. His matches with Andre The Giant, Macho Man, The Ultimate Warrior, The Iron Sheik, and The Rock are legendary and are remembered fondly by many wrestling fans today. His 300 pound frame and 24-inch pythons made him an imposing figure, but when matched up against men like Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy, or The Big Bossman, it made him seem like the underdog. Even when matched up against smaller opponents, Hogan was able to garner enough sympathy that fans would have no choice but to get behind him. Hogan may go down in time as the most popular wrestler who ever lived so his inclusion on this list was mandatory.

5) Andre The Giant

The Eight Wonder of The World dominated the squared circle for decades and was in fact so dominating that he was undefeated in his WWE career until his showdown against Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 3. Think about that for a moment. Nowadays, we're impressed if a wrestler goes a year or two remaining undefeated, but this man went over a decade without being defeated. In the later stages of his career, Andre was very broken down and thus practically immobile. If you look at matches early in his career, though, Andre was quite limber and could frequently put on entertaining matches. Andre was one of, if not THE, biggest draws in the 1970's and his popularity remains to this day as many people have fond memories of him.

4) Bam Bam Bigelow

The Beast From The East is another wrestler whose inclusion on this list isn't due to his recent passing, but rather because he was a highly talented big man. Bam Bam was one of the first big men to display athleticism as well as brute strength. He would be as soon to powerbomb you as he would to do a moonsault on top of you. When matched up with the right opponent, Bam Bam could put on a classic match as seen in his classic ECW bouts with RVD and Taz. Bam Bam also did the carry job of a lifetime when he led Lawrence Taylor, who had no prior in-ring experience, to an entertaining match in the main event of Wrestlemania 11. Bam Bam was a superb wrestler that was taken away far too early (like many wrestlers) but at least he got to showcase his incredible talent and main event Wrestlemania which only a hand full of wrestlers can brag about.

3) Samoa Joe

Ok so technically some people might not consider Joe a "big man", but when you look at the majority of his opponents in his career, except for Kobashi and Morishima, he's pretty much towered over them in size and weight. For a man the size of Joe, his athleticism and speed is simply amazing. It is almost a guarantee that when you watch a Samoa Joe match, you're going to see something great. Joe can perform power moves with ease, but can soar over the top rope seemingly with little effort. He's an enigma and being that it is still early in his career, he still has many more years of classic matches to come and I for one cannot wait to see them.

2) Vader

The Man they called Vader was one of the most dominating and fearsome forces in the world of professional wrestling during his career. His stiff style and menacing power made him the most feared wrestler in any promotion he worked for, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. On top of that, Vader was also able to perform moonsaults and other top rope maneuvers which is absolutely amazing for a man that weighed over 400 pounds. Whenever the talk of big men comes up, I always hear Vader's name mentioned almost instantly and it is impossible to dispute because Vader put on some unforgettable matches during his career. You knew when you were watching a Vader match that you were going to see some stiff, hard hitting action and be highly entertained.

1) The Undertaker

The Undertaker has become one of the most popular superstars ever to lace up a pair of wrestling boots and when looking at his resume, it's not hard to see why. ‘Taker has been involved in some of the most memorable matches and moments any of us have ever seen and he's still making history to this day. Whether it be him defeating Hulk Hogan for his first WWE title, or the first Hell In A Cell match, or the unforgettable HIAC with Mankind, or him leaping over the top rope into a crowd of wrestlers at Ground Zero '97, or his first showdown with Kane, or his bloody HIAC match with Brock Lesnar, or his return at Judgment Day 2000, or his WM17 match with HHH, or his unexpected classic with Kurt Angle at No Way Out '06, or his recent showdown with Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble, The Undertaker has given us memories that we will never forget. ‘Taker takes a lot of criticism that he really doesn't deserve because I can't think of anybody his size who has provided so many classic matches. The man is a true legend and whether you like him or not, you can't help but respect all that The Deadman has done during his illustrious career.


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Не ми допада особено класацията,мисля че хора като Bam Bam(с извинение) ,Samoa Joe и Mike Awesome нямат място вътре,на всичко отгоре не са толкова Big,че то ако ще ги слагаме тия по-добре Scott Hall хем е значителни по-голям от тях,а има и още много други имена

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Не ми допада особено класацията,мисля че хора като Bam Bam(с извинение) ,Samoa Joe и Mike Awesome нямат място вътре,на всичко отгоре не са толкова Big,че то ако ще ги слагаме тия по-добре Scott Hall хем е значителни по-голям от тях,а има и още много други имена

абе тия са добре в сравнение с... виж Хоган :ph34r:

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Като цяло съм съгласен с класацията и всички хора са на мястото си освен Kane,който трябваше да е доста по-напред и Hogan :ph34r: който изобщо не трябваше да е в класацията.

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The Olimpic Hero

Ето до това води заблуждението на хората за Самоа Джо,даже вече започнаха да го класират в категории,в които всъщност не участва.Ех как се дразня така.:angry2:


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е, Джо е класифициран така, най-вероятно защото като активен Инди кечист рядко среща сходни по тегло съперници. Плюс това и в РОХ и ТНА често играеше ролята на "монстър хийл", пък и често между него и съперниците му имаше 20 до 40 килограма разлика.... НО това не означава, че е big men, тъй че и аз не съм съгласен той да бъде класиран в тази графа. Иначе класацията е горе-долу добра. Впрочем Хоуган си е доста едричък на размери, но не може да се сарвнява по габарит с останалите от класацията, поне застанали един до друг не са ми се стрували никога сходни.... имам предвид - Хоуган няма вид на big men!

[color="#990000"]HAIL SABIN[/color]

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Само че къде са Giant Gonzales,Giant Silva & Khali?Без тях класацията е някак си непълна. :D

Иначе без лигавщини мисля,че King Kong Bundy има своето място вътре ,а може б и и Yokozuna.


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Интересно защо са сложили Самоа Джо, Майк и Хълк вътре? :icon_question: :icon_question:

Къде са Кинг Конг Бънди, Wrath, Currigan, Йокозуна, Браян Адамс, Бернард, Абис, Viscera, Mark Henry, Ракиши и още много други?

Плюс това, Вейдър трябваше да е преди Тейкър, въпрос на вкус. :cool2:

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