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WWF 1999 Event

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Тази идея за дневниците и виртуал федовете много ме зариби и цяла вечер се чудих да започна ли дайари и какво да е то.И реших :clap: !Моят дневник ще е специален евент 1999 година,обикалящ четири континета и със 12 турнира.Ето и инфо,дано ви хареса:

1.Betrayal at Rome

2.Royal Rumble

3.The Tin Red Line

4.Road to ''Wrestle Mania:Athens''

5.War Games

6.Clash for Gold



9.Wrestle Mania:Olimpic Glory(Athens,03 September,20:30 p.m)

10.Saturday Night Main Event


12.End of The Road

Wrestlers in the Tour


Chirs Jericho

Chris Benoit


Stone Cold Steve Austin

Shawn Michaels

Scotty 2 Hotty(IC Champion)

Eddie Guererro

Rob Van Dam


Bubba Ray Dudley

Dion Dudley


British Bulldog




Triple H

Hulk Hogan

Kurt Angle

The Rock




Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy

Val Venis(Hardcore Champion)

Jeff Jarett

Crash Holly

Hardcore Holly


Dudley Boyz-Bubba Ray and Dion Dudley

Hardy Boyz-Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

The Hollys-Crah Holly and Hardcore Holly

Test & Christian-Test and Christian

Kane a& Edge-Kane and Edge(WWF Tag Team Champions)

Undertaker & Shawn Michaels-Undertaker and Shawn Michaels

Останете на линия!Турнето започва...ДНЕС!!!

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[font="Arial Black"]When the Y2J ruled the world[/font]

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Monday Night



1.The Hollys VS Kane & Edge©(WWF Tag Team Championship Match)

2.Jeff Jarett Has A Important Statement to Make

3.Christian VS X-Pac(Single Match)

4.Rakishi VS Eddie Guerrero(Single Match)

5.Chris Benoit VS Kurt Angle(Single Match)

6.The Y2J Chris Jericho will decide-A match at ''Betrayal at Rome'' with Undertaker or with Goldberg(PLUS Contract Signing)

7.ME:The Rock VS HBK Shawn Michaels VS RVD Rob Van Dam(A Triple Threat Match for the NO1 Contendership for the WWF World Title)

Stay tuned tonight when MONDAY NIGHT RAW will hit the TV Screen with start of The''Full Mayhem'99'' World Tour in Barselona,Spain!Don't miss!!!

Edited by Cannon

[font="Arial Black"]When the Y2J ruled the world[/font]

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