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NJPW - card + резултати за 18 Февруари 2007


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NJPW, 2/18/07 (WPW/PPV)

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

1. New Japan vs. CTU: El Samurai & Yujiro vs. Jado & Gedo

2. Super Jr. ~ THE CROSSOVER: Tiger Mask, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku vs. Jushin Thunder Liger, Shuji Kondo & "brother" YASSHI

3. Kakumei CRASH: Riki Choshu & Takashi Iizuka vs. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii

4. New Japan vs. GBH Special Singles Match ~ "GREAT! BIG vs HIP": Manabu Nakanishi vs. Shiro Koshinaka

5. BLACK vs. GBH Special Singles Match ~ "SANCTIONS": Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Togi Makabe

6. BLACK AUTHORITY: Hiroyoshi Tenzan & TARU vs. Masahiro Chono & Milano Collection AT

7. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Minoru © vs. Wataru Inoue

8. It's real! It's impulse!: Kurt Angle & Yuji Nagata vs. Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko

9. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi © vs. Koji Kanemoto

Доволно, определено доволно. Особено откъм buildup-a съм страшно доволен, като всеки мач има определена тема/теми към себе си и във всичко е вложена някаква интрига. Това шоу вероятно ще го гледам цялото.

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Доста добро шоу наистина,на последните два мача имам голям мерак да ги видя :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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NJPW, 2/18/07 (WPW/PPV)

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

11,500 Fans

1. Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito beat Takashi Uwano & Mitsuhide Hirasawa (12:04) when Yujiro used a German suplex hold on Hirasawa.

2. Super Jr. ~ THE CROSSOVER: Tiger Mask, El Samurai, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku Kaientai Dojo beat Jushin Thunder Liger, Jado, Gedo & Shuji Kondo (12:42) when Tiger used a Tiger suplex hold on Liger.

3. Kakumei CRASH: Riki Choshu & Takashi Iizuka beat Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (8:25) when Iizuka used a cross armbreaker on Ishii.

4. New Japan vs. GBH Special Singles Match ~ "GREAT! BIG vs HIP": Shiro Koshinaka beat Manabu Nakanishi (9:30) with a jumping hip attack.

5. BLACK vs. GBH Special Singles Match ~ "SANCTIONS": Shinsuke Nakamura beat Togi Makabe (11:42) with the Landslide.

6. BLACK AUTHORITY: Hiroyoshi Tenzan & TARU beat Masahiro Chono & Milano Collection AT (11:28) when Tenzan used the TTD on Chono.

7. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Minoru © beat Wataru Inoue (11:38) with a cross armbreaker (1st defense).

8. It's real! It's impulse!: Kurt Angle & Yuji Nagata beat Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko (14:43) when Nagata used the Nagata Lock II on Tomko.

9. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi © beat Koji Kanemoto (21:52) with a Dragon suplex hold (4th defense).

New Japan returned to Sumo Hall today for its first big event since the 1/4 Tokyo Dome super-show that began the year. Like the Tokyo Dome show, it has already won good reviews from people who attended and who watched it on PPV, with many calling it a better complete package than the January event. Despite many problems in this decade and still some existing problems, New Japan continues to gradually surface from its "Ice Age" with the very good, stable quality of the product from the last half year or so continuing. Junior icon, Koji Kanemoto, almost caused the miracle he promised in today's main event, the V4 defense of IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi. We're in an era where weight classes aren't as important as they once were, and Aniki showed why today, dominating the young ace a lot in their match. From start to finish this clash kept people interested, and was described by some as one of the great main events from New Japan in the 2000s. The action was frantic towards the end, with many near falls and close submissions, Tanahashi eventually winning after a cross-arm German suplex and his Dragon suplex hold. Kanemoto, having again exceeded the weight barrier like in last year's G1 where he reached the semi final round, was absolutely outstanding today and showed no sour grapes after the match, shaking hands firmly with his friend and partner from last year's G1 Tag League. Kanemoto left the ring with a smile, and Tanahashi finished off the show with a microphone performance, saying that whatever may happen, he will always protect New Japan, and asked fans to believe in him, then finally he thanked them for coming to the show and said he loves them all from the bottom of his heart.

At last, after weeks of hype, the "True American Hero" Kurt Angle arrived on the New Japan mat! Both he and his partner, Nagata (each in Nagata Lock shirts), were extremely popular, with "USA!" chants, as well as "Nagata!" (and plenty of signs from his hardcore fanbase). But this wasn't to be an easy exhibition for the Japan-U.S. dream team, as their opponents, Bernard & Tomko, showed what months of polishing their teamwork has achieved, dominating both Nagata and Angle for periods of the match. Angle was dropped with the Magic Killer at one point, leading to big "Angle!" calls from the crowd, as he was down and out on the mat. After dropping his enemy from TNA (Tomko) with an Angle slam, Kurt trapped Bernard in his ankle lock as Nagata applied his Nagata Lock II on Tomko (they also used a combination earlier on). Tomko tapped out and the new team was victorious in their first match together! Angle said after the match that he loved teaming with Nagata, but that his respect for Nagata also means he wants a singles match with him. Angle called Nagata the strongest wrestler in Japan and himself the strongest wrestler in America. He thanked the Japanese fans, and when asked if he wants to return to New Japan, Angle swore to return and live out his wish of a singles match with Nagata. Nagata said he also wants to fight Angle and aim at recapturing the IWGP Heavyweight Title by the end of the year. Unlike lazy, motivationless American superstars, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, Angle won over the fans quickly today by showing good work ethic and understanding of the Japanese style, and many will look forward to seeing if he will return to New Japan in future. Today's match was a big success and made all four men in the ring look very good by showing all of their characteristics.

Minoru made a successful V1 defense of his IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title against Wataru Inoue in what was described as a disappointing match. Minoru looked to be in bad condition, with an injured shoulder, and perhaps for that reason the match never really moved into gear like their Best of the Super Jr. semi final did last year. Minoru completely blockaded Wataru in the end, winning convincingly with a flurry of impact moves, ending with a cross armbreaker. Wataru has now lost to Minoru (once as Heat) in three of his biggest career matches (two IWGP Jr. shots, one BOSJ semi), and still can't seem to cross this big wall. Minoru said backstage that he had received information that young Mexican star, El Texano Jr., who challenged for the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Title with Negro Casas in December, has introduced himself as the next challenger, and said he'd receive challenges from anyone. Chono returned from ligament damage today, although probably wasn't at 100% and let his hard working partner, Milano, do much of the work as they took on the new GBH/Voodoo Murders team of Tenzan & TARU. It was their first match as a team, something of a dream come true for TARU who looked up to Tenzan while getting into wrestling, and the sequel to their singles match last year in Ring Soul. Both duos entered to union themes, and after some microphone provocation by Tenzan, he and TARU attacked. Tenzan and TARU did have some miscommunications, but Makabe, Yano, and Ishii appeared at ringside and helped them out, leading to Tenzan drilling Milano with his TTD for the victory. Post-match, TARU hurled abuse on the microphone and led an attack on Chono and Milano, until Nakamura ran in and cleared off GBH and their new backer. Nakamura was in action just before them, facing the on-fire WEW Heavyweight Champion, Togi Makabe, in a BLACK vs. GBH young generation war. Makabe spat at Nakamura, leading to an intense lock-up and an angry Nakamura driving knee kicks into Makabe's midsection. Nakamura tried for an early German suplex, but was low blowed for his effort. ~Makabe World~ opened as he assaulted the Black Savior with a variety of weapons, including his chain. He landed several lariats, before Nakamura avoided one and hit a high-angle German suplex. He then dropped Makabe with his reverse powerslam and finished him off with the Landslide for a come-from-behind victory! Makabe pounced on Nakamura right after the match with a lariat and used his chain again, before the two brawled. Nakamura said that no matter how many times he fights Makabe, the GBH man is too weak to defeat him. He said that he will fight Makabe in a Death Match like Makabe wanted, under the condition that Makabe do everyone a favor and retire if he loses. Nakamura requested this conclusion match and it could be one of the main features of round one in the New Japan Cup.

The second Shiro Koshinaka boom has begun! One of New Japan's most active wrestlers of the 1990s is enjoying a renaissance quite late in his career, after finding new fame via the Ametalk variety show on TV Asahi. Koshinaka entered to his old "SAMURAI" entrance theme today, bringing back many nostalgic memories to New Japan fans. There were loud "Koshinaka!" chants as he headed to the ring, his popularity exploding more than it has in years. His opponent was another TV Asahi celebrity, Nakanishi, and the two charmed fans with a very entertaining match. The finish saw the upset Koshinaka promised, as he hit gold with a hip attack flurry, getting his first pinfall over Nakanishi in many years! Koshinaka demanded a shot at the IWGP Heavyweight Champion again, but its unclear whether he'll have to win March's New Japan Cup to get it. Tomohiro Ishii was unable to surpass his teacher today, as he and Yano faced Choshu & Iizuka. Returning from a shoulder injury that obviously hadn't healed properly, Ishii had it taken apart and eventually tapped out to a cross armbreaker from Iizuka. New Japan's junior division may be able to enter a new phase after today's events. A new poison has arrived in New Japan, one third of which was on display in the sixth match. Another was in today's second match, seconded by the third piece of the puzzle. Voodoo Murders united with CTU once again today, Shuji Kondo teaming with Liger, Jado & Gedo against the well travelled foursome of Tiger Mask, El Samurai, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku. YASSHI, seconding Kondo, taunted the fans to large boos and said, "This is the first collaboration of Voodoo Murders and CTU! We don't allow traitors!". The match went to hell for said alliance though when Liger and Kondo kept hitting each other by mistake. Eventually, Kondo attacked Liger, Jado, and Gedo, leading to Liger's downfall via a Tiger suplex hold. VM stripped both Liger and Tiger of their masks after the match and YASSHI announced in advance that VM would re-land in New Japan and destroy everyone in their path!

Звучи много, много добре и най-вероятно ще го гледам цялото шоу. От абсолютно всичко съм доволен като резултат.

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President Simon was very happy with Kurt Angle's New Japan debut yesterday and plans to send out another offer at once. Nikkan Sports said New Japan invited Angle for two reasons, one to assist the company's ongoing reactivation and the other to strengthen their ties with TNA. If all goes well, there could be more productive talent exchange between the two promotions from now on.
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Шоуто има сравнително добър кард и ще има какво да се види :) ,вече гледах мача на Кърт,честно казано не съм особено впечатлен от него,но е интересно да се види Кърт в Япония.Сега остана да гледам мача на Танахаши :D (ако го намеря).Иначе Кърт не можа много добре да се представи,но все пак това му е дебюта в Япония и забелязах,че му беше малко трудно да се намести към тоя стил,но все пак рулираше имаше доста добри моменти в мача,а и в тийм с Нагата стана надъхващо,но все пак искам да го видя срещу някой Японец тея двете телета Кърт ги е срещал досега на ринг без това :)

P.S.Айде юбилейно мнение :lol:

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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