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Интервю с Hulk Hogan


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Нека да има :)

-Hogan started off by saying that Montreal is his favorite city and spoke about the hectic schedule he has been having with Brooke touring and working on her second album. Hulk says that the "ball and chain" on his daughter has been taken off now that's she's 18 years old, but he still can't help sometimes being an over-protective father. After coming back from a Raw taping, Brooke had already signed with FHM to do a pictorial. "She was just wearing a bathing suit, something like your girlfriend would wear on the beach, so I was happy with how it came out," said Hogan.

-In regards to a match at Wrestlemania 23, Hulk ruled out the Big Show claiming that Paul Wight is no longer working for WWE. He can't say how many matches he has left in him especially after blowing out his good knee at SummerSlam, but believes he has a handful of matches left in the tank.

-About his match with HBK and the infamous "shoot promo", Hulk said that Shawn Michaels is considered to be a good worker simply because he "flops around and flips around". If Hulk were to do an interview, he would have put over HBK, but instead Michaels went the opposite way. Hulk said that it shows you what type of business man that guy is.

-When he first came into wrestling, Hulk said that he wasn't that into it. He spoke about Blassie, who he credits with getting his head straight, getting him mentally adjusted and making him have fun in wrestling. He said that even though he was older, "Classy" Freddie Blassie still liked to do crazy stuff; screwing with fans, with drinks, and with women.

-When host Ryan Rider asked who his favorite opponents were over the years, "Macho Man" Randy Savage was immediately brought up, followed by others such as the One Man Gang, Big John Studd, Paul Orndoff, Kamala, and Andre. "Macho was always at the top of the list when he had his head on straight. He's off his rocker; I don't know what his deal is. He's pretty much gone; he's skitso, bi-polar…I don't know about him man."

-Hogan also spoke about his Wrestlemania 18 match with the Rock. He tried to be the ultimate badguy; every possible thing to get heat but you just can't make the fans do something they don't want to do. "They're just so loyal in Canada that it just backfired to Vince McMahon. I ran him over, I hit him with a hammer, nothing worked man. They [the fans]just didn't want to boo me."

-The night in Toronto where the fans predicted what they loved, believed in, and who they were loyal to was where his career went full circle and what Hulk claims to be his career highlight. Most people would guess it to be his match against Andre the Giant, but at that time he was figured in, he was the man, and everything was great. The fans showed their voice and he realized that no matter what the promoters do this is what the fans believe in their heart.

- Hogan also says that his WCW days were great, making tons of money there. WWF wanted him to disappear and fall off the top of the earth and die. They tried to make the fans forget about him and the WCW thing was a great lifeline for him. "The Hulk Hogan character still had a lot of mileage, and Hulkamania wasn't dead.

-Hulk said he had a hard time working heel, because it made a gray area where fans would cheer the bad guys and boo the good guys.

-Next he spoke about having a huge legal battle with Russo which has been taken care of.

-Referring to the planned original Bound for Glory in October 2003 in which he was scheduled to compete against Jeff Jarrett but injured his leg in Japan against Masa Chono, Hogan claims he got home and his hip was blown out as well. He said that he was getting ready to go to TNA, was hoping of working with Jarrett and those guys, and giving Vince a run for his money one more time.

-TNA's chances of success without Hogan? He's been watching what they're doing and claims that they are slowly crawling along there but need one momentum shifting move. The Hulk Hogan name is one that the fans have tons of respect for, wherever that name goes, that's where the fans go. Hogan thinks of TNA as a viable working opportunity and would possibly like to work there someday.

-No comment on the Richard Belzer incident in which he apparently lost 5 million dollars.

-Referred today's product to Will Smith's movie I Robot. The focus is on so much television and so much merchandise. The wrestling is moving way too fast. They are plugging people in and out, names in and out. Not having time to develop characters, when somebody leaves they just plug in a new guy. It's getting really mechanical said Hogan.

-Hulk Hogan ended the interview by saying he actually loves Montreal and really wants to get a house in that city. "For whatever reason, there's just some chemistry with me and the people of Montreal have changed my life." Hulk says goodbye to Ryan Rider and The Viz, and says he will see them soon and to give him a call anytime to have him again on the show.

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Hulk Hogan appeared on the Bubba the Love Sponge Radio Show today. Below are the highlights.

- They discussed the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Hogan said he hung out with her at the last UFC show and that she was wobbling all over the place and the hotel staff told him that she was incoherent when she checked in.

- Bubba mentioned how wrestling sites on the internet report everything wrestling-related from his show and that everyone is an "uproar" over Hogan possibly going to TNA. Hogan said he hasn't talked to Dixie Carter directly but that his lawyer might have.

- Hogan said that Bubba always gets him in trouble on air, saying he got heat for the phone call he answered on-air from Vince McMahon's secretary about the WWE Hall of Fame. Bubba said that was more Hogan's fault than his.

- They both discussed how hot UFC is right now.

- They briefly discussed TNA possibly going after Paul "Big Show" Wight.

- Hogan mentioned how he got tons of heat at the UFC show as the fans chanted "Hogan."

- Hogan claimed that VH-1 wanted him to start a new wrestling promotion for them. He also claimed that they wanted 20 episodes of "Hogan Knows Best" but he only agreed to 12. Bubba said that if Hogan, TNA, and VH-1 all team up, they would be "unstoppable."

- Hogan mentioned that the biggest angle in wrestling could be Hogan vs. Vince Russo. He also made it clear that he is not working for WWE and that he isn't scheduled to appear at WrestleMania.

Втори recap:

I was listening to BtLS this afternoon and Bubba called Hogan about Anna Nicoles death, but Hogan was sleeping, but called back like a half hour later. Anyways, they started talking about wrestling and some interesting things were brought up.

Hogan said he was done with WWE. He's not gonna be at Wrestlemania, he doesn't even know who is in the main event. Both him and Bubba were bashing the WWE pretty bad.

When Bubba asked Hogan if there was any truth to the rumor about Dixie Carter talking to Hogan over a big contract, he said he couldn't talk about it.

Bubba said he wants to be commentator if Hogan joins TNA. But, he said he wants to shoot on Russo, because he hates him. So, I don't think that's gonna happen.

Thought I'd pass that along to you guys.

On a funny note, Hogan said he thinks WSX is great and fun to watch.


Apparently, the reason that Hulk Hogan has been scratched from WrestleMania 23 plans is because of his recent appearance on the Bubba the Love Sponge Radio Show where he played a call from Vince McMahon's secretary live on air. The call featured a confidential list of potential WWE Hall of Fame candidates. McMahon was apparently so upset about this that he pulled Hogan from WrestleMania 23.

Hogan was going to face either Shane McMahon or the Great Khali. The Shane McMahon angle would have involved Donald Trump bringing in Hogan and being in his corner at WrestleMania, with Vince in Shane's corner.

Hogan, always the politician, put over TNA in a big way on the Bubba the Love Sponge Radio Show today. Whether he is actually interested in going to TNA or if he is just trying to send a message to WWE remains to be seen.

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Последното от the Hulkster :):

Hulk Hogan appeared on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show today. Highlights are below.

- He told the listeners to vote for Brooke Hogan's new video on VH1.

- He said there is "no way" he will appear at WrestleMania 23. He said that Vince told him that WWE has changed and they no longer have one "it" guy but a bunch of guys on the top and that Hulk can no longer take the bulk of the money on shows he works and that is one of the major issues between the two. Hogan said that he deserves the biggest payday on shows he works while Vince apparently doesn't agree with that anymore.

- He brought up how loud a pop he got at Summerslam 2006 when he wrestled Randy Orton, and that nobody could generate that type of pop except "one other guy." He said he deserves to be paid accordingly.

- He said that Vince McMahon has been trying to water down the Hulk Hogan character so he doesn't have to pay him as much in the future.

- He said that his appearances on WWE TV disrupt Vince McMahon's attempts to build brands.

- He said that he may have "other things up his sleeve" when asked about TNA, hinting that he could start his own wrestling company, specifically naming Big Show, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall as people who could be involved.

- He said he never signed the 20 year contract WWE offered him, but that Steve Austin has signed a lifetime contract.

- He said he wish he could be at WrestleMania 23 but cannot accept less money than he deserves.

- Bubba mentioned how Howard Stern is in Miami on vacation and that Hogan should visit him. Hogan said that he had never had an interview like the one he had on Stern and that Linda was really upset with him afterwards. But he added that he liked Stern and would call him.

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nobody could generate that type of pop except "one other guy." нии си знаим кой е тоз other guy :lol:

Струва ми се кофти, че е подписал life time договор, ма той си знае.


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Последния recap е доста интересен.Hogan отново показа,че има ОГРОМНО его и самочувствие с думите си.Иначе кой е този човек който може да получи по-голям POP от него?Фразата накрая ми хареса най-много:

"He said he wish he could be at WrestleMania 23 but cannot accept less money than he deserves." :D

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nobody could generate that type of pop except "one other guy." нии си знаим кой е тоз other guy :lol:

H - B - K :cool2:

- He said there is "no way" he will appear at WrestleMania 23...
- He said he wish he could be at WrestleMania 23 but cannot accept less money than he deserves...

открийте разликите *smirk*

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H - B - K :cool2:

Вярваш ли си?!

HBK не е бил голям колкото Steve Austin, не е толкова голям, и няма да бъде толкова голям.


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След като превръщаме темата в Хълкмания да се изкажа и аз:)

The Hulkamania is still runing wild!

Hogan е най-великия ;) Кеча нямаше да е същия без него. Най-харизматичния кечист, най-преуспелия кечист, най-известния кечист и изобщо най-най.

Няма втори като него. Същото може да се каже и за The Undertaker който също е голямо име в кеча.

Фен съм на Хоган още от малък когато си бях Mark-че. Hogan беше супергерой за мене. Бях единственото лапе от мойта компания което беше фен на Хоган и още си спомням с к'ъв интерес гледах негови мачове тогава. Имаше по видеотеките кеч на касети и все карах баща ми да ми взима да гледам кеч, събирахме се тайфата и гледахме кеч късно вечерта. Фен съм му и на ринга и в киното. Thunder in Paradise... ех ех времена... Като говоря за преди над 10 години чак са натъжавам от нусталгия.


Има ли Hulkamaniacs в този форум? Я веднага да си признават... без бой. :D

боли ма уя за Остин ;)

няма ли да е зле темата да се прекръсти на "Хълкаманиа" или от сорта; едно линкче по случая


HBK определено правеше доста Overselling в тоя мач.

EDIT: Съединих двата поста в един (UltraMadd)

Edited by UltraMadd


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