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ROH ще дебютира в Япония тази година


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Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

Ring Of Honor is currently set to announce their plans to debut in Japan this year at a press conference this Monday, January 22, 2007. As of right now, the deal is not 100%, but it is currently being reported by the press in Japan that there will be a show in Tokyo, Japan on July 16 in conjunction with Pro Wrestling NOAH and then a show the next day on July 17 in Osaka, Japan in conjunction with Dragon Gate. Both promotions have done extensive work with Ring Of Honor in the past resulting in many of ROH's best matches including Kenta Kobashi versus Samoa Joe from October of 2005, Do Fixer versus Blood Generation from March of 2006, and KENTA versus Bryan Danielson in September of 2006.

ROH owner Cary Silkin taped a message for Monday's press conference and there will be a representative from Ring Of Honor at tomorrow's Pro Wrestling NOAH show at the Budokan Hall headlined by Mitsuharu Misawa defending his GHC Heavyweight Championship against Takeshi Morishima. The show also features ROH's Briscoe Brothers defending their newly won GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships against Ricky Marvin & Kotaro Suzuki.

In addition to all of this, Samoa Joe's Pro Wrestling NOAH opponent for the February 16th show in New York City will be announced early next week. Samoa Joe has been calling out Pro Wrestling NOAH and its wrestlers on ROH shows for a while now building up to a match with a NOAH superstar. While the opponent has not been named, it is well-known that Ring Of Honor has been trying it's best to get Takeshi Morishima to take on Samoa Joe this year.

Най-добрата новина от началото на 2007.Просто не искам и да си представям за какви яки шоута би ставало въпрос и то със звездите както на ROH,така и на NOAH.А пък явно на 16 ни чака много голям dream мач-който и да е противника на Joe аз лично тотално ще mark-вам като луд.Айде дано и това да е първия петзвезден мач за 2007 ;) .

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Доста добра новина.Наистина могат да станат просто невероятни мачове между звезди от Япония и звезди от ROH.Нямам търпение да видя двете шоута в Токио и Осака,макар че все още не е 100% сигурно мисля,че до няколко месеца най-много ROH и NOAH ще уредят всички подробности.Иначе и аз нямам търпение да разбера кой ще е противника на Joe като се надявам това да бъде Morisihima,но ще видим.

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Реших да не създавам нова тема,а да напиша тук:

ROH Announces Morishima Matches:

Joe vs. Morishima - 2/16 - NYC

Morishima vs. Homicide (If Homicide is still champ) - 2/17 - Philly

Morishima vs. ??? (Whitmer if Morishima wins the title in Philly) - 2/23 - Dayton

Morishima & McGuinness vs. Homicide & Joe - 2/24 - Chicago

Няма какво друго да кажа освен F'N AWESOME!ROH RULES THE WORLD!!!

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