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LuFisto се отказва от кеча


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Hi everybody,

Unfortunately, there comes a time when your body tells you it’s time to stop. Sometimes, you just won’t listen and sometimes, you just have no more choices to listen and comply…

I’ve been having back pain since October but never did anything about it. I really thought it was something stupid, like simple muscle ache. Then, after every match, I was in pain. Last Saturday was no different as on the first fall I took, my back completely went numb.

I manage to finish the match and drive back home but the next day, things just got worst. As I was doing dead lifts, my back just let go. I heard a click, it burned and felt like my whole bones where squashed… So, I spent more than 14 hours at the emergency…

Two of my vertebras are in bad shape and I’m waiting to know if I need surgery. Of course, I won’t risk anything this time and I will be responsible about this.

Therefore, no more wrestling…

Am I retiring? I don’t like the word retirement because when you wrestle, it’s in your blood and too many people who are ”retiring” are back in the ring a while after.

The only thing I can say is that I’m not wrestling anymore, for now. I’ll see what the doctor says, what the results of the CT Scan I’m having tonight will say. Depending if it’s a good or bad news, I will make a decision about my wrestling future in about 3 months.

I unfortunately have to cancel all my bookings and forfeit my CZW Iron-Man championship, which has been my pride and joy.

My career, if we can call it a career, lasted close to 9 years…

Is it over? Only time will tell but I will have to slow down if I do decide to come back. I don’t know if I’ll update this website in the upcoming months. I guess I’ll see how it goes and how I feel …

I’m still dealing with all this so I won’t say more right now. If you are interested in buying some of my gear and boots, most of them are available. I’ll keep just a few in case but that’s about it. DVDs and shirts are also still available if you want to keep some LuFisto souvenirs.

The next three months will be quite challenging. Thank you so much for all the support and love throughout all those wonderful 9 years. I don’t have any regrets as I did more than people expected me to do.

I love you guys so much.

LuFisto xxx

Доста тъжно попаднах на това на нейния официалнен сайт още другаде не съм го виждал ако е вярно ще е доста жалко но очевидно има сериозна контузия която може да прекрати нейната кариера.

P.S. Дано се възтанови и върне на ринга.


[center][size=7][font='comic sans ms']ONE MORE MATCH[/font][/size][/center]

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Неприятно е да видиш как една от наистина талантливите кечистки в днешно време си заминава по този начин. Тая надежда, че ще се оправи и някой ден ще се върне на ринга, но здравето разбира се е на първо място. Пожелавам й успешно възстановяване и тайно се надявам, че ще я видим отново между въжетата.



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жалко за ЛюФисто, тя е феномен в кеча. Е, отказването на Първата дама на Хардкора надали ще донесе нещо добро, но надали ще отнеме и Бог знае какво...

[color="#990000"]HAIL SABIN[/color]

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