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The Top Ten Worst Gimmicks


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Ето новата класация искам да се похваля ,че съм един от малкото хора в този форум дето е гледал единствения мач на номер 2 в класацията.Взеха ми акъла с него -сестра ми тогава гледаше с мен и каза,че след мача погледа ми е бил изцъклен и съм гледал неописуемо тъпо :icon_lol:

10) The Red Rooster

Terry Taylor was a very talented wrestler that gained a cult like following while wrestling in federations like the UWF and the NWA. Vince McMahon swayed Terry to join the WWE with promises of great fame, but instead stuck him with one of the worst gimmicks ever. As "The Red Rooster" Terry would wear an absolutely ridiculous red getup and would come down to the ring motioning his head like a rooster while screaming, "cock-a-doodle-do!" Despite having tremendous talent, Taylor would frequently lose matches due to him being a "rookie" (despite the fact he was an accomplished veteran) and having his opponent roll him up while he asked his manager, Bobby Heenan, what he should do next. The WWE had a great talent in their hands with Terry Taylor and instead of him becoming a ring legend, he became a joke due to a completely horrible gimmick.

9) Akeem The African Dream

What happens when a large white man (formally One Man Gang) suddenly declares that he is from Africa and dresses up in a Dashiki while attempting to act black? You get one of the worst gimmicks EVER! Seriously, a white man should never wear a Dashiki. And you guys thought Cena was bad.

8) Sparky Plugg

This gimmick was so bad that Hardcore Holly was had his current gimmick for about eight years and still can't shake off the funk from this absolutely shitty gimmick. I guess the creative minds back then thought it would only be natural to give a wrestler a Nascar gimmick since they probably figured that both wrestling and race car driving attract the same type of fans. They couldn't be more wrong as this was one of the most uninteresting characters ever and how it didn't absolutely kill Bob Holly's career is a miracle to me. Even though he's legitimately one of the toughest men ever to step inside the ring, a certain part of me will always look at Bob Holly as Sparky Plugg and I think many other longtime fans feel the same way.

7) Mantaur

A man dressed as a bull?!? Why that just has to bring in the ratings, right? RIGHT?!? How about…..Noooo! During the mid-90's, this abomination of a wrestler would circle around the ring acting like a bull and moo at his opponents. It's gimmicks like this that you think couldn't have possibly existed until you see the footage and shake your head in disbelief.

6) Giant Gonzales

Holy crap, where do I start with this one? Horrible wrestler, horrible talker, horrible gimmick. And then on top of that give him an absolutely HORRENDOUS costume, complete with fake muscles and fur. Did people actually expect The Undertaker to produce anything decent with this guy?

5) Isaac Yankem, DDS

Who's dentist is that jacked? Seriously? Who actually thought that an evil dentist was a good gimmick? Out of all the people that Jerry Lawler could have brought in to help him in his feud with Bret Hart, the numerous legends he knew throughout the years, he decided to bring in his DENTIST?!? Thank God they were able to pull the plug on this abortion of a gimmick and find something better for Glen Jacobs to do. Luckily Kane was a good enough gimmick to make people forget about Isaac fucking Yankem. Well, almost…

4) Abe "Knuckleball" Scwartz

During the baseball strike of 1994, many fans were missing their favorite pastime so WWE's solution was to debut this gimmick and this is one that should have definitely stayed in the dugout. Apparently he was a disgruntled baseball player who was going to take out his RAGE in the WWE. It didn't take long for the fans to turn on this gimmick and was quickly dismissed. A little trivia for all your trivia nerds out there, Abe was originally called MVP before being called Abe Scwartz so the current MVP has some very big shoes to fill. That's sarcasm folks.

3) The Gobbledy Gooker

What in the blue hell was this? Seriously, what the fuck?!? After weeks of hype and fanfare, the WWE debuted this atrocity at the 1990 Survivor Series and the result was instant backlash from the fans. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if the WWE didn't hype up his debut like it was the second coming of Christ. How Vince ever convinced Hector Guerrero to done this costume and dance like an idiot with Gene Okerland for damn near 10 minutes is a mystery to me. I hope Hector got a bunch of cash for this because this will always be remembered as one of the worst gimmicks and events EVER to happen in WWE. A fucking dancing turkey, Jesus Christ!

2) Phantasio

If you don't remember this gimmick, don't feel bad, he was only around for one episode of WWE Wrestling Challenge in 1995. But this gimmick was so horribly unforgettable, that it was became a sort of urban legend within the world of wrestling. Phantasio was a magician who painted his face like a sad clown and dressed in a costume you would see on one of Madonna's dancers during the 1990 Vogue tour. Not that I would know how any of them dressed. Anyway, he supposedly performed magic tricks on his opponents and removed their underwear (seriously) to surprise them and roll them up for a victory. Luckily after his victory over Tony DeVito, he disappeared from the wrestling landscape forever to become one of wrestling's greatest (or should I say worst) mysteries.

1) The Shockmaster

Holy mother of our Lord, this has got to be the biggest embarrassment EVER for WCW and giving the way WCW ended, that's a big statement. For the weeks leading up to Clash Of The Champion 24, WCW hyped up the debut of The Shockmaster like he was going to be the greatest thing ever to happen to wrestling. Instead what the fans got was one of the most unintentionally funny debuts ever as The Shockmaster, complete with acid wash jeans and a glittery Storm Trooper helmet, busted through a wall to make a dramatic entrance but instead busted his ass and had his helmet fall off. That probably was a blessing in disguise as that made WCW pull the plug on this character a lot sooner than they probably would have. If you've never seen this debut, try to dig it up somewhere because you are guaranteed to laugh your ass off. Absolutely horrible gimmick, WCW was absolutely the worst when attempting gimmicks and that's saying a lot considering some of WWE's horrible gimmicks.


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e, тука малко лигаво са изкоментирани, като цяло съм съгласен, само дето Бастиан Бугър не го забелязвам... ъх, помня че ядеше разни работи през ентранса, имаше отвратително дебело тяло, облечено във втрещяващи сиви "панталонки"... и накрая им сядаше на лицата, в такъв момент сърцето може да ти спре, лично за мене всички други изгъзици на Винс, включително мотивът на Майкълс/Трипс и Трипс/Флейър фюдовете(но не и Новата му Генерация...), могат да бъдат простени, само да не беше пускал това "нещо" на ринга, една от най-големите пародии в кеча. Е, не че предишният гимик, който му спретнаха Винс и Ко. навремето беше по-добре - лудият монах Фрайър Фергюсън, който, ако не ме лъже паметта, търпи голяма критика и съвсем скоро след създаването си бива "елиминиран", за да се появи Бастиан. Само това имам да добавя, това е доста значим пропуск, а иначе космическия герой си заслужава първото място, наистина беше ЛОША идея. Но все пак си мисля, че и някои модерни шедьоври заслужават място в подобна класация, везмете за пример Юджийн, да речем, или предишния гимик на Кевин Торн.

[color="#990000"]HAIL SABIN[/color]

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