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The Top Ten Matches of 2006


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Ето класацията на бай Джулиън -този път не ми се коментира.Предполагам всеки си има за себе си своя десятка и мисли че ще пусне по-хубава класация затова ще ми е интересно да чуя предложения.

Все пак с повечето позиции трудно може да се спори за това дали са за там -макар и подредбата при мен щеше да е малко по различна

И така.

Just Missed The Cut

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair (Summerslam)

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. America's Most Wanted (Sacrifice)

Chris Benoit vs. William Regal (No Mercy)

Mick Foley & Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk (One Night Stand II)

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe (Genesis)

Chris Benoit vs. Finlay (Judgment Day)

Edge vs. Ric Flair (RAW, 1/16)

The Hardyz vs. MNM (December To Dismember)

The Hardyz vs. MNM vs. London & Kendrick vs. Regal & Taylor (Armageddon)

LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (Bound For Glory)

10) Money In The Bank Ladder Match II (Wrestlemania 22)

The big question before this match was would it be as good as the MITB match from WM21. The six combatants answered that question with a resounding "YES" and gave us another memorable Wrestlemania ladder match. This match had spots galore that included a Van Daminator from the top rope to Lashley(who was standing on a ladder), a superplex from the top of the ladder on 57-FUCKING-YEAR-OLD Ric Flair, a side effect from the top of the ladder on Finlay, a frog splash from the top of the ladder on Finlay(damn, Finlay got fucked up in this match), and Shelton's unbelievable jump from the ring ropes to the ladder in the middle of the ring. Overall, it was just a fun match to watch and lived up to the high standard set by the previous MITB match.

9) KENTA vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe (ROH In Your Face)

This match was the perfect definition of three guys just going inside a ring and beating the holy shit out of each other. The stiff, brutal shots that these guys hit each other with were strong enough to make even the most hardcore wrestling fan cringe a bit. There were so many unbelievable moves and sequences in this match that it would take quite a while to talk about all of them. The ending came when KENTA hit Danielson with the Go To Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep to pin the ROH World Champion clean in the ring. This is definitely the match to see for fans of hard hitting, stiff matches.

8) Edge vs. John Cena (Unforgiven)

Going into this match, most fans expected it to be a good bout with maybe a few high risk spots, but these two guys let it all hang loose on that night. Both men were smacked with insane chairshots(well maybe Cena's shot wasn't that insane) and took some high risk bumps. Major props had to be given to Edge who took not one, but two NASTY bumps and The Champ was no slouch himself as he took an insane bump from the top of a ladder through a table on the outside of the ring BACKWARDS. This was just nasty, brutal stuff but what else would you expect from a TLC match?

7) LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (No Surrender)

The cage match these two teams had at Bound For Glory was fantastic, but it just can't hold a candle to the awesome display these two teams put on during this Ultimate X match. The Styles Clash through the table, the cutter from the cables and the overhead throw by Hernandez to Daniels from the top rope were just some of the insane moves these two put on in this match. The visual of Christopher Daniels taking a suicide leap to gain the titles is an image that will not get out of my head anytime soon. Absolutely awesome stuff.

6) AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels (Against All Odds)

This was the rematch of their unforgettable encounter at Unbreakable last year and this one damn near surpassed their previous effort. It was just non-stop action with all three guys flawlessly hitting their moves. Your eyes had to be glued to the screen the whole time because it was one of those matches where if you blink you might miss something. A simply amazing match that proved that whenever you put these three guys in the ring together, you're going to get a classic.

5) Edge vs. John Cena vs. Triple H (Backlash)

I've watched this match a couple more times since initially seeing it and it's one of those matches that get better with repeated viewing. Going into this match, many people expected a solid outing from these three, but they far surpassed that and gave us a fantastic match. The odds seemed to be against Cena again and many people thought there was no way that he was leaving champ, but once again he was able to pull it off with a counter rollup to the Pedigree. All three men took tons of punishment, especially The Game who bled gallons of blood. A fun match to watch that was wall to wall action from bell to bell.

4) Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle (Turning Point)

This was the rematch to the awesome first encounter these two had at Genesis and they were able to surpass that effort due to having more time and busting out some absolutely brutal, stiff shit on each other. The match was back and forth and you honestly had no idea who would win because at times it seemed Kurt had it sealed up and then other times, it seemed Joe was taking it. The ending saw Angle get frustrated with not being able to put Joe away and try to result to a steel chair, which backfired on him, and caused him to fall into the Kokina Clutch and tap out to Joe. This evened up the series and guaranteed that we will see another match between these two and even though the dream match between them may have been rushed, they definitely haven't been short on quality.

3) Blood Generation vs. Do Fixer (ROH Supercard of Honor)

This was a match that I heard so much hype about that I just had to see it for myself. Most of the time when I don't see a match and hear a lot of hype about it, I'm usually disappointed by the time I see it. This definitely wasn't the case with this match as it surpassed how good I thought it would be. This match was just a wicked combination of technical wrestling, stiff shots, and high risk spots. That super duper hurricarana spot is still one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. This match is absolutely top quality and if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and find it because it is honestly more than worthy of the viewing.

2) Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker (No Way Out)

Ok, raise your hand if you thought this match was going to be as great as it was. Liars. I don't think any of us expected a match this good from a beat down Kurt Angle and an aging Undertaker. Most of us were hoping that they would recapture the magic of the Smackdown match they had from a few years ago, but this match far succeeded that one. You had Undertaker, who was hell bent on capturing the World Title against Kurt Angle who refused to let anyone even dream about taking his title. It was just an awesome affair that saw Taker beating the crap out of Kurt, but Kurt would keep fighting back and everytime it seemed as though Taker was about to put Kurt away, Angle would find a way to counter it(including the AWESOME counter from the Tombstone into the Anklelock). This match proved why Kurt Angle is the best in the world and Undertaker is probably the best big man to ever set foot in the squared circle.

1) Mick Foley vs. Edge (Wrestlemania 22)

This may not have been the best technical match of the year, but in terms of entertainment, there is no match this year that had me on the edge(pardon the pun) of my seat more than this one. I knew this match was going to be good, I knew this match was going to be brutal, but I wasn't expecting anything this remarkable. These two stole the show at Wrestlemania, the biggest wrestling event of the year! We saw a Cactus clothesline by Mick with Lita on his back, we saw a barbed wire socko stuffed in the mouth of Edge AND Lita, we saw Edge get backdropped in THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF THUMBTAKS BY GAWD, and we saw Edge go face first in fire when he speared Mick off the ring apron and through a table set on fire. The look on the face of these two after the match said everything as it looked as if they had just been through an absolute war. This match got me more excited than any other that I've seen this year and everytime I watch it, I still get goosebumps recalling the first time I saw all the unbelievable shit they did in it. A simply astonishing match that will be remembered for years to come.


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Класация за най-добрите мачове за 2006 без Bryan Danielson vs KENTA и Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuiness,че дори и Aries & Stong vs Briscoes от Unified.Нещо работата не ми се вижда много много обективна.Да,тези мачове по-горе са много добри,но нито един от тях не може да надмине специално тези трите,които казах аз(имам само леко съмнение към Blood Generation vs Do Fixer-a).

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Не мисля да коментирам класацията. Според мен за всеки човек една такава класация би изглеждала по различен начин. Ето я моята в общи линии:

10. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. AMW (Slammiversary)

9. Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James (WrestleMania)

8. AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Sirelda vs. AMW and Gail Kim (Victory Road)

7. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. LAX (Bound for Glory)

6. Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon (WrestleMania)

5. Trish Stratus vs. Lita (Unforgiven)

4. Chris Sabin vs. Senshi (Bound for Glory)

3. Hardys vs. MNM vs. London & Kendrick vs. Regal & Taylor (Armageddon)

2. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. LAX (No Surrender)

1. Mick Foley vs. Edge (WrestleMania)

P.S.: Не съм оценявал мачовете по качество, а по това колко емоционално са ми подействали. За мен това е най-важното в кеча. Може един мач да е невероятно добър като изпълнения, но ако не успее да ме грабне емоционално, така и не успява да ми стане интересен. От седмия мач нагоре ми беше много трудно да избера кои сблъсъци да включа. Ако трябва да правя класацията отново, може би няма да са точно тези мачове, но първите шест със сигурност ще присъстват.

Posted Image

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Добра е класицията :) ,някои от мачовете не съм ги гледал,но пък предполагам са на мястото си.Само бих сложил мача на Кърт и Гробаря на първо място и вероятно бих вмъкнал мача на Шон от кечмания някъде в класацията :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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The Olimpic Hero

И все пак да добавим,че четворният мач от Армагедон си е от 2006-та,така че си мисля че трябва да е в класацията,т.е топ 10.


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Класацията нещо не ми допада!Има мачове които наистина заслужават да са вътре,но вътре засложават и да са класиките от враждата между ROH и CZW,заслужават да са трите мача на Dragon срещу KENTA,Nigel и Joe!Явно автора не е гледал много ROH тази година и може би това е причината.А и не е включен и нито един мач от Япония,а поне Mariufiuji vs. KENTA заслужава това.Ето я и моята класация:

1.Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA,Glory By Honor

2.Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness,Unified

3.Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe,Fight Of The Century

4.Edge vs. Mick Foley,Wrestle Mania 22

5.Cage of Death match,DBDIV

6.Mariufuji vs. KENTA

7.Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker,No Way Out 2006

8.Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe,Turning Point 2006

9.LAX vs. AJ Styles/Chris Daniels,No Surrunder

10.Edge vs. Ric Flair,TLC

А тези които трябва да се споменът са:

John Cena vs. Edge от Unforgiven,Triple Treat-а от Backlash,Do Fix vs. Blood Gen.,Joe/Homicide vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe от MMC,Six Sides of Steel-а от BFG,Senshi vs. Chris Sabin от BFG,Monsters Ball-а от BFG,Joe vs. Daniels от дебюота на iMPACT в Четвъртък,Abyss vs. Cage от Lockdown!

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Ебати смешната класация е тая ;]

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Според мен положението е твърде субективно и трудно може да се направи класация, която да отговаря на представите на всеки. За мен тази е горе-долу... Има някои точни неща, други които бих разменил... Всичко е въпрос на субективно мнение.

Благодаря, че я постна!



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10-Edge vs Ric Flair WWE Championship Raw

9-HHH vs Edge vs John Cena Backlash 06

8-Samoa Joe vs Christophed Daniels X-Division Championship Impact.

7-Shawn Michaels vs Vince Mcmahon WM 22

6-Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe Turning Point 06

5-Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer vs Edge/Mick Folley ONS2

4-John Cena vs Edge Unforgiven 06

3-LAX vs Aj Styles/Christopher Daniels Bound For Glory

2-Undertaker vs Kurt Angle No Way Out

1-Edge vs Mick Folley WM 22


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1.Mick Foley vs. Edge (WrestleMania)

2.Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker (No Way Out)

3.Hardys vs. MNM vs. London & Kendrick vs. Regal & Taylor (Armageddon)

4.Edge vs. John Cena vs. Triple H (Backlash)

5.Mick Foley & Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk (One Night Stand II)

6.Edge vs. Ric Flair (RAW, 1/16)

7.Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle (SD! 6/2/06)

8.Chris Benoit vs. Finlay (Judgment Day)

9.Chris Benoit vs. William Regal (No Mercy)

10.Lita vs Trish (Unforgiven)

Lesnar vliza i Cena se nasira.gif


Класика от миналото: Jericho vs Benoit 🇨🇦 vs 🇨🇦

Най-добрите вражди на Kurt Angle в WWE:

vs Edge  vs Benoit  vs Triple H  vs Eddie  vs HBK  vs Austin  vs Cena  vs Lesnar  vs The Rock

Най-доброто за годината от WWE:

2010  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019  2020

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1.Naomichi Marufuji vs KENTA - for the GHC Heavyweight Title/29.10.06/ - просто този мач най-много ме впечатли през изминалата година

2.Do Fixer vs Blood Generation - ROH Supercard of Honor - такива мачове може и да са традиция за Dragon Gate,но просто не съм гледал Dragon Gate и не мога да знам,но този мач го гледах буквално с отворена уста.Това,че е единственият мач получил ***** от Dave Meltzer през 2006 говори достатъчно.

3.Bryan Danielson vs Kenta - ROH GBH 5 - перфектен мач във всяко едно отношение

4.Edge vs Mick Foley - WM22

5.Bryan Danielson vs Nigiel McGuiness - ROH Unified

6.Bryan Danielson vs Samoa Joe - ROH Fight of the century

7.AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs LAX - Ultimate X

8.Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe - Turning Point

9.Kurt Angle vs Undertaker - No Way Out

10.AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs LAX - Six Sides of Steel

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