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1) Brent Albright defeated El Generico. Early part of the match was played for comedy, with El Generico selling with Stooges-like screaming. Match was basically designed to get Albright over as a hot newcomer, which it did. **1/4

2) Shane Hagadorn retained the Top of the Class Trophy beating Bobby Dempsey. Surprisingly competitive match, with Dempsey getting lots of offense. Finish came when ref stripped Hagadorn of a weapon, only to have Hagadorn produce another one and smack Dempsey with it for the win. **1/2

3) Delirious defeated Jason Blade. Not bad little match, with lots of near falls and action after a slow start. Delirious won with the tap out. **3/4

4) BJ Whitmer went to a no contest with Jimmy Jacobs. Excellent, stiff and bloody good ECW style brawl. Match started hot and never let up. Whitmer got an early advantage but Jacobs got the upper hand after producing a spike and bloodying up Whitmer. Whitmer then swiped the spike and bloodied Jacobs. Both men took turns busting up the ref too. Lacey even took a few shots at Whitmer until Daizee Haze came in and had the match stopped. Whitmer and Jacobs STILL went for each others throats, even with half the locker room restraining them. Can you say Fight Without Honor? ****

5) Roderick Strong retained the FIP World title against Shingo. Strong got on the mike and declared that since Shingo put him through a table in Chicago and again last night in Lake Grove and since in FIP, the wrestlers make the rules, he declared that tables and chairs were legal. The two had a good, stiff match with tons of action. No tables were busted, but chairs did make an appearance. Strong got the win after about 20 minutes. ***1/4

6) ROH tag title match was next. Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero made their usual through the crowd ring entrance. Match started S-L-O-W, with a bit too much stalling. But since they went so long, I can forgive it in hindsight. Castagnoli wrestled in ring tights with strange shapes on it, causing one fan behind me to quip that his tights were inspired by the video game Tetris (They DID look like the shapes from that game)..After a slow start, the match built into a real fast paced thriller with tons of near falls. Sydal hit a reverse hurricarana on Castagnoli that looked like it killed him- great! Each near fall had the crowd on their feet and in suspense. When Sydal managed to get the pin, the place ERUPTED. Afterward, Daniels made an open challenge- anyone, anytime, anywhere. Best match of the card. ****1/4

7) Nigel MCGuinness defeated Jimmy Rave. Rave debuted with his Embassy free gimmick. Slow starter, but it built into a very good, stiff Japanese style match. Each man kicked out of the other's finisher until McGuiness hit the lariat for the win. Afterwards, Rave refused to shake the others hand until McGuiness got on the mike and said he had his respect. Rave shook his hand and even smiled and waved to the crowd until McGuiness pelted him with a roll of toilet paper. Words were exchanged, Daniels had to come in and break them up. Apparently something happened involving Rave behind the plexiglass- whether it was a work or a shoot I have no idea ****

8) Davey Richards made Austin Aries tap. Richards played total heel and Aries did a great job selling Richards' big moves. Finish came when Aries attempted the 360 splash but landed on his feet and attempted to gore Richards. Richards ducked, Aries shoulder hit the ringpost and Richards then applied a very painful looking submission for the win. ***3/4

9) Samoa Joe/Homicide beat the Briscoes in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere elimination match. I didn't get to see much of this match since it went all over the arena. One Briscoe did a suicide spot off the top of the scaffolding onto Joe that looked devastating. All 4 beat the living crap out of each other. Finish came when Joe did the musclebuster simultaneously with Homicide's Cop Killa and got the double pin.

Май се е получило поредното много добро шоу.Дебют на Brent Albright и 6 доста добри мача като даже този за tag titles е бил MOTYC!Тотално се кефя,че Chris Daniels и Matt Sydal са новите шампиони по двойки,но нямаше как след като Claudio отива в WWE.Не съм очаквал Jacobs и BJ да направят толкова добър brawl!Това шоу задължително ще се гледа.

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Според мен рейтингите тука са леко пресилени.Хора които са били на шоуто казват,че освен мача за титлите по двойки,Rave vs Nigel и ME-а,всичко друго било доста skippable.Супер е че титлите не ги дадоха на Бриско,макар че и това време ще дойде неизбежно.Този лудия спот е нещо като продължение от Motor City Madness където Jay направи SSP от тира.Както винаги шоуто ще се гледа.

Ето едно подробно review от шоуто в петък.И btw къде е American Dragon,че тука нещо ми се губи.

Here is quick results from friday night's Ring of Honor show in Lake Grove, Long Island at Sports Plus.

In the preshow,

Mitch Franklin defeated Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne.

Bobby Dempsey defeated Ernie Osiris.

Shane Hagadorn successfully retained the Top of the Class Trophy by defeating Rhett Titus.

The main show's matches were,

Lacey winning a SHIMMER Four Corner Survival over Nikki Roxx, Allison Danger and Daizee Haze by pinning Nikki Roxx


Nigel McGuinness winning the Gauntlet Series over Jimmy Jacobs. Other members of the match were Pelle Primeau, BJ Whitmer, Jason Blade, and Brent Albright. The series went as follows:

Albright defeated Primeau and Blade. Whitmer defeated Albright. Jacobs defeated Whitmer in under 10 seconds, and then Nigel beat Jacobs to win the match.

The Kings of Wrestling defeated Austin Aries and Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships in a NO DQ match with assistance from Shingo.

Shingo defeated Mark Briscoe.

Jimmy Rave defeated Homicide.

Samoa Joe defeated Jay Briscoe.

Matt Sydal & "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated Davey Richards & Delirious in the surprising (by my standards for ROH) main event, but by far, the best match of the card by a landslide.

Some thoughts from the show's happenings....

The preshow was its usual learning experience for all involved. The Payne vs. Franklin match was nothing to write home about. The crowd was behind Mitch, and he won the match with a half boston crab. Dempsey outweighed Osiris by nearly 150 pounds in the match, but there was some good pop for the Long Island native. Dempsey showed some nice athleticism with a standing drop kick to the head on Osiris while Ernie was in the corner. Osiris hit a standing shooting star press on Dempsey for a 2 count, but Dempsey eventually won the match with a death valley driver. Hagadorn's successful defense of the trophy was also nothing to write home about, the only real spots that had some interest from my eyes was a clothesline from hell ala JBL by Titus for a 2 count, and Hagadorn's eventual win was via brass knuckles to the head as Titus was trying to superplex the trophy holder from the top turnbuckle. I give all of these guys credit for being able to do what they do, because even in the infancy stages like these athletes, it still looks nearly impossible to a guy like me.

As the time passed to the main show, I have some crowd observations that I will share with anyone who is interested by going to my myspace blog.

The main show began with a SHIMMER Four Corner Survival between former Embassy maiden Daizee Haze, Nikki Roxx, (my first time seeing her), the disturbed one, Lacey, and Allison Danger, clad in red, white, and blue, appropriate for the holiday to be sure. Lacey continued her schtick to a tee by attacking Haze to begin the match during the code of honor handshakes, but she paid for it dearly. Roxx got Lacey in the tree of woe, and hit her with a sick drop kick to the, um, midsection.. Moving on. Haze then got some advantage by hitting a sliced bread #2 move on Roxx using Lacey, still in the tree of woe, as a stepladder. It was really cool to watch.

Danger then came in, and began taking abuse from Haze and Roxx. Danger kept trying to tag Lacey in for some inexplicable reason, but Lacey would not tag Danger. Haze kept yelling to anyone who would listen to punch Danger in the face, ala Chris Hero from past events. As the match continued, Haze looked for revenge on Lacey, but instead found herself the victim of a twisting backbreaker by Nikki Roxx. As I said, my first time seeing this competitor, and I was pleasantly surprised with her talent. Haze, however, nearly got the drop on Roxx by going for a widow's peak, but Roxx managed a rollup counter for a 2 count, a very close encounter that would prove fatal, as Lacey took a blind tag, screamed for the ref to throw Haze out of the ring, DDTed Roxx right in the center, and picked up the 1-2-3. She then hot footed it out of the arena to avoid any further activity with her female counterparts.

Next up was the gauntlet match. The order was determined by a random drawing. Brent Albright came out first, with a haircut, and an intensity that made him very well known in Ohio Valley Wrestling. His first challenger was the perennial underdog, Pelle Primeau. Nearly 100 pound weight advantage for Albright, who almost, from what I could see, looked a little nervous at first. He took whatever energy that was in his system out on Primeau by annihilating him quickly with a vicious trio of moves, a german suplex followed in to a t bone suplex followed in to a submission armbar for the tap out win. The fans were solidly behind the former Gunner Scott from WWE.

Next up in the gauntlet was Jason Blade. Albright quickly used Blade as a football with a vicious spine kick, but Blade came back with a double arm drag drop kick combination on Albright. Albright extended his hand to show respect, and then proceeded to t-bone suplex Blade out of his shorts when Blade took the handshake. Albright then hit a Hardcore Holly Jim Brunzell style standing drop kick. The match continued until a backslide attempt by Blade was reversed by Albright in to the devastating trio of moves I listed above, and we had another win via tapout for the ROH newcomer.

Up next was a test for Brent Albright in BJ Whitmer. The beginning saw some human chess by both men, either that, or an attempt to give Albright a bit of a breather. Albright took the opportunity, but each time he went for some offense, Whitmer would retreat, and Albright grew increasingly more frustrated. A slug fest ensued with Albright getting the better of Whitmer, and beginning a vicious assault on Whitmer's knee. This went on for what seemed like an eternity until Whitmer managed a facebuster by desperation. Albright, feeling the effects of Whitmer's desperate offense, took a nasty Arn Anderson style spinebuster for a 2 count, but quickly regained the momentum with an ankle lock on Whitmer that nearly made BJ tap out.

The match nearly turned in to a german suplex fest as both men tried germans on each other with reversals happening on three different occasions. Albright then goes for the t bone, which is reversed in to a german suplex by Whitmer who gets the dupe to a very unpopular reaction from the crowd.

Next up was Jimmy Jacobs, who ran in the ring like a house on fire, called for the bell from the ref, rolled up Whitmer, and beat him in less than 10 seconds. He then spent the next few minutes laughing at Whitmer behind a sea of referees while Nigel McGuinness came out, and also during Nigel's entrance which drew a huge pop from the crowd, we see Jacobs continuing his schtick with Lacey, which in character, is skeeving Lacey out to no end.

Nigel begins working on Jacobs's arm. This is the first time I've seen Jacobs since his days with Whitmer as ROH World tag team champs. He looks slimmer, and a little, sorry to say, worse than he did back in his Bruiser Brody style HUSS gimmick.

Whatever move Jacobs pulls on Nigel, Nigel counters it almost immediately. It appears like Nigel is playing with Jacobs when the smaller man manages a giant swing head scissors on the Brit, followed by a nasty neckbreaker for a 2 count.

One of the fans in the crowd claims he could be home watching Smackdown, and Nigel responds by twisting Jacobs like a perverbial pretzel, looks directly at the fan, and says, "You don't see this watching Smackdown, do you?" I hated this guy when I first saw him, but now, he rocks.

Nigel hits Jacobs with a sick, sick, sick sounding chop for a 2 count. Jacobs tries a spear off the top and misses badly to nasty chants from the crowd. He recovers well enough to smack Nigel in the face with his boot. Nigel falls to the outside and gets drop kicked in the head again while his head is resting near the ring post. Talk about headache 101.

Nigel manages to recover and nearly takes Jacobs' head off with a clothesline for a 2 count. More near misses with pin attempts, a suicide dive to the floor by Jacobs, two attempts at the Tower of London DDT before hitting it by Nigel, and we still don't have a winner yet. Jacobs hits a back senton off the top for a two count after Nigel went for the DDT again. Jacobs hit a spear for a two count.

The end of the match came when Jacobs went for a Sliced Bread #2, missed, and was crotched on the top rope. Nigel then came off the ropes with a vicious clothesline and got the 3 count. It was a hell of a showing on Jacobs' part to hang in so gamely with the bigger former Pure champion.

ROH announced its return date to Long Island on Friday night, April 13th. (Why so long?)

Next up was the No DQ match for the tag team titles between Aries and Strong and the Kings of Wrestling. I cannot describe this match properly and give it true justice. I can only tell you this. Buy the DVD, because you need to see this for yourself. It was that good. I'll try and recap some of the spots I did see during this chaotic event.

Aries woprked with Hero in the beginning in the crowd. Strong was with Castagnoli. Action was all over the place except the ring, making it very difficult to describe. Aries switched with Strong, and proceeded to backdrop Castagnoli in to the third row. Strong broke the metal barrier near the entrance ramp with Hero's body as a wedge to do it.

As Hero recovered, Aries & Strong double teamed Castagnoli with a chop/dropkick combo for a near fall. They tried to repeat their work on Hero, but Castagnoli stopped Aries by crotching him against the steel ring post.

In typical KoW fashion, Claudio begins duck taping Aries legs together while still wrapped around the ring post. Aries is trapped, and getting pounded by both Hero and Claudio.

The Kings then focus on Strong, almost tearing his legs apart while choking him out with Claudio's tie. Surprisingly, he still is in the match. The broken barrier and two chairs are brought in by the tag team champions, and Strong seems to be the unlikely victim of this carnage, but Aries finally manages to break free of the duck tape, and Hero ends up getting slammed from the top rope on to the barrier, which was set up on top of two folding chairs. Claudio was then bulldogged on the barrier.

Aries hits two brain busters on Claudio for a 2 count, because Hero pulled the ref out of the ring before the count of 3. Strong got a 2 count on Claudio with a nasty pile driver. A table was set up, but before it was fully set up, Claudio hit a twisting facebuster on Aries for a 2 count. The briefcase came in to play, and 3 separate near falls happened by using it, two by the challengers, and one by the champs. Hero became the victim of yet another double team move by Aries and Strong for yet another near fall, a backbreaker suplex combination.

Strong sets up Hero to go through the set up table, but Shingo comes in, interferes for the Kings of Wrestling, Strong ends up going through the table. Aries gets clobbered by Castagnoli, the KRS-1 is set up and hit on the FIP Heavyweight Champion, and the tag titles stay with the Kings of Wrestling in an absolutely fantastic match.

Following intermission, the mullet laden Dragon Gate member Shingo met up with Mark Briscoe. Mark was way over with the crowd, and hit a nasty looking slingshot Low Ki style double boot stomp on Shingo in the early portion of the match. The offense continued with a beautiful overhead suplex, but Shingo managed to turn the tide by getting Briscoe in a sleeper style move, and then using his throat for a lever spinning him like a top and throwing Briscoe nearly halfway across the ring.

Shingo continued the shortcuts by hitting two low blows on Mark behind the referee's back or distractions caused by the Dragon Gate star. I thought he was going to win using CM Punk's anaconda vice, as it looked like he had one locked in on Briscoe following a vicious STO takedown. Briscoe managed to escape, and got in some offense on Takagi via a twisting plancha to the outside, a spin kick, a suicide dive, and a jumping bulldog. Meanwhile, through all that offense, a third low blow by Shingo turned the tide back in the Japanese native's favor, when the slugfest that ensued following the low blow turned in to a spinning gut wrench suplex by Shingo. After 2 attempts to get Briscoe in to the torture rack, Shingo gets the Delaware native up, hits an X-factor style move for the 3 count.

He didn't get much time to celebrate, as Roderick Strong came out and brawled with Shingo all the way to the locker room, setting up their match later tonight for the FIP Heavyweight championship.

Next up was the Embassy-less Jimmy Rave vs. the Notorious 187. Homicide is so over with the crowd in Long Island, it's scary. A little human chess at the beginning before Homicide used Rave to test his punting skills with a spine kick. Rave got mad, spit in Homicide's face, and the ass kicking began. Homicide hit a nasty overhead suplex off an irish whip, which would jar any man's confidence, but Rave seemed to have it together tonight, even with the fans still razzing him, even though it's hardly as bad as it was when he was "The crown Jewel". This one was back and forth with double clotheslines, a suicide dive by Homicide that almost put Rave in the front row., a Powerbomb by 'Cide that almost took Jimmy Rave's neck and turned it in to an accordion, a DDT off the top rope following a little help from the J-train for a 2 count by the 187, a hurrancanrana off the top ropes, and then the three amigos, RIP Eddie Guerrero. Rave managed to stay in this throughout all this offense, and was able to change the momentum, hitting a spear for a 2 count, and his "pedigree" for a 2 which shocked the hell out of the Georgia native. Homicide went for the cop killa, which got reversed in to a backslide, but as Rave went to put his feet on the ropes, he kicked the ref, and the Notorious one kicked out of the pinning predicament. Rave ended up winning via a roll up on a flukey finish that I missed because I was writing notes from previous spots. Homicide and Smokes looked stunned, but they didn't have much time to talk as the Briscoes attacked both men, which of course led to the music of "Mama Said Knock You Out".

Out comes Samoa Joe. Homicide and Mark Briscoe mysteriously vanish, I assume they brawled to the back, but I didn't see it. Jay and Joe were brawling on the floor, with Joe leading Jay up for the ole kick. Joe was really up for this match, showing a lot of emotion at the onset. He missed two facewashes however by posing for the crowd, but a spin kick in the corner later, the third time was the charm on the trademark maneuver. Briscoe countered the followup kick from the facewash with a kick of his own and a nice strong suplex, showing the strength of the smaller tag team specialist.

Jay began his usual style of hard hitting on Joe, hitting a forearm in the corner for a 2 count. He tried setting something up via a leapfrog, but it was countered in to a nasty flap jack by the Samoan giant, followed by a trio combo of an arm drag, jumping kick, and a back senton splash for a two count. Trademark Joe maneuvers for most of his matches. Joe then hit the powerbomb, got a 2, went in to the STF and the crossface, but Jay powered out. Jay then hit a nasty DVD, which really showed his power on the much bigger Samoan. But, a 2 count was all he could muster.

Briscoe hit a frog splash for a 2 count. Joe came back with a spin kick on the ropes, but Briscoe countered in to a roll up for a near fall. A german by Jay Briscoe then counted another near fall against the TNA stalwart. Briscoe tried for a plancha from the outside but Joe caught him with a kick to the gut while Briscoe was in midair, set him up for the muscle buster, and the ball game was over.

The main event was even better and more difficult to describe than the tag title match. Delirious and Davey Richards met up with Matt Sydal and the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels. The beginning saw Delirious' usual schtick with Richards self-imposing his desire to start the match until the bell rang, when Delirious went nuts. The masked green specimen then crouched at the corner turnbuckle eating the tag rope. I kid you not.

Some chain wrestling by both men, Richards and Daniels opened up the contest with Richards getting the better of the two, muttering something like "come on old man" at Daniels. I am surprised Daniels didn't take more offense to that from the whippersnapper competitor. Back and forth action continued as Delirious and Sydal were tagged in. During that exchange, I heard a fan call out for Curry Man, which Daniels turned and replied, "He's in Japan." I hope Danielson doesn't find him. Sydal hit a nice monkey flip on Delirious to temporarily swing the action in favor of the Fallen Angel's team.

The momentum was short lived as Richards was tagged back in, said something to the effect of "that's enough of the nice s***," and proceeded to chop and kick at Daniels with increased intensity. Sydal got some of the mo back on Richards by hitting a 619 style move in the corner, followed by a nice slingshot kick to the face on Richards while he was sitting in the corner on the ring canvas. Daniels hit a jumping back kick on Richards, and Davey was taking a lot of punishment. Daniels and Sydal were working like a well oiled machine for a good portion of this match.

During a portion of the match when Richards was in a submission move, I believe with Daniels, Delirious got in to a shouting match with the cheerleader clad Allison Danger, Danger would scream "tap!", and Delirious would bark, "no!" It was hilarious to hear.

Daniels and Sydal then hit a nasty looking death sentence on Richards, (sorry AMW) for a 2 count, even with Daniels standing guard against a Delirious attack. Richards and Sydal continued with a slug fest where the former protege of KENTA won that exchange, proceeding to literally throw Sydal in suplex formation against the top rope. It was a tremendous show of strength from the Washington native. Delirious did some moves on Daniels with an F5 style slam, and a clothesline, but near falls only on both counts. The masked man and Davey Richards then double teamed Sydal for a drop kick, and then Davey practiced his football by kicking Sydal in the back so hard it echoed throughout Sports Plus.

They continued to work on Sydal's back until Richards went off the ropes for a handspring move which was countered in to a jumping side kick. Daniels was tagged in, and set up for Angels Wings on Richards, but Delirious came in, and Daniels threw the masked man on top of his partner, literally.

I noticed on more than one occasion that Sydal seemed out of it, dehydrated, almost possibly sick. He was off the apron taking water on more than one occasion throughout the match.

A blind tag by Sydal backfired with a missed clothesline, and a miss by Sydal when Delirious hit Daniels with a plancha off the top rope to the floor. Sydal got back in the swing with 2 near falls on Richards, including a nice standing shooting star press. Richards got the momentum back with a brainbuster for 2, and a reverse texas cloverleaf which the Fallen Angel had to interfere to save Sydal from tapping out.

Daniels and Sydal got the momentum back in their favor and had double koji clutches on both men, Sydal had Richards and Daniels had Delirious. I don't honestly know why they broke it up, but I am guessing one of them made it to the ropes. I didn't see it from my vantage point. Richards and Delirious hit a double team brainbuster on Sydal for 2. Daniels and Richards spilled to the outside and brawled. Delirious hit Sydal with a kick in the corner, and Richards came in with a SICK fold out german suplex from the top rope. Delirious then hit a nasty splash on Sydal's back. I thought for sure this was done, but Sydal kicked out at 2.

Delirious hit a neckbreaker from the ropes on Sydal, who took a lot of punishment, but he kicked out again at 2. The end of this amazing match came when Sydal was being set up, Delirious called for a belly to belly from the top rope, which Sydal countered by pushing Delirious to the mat. Daniels popped up, hit the BME, Sydal hit a shooting star press from the top rope, and the ball game was over, in an absolute stellar contest.

The truly best part of the whole match however was how Daniels and Sydal took the time to raise the hands of Richards and Delirious recognizing the effort all four men put out in this contest. It was one of the best live matches I have seen in a long long time.

Ring of Honor returns to Long Island on Friday night, April 13th. I'll be there. Will you?

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