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The Top Ten Celebrity Moments


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Тази седмица бате Джулиън малко подрани ;) Класацията е забавна аз бих сложил номер 3 на второ място гледах наскоро филма с Джим Кери и за времето си скандала на Анди Кауфман и Джери Лаулър е бил страшна сензация,макар и неоползотворена докрай.

Враждата на Лорънс Тейлър и Бам Бам ми беше много забавна,а и участието на футболисти на Мания 2 и особено на Хладилника си струваше


10) Andre figures out a way to finally shut Bob Euker up

Bob Euker was a special guest commentator and interviewer at Wrestlemania 3 and 4 and provided many witty quips and funny analysis. He interviewed some of the more eclectic figures during his interview segments, but nothing could have prepared him for interviewing the Eight Wonder of The World, Andre The Giant. Bob tried to conduct a semi-serious interview with him, but Andre's incessant rambling pretty much shot that idea down. The interview was capped off with Andre trying to choke Euker, an impressive visual given that Andre's hand completely engulfed the throat of Euker. It's a memorable moment in the history of Wrestlemania as they still play that interview frequently when hyping up Wrestlemania.

9) Cena gives K-Fed an FU from all of America

When Kevin Federline aka Mr. Britney Spears aka King White Trash showed up on Raw to pow wow with his "good friends" Nitro and Melina, I was expecting another one of those horrible segments that we've gotten accustomed to on Raw for the past couple of years. Instead I got a pleasant surprise when K-Fed cut a very good heel promo and had the entire crowd booing the hell out of him. This brought out John Cena who proceeded to diss K-Fed repeatedly, including suggesting that he was going to "spear" his wife, Britney(which was the ultimate fantasy for all straight males six years ago, but today.....not so much). It seemed like that would be the end of the interaction between the dueling white rappers, but the best part was yet to come. After Cena invited K-Fed back in the ring to seemingly squash the beef, he hoisted him on his shoulders and delivered a thunderous FU(which K-Fed sold beautifully). And all of America rejoiced.

8) Dennis Rodman goes nWo 4 life BROTHER!

Dennis Rodman was the ultimate bad boy of the NBA so he seemed to be a natural fit when he joined up with Hulk Hogan as part of the nWo in 1997. Rodman couldn't wrestle a lick, but it was undoubtedly cool to see him strut out with Hogan in the nWo gear. Of course this inspired other celebrities like Karl Malone, Jay Leno and **shudder** David Arquette to follow his lead to less successful results, but it was still quite the coo for WCW to have the most controversial figure in the sporting world on their show on a regular basis.

7) HBK and Diesal fight over who has the hotter chick. I say they're tied

At Wrestlemania 11, Shawn Michaels was set to go one-on-one with his former bodyguard Diesal and was suppose to be accompanied by not only the star of the hit MTV show "Singled Out" Jenny McCarthy, but also "Baywatch" goddess, Pamela Anderson. I don't think you guys remember how hot these two girls were back in 1995. But I digress. Jenny came out with HBK, but there was no sign of Pam. She would then appear with Diesal during his entrance, obviously siding with Big Sexy. This really wasn't historically significant or anything, but I must reiterate just how hot these two women were in their heyday. They were Box-of-Kleenax-and-Bottle-of-Lotion-a-day hot. I'm sweating just thinking about it.

And now you are too.

6) WWF vs. NFL at Wrestlemania 2

At Wrestlemania, they had a triple main event from three different cities. The main event for Chicago was a battle royal featuring some of the NFL's biggest stars against some of WWE's finest. Some of the NFL talent included in the battle royal included Bill Fralic, Ernie Holmes, Harvey Martin, Jim Covert, Russ Francis, and of course William "The Refrigerator" Perry. Chicago legends Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Dick Butkus acted as special guest referees. This was a great merger between both sporting companies, even if it only lasted for one night.

5) LT faces Bam Bam on the grandest stage of them all

What seemed to be a one-time only altercation between New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor and wrestling superstar Bam Bam Bigelow turned into a media field day which led up to a match between the two behemoths at Wrestlemania 11. This match has always been a source of much discussion between wrestling fans as some absolutely despised the idea of a football player with no training getting the main event slot on the biggest event of the year while others felt it was an entertaining spectacle. I fall somewhere in the middle because I felt that this definitely deserved a place on the card because it brought in a lot of fans that probably would have never even bothered to order the event, but it didn't deserve to be in the main event. Either way, the match went down with LT winning and will go down in infamy as one of the most memorable celebrity moments ever in wrestling.

4) Pete Rose goes from playing for a big red machine to getting tombstoned by one

Pete Rose was a special guest announcer for the Wrestlemania XIV match between The Undertaker and Kane, but took the liberty before the match to run down the fans of Boston and point out that they are a bunch of losers(Sorry Red Sox fans, but it's true). Kane then made his entrance and instead of running from the ring like a semi-intelligent man would do, Rose just stood there which was enough for the Big Red Machine to hoist the controversial ball player on his shoulder and deliver a Tombstone.

Wrestlemania XIV Pay-Per-View = $29.95

Three large Pizzas and Two bottles of Pepsi = $40

Pete Rose getting dumped on his head = Fucking Priceless

3) Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler fool the world

Famous Comedian Andy Kaufman had touted himself as the Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion and he would challenge women from around the country to try to pin him and if they could succeed, they could get $1,000. Many women tried and they all failed. This brought along famous Memphis wrestler, Jerry Lawler, who told Kaufman to fight a man and challenged him to a match. During the match, Lawler delivered a piledriver to Kaufman and seemingly broke Kaufman's neck. Kaufman would then show up on Late Night With David Letterman ranting about Lawler while Lawler was a guest and that resulted in Lawler slapping the hell out of Kaufman and a near brawl taking place. Fans of Lawler and Kaufman thought the two men genuinely despised each other and that train of thought remained years after Kaufman's death and it wasn't relieved to be a joke until a 1995 NBC special about Kaufman aired and revealed to the world that Lawler and Kaufman were fooling us the whole time. It was the ultimate "work" and an entertaining one at that.

2) Wrestlemania I provides celebrities galore

Wrestlemania was the do or die show for Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation and as a result he spared no expense in trying to make it the biggest spectacle the world had ever seen. Along with all the wrestling talent, Vince also incorporated such iconic figures as Muhammad Ali, Billy Martin, Liberace, The Rockettes, Cyndi Lauper, and Mr. T into the show to make it feel as grandiose as possible. All the celebrities did a great job in their role, especially Mr. T who was part of the main event when he teamed with Hulk Hogan to take on Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Wrestlemania I had that aura of something special and unforgettable and there is no doubt that the various celebrities that attended contributed to that.

1) Tyson. Austin. Who's really the baddest man on the planet?

Leading up to Wrestlemania XIV, Vince McMahon had invited controversial boxer Mike Tyson to attend Raw and proceeded to call him unquestionably "The baddest man on the planet." This of course upset Stone Cold Steve Austin who prided himself as being the meanest, toughest son of a bitch to ever walk the planet. So when Tyson was in the ring with his entourage and Vince McMahon during an episode of Raw, Austin had enough and decided to confront Tyson. What started out with a few words quickly became a pull apart brawl with Tyson and Austin both wanting a piece of each other. The media frenzy that followed that incident was unbelievable as you saw the incident played on almost every major media outlet including ESPN, CNN, The Today Show, and other popular channels and programming. It created an uncanny buzz around Wrestlemania and I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people started to tune into Raw just to see if Austin and Tyson would lock horns. This is the perfect example of how you use a celebrity correctly in the wrestling biz.

Сега се сетих и за къркания Бърт Рейнолдс като ринг анонсър преди мача Брет-Йокозуна на Ресълмания 10 ,както и за Мортън Дауни ,Хот Род и един пожарогасител :lol:



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Добра статия. Научих много интересни неща от нея. За съжаление аз съм гледал само няколко от тези моменти. За FU-то на K-Fed имам най-ясни спомени. Другите лико ми се губят, но конфронтацията между Остин и Тайсън мисля, че съм я виждал в DVD-то, което описва враждата между Остин и Винс, виждал съм част от интервюто с Andre The Giant (наистина доста често го показват в клипчета за WrestleMania). Мисля, че съм виждал и Tombstone-а, който Кейн прави на Pete Rose, но този въобще не го знам какъв е и явно затова не ми е направило толкова голямо впечатление. Гледал съм няколко пъти филма "Човек на луната", но доскоро не знаех, че е по действителен случай. Едва преди няколко месеца разбрах, че наистина е имало такава "вражда" между Andy Kaufman и Jerry Lawler. Двамата доста добре са изиграли всички. Това трябва да е било много голяма сензация по времето, когато се е случило, и още по-голяма, когато истината е била разкрита.

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