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Braintree, MA, November 3rd

ROH World Title Match

Bryan Danielson defends vs. Delirious

Special Attraction

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. KENTA & Davey Richards

Six Man Tag Team War

Steve Corino & The Briscoe Brothers vs. Homicide, Samoa Joe, & BJ Whitmer

Special Challenge Match #1

World Tag Team Champion Chris Hero vs. Christopher Daniels

Special Challenge Match #2

World Tag Team Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. Matt Sydal

SHIMMER Special Challenge Match

Daizee Haze vs. Mercedes Martinez

Nigel McGuinness Has An Open Contract!!!

Philadelphia, PA- November 4th

Fight Without Honor

Homicide with Julius Smokes vs. Steve Corino

ROH World Tag Team Title Match

Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli defend vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

KENTA's Farewell To ROH

KENTA vs. Matt Sydal

Tag Team Grudge Match

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Davey Richards & Delirious

Dream Partner Tag Match

ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson & Jimmy Rave vs. Samoa Joe & Nigel McGuinness

ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette Will Be In Attendance

Konnan is bringing the LAX attitude to ROH In Philly

Bonus Attraction Match

Christopher Daniels with Allison Danger vs. "M-Dogg" Matt Cross

Four Corner Survival

Colt Cabana vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Tank Tolland vs. Pelle Primeau

Е чакам коментари за тези две шоута на ROH.На мене кардовете ми изглеждат доста впечатляващи,а мачът на KENTA със Sydal го чакам с голямо нетърпение.Определено всичко ми харесва от нещата,които стват сега в ROH.

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LAX в ROH!!! Дори само заради това си заслужава да го гледам! Но има и доста мачове, които мисля, че ще се получат добре - Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. KENTA & Davey Richards, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong, KENTA vs. Matt Sydal и може би някои други. А защо това е "KENTA's Farewell To ROH"? Той повече няма ли да се бие в компанията?

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Ще се бие,но просто ще отсъства за около 2-3 месеца.Точно както със AJ Styles.Поначало в последните 2 месеца,че и повече KENTA си беше regular ROH.

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Имам само няколко думи!F'N AWESOME!ROH,ROH,ROH!Просто има мачове които очаквам с огромно нетърпение и да се надяваме,че очакванията ми ще бъдат оправдани.Мача на Joe и Dragon ще бъде страхотен.

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Кардовете са феноменални.. Определено...

Delirious като победител в "Survival Of The Fittest" ли ще се бие ще срещу Danielson?!

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These are results from Ring of Honor's return to the Boston area last night with a show at the National Guard Armory in Braintree, Mass. It was the promotion's first show in the area since last September and their third show in the venue (the last was in Aug. 2004). They announced a return date to Braintree on 1/26.

Building was jam packed. Not sure how many seats were in the place, but I saw very few empty seats and many people standing. Things cleared out a bit before the Joe-Whitmer-Homicide v. Briscoes-Corino match when it was announced that police were ready to tow cars parked on a nearby residential street (parking lot was full).

There were two prelim matches with ROH school students

A. Six guys from Chaotic Wrestling in Lowell, Mass. wrestled in a six man tag. I couldn't catch most of their names, but one was Chaotic Heavyweight Champion. Thomas Penmanship. One member of Penmanship's team (maybe Gonzalez was his last name?) was knocked out legit after he took a snap suplex and a guillotine legdrop that apparently caught him right on the chin. The guy who hit the guillotine had to lift his victim's shoulder up at 2 on a pin attempt because he was dead weight and out cold. They all froze for a moment until a partner dragged the knocked-out wrestler across the ring to his corner and put him on the floor to recover. He eventually got back on his feet but was very wobbly. Not a good scene. Penmanship's team won.

B. Shane Hagadorn retained his Top of the Class trophy over an ROH student hailing from Alaska (not sure of his name either).

Nigel McGuinnes kicked things off by getting on the mic and talking about being glad to be back in Boston. He said he brought in a special opponent for the occasion that ROH fans haven't seen in a while. Boston native and former Pure Wrestling Champion "Hurricane" John Walters returned to "Welcome Back" chants

1. Nigel McGuinness defeated John Walters after a diamond cutter with Walters hanging by his feet off the corner. Walters looked real crisp and in great shape. McGuiness put Walters over again in a post match promo and fans chanted "Please Come Back" at Walters.

2. Mercedes Martinez defeated Daizee Haze after a fisherman's buster in a SHIMMER match. I swear I heard ring announcer Bobby Cruise refer to this as a special SHOOTO match before it began. Not much here, but crowd was into Martinez. Lacey hit the ring after the match and berated Haze on the mic.

3. Christopher Daniels defeated Chris Hero. Hero really pulled some cool heel stuff off here, including this elaborate celebration/taunt after he came out on top of an exchange with Daniels. Maybe he's done it before but I haven't seen it. It involved him dropping to a knee repeatedly, jumping to the apron, flipping back in and all this fun stuff. Daniels then cut it off with an elbow and mocked Hero to a big pop. Daniels hit all of his trademark stuff and Hero got some near falls from his cravat lock position. Daniels won after a series of roll ups and reversals. Matt Sydal had accompanied Daniels and Claudio Castagnoli had accompanied Hero, so next we got:

4. Matt Sydal defeated Claudio Castagnoli with a shooting star press. Sydal really impressed here and pulled off some mid-air techniques that are too hard to describe in print. Let's just say a lot of his flying moves had an extra layer to them that you didn't expect. Castagnoli was over and held his own. Sydal hit his twisting hilo to the floor and later hit a wonderfully high shooting star press for the win.

5. Mark & Jay Briscoe & Steve Corino defeated Samoa Joe & Homicide & BJ Whitmer. Hot action here. Homicide and Corino went right for each other out of the gate. Lots of hard shots and brawling. Briscoes pinned Homicide after a double-team Jay Driller. After the match Corino promised on the mic to not only beat Homicide Saturday night in Philadelphia, but to kill him. The faces eventually cleared the ring and Joe smashed Hagadorn's Top of the Class Trophy on the ring post.

6. Colt Cabana defeated Jimmy Rave with an inverted Boston Crab. Fans pelted Rave with TP and he gave it back to them. Cabana really got over and had a good time in there. There were "Where's your toe?" chants, and the referee made sure to check Cabana's boot before the match to confirm that all 10 toes were there. They played with the severed toe hoax a lot. Cabana looked good and entertained.

7. Bryan Danielson defeated Delirious to retain the ROH World Title. Solid work from these two, but the applause from the audience and some of the standing o's for some spots were forced. Danielson didn't pull out many tricks here, which was perfectly fine to me but didn't get the crowd going. Delirious escaped cattle mutilation twice and kicked out of a high top rope back suplex. He had Danielson caught in a crippler crossface with Danielson's arm tucked in, choking him out, when Danielson rose up in the hold, kicked off the corner like Bret Hart and rolled back onto Delirious for the pinfall. Decent enough.

8. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defeated KENTA & Davey Richards. Phenomenal bout. Crowd was apeshit and it was an organic enthusiasm. Wicked hard chops and kicks from KENTA and Strong. Strong took the brunt of most of KENTA's onslaught. They hit great dives to the floor with Aries suicide-diving through the legs of a leapfrogging Strong and KENTA coming off the top with a plancha onto all of them. Scary spot as Strong looked to hotshot KENTA on the ropes but misplaced it and KENTA got quite a whiplash effect coming down. He appeared fine. Richards looked really good here as well. Action came down to great near falls and several teases but no delivery of "Go 2 Sleep." KENTA did hit the baisaku knee off the top on Aries who was perched on Richards' shoulders for a great bump. Bout ended after Aries double foot stomped Richards in the head as he as held up by Strong. Aries then delivered a sick kick to Richards head while he was still being held up, and then came off the top with the 450 on him for the win. Aries thanked KENTA for his ROH work and promised to take the tag belts back Saturday night. Crowd chanted "Thank You KENTA" as the NOAH star stood alone in the ring. Had to be ****1/2 if not more.

A solid show but not exceptional. Didn't see much interest in ticket sales for the next show on the way out the door. The main event really elevated the rest of the show, which was full of basically *** matches.

ROH drew about 600 for it's return to the Boston market for the first time in over a year.


Bobby Dempsey, Rhett Titus & Mitch Franklin defeated Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne, Eddie Osirus & Thomas Penmanship

Shane Hagadorn defeated Pelle Primeau to retain the top of the class trophy when Hagadorn used brass knucks behind the ref's back.

Main show:

Nigel McGuinness came out and announced his mystery opponent as John Walters. Walters kicked out of a Tower of London and a nasty rebound clothesline, but was pinned after a second Tower. Nigel put over Walters post-match. Good opener.

Mercedes Martinez beat Daizee Haze with a fisherman buster. Afterwards Lacey ran in and badmouthed Daizee, then slapped her.

Christopher Daniels (w/ Matt Sydal and Allison Danger) beat Chris Hero (w/ Claudio Castagnoli): Hero and Claudio made their entrance through the crowd. Really fun match - crowd was way into Hero's schtick. Daniels won after reversing a rollup. Hero attacked Sydal afterwards and that lead to...

Matt Sydal defeated Claudio Castagnoli after backdfropping out of a top rope Riccola Bomb and hitting the shooting star press.

Steve Corino & The Briscoes defeated Homicide, Samoa Joe & BJ Whitmer: Wild brawl all over the floor to start. Turned into a heated match. Jay pinned Homicide after an assited Jay Driller. Corino promised to kill Homicide on Saturday.


Colt Cabana beat Jimmy Rave. Crowd chanted "Where's your toe?" at Colt. Ref did confirm that Colt had ten toes. Fun comedy match that Colt won with a reverse Boston Crab.

Bryan Danielson beat Delirious in an ROH Title match. Not much heat for with one, and the match itself was a little dissapointing. Danielson reversed Delirious' submission into a pin for the win.

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defeated KENTA & Davey Richards. Brutal match. all four guys pounded each other. Match went 25 minutes and ended with Aries pinning Richards after a 450. Best match of the night, last few minutes were off the charts.

They're returning to the same building on January 26th.

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