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ROH Results 10.28.2006(Chicago,Illinois)


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1) Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn over IA **

2) Shingo over Roderick Strong ***

3) Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs over Rave & Rinauro. **1/2 After the match.

Jimmy grabbed the mic and said that he finally did what lacey wanted which

was to win. Lacey then got on the mic and said that it wasn't jimmy who got

the team to win it was cabana. Lacey told Cabana that she wanted to further

their relationship and offered him a contract to join Lacey's Angels. He

declined and said she needed to learn the difference between personal and

business relations. He also said that she is annoying, yells a lot and is a

bitch. Lacey told jimmy to attack Cabana but Cabana stopped him and tried to

talk some sense into him about Lacey and basically telling him that she is

no good for him. Jimmy then said that all she had to do was one thing for

him and that was just to hug him to which she replied that he disgusts her.

It looked like cabana and jimmy would walk out together but he turned on

cabana and attacked him and dug into cabana's face with lacey's high heel

shoe. He went to senton colt but BJ Whitmer came out and stopped him and

lacey and jimmy retreated to the back.

4) Steve Corino over Delirious with help from Pearce & Hagadorn. **1/2

Cornette threatened Todd Sinclair's job as lead official afterwards if he

reversed the decision.

5) Christopher Daniels over Austin Aries ***1/2

6) Brent Albright over Trik Davis **

7) Matt Sydal over Jay Briscoe ***3/4

Cool Davey Andrews over Mark Briscoe ***1/2

9) Samoa Joe over Bryan Danielson via chokeout with Sinclair's belt in

21:30. **** The fight went all over the arena, I was in the front for most

of the spots, it was great. At one point Danielson yells to the fans "Who

wants us to take this outside?" and points to the door. Of course the fans

yell like crazy. Then Danielson says "FUCK NO!" The man is the greatest

ever(определено съм на същото мнение ;) ).

Announced for the 12/8 and 12/9 Doubleshot is Joe-Danielson in a Steel Cage,

Aries/Strong-Daniels/Sydal, Homicide-Pearce, and Cabana-Jacobs


Colt Cabana is a superstar. The most entertaining guy by far tonight.

Shingo is okay, although jobbing Strong to him upsets me.

Corino is amazing. He insulted my mom tonight.

Daniels/Aries was good as expected

Brent Albright looks huge, was very impressive

I didn't want to like the jay/sydal match but it won me over very much.

Davey Richards is stiff as hell

Bryan Danielson is my favorite wrestler ever.

Finally, Todd Sinclair is the greatest heel on ROH's roster.

Can't wait for Joe/Danielson in a cage. This was a great show.

From Jeremy Diemer:

Ring Of Honor

Frontier Fieldhouse

Chicago Ridge, IL

Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn defeated Irish Airborne

Jim Cornette came out and cut a heel promo showing his support of Pearce and Hagadorn.

Shingo defeated Roderick Strong

Shingo put strong face first through a table. Shingo dominated and pinned Strong. Shingo had one hell of a mullet.

Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs defeated Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro

Cabana scored the pin and a post match angle took place where Lacey attempted to sign Cabana to be part of her "Angles". Cabana revealed they were having lots of sex, but that was personal not business. He had no business interest in her. She demanded Jacobs attack Cabana. He thought about it for a while and eventally attacked him with her shoe. Cabana bled. BJ Whittmer made the save.

Steve Corino defeated Delirious

Lots of fun comedy. Corino has put on some weight. The fans made sure to point it out to him. Pearce and Hagadorn interfered. Corino pinned Delirious after a shot to the head with the TROPHY~!

The ref reversed his decision and proclaimed Delirious wins via DQ.

Jim Cornette would have none of this and threatened to fire the referee if he didn't reverse his reversed decision. He kept his job and Corino was offically the winner.

Matt Sydal defeated Jay Briscoe in a really good match.

Mark Briscoe hit the ring immediately after. Davey Richards followed. A short brawl led into

Davey Richards defeating Mark Briscoe

Richards wins via Tapout. Another good match.

Brent Albright defeated T.Davis(?)

Total squash.

Christopher Daniels defeated Austin Aries via pinfall.

Samoa Joe defeated Bryan Danielson

They beat each other up all over the place. Couldn't really see what was happening, but heard many items breaking.

Danielson took the refs belt off. They whipped each other. Joe choked out Danielson with the belt in a rear naked choke. Danielson passed out and his arm was dropped 3 times. Joe challenged him to a Cage Match at the next Chicago show (12/8 and 12/9)

Виждаме,че и дори шоутата с по-невпечатляващ кард освен Bryan vs Joe,се получават.Определено Sydal vs Jay Briscoe и Davey vs Mark Briscoe не са неща за изпускане.А Декември месец какво ще става просто не е истина - не стига,че ще гледаме Cage Match,и един страхотен мач за титлите по двойки,ами тогава ще наближава и Final Battle,за което съм сигурен,че ROH ще ни скалъпят страхотни изненади.


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Мале лудница!Само дето нямам много време за гледане и само дето ме баннаха от pwt и ся трябва да си сменям IP-то.Надъхах се и сега ще изгледам Fight of the century!!!


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