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The Top Ten Debuts


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Дано колегата Reich не ми се сърди но реших да пусна една статия от поредицата със която той се занимаваше,а именно Top Ten статията е на Julian Williams.

Honorable Mention: CM Punk FINALLY arrives in ECW

CM Punk was a legend on the independent scene and had been signed to a WWE contract for roughly two years, yet we did not see him show up on any WWE TV(except a cup of tea on Heat and his infamous WM22 "gangster" appearance) during that time. He was still being used in OVW even though all his fans felt that he should have been called up after a few months there, not years. Many discussed that backstage politics(Stephanie McMahon didn't care for him) were preventing Punk from getting his big break in front of a national audience. With the re-emergence of ECW, Paul Heyman was able to use his pull to bring up Punk, who was one of his favorites talents during Heyman's stint at OVW. So the hype promos began and anticipation for his debut began to build. Then in front of a great crowd at Hammerstein Ballroom, Punk made his in-ring debut on WWE TV and received a superstar reception. This instantly made Punk credible to the average fan and he has since become one of the biggest commodities of the new ECW.

Honorable Mention: Jeff Jarrett shows up on Nitro

Jeff Jarrett had lost his Intercontinental title at the No Mercy PPV in 1999 and seemed to be on the outs in WWE. Then, the next night, during an episode of Monday Nitro, Jarrett appeared from out of nowhere and claimed how he was coming to WCW to take over and climb to the top of the mountain. Even though it was known that Jarrett was leaving WWE, it was still a shock to see him appear on WCW TV less than 24 hours and instantly be thrown into the main event scene. I know that I did a spit take while I was watching that episode of Nitro and saw Jarrett saunter out. Very good, surprising debut.

10) The Rock gives a prelude to his great career

The Rock made his debut in WWE at the Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden as Rocky Maivia during a classic Survivor Series-style matchup. Teamed up with Jake Roberts, The Stalker(Barry Windham), and Marc Mero, Rocky took on the team of Goldust, Triple H, Crush and Jerry Lawler. Rock impressed the MSG audience with his great athleticism and babyface antics and had the crowd chanting his name by the end of the match. Funnily enough, the same crowd would begin booing the hell out of Rocky a few months later which would lead him into becoming The Rock and becoming an icon in the wrestling industry. Seeing Rock with the Pineapple hairdo still makes me laugh to this day.

9) Kane makes a fiery impact

This happened during the legendary Hell In A Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker and was a great payoff after months of teasing. Paul Bearer had stated for months that he had found The Undertaker's presumably dead brother, Kane, and planned on bringing him back to confront the Deadman. Bearer taunted ‘Taker over and over again, yet there was no signs of Kane. Then during the brutal HIAC match, with Undertaker seeming like he was about to pick up the win, the arena went black and eerie music began playing over the loudspeaker until a loud BOOM of fire erupted. Out came Kane in his famous mask and he proceeded to tear the steel door of the HIAC off its hinges and deliver a Tombstone to the Undertaker which sealed the victory for HBK. A great way to make a debut and a good payoff after months of teasing.

8) Paul Wight debuts out of nowhere

This was during the Steel Cage match between Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin that Austin was easily dominating. Everytime Austin attempted to escape the cage to win the match, McMahon would goad Austin back in by flipping him the bird. It seemed as if Vince had lost his mind or was suicidal, but the evil genius had a trick up his sleeve. When Austin seemed to finally be tired of whipping McMahon's ass and was on his way out of the ring, Paul Wight aka The Big Show came out THROUGH the ring canvas and proceeded to beat the holy crap out of Austin. The evil plan backfired as Wight accidentally threw Austin out of the cage, which allowed the Rattlesnake to pick up the W. Nevertheless this was an impressive debut because how many times do you see a 7 foot, 500 pound man appear from underneath a ring canvas? Exactly, never.

7) Carlito spits in the face of Cena on his debut

The ‘E had been hyping the debut of Carlito for weeks through a series of vignettes and everyone could see that he was an entertaining character that could make an impact, but I don't think anybody expected what happened on his debut. John Cena, who was US champ at the time, was in his hometown of Boston and the crowd was in a frenzy over him(remember, this is 2004 when Cena was probably the most over guy in the company). Carlito then came out and proceeded to spit in Cena's face(literally) and challenge him for the US title. Nobody gave Carlito a chance in hell of beating Cena, but Carlito did just that, shocking the entire crowd in the process. The looks on the audience's face when they realized that their hometown boy had lost his title to a newcomer was priceless. Great debut for Carlito that instantly made him one of the biggest stars in the company.

6) Christian Cage makes the jump to TNA

Christian had gotten fed up of being misused by WWE and instead of signing a new contract, he decided to head for the door. Everyone at the time thought that he might take a couple months off to cool off and then return to the E, but instead Christian made the shocking jump from WWE to TNA, becoming the first big name WWE superstar to leave WWE willingly for TNA(others like Jeff Hardy, Rhino had been fired). This was a huge moment for TNA and seeing Christian in a TNA ring demeaning WWE was a surreal moment. It was the first significant jump since the days of the Monday Night Wars and very well could have led the way to TNA picking up Kurt Angle.

5) Lex Lugar shows up on the first Nitro

Lex Lugar had been a pretty popular superstars during the dwindling days of the NWA, but one that company went under, he switched sides to WWE. He had a pretty significant run there, challenging for the WWE title on numerous occasions. He seemed to be sticking around Vinceland for a while, but then suddenly on the debut episode of Monday Nitro, who should show up but Mr. Lugar. This was the first significant defection of the Monday Night War and was only the beginning of years of talent stealing between the two rival promotions.

4) The Undertaker begins his legendary career at Survivor Series

Ted Dibiase had promised a mystery partner for his team that consisted of Dibiase, Honky Tonk Man, and Greg Valentine. The crowd had no idea who it was and imagine their amazement when they saw a nearly 7 foot, ghastly looking man lurk towards the ring. ‘Taker went in the ring and proceeded to impress everyone very quickly with his athleticism as well as being seemingly impervious to pain. Taker would soon go on to beat Hulk Hogan for the WWE title and become one of the biggest legends ever in the history of wrestling.

3) Ric Flair heads up North

After numerous problems between the Nature Boy and Jim Herd in WCW, Ric Flair decided to head to WWE with the World Heavyweight Championship in tow. After Bobby Heenan nearly pissed himself in anticipation over the arrival of ‘Naitch, Flair debuted on Prime Time Wrestling and gave a promo like only the Nature Boy can. This debut was significant because Flair had always been the face of the NWA/WCW so to see him show up on WWE was unbelievable and truly signaled that anything could happen in the world of wrestling, which would be furthered evidenced when Hogan jumped to WCW a year later.

2) Scott Hall shows up on Nitro

This was one of the most unexpected, shocking debuts of all-time. During a seemingly nothing match, Scott Hall made his way down to the ring and declared that he had been sent from up north to declare war on WCW. This was the kick start for one of the most successful angles ever and instantly hooked viewers who didn't know if Scott Hall really was sent from WWE to try to destroy WCW. It hooked viewers in and this may have been the most significant debut in wrestling history.

1) Welcome to Raw is Jericho!

WWE had been running a "Countdown to the Millennium" for weeks and nobody was really sure what it was about. That question was answered on an episode of Monday Night Raw during a promo by The Rock. In the middle of Rocky's promo, the countdown screen appeared counting down the remaining seconds to the supposed "millennium"(nevermind that it happened on August 9th). Once the clock expired, the lights went out and a huge explosion followed until the words JERICHO appeared on the Titantron. The crowd response was off the hook as the crowd went nuts for the debuting Jericho. Jericho then proceeded to give a great promo stating how he was there to save the WWE from mediocrity and finally give the fans something to cheer about. Of course The Rock responded by tearing Jericho a new asshole, but that still couldn't take away from the fact that this was the most entertaining, awesome debut ever. At least in my humble opinion.


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Статията бива, макар че не съм съвсем съгласен с някои от позициите, най-вече с първата ;) Дебютът на Кейн можеше да е малко по-напред, а и мисля, че този на Кърт Енгъл заслужава, ако не друго, то поне да бъде споменат.

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Aз пък съм съгласен само с първата позиция (всъщност и втората) :). Greatest debut EVER! Другите позиции бих ги разместил малко и някои от тях направо бих ги махнал, но като цяло горе-долу добра селекция.

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Няма проблеми,дерзай.

Аз също бих сложил по-напред дебюта на Кейн,искам само да спомена и аз нещо с Lex Luger (не знам защо автора му вика Lugar).

След като дебютира в WWF като Нарцисист(малко по-добре се справяше от Крис Мастърс),на 4 юли на специалното седмично шоу на самолетоносача ,когато Йокозина предизвика Америка -Lex слезе от хеликоптер и бе първият който успя да повдигне 250 килограмовия шампион(чак след 2 години Ахмед Джонсън го вдигна пак)!Това е по скоро фейс-търн с нов образ а не дебют,но за мен е най-впечатляващото появяване което съм виждал досега.


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Беше ми доста интересно да прочета статията. За съжаление от изброените дванадесет дебюта (заедно с honorable mention-ите) съм гледал едва четири като за два от тях въобще не съм знаел какви са историите преди това или какви vignettes са били излъчвани (става дума за дебютите на Джерико и Кейн). Единствените два дебюта от изброните, за които съм бил напълно наясно с всичко, са тези на Карлито и на Крисчън в ТНА. Поради факта, че съм гледал по-малко от половината дебюти не мога да преценя дали класацията е обективна, но ме учудва присъствието на дебюта на Карлито, както и прекалено задната позиция на дебюта на Кейн. Доволен съм от първото място. Дебютът на Джерико е наистина един от най-добрите дебюти на всички времена.

Posted Image

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След като дебютира в WWF като Нарцисист(малко по-добре се справяше от Крис Мастърс),на 4 юли на специалното седмично шоу на самолетоносача ,когато Йокозина предизвика Америка -Lex слезе от хеликоптер и бе първият който успя да повдигне 250 килограмовия шампион
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XTWTYA2T - на който му се гледа, това е.
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