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WWE vs. TNA Rob Van Dam vs. Petey Williams


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Eто една забавна статийка на Jordan Linkous-досега не бях чел нещо от него-видя ми се интересна.

What would happen when the Whole F’n Show and the Canadian Destroyer Tangled? And then got high and sang the Canadian National Anthem? Hmmmm……..

The Pre-Match Warm-up:

So here's the deal. I take one TNA superstar and one WWE superstar and compare them in five different categories. They can be similar or complete polar opposites. I'll take your e-mails and the wrestler with the most votes by the time I submit my next column will win the "battle." The categories aren't set in stone and are frequently changing. Let's get started. I believe I will make my first impact by fighting…

Petey Williams vs. Rob Van Dam!

Category 1: Key Wins/Titles

Petey Williams: Petey Williams may pale in comparison to RVD's titles, but take into consideration how long he's been in TNA 2+ years. In a 20 Man Gauntlet, Petey was ably to topple 19 other superstars, pinning Amazing Red to win the vacant X-Division title. Petey then went on to have the second longest X-Division title reign. He had numerous title defenses. He was also able to win two consecutive Ultimate X matches, beating Chris Sabin and Matt Bentley, both former X-Division Champions. Some may not count Ultimate X8, but I say a win is a win. He still busted his butt in the match. He then won in a rematch, Ultimate X9, which was less than a week later. He hasn't done much after the split off Team Canada, mainly floundering near the bottom of the X-Division.

Rob Van Dam: "The Whole F'n Show" has quite a few title wins to add to his resume. 6 time IC Champion, 4 time Hardcore Champion, 2 time WWE World Tag Team Champion, 1 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 1 time European Champion, 1 time ECW TV Champion, and 2 time ECW Tag Team Champion. Take in mind this is in a 10+ year career. To earn these titles, he has had to beat wrestlers such as Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Christian, Kurt Angle, and Bam Bam Bigelow, along with others. He has also recently won the $ITB Ladder match at WM 22. Then, at ECW ONS 2 RVD achieved his greatest achievement to date: he finally won the big one. He beat John Cena to win the WWE Championship. To top it off, he received the ECW Title from Paul Heyman. He was flying high….literally. He lost the titles, but has still had two of the best ECW matches against Hardcore Holly and Test.

Category 2: Training Ground

Rob Van Dam: Rob Van Dam was trained under the tutelage of the Original Sheik, a pioneer of Hardcore wrestling. RVD coach trained others from Michigan, such as Tag Team Title partner Sabu, Scott Steiner, and Greg Valentine. RVD appeared on the wrestling scene in 1990, but didn't gain much recognition until he arrived in ECW in 1996.

Petey Williams: Trained by Scott D'Amore, Petey Williams was one of the star pupils of D'Amore's Can-Am Wrestling School. Here he learned his brutal finisher the Canadian Destroyer. (We'll get to that later) He was trained along side Chris Sabin. D'Amore also trained Alex Shelley, Rhino, and fellow Team Canada members A-1 and Tyson Dux. He spent time in the independent circuit, and burst out in TNA in February 2004.

Category 3: Sweet Rivalries

Petey Williams: Petey Williams's two main rivalries were against fellow X-Division pioneers Chris Sabin and AJ Styles. The feud with Sabin started with when Williams claimed that nobody could reverse his devastating finisher, the Canadian Destroyer. This prompted Sabin to speak up. He said he could reverse it, which he did on a few occasions. However, Sabin kept coming up short in the long run failing to capture the title. They did have a series of great matches, though. Before this, Williams had a feud going with the "Phenomenal" AJ Styles. They also had a good couple of matches. Then they had their mini-feud with each other and Sabin, which led to Ultimate X6, when AJ finally took the title from Williams.

Rob Van Dam: To quote RVD, "Dude." Also, "My greatest tag partners were also the people who I had the best matches with." (or something close; I know I got the dude one right, though) That could not be truer. Sabu, RVD's CO-title holder, had some awesome matched with him. They raised the bar for incorporating Hardcore wrestling and athleticism. Jerry Lynn and RVD also had some excellent matches together, perhaps because their styles were so similar. They always put on a great show for the fans, and have some great matches to look back on. When RVD jumped to WWE, him and Jeff Hardy had some Spotastic matches over the Hardcore title. He has also feuded with the likes of Kane, Booker T, Shelton Benjamin, Steve Austin, Etc in the WWE. Now, in ECW, he has feuded with Big Show and kind off Hardcore Holly. (Either way, that match was SWEET……dude)

Category 4: Fighting Styles

Rob Van Dam: One word describing RVD would be unorthodox. With moves like the Van Terminator, which Wikipedia calls: a corner to corner missile dropkick, driving a folder chair into the face of the victim. RVD's athleticism is one of the most envied in the WWE, and he mixes it with a Hardcore assault His high flying/Hardcore style made him one of the most popular performers in ECW and WWE. From flying from the top rope to the third row, or hitting moves that have more spins than a DJ, RVD does it all. If RVD was to meet Williams in a match, Rob should try to keep the match as fast as he can, hitting offensive maneuver after offensive maneuver. With his lethal kicks and ability to really pull some things out of his hat, RVD could have a good showing.

Petey Williams: Petey Williams is lucky. He has the ability to be a high flying, lucha machine. He can also be a technical genius. He can also mix those two abilities to be a sensational performer in TNA. From his hurricanranas to the sharpshooter, Williams can attack you from two different styles, similar to fellow Can-Am trainee Alex Shelley. Coincidence...... I think not. Williams can mix it up with the best, and pull off ridiculous (in a good way) moves like it was nothing. If he were to take on RVD, it would be wise for Williams to take a technical approach. If he can take out RVD's flying game, maybe lock on the sharpshooter, he could significantly take out much of Van Dam's offense.

Category 5: Finishers

Petey Williams: In TNA or WWE, nothing can top the Canadian Destroyer. A sick flip piledriver that leaves nobody standing (well, except for Petey). Okay, it does require to other superstar to help out, but its not the only move that requires help. For example, take, umm, a chokeslam. The opponent crouches down, the jumps up, giving the effect that the chokeslamer is actually lifting him. My point is, the move is insane and nobody gets up. Ever. Period. If Petey can nail against RVD, its lights out for him. Period. He has also been known to use the Sharpshooter.

Rob Van Dam: With perhaps a very common moves, Rob Van Dam has been able to perfect the Frog Splash and make it a spectacle to see every time. He gets nearly 20 feet in the air and comes crashing down on the helpless opponent. It takes the wind out of RVD, but the opponent isn't going anywhere and RVD has plenty of time to pin. The move is hardly ever kicked-out of, and If RVD can take enough out of Petey so that he has enough time to nail a picture perfect 5 Star Frog Splash, its good night Petey. He also uses the VanDaminator, which is when he throws a chair at an opponent, the opponent catches it, and he kicks him IN THE FACE! Like I mentioned before, he has also been known to use the Van Terminator, a corner to corner dropkick to the face. While his opponent has a chair placed conveniently on his face. Oooooo.

The Final Result:

All in all, I think these two can have a phenomenal showing. With their athleticism and drive, who knows what a match they could put one. I would like two see them duke it out in a cage, ladder or Ultimate X match the most, though. How sweet would a Van Terminator off the top of a cage be? Or from the wires of the Ultimate X? Or a Canadian Destroyer on a ladder? Sweet Jesus that would be awesome. For the most part, and from what I've seen from RVD recently, I would have to say that Mr. Monday/Friday/Tuesday Night would take the win here. Still, it would be a flippin sweet match. We can only hope, my friends, that these two have a chance to meet some where along the line. Send any comments, concerns or opinions on WWE vs. TNA to Quietriotguy@aol.com .


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Статията е приятно четиво.Наистина е интересна.Добре си направил,че си я постнал в форума.

Ще вземете брадите, ве, маняци.

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Мерси за статийката.. Определено един такъв мач=money..

Особено ако е нещо свързано с X-division..

Такъв мач в WWE ще си е чист joke.. Тъй като предполагам половината движения ще са забранени... <_<

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