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И Лита скоро ще си има my space


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От официалния форум на A.D.O.R.E. (фондацията й за животни за тези, които не знаят)

Hey A.D.O.R.E. supporters!

It's been brought to my attention that the posers on myspace, pretending to be Amy, have gotten out of hand. This has always been going on and we have told you on here that Amy does not have a myspace, but apparently recently they have gotten worse and are stealing pictures even from here, which is really pathetic!

There are processes for shutting down those fake accounts and Amy has to be involved in it. This is currently being worked on, but is not that easy! Also, Amy is working on having her on myspace page set up. When she does it will be according to myspace rules and there will be no question that it is really her! Of course, we will announce it here as well! Right now the only thing remotely connected to Amy is my ADORE group. Again, that is not directly affiliated with this website or with Amy. It was just an attempt in getting people together over there.

Once more time: As of today (7/23/06) AMY DOES NOT HAVE A MYSPACE PAGE!!!!!!!! Don't be fooled by any posers and imposters. As soon as Amy's real page is up we will let you know!

Thanks for your continued support!


Изглежда все повече и повече кечисти се сдобиват с подобни страници. След Тори и Едж, явно и тя е решиха, че й е време =)

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