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ROH Survival Of The Fittest 2006


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Qualifying Match

Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe

Qualifying Match

Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries

Qualifying Match

Delirious vs. Jimmy Rave

Qualifying Match

Davey Richards vs. Matt Sydal

Qualifying Match

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Homicide & Roderick Strong

World Tag Team Title Match

Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs w/ Lacey

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Matt Sydal is Survival of the fittest 2006 winner!!!

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Matt Sydal is Survival of the fittest 2006 winner!!!

Не, не е ;)

Bobby Dempsey Def. Ernie Osiris and Mitch Franklin in a Triple Threat Match with a Death Valley Driver.

Shane Hagadorn Def. Pelle Primeau by submission to retain the ROH Top of the Class Trophy. Hagadorn hit Pelle with brass knuckles, then locked on a crossface for the win.

Matt Sydal Def. Davey Richards to advance in the Survival of the Fittest tournament.

Delirious Def. Jimmy Rave to advance in the Survival of the Fittest tournament. Reportedly not a very good match. Rave and Daizee Haze had a standoff after the match, and Rave walked out.

Austin Aries Def. Christopher Daniels to advance in the Survival of the Fittest tournament. Good match. Aries was wearing Pelle Primeau's tights, as US Air lost his gear.

Jay & Mark Briscoe Def. Homicide & Roderick Strong. Both Briscoes advance in the Survival of the Fittest tournament. Briscoes got the win after using Jim Cornette's tennis racket. Said to be an awesome match.

Bryan Danielson wrestled Samoa Joe to a 20 minute draw. Both men are eliminated from the tournament. Apparently a good match, but the crowd absolutely HATED the finish. Danielson laid out Joe with the belt after the match.

Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) Def. Alex Payne & Rhett Titus by pinfall with their Doublestomp DVD finisher.

Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) Def. Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship. BJ Whitmer hit the ring after the match to attack Jacobs.

Survival of the Fittest Finals: Delirious Defeated Matt Sydal to win the 2006 Survival of the Fittest

* Austin Aries is the first eliminated, after a Briscoes' Doomsday Device.

* Jay Briscoe is out next, by a roll-up from Matt Sydal

* Mark Briscoe is eliminated by a Shooting Star Press from Sydal.

* Sydal taps out to the Cobra Stretch for the final elimination.

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Delirious е спечелил Surviver of the Fittest!?! Направо не мога да повярвам! Много яко се кефя. Delirious ми е един от любимите образи в ROH и един от най-забавните кечисти в момента. Въобще не съм очаквал да спечели такъв важен турнир.

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Аз определено искам да изкажа разочарованието си от това решение,Delirious да победи,което не мога да разбера.Каквото и да си говорим,уменията му са много добри,техниката също,но като че ли просто му липсва нещо,с което да привлече вниманието на хората за по-дълго време.Та какво забога толкова е направил Delirious,че да спечели,този толкова престижен турнир.Е ми има победи,но те са в мидкарда.Тази негова победа му гарантира title shot,който смятам,че ще е срещу Брайън,а тези двамата сме ги гледали два пъти преди и определено мачовете им не бяха нещо особено.Според мен Delirious въобще не може да се сравнява със по-големите играчи в ROH,и това скоро ще си проличи.Тази негова победа я виждам като една възможна смяна на шампиона,но още е рано да давам някакви прогнози.Че ROH титлата ще се смени в съвсем скоро бъдеще,е пределно ясно.Дали Derilious ще го букнат като поредната жертва на American Dragon или ще е този,който ще спечели титлата от най-добрият шампион в Америка,ще разберем в скоро време.Лично аз смятам,че ще е първото.Все пак бавничко наближава Final Battle 2006,където според мен е най-вероятното място където Bryan може да изгуби титлата срещу Homicide.Лично аз бих се радвал много на още една година на Драгон като шампион,но това едва ли ще стане.Вариянта Мат да беше спечелил SOTF ми се виждаше по-добър,но както и да е.Явно имат замислено нещо ROH,и остава само да чакаме и да видим какво е то.И докато дойде този момент един съвет от мен - ПРОСТО ГЛЕДАЙТЕ ROH,ROH,ROH !!!!!!

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Ето и по-подробни описания на шоутата в петък и снощи

ROH house show report 10-6 Cleveland

Survival of the Fittest 2006 from Cleveland-10/6/06. The attendance looked down as no return date was announced. They hyped they had tickets for 10/27 in Dayton. Overall, a better show than the 2005 SOTF but not as good as 2004. Here's the rundown. . .

SOTF Qualifyers:

Note: All Qualifyers had 20 minute time limits.

Matt Sydal d Davey Richards @ 12:23 with the Implant Driver. Originally, I would've expected Richards to win this (and maybe the whole thing) but he's beyond over already and they needed to elevate Sydal with a KENTA match coming up so he won. Well, Davey killed Matt anyway. Matt's chest was as red as Danielson walking out a Roderick Strong match. Good but a couple with a couple bad spots. ***1/4.

Delirious d Jimmy Rave @ 10:23 with the Cobra Stretch. Decent but probably the worst of the SOTF matches. Rave's shoulder was taped up. A hiliarious spot was that someone 3 people over from me had a sign that said "Rave will win" (I think) and Delirious got a hold of it and chewed on it while wrestling Rave. JRave got most of the offense in which gave it away. He needed the win badly IMO but it looks like they're heading towards something else. Haze & Rave argued post match. Jimmy's probably turning soon. **1/2

Austin Aries d Christopher Daniels @ 17:09 with the 450. I was expecting more but at the same time, they got a rematch in Chicago so hopefully they tear the house down there. Daniels seems to be happy with only being good in ROH and saves his great performances for TNA. Good match. Lots of mat work from both. ***1/4

The Briscoes d Roderick Strong & Homicide @ 19:53 thanks to a tennis racket shot from Jay. Cornette came out the Briscoes and did a promo, basically ripping apart Cleveland and the people who boo him. 'Cide & Strong came out. 'Cide was throwing chairs into the ring and accidently clocked Strong in the head. It looked like it hurt. Cornette went to the back. It started as a wrestling match for a minute or two then did a brawl outside the ring. Strong had a cut on his back. All 4 looked good for the most part. 'Cide got the hot tag at the end. With not alot of time left, there were hot moves all over the place and you knew there would be a screwjob finish. Jim had the ref distracted while 'Cide went up for the frog splash. While on the way down, Jay nailed 'Cide with the racket and Mark got the pin. ***1/2

Samoa Joe v Bryan Danielson (non-title) ended in a 20 minute draw. This finish just pissed off the crowd. It made total sense going into their rematch in 3 weeks but it drew more heat than any heel last night maybe outside of Hero. I would've been totally fine if they went another 30 minutes. It's impossible for these two to have a bad match. My favorite match of the Qualifyers. Just great work from both. The finish was a bit messed up cause they ended after the 20 minute mark. ***1/2-***3/4. I picked up Fight of the Century and I'm sure that blew this one away.


Irish Airborne d Rhett Titus & Alex Payne @ 5:26. Not much of a match. Not ment to be one anyway. IA did a couple cool moves. They won with the double stomp DVD. *

Kings of Wrestling (Hero & Claudio) d Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs to retain their ROH World Tag Team Titles @ 17:30 with the KRS (I think) on Cabana. Some great comedy between Cabana/Lacey/Jacobs. This is the ROH version of Christian/Stratus/Jericho. Anyway, these 3 work really well together. Hero looked bad tonight. Crowd was all over both, mostly Hero. Crowd kept doing the "HEY" at Claudio. KOW wins w/KRS on Colt after Jimmy accidently spears Cabana (Hero or Claudio moved out of the way). ***

Survival of the Fittest Finals:

Austin Aries v Delirious v Matt Sydal v Jay Briscoe v Mark Briscoe. Jay & Mark worked as a team until one of them got eliminted. It only went 34 which is much shorter than previous two. This finale blew away last year's too no end. Aries was tossed first by the doomsday device by the Briscoes @ 11:19. Then, they worked on Sydal who, out of nowhere, pinned Jay with a rollup @ 19:07. Then, hit the Sydal press a few minutes later on Mark @ 23:08. If someone would've told me walking into the Grays' tonight that the final two would be Matt Sydal & Delirious, me, nor 98% of ROH's fanbase would've believed you. Well, they went about 11 minutes on their own and did what Aries & Danielson did in 2004, tear the house down. It took Delirious 3 times for Sydal to tap on the cobra stretch after Matt hit the Here It Is Driver, the Sydal press, the belly to belly from the top, roll up after roll up. Sydal taped too the cobra stretch and your winner of the Survival of the Fittest: Delirious. Who, then, proceeded to cut a very good promo. Sydal, then, put over Delirious. That was that.

It's nearly impossible for them to put on a bad show. This is proof!!! A very good show.

Todd J. Packard

ROH - Cleveland, Ohio - Gray's Armory - attendance about 400ish (they did not announce a return date)

Dark Match #1 Bobby Dempsey defeated Mitch Franklin and Eddie Osiris in a three way with a sweet Death Valley Driver on Osiris, this was better then most ROH student matches, probably because both Dempsey and Franklin have a whacky charisma about them. Franklin can also go in the ring.

Dark Match #2 - Top of the Class Trophy: Shane Haggadorn defeated Pelle Primeau to retain after the power of the punch brass knuckles shot and the cross face. Haggadorn is improving, but this finish might have been done to death by now.

"Handsome" Bobby Cruise is not in Cleveland, as the voice of ROH play by play Dave Prazak is handling the Ring Announcing this evening. He also did most of the ring announcing outside of the ring in back, like old ECW shows with a MYSTERIOUS VOICE as the announcer.

1. Survival of the Fittest - round one: Matt Sydal defeated Davey Richards after his Implant Driver in an upset. This was an excellent opener to the main show, as both guys got allot of their stuff in and worked well together. Would love to see this rematched down the line, as it was stiff, fast paced, and high flying. Both guys looked good and traded counters and near falls before Sydal hit the implant driver for the win.

2. Survival of the Fittest - round one: Delirious defeated Jimmy Rave with his cobra stretch (bridging cobra clutch). Rave was Nanaless, but still had Daizee Haze with him. Usual toilet paper schanagans. A fan brought a whole case of TP to pass out to people in line. In a great moment, Daizee whipped the TP and my god, it hit the elder gentlemen with such full force, I swear he was seeing stars for most of the rest of the night. Ok match. For some reason or another it never got out of second gear, some nice reversals, and the Jimmy Rave hatred was lower then usual. Decent finish. After the match, Daizee Haze and Rave had a stand off, and Rave walked out and Haze looked upset.

3. Survival of the Fittest - round one: Austin Aries defeated Christopher Daniels with his 450 splash. Very good match. Pre match Aries got on the house mic and talked about how the fine people at US Air had lost his luggage (along with Bryan Danielsons), and he had to wear other peoples gear. Most of it was ROH students gear, like Bobby Dempseys socks, Pelle Primeau's tights and so on. Both guys got allot in, Daniels attempted BME, Aries got him into the crucifix bomb, then hit his 450 for the win. They are rematching this again in a few weeks in Chicago in a special challenge match.

-Jim Cornette and the Briscoes came out for a promo. Briscoes didn't get to say their delightful MAN UP~! catchphrase. People were sad. Cornette's promo was him basically talking about putting up roadblocks for Homicide road to hell to final battle, and how he was not asking the Briscoes, nor telling the Briscoes, he was ORDERING the Briscoe's to hurt and defeat Homicide this evening. Decent promo. I was expecting more but Cornette heeled up and called Cleveland the mistake by the lake (never heard that one before) he did talk about taking a dump in a fans hat (thats new)

4. Survival of the Fittest - round one: Jay & Mark Briscoe defeated Homicide & Roderick Strong after Jay hit Homicide while he was coming off the top rope with Jim Cornette's tennis racket which allowed Mark to get the pin. Second best match of the night. Funny moment to begin the match as the demon Homicide threw two chairs as he was coming down to the ring, one of them got Roderick square into the head. The Briscoes not only look bigger, but they're constantly doing innovative double teams. The stiff match almost went the 20 minute time limit. With two minutes left, Roderick hit a superplex on Mark as Homicide came off with a frog splash for a 2.5 when Jay broke up the pin. Cornette ran down, gave the racket to Jay and that was that.

5. Survival of the Fittest - round one: Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe fought to a 20 minute time limit draw. Good match, but of course the short time limit for these two men who went sixty minutes in August could have telegraphed what was going to happen. Danielson was wearing some old school blue tights, yes, he went back to his old blue tights ways. Someone call Jun Akiyama! Due to the draw both men are eliminated from the Survival of the Fittest Tournament. After the match, the crowd and Joe wanted five more minutes. Danielson got on the mic and asked the crowd what they wanted. He then attacked and laid out Joe with the title belt. He even came off the top rope as the belt was on Joe's head. Joe needed help to the back.

6. Irish Airborne defeated ROH Students Rhett Titus & Alex SUGARFOOT~! Payne with their double stomp DVD to the knees double team. Good after intermission match. Airborne are impressive. Sugarfoot is more over in Chicago.

7. ROH World Tag Team Titles: Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) defeated Lacey's Angels of Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles after Jacobs accidentally speared Cabana and the Kings got Cabana in Hero's Welcome Kings of Wrestling Edition for the three count. Very good match, its great to see the Kings of Wrestling in ROH. The Kings came out with the ROH World Tag Team Titles and CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas titles and the briefcase. The champs tried to put both sets of belts in the briefcase only to have some technical difficulties. Jimmy Jacobs jealous character is frickin' awesome, but he put the jealousy (which was evidenced when Colt and Lacey were dancing pre-match and Colt was able to bring Lacey's skirt up. This is another reason Colt Cabana is a great man) away and they did some great double teams. After the match, BJ Whitmer with his walking cast ran down and brawled with Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs left alone after brawling with BJ and Cabana and BJ left together with Lacey.

8. Survival Of The Fittest Tournament - elimination final match: Delirious defeated Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Matt Sydal and Austin Aries to win 2006 Survival of the Fittest Tournament. Excellent match. The energy in the final five minutes with Sydal and Delirious (who started and finished the match against each other) could have powered Cleveland for an entire week. It started slow but picked up nicely and by the finish, everyone was on their feet for both guys. Order of elimination:

- Jay Briscoe eliminated Austin Aries after a Briscoe springboard Doomsday Device at 11:19. I guess Pelle Primeau's tights weren't lucky.

- Matt Sydal eliminated Jay Briscoe in 19:08 after Sydal rolled up Jay when the Briscoe's attempted another springboard Doomsday Device

- Matt Sydal (who was the co-MVP of this match as he was in the longest of any of the guys and was damn impressive) eliminated Mark Briscoe at 23:11 with his Sydal (Shooting Star) Press

- Delirious eliminated Matt Sydal at 35:01 with the Cobra Stretch for the tap out. The last ten minutes of this should be seen by everyone as they hit each other with their big moves and tons of near falls, including Sydal flipping into the Crowd to get Delirious, a Sydal Cyclorama (belly to belly off the middle rope with a moonsault slam), Delirious hitting his inverto fertilization for a 2.9999 count, also doing the Shadows Over Hell, several Panic Attacks, and his Bizarro Driver for close near falls. Delirious did his Delirious speak and said "f*** this mother f****" after the 2.9999 near fall. Sydal attempted the Sydal Press, but missed which allowed Delirious to get the cobra stretch and the win. After wards both men cut promos, Delirious' victory speech was up there with a great war leaders of our time. Good show.

ROH house show report 10- 7 Detroit

by Adam Barnowski

From: abarnowski@comcast.net

To: dave@wrestlingobserver.com

Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 06:23:31 +0000

Subject: Roh Detroit - Live Report

ROH live in Detroit - 10/7/06

First we were informed by Jim Cornette that Roderick Strong had been injured the night before in Cleveland and would be unable to compete tonight. Strong came out and said he came to Detroit to wrestle (about 8 times) but Cornette wouldn’t let him. Homicide then came out and chased Jimbo away. After wrestling with difficult face/heel issues (Yankee fan in Detroit - and the Tigers beat the Yanks earlier today) Homicide told Strong that it was Ring of Homicide, and he could wrestle if he wanted. ‘Cide then mocked the Tigers and left. However Strong did NOT wrestle tonight…. so… either Homicide has less stroke than he thinks, or Strong was lying.

Survival of the Fittest upset winner - Delirious defeated hometown boy Zach Gowen in the opener with his cobra clutch submission hold. Gowen was booed out of the building and was also the subject of many derisive chants. Best line of the match was the guy sitting next to me calling for Zach to try a split legged moonsault.

Dazee Haze and my favorite Shimmer wrestler MsChif, defeated Allison Danger and Lacey when MsChif blinded Allison with the mysterious green mist (much to the delight of myself and the guy sitting next to me) and Dazee pinned her. Allison was helped to the back post match. Who cares about Lacey? MsChif and I is my “match of the year”. She can blow her mist in my face any day.


Claudio Castagnoli (still over huge with the crowd, why is he so angry now?) defeated Davey Richards with more than a little help from Chris Hero and a briefcase shot. In a nice kayfabe touch, Hero and Castagnoli left though the front entrance of the building instead of walking back to the locker room.

Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal defeated Colt Cabana and Jimmy Jacobs in the comedy match (best chant – “hold the tag rope” – started by the Fallen Angel) as I took advantage of the buy three get one free DVD sale and bought tickets for the ROH double shot weekend in Detroit on Wrestlemania weekend.

As I made my way back toward my seat, I suddenly found myself standing in a spotlight. I was glad ROH was finally going to give me some promo time, and then I realized that I was standing in Chris Hero’s spotlight as he made his way up through the back of the crowd. Hero and I stood next to each other (he is an ugly man up close) as The Fallen Angel issued a challenge to the Kings of Wrestling for a tag title shot. When you get the DVD and you want to know who I am - I’m the guy standing next to Chris Hero advising him that Detroit is not worthy enough to see him wrestle. Hero (taking my advice) turned down the challenge and headed toward the front door, but then Matt Sydal challenged Captain Yellow Pants to a match “right here, right now”. Ignoring my sage advice, the easily goaded Hero accepted the challenge only to be defeated by Matt Sydal (told you so Chris) when Daniels held off the attempted interference by Castagnoli.


Back from intermission for the six man mayhem match which featured a bunch of tiny guys whom I barely recognized (Jake Crist; Dave Crist; Shane Hagadorn; Pelle Primeau; and some guy I didn’t know) and Jimmy Rave. Rave got mild toilet paper treatment, as I assured myself that despite his recent loses, he HAD to win this match. Me and my new buddy cheered Jimmy on, but to no avail, as Rave was pinned by the 4’5”, 75 pound Pelle Primeau. Seriously, what the hell has happened to Jimmy Rave? And Alex Shelley? And Nana? So much for "Embassy Forever!"

As I sat depressed over the result of the previous match, the co-main event began with Brian Danielson defending against the recently jacked up Austin Aries. Austin was sporting some new muscle mass and some serious bac(k)ne….. hmmm….. Anyway, it was good match (as per usual for these two) with the crowd mostly behind Aries. However, he missed the 450 and got small packaged by the master of the peace corps…. I mean small package….. and “The Best in the World” : Brian ‘by god’ Danielson.

I knew the main event was bound to be something special as Danielson almost always goes on last, but I had no idea what we were in store for.

The Briscoes vs. Homicide and Joe was totally incredible. They made it anything goes, falls count anywhere, and I think this was the most amazing spectacle that I have ever seen live. It was jammed packed with “Holy Shit” moments, totally made the show, and was a hardcore masterpiece.

The first part of the match featured a wicked brawl all over the building with chair hurling and mass chaos everywhere. Joe plopped Mark Briscoe down in a chair next to me and went for a face wash only to get countered. When Mark attempted a face wash of his own, Joe countered with a snap powerslam through a chair to the concrete floor.



The match jumped a couple of stars when (as the security guy had told me) they brawled out of the building and into the parking lot. There were all kinds of crazy spots in the parking lot, as almost the entire crowd followed them outside, and a near riot erupted at the Michigan Mart. People were getting thrown down and nearly trampled, it was a sight to be seen for sure. They even dragged a table out to the parking lot and smashed that up.

The action peaked when one of the crazy Briscoe boys climbed on top of a Ryder truck. We all held our breath as we wondered what he was up to, and then came the most insane spot that I’ve ever seen as (I think it was Mark) Briscoe hit a SHOOTING STAR PRESS off the top of the Ryder truck onto the cold hard concrete below.

The fans went APE SHIT as I tried to see if he was dead or not.

Amazingly, he wasn’t, and they brawled back into the building, and (eventually) into the ring where the Briscoes caught Homicide with a spike Jay Driller and pinned him 1 – 2 – 3.

The fans chanted “That was Awesome” as one of the Brisoces got on the mic and told us that was the dumbest chant that he’s ever heard. He then said “Fuck Samoa Joe; Fuck Homicide; Fuck Detroit; The Briscoes are the greatest tag team in the world.”

The perfect closing to a truly amazing match.

All in all : I thought the night was kind of mediocre until that last match, which was in-fucking-credible! It must be seen to be believed. I will NEVER forget the visual of that crazy mo-fo leaping head over heels off the top of that truck and crashing down on the concrete. Konan likes to talk about 5150? LAX’s got nothing on those two red neck maniacs.

Hats off to ROH, Joe, Homicide, and the Brisoces for providing a match for the ages. I think that was the most amazing hardcore match that I have ever seen in my 30+ years as a wrestling fan. I strongly suggest you buy the DVD when it comes out, and I strongly suggest that you see Ring of Honor live when it comes to your town.

Това последното явно наистина е било уникално.И че Брискотата са най-добрите,за това просто няма какво да се спори.

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хм.... Делириъс взима SOTF... сега, на това може да се гледа от две различни гледни точки. Първата е следната - Делириъс не е чак толкова зле като умения на ринга, разбира се, триковете му са доста елементарни и на моменти неразнообразни, пък и още не го виждам достатъчно зрял в Бизнеса, за да получава мейджър пушове, демек - мид кард специалист - да, това е Делириъс - момче с потенциал, което може да се издигне - да, това е Делириъс, но му трябва време. Като оставим това - образът му е забавен, даже несериозен, което може да се яви като плюс, и като минус. От една страна - спуквам се от смях като почне за гризе въжетата, например, или как търчи около ринга, редом с Колт Кабана са двамата най-популярни играчи сред публиката на ROH. Може би популярноста на Делириъс можем да отдадем на гимика основно. Логично - на популярния гимик дължа и победата му в SOTF. Но все пак, погледнете го от тази страна - възможно е този ексцентричен Инди боец да отбележи някакво израстване след тази победа, идва му добре, пък и се връзваше със сторилайна, включващ искането на Делириъс за по-големи и значими мачове към Корнет, което КОрнет... игнорира, да кажем. Билдъпа беше добър, не отличен, но все пак добър, така че, Делириъс като победител в турнира може и да не бъде толкова негативно събитие. При все се радвам за Делириъс повече, отколкото бих се радвал за Сайдал, ако той беше взел победата.

Още аз да си обележа - Кралете на Кеча - Троините шампиони в Инди кръговете - направихе повече от приятен мач с Джейкъбс(ах, това шарено хипи как си получава хубавите мачове, ах...) и "Класик" Колт Кабана, в мача видяхме много добри изпълнения и определено съм склонен да отхвърля общоналожената критика(не тук в частност, като цяло из Нета), че Инди специалисти като Клаудио Кастаньоли и Крис Хироу нямат нужния потенциал, за да бъдат доминиращ таг тийм в ROH!

[color="#990000"]HAIL SABIN[/color]

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