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The Top Ten Most Shocking Moments


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Ето и тазседмичната класация-този път не съм много съгласен с автора,за позициите-но темата ми е интересна-ако имам ще взема да пусна и аз мои топ 10.

Honorable Mention: Ultimate Warrior returns at Wrestlemania VIII

The Ultimate Warrior had been MIA from the WWE leading up to Wrestlemania VIII. The fans had no idea where Warrior was and he seemed to be a distant memory as the show was winding down with the main event of Hulk Hogan vs. Sid. The match ended in a DQ and Papa Shango came out to help Sid beat down Hogan. Then out of nowhere, Warrior hit the ring and helped Hogan clear the ring of the two heels and celebrate to end the show. This was a complete shocker at the time because this was during the days before the internet so there was no way of the fans potentially being spoiled. Ahh the days of being a mark, how I miss them.

Honorable Mention: HBK turns on Marty Jannetty

Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were tag team partners, but were having frequent arguments so they went on Brutus Beefcake's Barber Shop talk show segment to talk out their issues. Jannetty tried to reason with Michaels and when it seemed like HBK was being responsive to it, he turned around and superkicked Jannetty and then sent him flying through a glass window. Thus ended one of the most popular tag teams ever in the Rockers and began one of the most successful singles careers ever in HBK. Nobody at the time actually expected The Rockers to break up so to see it done in such a convincing fashion was shocking. It was certainly one of the best heel turns ever, Jannetty flying through the glass window is an image that will stay on the memory of fans for generations to come.

Honorable Mention: Maven eliminates The Undertaker from the Rumble

In the 2002 version of the Royal Rumble, the Undertaker was one of the wrestlers that were most favored to win. Everyone expected to see the Deadman as part of the final four in the match so imagine everyone's shock when Maven, a green rookie, eliminated ‘Taker out of nowhere with a dropkick. It was the most shocking moment ever in the Royal Rumble and a moment that nearly blew the roof off the building. It was definitely one of those moments that you never saw coming because Undertaker had been so thoroughly dominating in the match and everybody was just counting down the minutes until Maven got eliminated so for him to be the one to eliminate the Undertaker, it was a very shocking moment indeed.

Honorable Mention: Rick Rude appears on Raw and Nitro…..On the same night?!?

Back during the early days of The Monday Night War, Raw was still being taped while Nitro went on live. Rick Rude was a part of DX in WWE, but was disgusted with the company after witnessing The Montreal Screwjob. He then started to negotiate with WCW since he didn't have a long term contract with WWE and on November 17, 1997, Rude made his Nitro debut. The only problem was that he had been a part of a RAW taping the week prior so Rude appeared on both WCW Nitro and WWE Raw on the same night marking the first and only(sans when WWE bought WCW) time that someone appeared on both wrestling shows on the same night. It was indeed a shock for many fans who watched both shows to watch Nitro one second and see Rick Rude on it and then click over to Raw and see Rick Rude on that as well. A very surreal moment.

Honorable Mention: Anderson and Blanchard defect to WWE

Jim Crockett Promotions was in the process of folding and was going to be handed over to Ted Turner to become WCW. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were one half of the most popular stable in wrestling at that time, The Four Horsemen, and decided to leave a sinking ship and head towards the mega-popular WWE. This defection was a huge shock to the fans of NWA because Blanchard and Anderson were two NWA mainstays and a vital part of their programming. Without them, the Four Horsemen essentially died and it truly signified the end of an era.

10) ECW joins the Alliance

So things were going along routinely on an episode of Raw where Lance Storm and Mike Awesome of WCW were facing off against Kane and Chris Jericho representing WWE when two mysterious men hopped into the ring and began to assault Kane and Jericho. Soon it became clear that these two mystery men weren't a mystery at all and were in fact RVD and Tommy Dreamer of ECW fame. A bunch of guys cleared out from the locker room seemingly to help Jericho and Kane, but instead turned on them and helped RVD and Dreamer. Paul Heyman then got out of his announce position and declared that the war between WWE and WCW was going to be taken to the extreme and declared the rebirth of ECW. We all know that the end result was a horrible one, but this one moment was so absolutely thrilling and completely unexpected. It was a moment that made my jaw drop as well as the jaw of many others.

9) Scott Hall shows up on Monday Night Nitro

Monday Night Nitro was going along smoothly with a jobber match when a commotion began stirring in the audience. Soon it was obvious what all the commotion was about as Scott Hall hopped over the guardrail and entered the ring to address the crowd. This absolutely stunned the crowd because they knew Scott Hall as Razor Ramon, a WWE wrestler. Hall declared that he and some of his friends were taking over WCW and that there was nothing that anybody could do about it. This was a shocking segment because many fans didn't know if it was part of the show or if Hall had really just come with a mission from WWE to fuck up WCW. A very surprising start to one of the most popular angles ever in wrestling.

8) Kurt Angle goes to TNA

Ok, raise your hands if any of you saw this coming(Put your hand down Csonka). Sure we all knew that Kurt Angle going to TNA was a possibility, but did any of us think that was actually going to happen? As Whitney Houston would say, "Hell to the no!" Of course there is a concern for Angle's health, but just the idea of all the great matches he can have in TNA is any fanboys's dream come true. Angle/Sting, Angle/Styles, Angle/Daniels, Angle/Abyss, Angle/Senshi, Angle/Homicide, Angle/Jarrett are all matches that have never been seen before which have the potential to be absolutely awesome. Ohh and did I forget Angle vs Joe?!? That could easily the biggest match in the history of TNA. Kurt shocked the world by deciding to go to TNA and only time will tell whether it was a wise decision or not.

7) The Death of Owen Hart

The fact that this tragedy happened in front of a live audience as well as thousands watching at home makes it even sadder because Owen Hart died in an attempt to entertain the fans. What exactly went wrong on that night well probably never know, but what we do know is that Owen Hart was one of the most technically gifted wrestlers ever and was taken away far too early. Most people would have been absolutely lost following behind the tremendous shadow of Bret Hart, but Owen found his own niche and was able to develop his own devoted following. May 23, 1999 will be a day remembered by many wrestling fans because we lost a true great on that day.

6) Stone Cold aligns with Vince McMahon

When pigs fly in hell. That would have probably been the response if you asked a wrestling fan in 1998 when would Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon would work together. The unthinkable happened at Wrestlemania 17 when Stone Cold, desperate to win back his beloved WWE title, aligned himself with Vince McMahon to get the WWE title off The Rock. Anybody who followed the Austin/McMahon feud would never even dream of a day when those two men could actually co-exist. Of course this is wrestling and it's a frequent thing to see former enemies suddenly become good friends, but this was just unimaginable. Seeing Stone Cold and Vince McMahon shake hands while drinking a beer together is one of the most unbelievable moments ever in wrestling.

5) Lex Lugar shows up on the first Monday Night Nitro

Lex Lugar had become one of the most popular stars in WWE during his two year tenure there and didn't seem to be leaving any time soon. He had taped numerous shows with WWE and was a vital part in some of their storylines. All of a sudden on September 4, 1995, Lugar made a surprise appearance on the first episode on Monday Night Nitro. This was a huge shock because Lugar had just been wrestling for WWE a few days prior and had taped a variety of matches with them. This was the first blow in the Monday Night Wars and was only the beginning of what was to become a long term struggle over Monday Night supremacy.

4) Vince buys WCW

Who the hell would have ever thought that Vince McMahon would be able to buy WCW from the hands of one of the wealthiest businessmen in America in Ted Turner. WCW was the only true competition that WWE ever faced and it came damn close to putting WWE out of business for good. So the announcement that WWE purchased WCW sent shockwaves throughout the entire industry. The day the news was announced was completely surreal. Seeing the front page of WWE and WCW's website proclaiming the buyout was weird enough, but then seeing Vince McMahon on Nitro made it one of the most shocking moments ever. Having Shane McMahon come out on the final Nitro to stick it to his dad by stating that he had in fact purchased WCW made it even more shocking. This put an official end to the Monday Night Wars(even though rating wise, it had been over for quite some time) and Vince once again proved himself dominant in the landscape of professional wrestling.

3) Hulk Hogan joins the nWo

The rumors that Hulk Hogan was going to become a heel had been swirling around for years, even from his last few years in WWE. It seemed as though the trigger was never going to be pulled, though, as most felt that it would be a great risk to turn Hogan heel since he still drew a hell of a lot as a face. That all changed during Bash At The Beach '96 when with one legdrop, Hogan officially denounced his babyface ways and became a full on heel. The move, while risky, was absolute genius because people who didn't even watch WCW all of a sudden were tuning in because they couldn't believe that Hulk Hogan was actually a heel. It was completely unbelievable to see Hulk Hogan telling the fans to stick it and that he didn't give a damn what they thought because he was going to do things his way. A shocking angle that produced one of the most profitable time periods ever for any wrestling organization.

2) The Death of Eddie Guerrero

Nobody saw this one coming and the impact of Eddie's death sent all of us into a state of sadness and disbelief. We all knew about Eddie's prior drug problems, but being that he had cleaned himself up, we automatically assumed he was fine now. That's the common misconception as years of abuse on a body can eventually take their toll even after the abuse has stopped. I'll never forget the morning of November 13, 2005. I sat at my computer and went on 411mania as I usually do, only to see "Eddie Guerrero Dead" when I went to the wrestling page. I thought it was some kind of sick joke and that it couldn't possibly be true so I went to WWE.com and sure enough, the news of Eddie's death was displayed all over the page. I had to walk away from my computer and I was kind of in a daze because I had just watched Smackdown the night before and couldn't believe that less than 24 hours after watching that, Eddie was gone. Death and wrestling have become synonymous with each other and most of the time when I heard of a wrestler's death, I would be saddened but not anywhere near the level of sadness I felt for Eddie's death. Eddie was different because he was still performing at a main event level and he seemed poised to pick up another WWE title win. I breezed through numerous websites that day that all included memorials of Eddie and I shared my sadness with an entire community that felt the same thing. I usually don't get too broken up when entertainers die because even though I enjoy their work, I don't know them personally so it doesn't affect me that much. With Eddie, I felt as though I lost a member of my family and I think that speaks wonders about the man's influence on his fans because I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one who felt like that. Eddie was a hell of a wrestler and a hell of a human being and I just hope that his legacy will be remembered beyond this generation because he truly deserves to be remembered as an all-time great for generations to come.

1) The Montreal Screwjob

This forever broke down the wall between reality and kayfabe and was without a doubt the most controversial moment ever in the wrestling industry. You all know the story by now. Bret Hart was set to leave for WCW, but was still the WWE champ. Vince wanted Bret to drop the title to Shawn Michaels in Montreal at Survivor Series, but Bret refused because of his dislike for Shawn as well as the fact that he was going to be in front of his Canadian fans. Vince then worked out a different ending with Bret where he wouldn't have to drop the title to Shawn. Only problem was that Vince got paranoid, seeing how his women's champ had gone over to WCW a few years earlier and threw the women's championship in the trash. If Bret did that with the WWE title on WCW television, that could have forever tarnished the legacy and legitimacy of the belt. So instead of taking Bret at his word, Vince decided to come down to ringside and "screw" Bret out of the title by ordering referee Earl Hebner to ring the bell early and award the match to Shawn Michaels. This one moment was significant for so many reasons. Not only was it one of the most shocking moments ever, but it also marked the birth of the Mr. McMahon character as well as signaled a turning point in business as WWE started to gain more viewership due to the controvery. This moment will always be remembered because when you think of shocking and controversial, this is one of the first things to pop to mind.


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Totaly agree.. Особено първите две позиции.. Ми се виждат лееекинко страни..

Да не говорим че лично според мен сделката с Кърт трябва да е малко по-напред..

Та такива неща.. :)

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Много добра статия първите места определено са железни особено Screwjob-a е непоклатим надали някой ще успее да натмине това значи съсгласен съм със почти всичко във класацията като само случея със Rick Rude не съм го виждал но определено е странно да видиш един същи човек на шоутата на две враждуващи компании.


[center][size=7][font='comic sans ms']ONE MORE MATCH[/font][/size][/center]

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Тука има някои неточности в класацията.Например търна на Остин от Мания 17 бих го сложил в топ 5,а Енгъл в TNA в топ 3,първите две места са почти необорими.

Lesnar vliza i Cena se nasira.gif


Класика от миналото: Jericho vs Benoit 🇨🇦 vs 🇨🇦

Най-добрите вражди на Kurt Angle в WWE:

vs Edge  vs Benoit  vs Triple H  vs Eddie  vs HBK  vs Austin  vs Cena  vs Lesnar  vs The Rock

Най-доброто за годината от WWE:

2010  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019  2020

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Много добра статия първите места определено са железни особено Screwjob-a е непоклатим надали някой ще успее да натмине това значи съсгласен съм със почти всичко във класацията като само случея със Rick Rude не съм го виждал но определено е странно да видиш един същи човек на шоутата на две враждуващи компании.

При това в една вечер. Той е единственият който го е правил и един от двамата които са били и в DX и в nWo.

[url=http://phpbb-host.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=nolabel]<img src='http:// queenspot.hit.bg/QUEENBG%20Forum/banners/forumbanner_1.05_50x468.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image'>[/ url]

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The Olimpic Hero

Класацията ми се вижда доста реална.Съгласен съм почти с всичко казано в нея.


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Добра класация, даже много. Това с Rick Rude рулираааа! Ако някой не е знаел, че се записва RAW, сигурно си е помислил, че Rude владее телепортацията :D

Единственото, с което не съм съгласен, е първото място. Вярно, момента е един от най-важните в историята на кеча, но не бих го определил като "шокиращ". Първо на първо, хората в залата едва ли са разбрали какво става и едва ли са били шокирани, и второ - като знаем Винс и Шон колко са гъсти, нищо чудно, че това се случи :)


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100% съм съгласна с класацията като цяло,направо се възгордях от първото място :P Най-накрая и това да получи НЯКАКВО признание... B)


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Наистина интересна и добра класация,която може да претърпи някой размествания,но и така е добре.Според мен смъртта на Owen заслужава да е на едно място със смърта на Еди Гереро.Също така идването на Angle с TNA заслужава поне 2 места напред.Другите неща са подредени добре.

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