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The Top Ten Female Wrestlers


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Toзи път темата слабо ме интересува,а и автора е сложил само кечистки от WWE няма ги Луфисто и другите дето джихад ми наду главата за тях,но айде ще я постна

Women's wrestling has been around for quite some time and for the most part gets overlooked or disrespected. Once and a while, though, comes along a woman that is so talented that she grabs the attention of the audience and even makes them interested in what these ladies can do in the ring. Here are some of the best women to every lace up a pair of wrestling boots.

10) Mickie James/Cheerleader Melissa

I was trying to decide which one of these two ladies were more deserving to be #10, but they both have such bright futures that I had to include them both. Mickie James is currently everybody's favorite psycho bitch on RAW, but you'd be surprised to know about her impressive track record before she hit the E. In addition to being a former WWE women's champ, she also been the women's champ in UWF, UCW, SCW, ICW, CSWF, DCW, and PWF. All that and she's only 27 years old! Cheerleader Melissa is even younger at 24 years of age and is tearing up the independent scene with many people calling her the future of women's wrestling. Given the fact that she was trained by Christopher Daniels and Bryan Danielson, we shouldn't expect anything but absolute excellence from her and she certainly delivers in the ring. By the end of their respective careers, both these ladies could exceed the legacy of a certain recently retired Canadian legend.

9) Victoria

She started her wrestling career as a ho to the Godfather and became one of the most respected and feared women's wrestlers ever to step into the ring. She's a 2 time WWE women's champ and has put on some of the best women's matches of this generation. Her feud with Trish Stratus showed that the boys weren't the only ones who could take stiff shots as those two would beat the piss out of each other on numerous occasions. She is one of the most powerful women to ever step in the ring and has the best finisher for a female wrestler ever, hands down! She's great in the ring, has a wicked finisher, and is not too bad on the eyes. Why Vince hasn't put her in Playboy yet when she's more than willing is beyond me. Wouldn't you like to see this naked:

I know I would.

8) Sable

Sable was an important figure during the early days of the Attitude Era and became so popular that the Women's division was brought back from the dead so that she would be able to battle for it. She was very impressive in the ring as she had enough power to deliver powerbombs and enough flexibility to deliver roundhouse kicks and hurricaranas. Sable is an important figure in the history of women's wrestling because her popularity and ring prowess was able to resurrect a dead division and give us a chance to see many of the female wrestlers of today.

7) Bull Nakano

Bull's illustrious career spanned over many continents against several legendary opponents and her track record speaks for itself. She was the first CMLL women's champ, an AJW Jr. champ, AJW Heavyweight champ, a WWWA champ, and a WWE women's champ. She was one of the first female wrestlers to utilize brute force and power rather than speed and agility. Tipping the scales at 250 during her wrestling days, Bull was the most feared woman of the squared circle. Her opponents had every right to be scared, wouldn't you be if you saw this staring across the ring from you:

I thought so.

6) Chyna

Say what you will about current day, crazy ass Chyna but during her tenure in WWE, she was one of the most important female figures ever in the company's history. What separated Chyna from the rest of the ladies on this list is that she could mix it up with the guys as well and be taken seriously because of her massive physique. Not only was she a WWE women's champ, but she was also a 3-time Intercontinental champion. Chyna showed that a woman could step toe-to-toe with the big boys and be rather successful at it.

5) Lita

Sure, she's one of the most hated wrestlers, male or female, in the industry today but there was a time when Lita was perhaps the most popular female wrestler EVER in the wrestling biz. As part of Team Xtreme with Matt & Jeff Hardy, she garnered a huge fanbase to the point that the pops she received when entering rivaled those of her popular male counterpoints. This was a result of Lita's extreme style and daredevil style of wrestling, something that most wrestling fans had not seen up to that point. She's a 3-time WWE women's champ and might add more to her resume before her career is done.

4) Molly Holly

Molly Holly is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, women's wrestler of her generation. Her technical prowess rivaled those of her male counterparts and she had the ability to carry a less talented wrestler to a good match. Not only should she be hailed for her accomplishments in wrestling which include 2 WWE women's titles, a WPWF women's title and a New Dimension women's title, but she should also be remembered for training some of the most talented women in the industry including Trish Stratus, Victoria, Sharmell, and Torrie Wilson. Molly may be one of the most overlooked women's wrestler of her day and may be forgotten as time goes on, but everyone who's ever seen her wrestle will never forget her.

3) Sherri Martel

Most people know Sherri Martel, better known as Sensational Sherri, for her extensive career as a manager but she had an impressive career inside of the ring as well. She was a 4 time AWA women's champ as well as a WWE women's champ. The intensity she showed in the ring was rivaled by few and it gave glimpses of the fantastic personality that she would show as a manager. She was also very good in the ring and took bumps that few women during that day would take. Her career as an active wrestler is often overlooked because of her Hall Of Fame managerial career which is a shame because Sherri was something really special in the ring.

2) Trish Stratus

Trish started her career in WWE as a valet and seemed to be just another meaningless pretty face accompanying a bunch of wrestlers to the ring. Who knew that she would become one of the greatest, and some would argue the absolute best, women to ever step in the ring. Trish was trained under the tutelage of Molly Holly and Fit Finlay and quickly went from a manager to one of the most refined wrestlers in the ring, male or female. One of the great things about Trish is that she would come up with new and inventive moves often so that her matches would never feel stale. She retired with a record 7 WWE women's title reigns and will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come for her vibrant personality and impressive ring skills. Trish's place in the WWE Hall of Fame has already been reserved.

1) The Fabulous Moolah

Sure Moolah may not have been the best wrestler ever in the women's division, but she is without a doubt the most influential and important one. She made people respect women's wrestling and without her who knows if we would have been able to see the talents of any of the other women on this list or any other future women's star. She was a 4 time WWE women's champ and a 5 time NWA women's champ. She won the first ever women's title recognized by the WWE in 1956 which she (arguably) held onto for 28 years and was the first woman ever inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Moolah was an inspiration to many of the ladies you see currently in the wrestling profession and will always be remembered as a pioneer of the women's division.


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Забавно четиво, като донякъде съм съгласен с избора на автора. Но все пак топ 10 класация за най-добрите кечистки без поне 7-8 японки вътре е пълен фарс...

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Според мен е добра класацията :) ,японките колкото и да са добри аз даже не съм чувал за една така,че няма място за такива,които никой не е чувал,а и тея от изброените са си доста over ,а това мисля е най-важното в кеча :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Да бе - Триш преди Chyna & Lita :lol: Chyna трябва да е в тройката,че ако не и първа,а и Моли е пред тях,мисля че трябва да има малко разместване:


2.The Fabulous Moolah

3.Sensational Sherri




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Според мен е добра класацията :) ,японките колкото и да са добри аз даже не съм чувал за една така,че няма място за такива,които никой не е чувал,а и тея от изброените са си доста over ,а това мисля е най-важното в кеча :)

Това, че ти не си ги чувал не значи, че не са известни.

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