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NJPW - 24 септември 2006


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Toва е card-a за следващото голямо шоу на федерацията. Излезна и card-a за по-следващото шоу, но то е далече и още няма смисъл да се дискутира, така че няма да го поствам още. И така:

NJPW, 9/24/06 (SXW)

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

1. Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Takashi Uwano & Mitsuhide Hirasawa

2. Jushin Thunder Liger & Minoru vs. Jado & Gedo

3. Jr. Straight Arrow: Wataru Inoue vs. Milano Collection AT

4. Yuji Nagata & Naofumi Yamamoto vs. Manabu Nakanishi & Takashi Iizuka

5. NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title: Tiger Mask © vs. Ryusuke Taguchi

6. TAKAYAMA RETURN ~power of infinity monster tag battle~: Yoshihiro Takayama & Akebono vs. Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko

7. Natsuo Duel Intersection: Masahiro Chono vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan

8. IWGP FUSION: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Koji Kanemoto

- LOCK UP Presents "GO TO HELL SURVIVOR" after the show, featuring Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii, Shiro Koshinaka & Togi Makabe, Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda, BADBOY Hido & X, Riki Choshu & Daisaku Shimoda

1. Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Takashi Uwano & Mitsuhide Hirasawa - Тичичен New Japan young lion oponer, няма какво да се коментира тук;

2. Jushin Thunder Liger & Minoru vs. Jado & Gedo - Ето това тук е интересно. CTU vs CTU и то не с кои да е кечисти от групата, а с главните кечисти! В момента тече една доста интересна история с Prince Devitt & CTU и се надявам този мач да е част от нея. Перфектният сценарии е Liger да бъде изритан от CTU, да търн-не фейс, Devitt да стане член и да получим нова вражда ала Liger vs Benoit от мачолото на 90-те. Подобен сценарии ще е нещо просто перфектно IMO;

3. Wataru Inoue vs. Milano Collection AT - След като беше яко намачкан е тежката дивизия (както и трябваше btw) Milano се насочва към леката, където без това си принадлежи. Тук се изправя срещу една от двете главни надежди на дивизията, така че това е интересен сблъсък. Push-ът на Milano в New Japan засега ми се нрави доста;

4. Yuji Nagata & Naofumi Yamamoto vs. Manabu Nakanishi & Takashi Iizuka - Нищо особено, малко filler;

5. NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title:Tiger Mask © vs. Ryusuke Taguchi - Nice! Колкото повече такива важни мачове за другата млада надежда на леката категория на NJPW толкова по-добре. Не бих се учудил Taguchi да грабне титлата, но не ми се вярва много и предпочитам Devitt да вземе титлата, така и така наскоро като че ли почна вражда с TMIV;

Yoshihiro Takayama & Akebono vs. Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko - Уха! Мач-атракция! Това ще да е fun, горкият Tomko май ще бъде туширан тук лол;

7. Natsuo Duel Intersection:Masahiro Chono vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan - Grudge match!~ Жалко, че не го направи cage мач, както се говореше, но пак това си остава важен сблъсък. Тези двамата имат МНОГО история помежду си и предполагам именно тук Tenzan ще вземе решителна победа над учителя си, а и освен това му предстои мач за титлата срещу Tanahashi;

8. IWGP FUSION: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Koji Kanemoto - IWGP Heavyweight Champion vs IWGP Junior Hevyweight Champion и директен резултат от страхотното представяне на Kanemoto в G-1 Climax 2006. Очаквам това да е мачът на вечерта. Поредната ключова победа за Tanahashi преди мача с Tenzan през октомври (бахти, този мач с Tenzan получава доста buildup и дано да успее да е достоен финал на силния buildup, който му правят);

LOCK UP Presents "GO TO HELL SURVIVOR" after the show, featuring Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii, Shiro Koshinaka & Togi Makabe, Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda, BADBOY Hido & X, Riki Choshu & Daisaku Shimoda - Бонус мач, по-точно tag team battle royal, след шоуто, който се провежда под банера на Lock Up (един от страничните брандове на New Japan).

Kaто цяло се очертава забавно шоу, на което има няколко ключови мача.

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New Japan began to move in Osaka today, the tour climax closing or continuing some issues from the tour, and furthering the build to 10/9 Sumo Hall. 5,000 fans watched the show today, a slightly disappointing number, but a sign of the times and also some other things (Fujinami's departure may hurt business in Osaka somewhat for various reasons). However, those fans that did attend were highly satisfied with a very good overall event that finished very strongly. Since the show was somewhat episodic, I'm writing the report in reverse order than usual. The show started with a spirited young lion match. Yujiro and Naito, both of whom have been given a chance to grow on this tour with high profile matches in the junior division, showed some results of those experiences, beating Uwano & Hirasawa. Naito dropkicked Hirasawa into a German suplex hold from Yujiro, and that ended it. CTU collided in the second match, its two singles specialists Liger & Minoru facing its tag kings and IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions, Jado & Gedo. Despite superior teamwork, Jado & Gedo weren't able to overcome the individual strength of the boss and the ace, Minoru cradling Jado with his California Maki for the win. Milano Collection AT began his advance on the junior division, facing Wataru in singles action. It wasn't an easy match for Milano, who had to deal with Wataru's temper and energy and the fans siding with the trueborn, but the tricky Italian pulled through, pinning Wataru after his IR II. Next comes a match with Taguchi at WRESTLE LAND, followed by the big one with Tiger Mask at Sumo Hall. Today's fourth match was a little odd, because two G1 Tag League entrant teams were mixed up. Nagata & Yamamoto are a regular team, but won't be pairing up in the tag league, as Nagata reforms his team with Iizuka and Yamamoto is with Nakanishi. So before the match, Nagata took the microphone and suggested a card change to wrestler chairman, Iizuka, but Iizuka said "This fight is this fight", refusing. Yamamoto continued to struggle and show a lot of "unmanliness" that isn't impressing crowds, who want to see him grow. Yamamoto was completely dominated by Nakanishi and Iizuka, and choked out by the submission master at the end. Not the result Nagata & Yamamoto would have wanted, considering a match with the formidable combination of Takayama & Suzuki is coming up.

Despite losing the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title to Kanemoto in May, Tiger Mask continues to reign as NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion and made a successful V3 defense of the belt today, beating Taguchi. Tiger Mask always seemed one step ahead of the young man in the match, and only in the second half did Taguchi start to catch up. But in the end, it was just another day on the job for the junior fort Tiger Mask, who scored the complete victory with his Tiger suplex hold and remained perhaps the toughest wall along with Kanemoto for the young juniors to pass. Now the question is whether Tiger vs. Milano on 10/9 is turned into Tiger's V4 defense. Milano was sat in the commentary booth watching this match, and gave Tiger the middle finger after it. After intermission, which saw a greeting from the boxer Tanahashi recently met, Nobuo Nashiro, it was time for monsters to collide. Bernard & Tomko entered first, followed by Akebono, then Takayama, who returned to the building where he wrestled his final match before being rushed to hospital two years ago. This was a very heated match that saw tables and chairs used, Takayama spending a lot of time in the ring for his team. A mistake between the foreigners led to Tomko hitting the deck and Akebono crushing him with a body press for the three count. When the ring was clear, "Subconsciousness" hit out of nowhere, and Shinsuke Nakamura returned to New Japan to the biggest cheer of the night, a hero's welcome (some photos at Kakuto Log: #1, #2)! Nakamura had a big smile on his face and greeted fans, saying he had been waiting and waiting for this moment. He said after six months of intense training he is back, bigger and stronger than ever, and is ready to riot in the New Japan ring. Nakamura's physique was well hidden by a black suit. President Simon then appeared and announced that ChoTen are no longer IWGP Tag Team Champions. Simon justified his decision, saying "I am the president!" and receiving loud boos from the crowd. Chono and Tenzan both appeared then, Chono sneak attacking Simon and beating him down to massive cheers from Osaka! Chono vs. Tenzan then started, the grudge match between former teacher and pupil. This was an intense match, Chono bleeding heavily, but fighting hard to stay in the match. A coldhearted Tenzan lifted Chono up into a brainbuster position at one point and held him there, while blood dripped on to the mat. The two traded their patented submissions, but neither stayed down. Chono, in such good form since returning from injury, was overwhelmed by the revived G1 champion in the end, and fell to a moonsault press. Tenzan looked down in disgust at Chono and said, "Chono, you're finished now", then kept attacking him. Chono was defenseless, but then Nakamura rushed to the ring, the top half of his shirt unbuttoned, and he attacked Tenzan, giving him a powerslam! Nakamura took the microphone and said he stands alone, then asked "the champion" if he had heard that. Nakamura left the ring without interacting with Chono, but the signs were there for the two teaming up in the G1 Tag League, and backstage Chono whispered to Nakamura, "We'll talk soon".

IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi, met IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Koji Kanemoto, in an explosive main event that delivered. As Tanahashi predicted and expected, the fans rallied behind Kansai boy Kanemoto, and Tanahashi sort of played off that, fighting rougher, drawing boos, and throwing away the referee at one point. Kanemoto showed his esteemed ability to fight evenly against heavyweights, dominating much of the opening ten minutes. Tanahashi mounted his counterattack though and took control, which led to loud "Kanemoto" calls. Kanemoto fought back later on, hitting a Falcon Arrow and Tiger suplex. After enduring some more offense from Tanahashi, Kanemoto took the heavyweight champion into "ankle hell", beginning his ankle hold flurry that put Tanahashi in big trouble. But Tanahashi pulled through in the end, finishing a hot match with two Sling Blades, followed by his Dragon suplex hold. The two finished the show very well and received large cheers, before Tanahashi grabbed the microphone and showed his respect to Kanemoto by requesting he become Tanahashi's partner in the G1 Tag League. Kanemoto consented to this plan and said if the IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Jr. champions team up in the tournament, they would have many enemies. The two shook hands, ending the main show. Following the show, LOCK UP presented its "GO TO HELL SURVIVOR", which was a time-lag battle royal (Royal Rumble) featuring tag teams, where the winner was determined by which tag team or individual remained (a lot of people were confused by the rules). About 20% of the fans stayed behind for this match, in part because LOCK UP isn't very well known and also because the main show had exceeded four hours and many fans would have been tired. Jado & Gedo were added to this match during intermission, so wrestled their second match of the show. Many of the other wrestlers, such as Koshinaka, Makabe, Kanemura, and Kuroda (see below) were also wrestling for the second time that day, after working the Apache Army show in Tokyo. This match saw quick eliminations, the most surprising of which was Gedo pinning Choshu (of course with plenty of help)! In a wave of deja vu, Koshinaka pinned Kuroda and Makabe pinned Kanemura, and if you look below the results, you'll see why that was unique. After Makabe eliminated Kanemura, he was left in there with his enemies, Yano and Ishii, but with no Koshinaka to help him out. Trying to cap off a big day, Makabe fought about four minutes alone opposite Heisei no Gokudo Combi, before finally succumbing to the Oni Koroshi from Yano (who pinned three wrestlers with three different moves in the match). Yano & Ishii ended the match completely unbeaten and continued their ascent in the tag ranks ahead of the G1 Tag League. LOCK UP currently has no shows scheduled, so its future is a question mark at this point.

NJPW, 9/24/06 (SXW)

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

5,000 Fans

1. Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito beat Takashi Uwano & Mitsuhide Hirasawa (10:37) when Yujiro used a German suplex hold on Hirasawa.

2. Jushin Thunder Liger & Minoru beat Jado & Gedo (15:14) when Minoru used the California Maki on Jado.

3. Jr. Straight Arrow: Milano Collection AT beat Wataru Inoue (11:30) with the IR II.

4. Manabu Nakanishi & Takashi Iizuka beat Yuji Nagata & Naofumi Yamamoto (14:08) when Iizuka used a sleeper hold on Yamamoto.

5. NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title: Tiger Mask © beat Ryusuke Taguchi (13:37) with a Tiger suplex hold (3rd defense).

6. TAKAYAMA RETURN ~power of infinity monster tag battle~: Yoshihiro Takayama & Akebono beat Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko (15:46) when Akebono used a running body press on Tomko.

7. Natsuo Duel Intersection: Hiroyoshi Tenzan beat Masahiro Chono (20:04) with a moonsault press.

8. IWGP FUSION: Hiroshi Tanahashi beat Koji Kanemoto (23:06) with a Dragon suplex hold.

0. LOCK UP ~ GO TO HELL SURVIVOR: Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii beat Shiro Koshinaka & Togi Makabe, Jado & Gedo, Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda, BADBOY Hido & Tomohiko Hashimoto, and Riki Choshu & Daisaku Shimoda (20:46). Choshu used a lariat on Hashimoto (1:57). Kanemura used the Blast Yama Special on Shimoda (9:27). Hido was pinned by all wrestlers (9:49). Gedo used a Superfly splash on Choshu (11:07). Koshinaka used a running hip attack on Kuroda (13:36). Yano used a spear on Koshinaka (14:36). Yano used the Uragasumi on Jado (15:47). Ishii used a lariat on Gedo (15:53). Makabe used a German suplex hold on Kanemura (16:55). Yano used the Oni Koroshi on Makabe (20:46).

Мързи ме да коментирам, но съм много доволен от всички развития. Nakamura`s return вероятно ще ми е един от най-големите mark out моменти за 2006, когато го изгледам.

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