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AJPW - Резултати от 17 септември 2006


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Важно шоу от това турне на All Japan:

All Japan began their "2006 FLASHING TOUR" at Korakuen Hall with a semi-live taping from Samurai! TV in front of 1,950 fans. A show with many developments saw the main attraction being a "loser leaves town" match of sorts between the Voodoo Murders and RO&D, in which the losing team would have to disburse. This would be their last showdown, and they came through with an exciting matchup, with RO'Z showing up in an outfit similar to Jamal's special silver outfit and more betrayl on the RO&D front as both D-Lo Brown and Buchanan conspired with VM to rid All Japan of RO&D, joining the heel unit they fought against for nearly two years! After the match Keiji Muto and Kaz Hayashi rushed to the ring and told TAKA that VM could be defeated if Kea and TAKA joined with All Japan and fought together against them, but TAKA stated that he would keep his promise and disburse RO&D wanting all the fans to remember the last three years and with tears in his eyes, calling out the famous "RO&D" chant.

The main event definately was a battle of the lariats as Jr. Champion, Shuji Kondo took on former Triple Crown champion, Satoshi Kojima. Although Kondo knocked Kojima hard with two of his King Kong Lariats, Kojima showed he was the true master of the lariat by dusting off the Western Lariat taught to him by Stan Hansen to win the match!

In what was a big match for both Minoru Suzuki and All Japan, Brute and Keiji Muto took on Suzuki and MAZADA, where Suzuki was relentless in his attack of young Issei's right shoulder (which was still dislocated from the last series), causing the ring doctor to stop the match, giving Suzuki and MAZADA the win. Suzuki said that he would defend the Triple Crown to whomever interests him the most at the Fukuoka International Center show on 10/29, with Muto possibily being the leading candidate for the challenge.

AJPW, 9/17/06

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Masanobu Fuchi & Nobukazu Hirai beat Nobutaka Araya & Shiori Asahi (9:13) when Fuchi used an inside cradle on Araya.

2. AHII beat Voodoo Mask (4:34) with a swandive high-speed rana.

3. Kaz Hayashi & Katsuhiko Nakajima beat Ryuji Hijikata & Akira Raijin (17:45) when Hayashi used the Final Cut on Raijin.

4. Minoru Suzuki & MAZADA beat Keiji Muto & Brute Issei (19:18) when the referee stopped the match due to Brute's right shoulder injury.

5. RO&D vs. VM Team Dismissal: TARU, Suwama, RO'Z & "brother" YASSHI beat TAKA Michinoku, Taiyo Kea, D-Lo Brown & Buchanan (19:01) when RO'Z used a body press on Kea.

6. Satoshi Kojima beat Shuji Kondo (23:42) with the Western lariat.

И така се разпадна един от най-добрите стейбъли за последните години - RO&D. По едно време миналата година те даже бяха най-добрия стейбъла в света IMО, като бяха плътно следвани от Voodoo Murders. Като изключим разочароващата продължитолност на мача обаче, всичко друго звучи много добре. D`lo & Bull търн-ват срещу дългогодишните си другари, в процеса правят редиците на Voodoo Murders по-силни и от цялата работа излиза много добра история. VM първо опитаха да привлекат Kea, но той отказа. После откраднаха RO`Z и го накараха да се обърне срещу другарите си от RO&D, а сега с един замах откраднаха още двама члена и тотално разбиха кръвните си врагове. Та, накратко много съм доволен от развитието на историята и сега стискам палци за някакъв як мъст от страна на TAKA & Taiyo. Иначе другото от шоуто звучи прилично и доста ми се гледа мача на Kondo (Kondo rules!). Btw, малко по-късно на това турне Vampiro ще направи завръщане в All Japan след дълго отсъствие, така че нещата стават още по-интересни.

Снимки от шоуто:

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