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The Top Ten Table Spots


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Ето новата класация.

Table spots are a frequent occurrence in modern day wrestling as it is usually used as the exclamation point in a feud or can be the turning point in a match. The use of tables in matches became popularized in the early days of ECW and now can be seen in practically every wrestling promotion in the world. Here's a look at some of the most memorable table spots of all time.

Honorable Mention: Jerry Lynn shows RVD why he's the new F'N show (Living Dangerously '99)

This was during one of the many fantastic matches between RVD and Jerry Lynn during the waning days of the original ECW. RVD had set up a table on the outside of the ring intending to put Lynn through it but Lynn fought back to avoid it and the match continued with the table being an afterthought. A couple minutes later, the two competitors were right near the table again with RVD trying to suplex Lynn through the table. Lynn fought it off and then jumped over the top rope to deliver a sunset flip powerbomb to RVD from the ring apron through the table sitting on the concrete floor. It was an awesome visual and had everyone convinced that Lynn might finally end the long TV title reign of RVD.

Honorable Mention: Funk introduces Flair to the world of HARDCORE (WrestleWar '89)

This was after another classic Flair/Steamboat match and Flair had regained the World Heavyweight title. Terry Funk, who was a special guest judge for the match, came into the ring to congratulate Flair and issue a challenge to him for his newly won title. Flair declined the challenge stating that Terry had been away from wrestling for too long doing movies and it would be unfair to all the other wrestlers who were busting their ass week after week if Terry got a title shot before them. Terry laughed it off by saying he was just kidding with the challenge and that he just wanted to shake the champ's hand. That's when Funk suddenly pounced on Flair and started beating the hell out of him. The exclamation point on the beatdown was Funk placing Flair on the ringside table and delivering a stiff piledriver that looked like it could have damn near broken Flair's neck. Now that might seem too extreme compared to today's standards, but you have to remember this was 1989 so everyone in the crowd was absolutely stunned because they had never seen such a brutal attack before. It was a great spot that set up the famous "I Quit" match between Funk and Flair.

Honorable Mention: AJ turns the tide on Storm (Lockdown '06)

This was during the Lethal Lockdown match that pitted AJ Styles, Ron Killings, Rhino & Sting against Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and AMW. After all eight men were in the ring, James Storm decided to try to escape the Lethal Lockdown structure by climbing to the roof of the cage. AJ followed him and as the two men brawled at the top of the cage, AJ got the upper hand and was able to place Storm on a table. He then took a ladder and climbed the ladder until he was able to reach a cable high above the cage. He then climbed across the cable until positioned over the table and came down on Storm and the table with a splash. This was certainly the highest table spot ever and made for a cool visual because I don't think anyone would have ever envisioned seeing a table spot 20 feet in the air.

Honorable Mention: Jeff gives Bubba a prelude to the future (Royal Rumble 2000)

This was a tag team table match between the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz and was a precursor to all the great TLC matches we would see in the up coming years. A man each had been put through a table for both teams so it was down to Bubba and Jeff to see who would win the match with the loser being the one who got placed through the table first. The two brawled around ringside until Jeff was able to set a table up within the crowd and then he climbed the entranceway with a prone Bubba Ray laying on the table and proceeded to deliver a swanton on Bubba from the top of the entranceway to the table. An awesome table spot which would be one-upped in the coming months.

Honorable Mention: Rhino takes Abyss over the edge (Against All Odds '06)

This was during a Falls Count Anywhere match between The War Machine and The Monster where the two behemoths brawled all around the Impact Zone. Finally they made their way to one section of fans where there were stacks of tables set up underneath the edge of that section. The two of them brawled amongst the fans until a part of the wall on the section got torn off and left an opening to the tables laying at the bottom. Abyss tried to throw Rhino off the section and through the tables, but Rhino was able to reverse it and gore Abyss which sent the big men crashing to the floor through about 6 tables. Having a big man like Abyss fall from such a high distance through so many tables was truly a site to see.

10) Jeff takes on a table and the table wins (Smackdown, 8/23/01)

This was during the feud between RVD and Jeff Hardy over the Hardcore Title during the Invasion angle. Jeff had set up a table on the outside of the ring and placed RVD on it while he climbed a ladder to deliver his patented swanton through the table. RVD moved at the last second and the table absolutely IMPLODED on poor Jeff. The table was literally in hundreds of pieces and it seemed as if Jeff could have been legitimately injured because the spot looked utterly brutal. In all my years of watching wrestling, I've still never seen a table explode the way that one did.

9) Edge shows Flair what TLC is all about (RAW, 1/16/06)During Edge's initial run as champ, his first opponent was Ric Flair in a TLC match which seemed like an odd match for the 16-time World Champ to be involved in. Flair more than held his own, but Edge showed why he's the master of the TLC match when he placed Flair on a table outside of the ring and then climbed a ladder on the INSIDE of the ring and delivered a splash from the top of the ladder all the way to the floor on a prone Flair. Flair sold it like death and it was an unbelievably cool spot that I think will make WWE highlight videos for years to come.

8) 2 Cold doesn't fall for Sabu's old tricks (Cyberslam '96)

Sabu is no doubt the master of the table spot and his match with 2 Cold Scorpio at Cyberslam was no different as Sabu was up to his usual tricks with tables. Sabu set a table up within the crowd and placed Scorpio on it while he went back in the ring to try to deliver a triple jump senton from the ring to Scorpio who was laying in the crowd. Scorpio moved out of the way at the last minute which caused Sabu to crash and burn through the table. Seeing someone jump from the inside of the ring into the crowd and miss in spectacular fashion is something you want to rewind over and over again.

7) Matt Hardy doesn't even get to see his demise (Summerslam 2000)

This was during the first TLC match and the match had already seen several brutal spots, but this one is the one that made me cringe the most. Matt Hardy was on his way to retrieve the tag titles for he and his brother when D-Von Dudley tipped the ladder backwards and sent Matt falling BACKWARDS through a stack of tables. That was my first time seeing someone fall backwards from such a high distance through tables and what made it even more scary is that Matt was literally inches away from cracking his neck on the barricade on the outside. Sick Sick Sick Shit.

6) Jeff puts himself and Bubba on the WWE highlight reel FOREVER (Wrestlemania 16)

Everyone's seen this spot. Everyone's momma's seen this spot. Everyone's friend that doesn't even like wrestling has seen this spot. It is probably the most famous table spot of all time as Jeff Hardy placed Bubba Dudley on a table on the outside of the ring then proceeded to climb a huge ass ladder to deliver a swanton from the top of the ladder through the table. Absolutely legendary stuff that will be talked about and seen for ages.

5) Awesome. Tanaka. ‘Nuff Said. (One Night Stand ‘05)

This match included two of the coolest table spots I've ever seen so I figured I'd include it in one pick. The first came when Awesome damn near broke Tanaka's neck by powerbombing him through a table leaning against the guardrail. Seriously, how the fuck was Tanaka even able to stand after taking that spot? Then later on, Awesome would finish Tanaka off by delivering the Awesomebomb over the top rope and through a table and that is one move that I'll never get sick of seeing. Absolute brutal, stiff shit but what else would you expect from these two crazy bastards.

4) Jeff swantons Abyss from the top of the world (Bound For Glory '05)

The Wrestlemania swanton will always be the most remembered spot of Jeff Hardy's career, but I believe this one is the best. It was during the Monster's Ball match between Hardy, Rhino, Sabu and Abyss and Hardy had placed Abyss on a table in front of the ramp and then proceeded to climb all the way to the top of the Impact Zone which is probably a legit 25 feet in the air. He then gave one of the most awe-inspiring moves I've ever seen as he swantoned from the top of The Impact Zone and through Abyss after seemingly hanging in the air forever. Say what you will about Hardy, but the man has given us some of the most memorable moments of this generation and this is one moment that I'll probably never forget.

3) Brian Lee goes through table after table after table after…. (Extreme Warfare)

This was a scaffold match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee that had an extreme twist with the ring being covered with stacks of tables. The two of them battled at the top of the scaffold with both coming close to being thrown over, but ultimately it was Brian Lee who would take the plunge through damn near 10 tables. Crazy ass shit that makes you wonder about the sanity level of some of these wrestlers.

2) Edge spears Foley through a table….ON FIRE?!? (Wrestlemania 22)I've seen flaming tables before and I always thought it was a wicked visual, but this put all those other flaming table spots to shame. Usually with a flaming table, a wrestler just throws his opponent through the table without hurting himself. That wasn't the case with Edge. Edge could have easily knocked Foley back through the flaming table and went away unscathed, but that wasn't enough for The Rated R Superstar. He put an exclamation point on the match by diving through the ropes and spearing Foley through the table and in the process went FACE FIRST IN FIRE. I cannot fathom what the hell was going on in Edge's mind when he agreed to do that because that spot could have damn ear burned his face off. A Wrestlemania moment indeed!

1) Bubba Ray and Matt Hardy take a hellacious ride to Table-ville (Wrestlemania 17)

This was during the terrific sequel to the first TLC match and this match had an even higher quantity of insane bumps than the first TLC match did. The most brutal one came at the end though as Rhino, assisting his buddies Edge & Christian, pushed over the ladder that held Bubba Ray and Matt Hardy at the top of it and it resulted in the two men exploding through about six tables set up on the outside of the ring. Bubba Ray had done a similar spot at Summerslam, but this one looked about 100 times more brutal maybe given the fact that Matt Hardy was along for the ride on this one. When I think of table spots, this one immediately jumps to mind and I don't see it leaving my memory bank anytime soon.


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Интересна класация. За щастие повечето от spot-овете съм ги гледал. Не съм виждал само тези три:

Honorable Mention: Funk introduces Flair to the world of HARDCORE (WrestleWar '89)

Jeff takes on a table and the table wins (Smackdown, 8/23/01) (този може и да съм го виждал, ако са го давали по bTV, но не го помня).

2 Cold doesn't fall for Sabu's old tricks (Cyberslam '96)

Като цяло класацията ми харесва. Определено съм съгласен с първото място. Това е един от най-добрите table spot-ове, които съм виждал. Не знам защо, но този спот на Джеф от WrestleMania 16 не съм го запомнил (въпреки че съм гледал мача), но така като чета какво се случило, не ми изглежда нищо особено. На следващата Мания Джеф също направи swanton от стълба, но този път беше през две маси и улучи двама души (Райно и Спайк). Според мен този спот трябва да бъде поставен на мястото на спота от WM16. Падането на Мат от SummerSlam 2000 много добре го помня. То наистина заслужава да бъде включено в подобна класация, защото Мат падна назад от върха на стълбата и не виждаше къде ще падне. Извади истински късмет, че не си удари главата в преградата. Спотът от BFG 2005 за мен е може би най-добрият, който Джеф е правил. Само не ми стана ясно защо авторът на статията мисли, че spot-ът на Джеф от WM16 ще бъде най-добре запомненият от неговата кариера след като този от BFG беше по-добър.

Искам да отбележа, че в статията има една малка неточност, която се отнася за мача между RVD и Lynn от Living Dangerously 1999. Този мач го имам от много време, но не съм го гледал. Сега като видях, че там има добър спот реших да видя за какво става дума. Авторът се е объркал. Лин не прави sunset flip powerbomb от върха, а swinging DDT и масата дори не се чупи, но пък за сметка на това РВД пада наистина много лошо.

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