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Global Pro-Wrestling Association


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Today's Tokyo Sports had a big story about the apparent formation of a new "association" that will unify a sector of the pro wrestling community called something like the Global Pro-Wrestling Association (GPWA). FOS president, Yoshiyuki Nakamura, seems to be the brains behind it, and has Misawa's support and that of other promotions. The association will have many aims, such as avoiding performance wars between the members, making pro wrestlers (in the association) get licenses, holding joint tryouts for newcomers then I guess sharing them out, supporting retired wrestlers, and possibly holding small scale joint shows (ala Differ Cup). Promotions/offices who look likely to accept membership are:

- NOAH (Misawa may be the first chairman)


- IWA Japan

- El Dorado


- World-1



- Kensuke Office

- Kaientai Dojo

- Takayama Office



Promotions who have refused or weren't mentioned at all...

- New Japan (outright refusal by Chono and Sugehayashi, but Sugehayashi said NJ won't oppose it)

- All Japan

- DSE/Hustle

- Dragon Gate

- Muga World

- Big Japan

- Riki Pro

- Apache Army

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Друга версия на report-a:

Kakutolog has an excellent post about a Tokyo Sports story that should raise some eyebrows. The newspaper recently had a story with a picture of Mitsuharu Misawa & Shinjiro Ohtani in suits together in an office, discussing the creation of what would amount to a modernized Japanese version of the NWA. It essentially would be a cartel (or group) of promoters ruled by a commission, with Misawa as the chairman. The idea is to create a commission to oversee licensing, tryouts, and perhaps set-up a retirement pension. The union would be called the GPWA (Global Pro-Wrestling Alliance) and would have the following proposed members: Asano (IWA-Japan), Ohtani (ZERO-ONE MAX), Kawabata (El Dorado), Cary Silkin (ROH), Chris Raaber (EWA), Kensuke Sasaki, Steve Corino, TAKA Michinoku, Sanshiro Takagi, Yoshihiro Takayama, Harley Race (WLW), Misawa (NOAH), and Kazunari Murakami (BML). The long-and-short of this story is that this is an attempt to bring consolidation to the industry without really involving true contraction of organizations.

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Това звучи като да излезе нещо наистина голямо от него! :o И новинката определено си я бива,в скоро време може Япония да разкаже играта и на Вини Мак,кой знае :P


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GPWA Chairman Mitsuharu Misawa & Director Yoshiyuki Nakamura held a press conference today at Differ Ariake with Kiyoshi Asano (IWA)/Kensho Kawabata (El Dorado)/Kazunari Murakami (BML)/Shinjiro Otani (Z1)/Sanshiro Takagi (DDT)/TAKA Michinoku (K-DOJO) in attendance and Misawa announced that the first GPWA show will be held on 11/14 at Korakuen Hall and will be broadcast on NTV on tape delay and live on G+. Misawa said that that the promotions they have deals with overseas (EWA/ROH/WLW/World-1) will also send talent to make this card a “gold card” for the debut of the promotion. Freelancers working GPWA are the following Takaku Fuke/Kikutaro/Shiro Koshinaka/Mazada/NOSAWA/Minoru Suzuki/Yoshihiro Takayama/Tadao Yasuda. Misawa also said that the profits from this show will be pooled into a fund for the maintenance of GPWA and it’s employees along with the formation of a GPWA Dojo to train new talent. Misawa said that it’s disappointing that All-Japan/Dragon Gate/HUSTLE/New Japan won’t be involved but Nakamura said that he has been in talks with every one of those groups and they just wouldn’t join up at the moment. Nakamura said though that he hopes that they would assist GPWA in the future and he thinks that GPWA will survive without them.

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Почна да става интересно. Някой ще ми разясни ли малко по-подробно за формата на GPWA, че не схванах как точно ще процедират. Пишеше, че ще се подкрепят, а пък сега се оказва, че ще правят общо шоу?!?



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И ще се подкрепят, и ще правят общо шоу, като приходите от шоуто отиват за поддържането на съюза, тренирането на нови кечисти и по-нататък евентуално за пенсии на кечисти.

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Ето тук е обяснено най-добре:

Today the leaders of some of the most recognizable wrestling promotions in Japan officially announced the birth of the Global Professional Wrestling Alliance (GPWA). Pro Wrestling NOAH's CEO Mitsuharu Misawa was inaugurated as the first Chairman of the new alliance, with ZERO1-MAX's Yoshiyuki Nakamura announced as the company's President a position he hold also in FIRST ON STAGE.

At the Press Conference, Misawa commented that currently in Japan there are more than 30 companies running at the same time, but everywhere the management of all companies is "painful." With the GPWA, the promotions involved will all share the same training facilities and coordinate their event schedules so the don't run against each other and split the wrestling fan base. Nakamura said NOAH will be the flagship since they're currently the best managed in the country. The following eight Japanese companies are official members and their representatives:

* IWA-JAPAN (Tatsukuni Asano)

* El Dorado (Noriaki Kawabata)


* Kensuke Office (Hisako Sasaki)

* ZERO1-MAX (Shinjiro Otani)

* Dramatic Dream Team (Sanshiro Takagi)

* BIG MOUTH LOUD (Kazunari Murakami)

* NOAH (Mitsuharu Misawa)

And the Foreign Companies in the alliance:

* EWA (Chris Raaber)

* ROH (Cary Silkin)

* WLW (Harley Race)

* WORLD-1 (Steve Corino)

And the following freelance wrestlers have said they will participate:

* Kikutaro (freelance)

* Shiro Koshinaka (freelance)

* Minoru Suzuki (Pancrase)

* Yoshihiro Takayama (Takayama Hall)

* NOSAWA (freelance)

* Takaku Fuke (Pancrase)

* MAZADA (freelance)

* Tadao Yasuda (freelance)

"Future standardized organization simplifies the participation of the various promotions," said Misawa, " and it assures the spread and revival of worldwide wrestling..." Simply stated, the concept is to form an alliance that will keep the promotions from stepping on each other toes and fostering and environment of cooperation rather than competition. And to sometimes put on "Super Shows" where all the promotions will send fighters to compete representing their own companies under the GPWA banner.

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