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Развръзката след NJPW G1 Climax 2006


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Много интересни неща, но ме мързи да превеждам (мoeто мнение/поясние е в средни скоби):

As expected, the morning press is all about Tenzan and his third G1 Climax win. Yomiuri Sports claims that Tenzan's wife had threatened him with divorce if he didn't get his act together in the ring, and that Tenzan's oldest son (2-years-old) "injected" spirit into him the day before the final with a punch. [Хаха, това е яко!] President Simon has promised Tenzan an immediate shot at Tanahashi with no delays this year, on 9/24 at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. The winner might then possibly have another defense at Sumo Hall on 10/9, unless they plan on running something else there. Sanspo brought up Tenzan's reputation of being someone who "dislikes training", and how that had been visible with his lack of motivation, lack of mobility, lack of results, and slackening physique this year. However, Jado took Tenzan under his wing with an intense training plan and a diet that even the young wrestlers couldn't digest. Their excursion to Guam and this heavy training succeeded in massively improving Tenzan's physique and overall health. And apparently, Tenzan's "training" transformation has had a strong influence on young wrestlers, who might now try the same. [Тази история е много добър пример за добре направен Japanese style booking и именно подобни outside the ring истории липсват на NOAH и правят следенето на федерацията, с изключение на големите шоута, адски скучно.]

Satoshi Kojima, this year's runner-up, took his hat off to Tenzan and made no excuses for his loss. He said the damage had accumulated during the match, and that the potential power of New Japan had been shown. Kojima sent a yell to his old friend and eternal rival, telling Tenzan to wrestle with the same power and spirit on each tour. He wants to fight Tenzan again some day, and after ignoring Tenzan's existence during interviews until the final day, has now made it one of his targets to battle Tenzan again. Tenzan hasn't said much since winning, but should hold the customary next day interview later. [Идеално - загубилият put-ва over победителя дори и след мача като така затвърждава победата още повече.]

Hiroshi Tanahashi is undergoing a crisis of his own other than not making the final four. As he was accepting a magazine award yesterday, Tanahashi was booed by a large section of fans, which isn't the first time a young champion has gotten that treatment. Tanahashi said this had damaged his heart and that right now he can't even think about Tenzan's impending challenge. [Хубаво е, че се опитват да докарат малко симпатия чрез това, но определено предпочитам Tanahashi heel turn!~ Now that would be cool!]

Yoshihiro Takayama was happy with his New Japan return match and said he felt the same atmosphere as in 2003, when he won the IWGP Heavyweight Title. He showed motivation towards returning often as part of his attempt to raise the Japanese pro wrestling industry and work all over the country, and also expressed special interest in either facing or forming a tag team with Akebono. [Яко! Takayama kaто редовен участник в New Japan oтново ще ме накефи на макс, а и конфронатация/отбор с Акебоно звучи много добре.]

Simon Inoki has announced another of his large scale plans for next year's G1. Simon said with next year being New Japan's 35th anniversary, he wants to invite previous G1 winners like Muto and Fujinami to take part in the G1 and make it one of the biggest ever. [Типично поведение за японския кеч/японската преса - яко правене на hype за нещо и после едно голямо нищо, просто така действат нещата там. Лошо няма де, ще видим как ще се развият нещата догодина. Може пък и да стане нещо и дано това нещо да се казва Muto!]

"New Summer Man" Hiroyoshi Tenzan held his G1 victory press conference this afternoon at New Japan offices and spoke of his mental state one day after defeating his eternal rival Kojima. Tenzan said he has pain in his knees and back, while Kojima's chops remain on his chest. Tenzan said attention had seldom been on him during his G1 campaign, but his complete victory had changed that by the end, and his hard work paid off. Tenzan said before the G1 he had lost much power and wasn't doing very well; you might recall even Yano pinning him at a Korakuen show not long ago. Jado and Gedo took him under their wing, the fitness freaks helping Tenzan reconstruct his body and change his eating habits. Tenzan said he wants to focus on singles wrestling now, and suggested letting Nakanishi & Omori become the true IWGP Tag Team Champions if ChoTen dissolve. [в момента има два отбора, които се водят отборни шампиони: Chono & Tenzan официални, а Omori & Nakanishi временни. Дълга история, която не ми се обяснява] The newspapers have been hinting at tension between Chono and Tenzan lately, and Tenzan said he hasn't spoken to his mentor at all recently. Even when he tried to call Chono, Chono's cell phone was disconnected, and it made him wonder how seriously Chono takes "ChoTen" nowadays and led to him reconsidering his future with Chono. Tenzan said Tanahashi, the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, hadn't been able to make the final four and perhaps felt the dignity of the belt anew. Tenzan brought up the boos Tanahashi got yesterday, thinking the fans may have felt betrayed by their champion for letting them down in the G1. Tenzan said that he is a more suitable champion, having just won the G1 with no losses and having yet again repelled a "foreign enemy" in the final like he did Jun Akiyama in 2003, and is now aiming at a Grand Slam like in 2003 of the G1, IWGP Heavyweight, and IWGP Tag titles. President Simon then added a few words, saying Tenzan prevented the G1 trophy from entering the hands of the All Japan ace Kojima, and summarized the G1 by saying the wrestlers had worked really hard and put on a great event. He wants to set up Tanahashi vs. Tenzan as soon as possible, no doubt to avoid the mistakes of previous years in delaying the G1 winner his title shot forever, and although he has to talk to the IWGP executive committee about it, he personally wants to see it happen in Osaka next month. Simon handed Tenzan his Ґ10,000,000 (US$86,000) cheque for winning the G1 to end the interview. Regarding next year's G1 in a separate interview and relating to what I said in the post below, Simon said that although this had been a great G1, it wasn't really on the appropriate scale for the tournament, and is hoping to put on a much more star-studded event next year. Simon also mentioned Lesnar appearing at K-1's show yesterday, and called him an awful human being. Update: The big news that the morning press is all over and that New Japan didn't even mention on their site is that Tenzan made strong hints of a TenKoji reunion soon. Tenzan mentioned President Simon's interest in reviving the G1 Tag League [Oтборен турнир на принципа на G1 Climax, който не се е провеждал от няколко години насам.] at last, and seemed to propose that TenKoji could enter that. Tenzan thinks Chono will take Takayama or Milano as his tag partner soon, so is taking action himself, and after dominating the tag ranks six years ago, imagine what TenKoji could do nowadays as a team if that old magic is still there. Speaking of Simon, he suggested Tenzan could invade All Japan soon and target the Triple Crown as part of his "work" for New Japan. Simon seems to be a lover of title belts and wouldn't mind many of them being collected in New Japan (Nakanishi and Tiger Mask already hold "outside" titles - NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title & NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Title). [Край на ChoTen? Идеално - макар и да са много стабилни заедно, малко свежест няма да е лошо. Започва outside the ring buildup-a за Tanahashi vs Tenzan, което е добре. G1 Tag League ако се върне и още повече ако се върнат TenKoji ще е голяма размазвация.]

President Hoshino of the Makai Club [Главния heel stable в sports entertainment brand-a на New Japan - WreastleLand] plans to inject 3-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion, 3-time WCW Heavyweight Champion, and 2-time Triple Crown Champion, Big Van Vader, as the Makai Club's biggest and most deadly assassin yet! According to Hoshino, Vader will wrestle, but Hoshino is leaving it to WL spokesman Hirata to find him a suitable opponent. Vader will wear the "Emperor Fighter" armor for the first time in ten years, the "Big Van Vader" image that is owned by New Japan. [Ако някой случайно не знае, образът на Vader е творение на New Japan] Hoshino threatened WL, saying the man who crushed Inoki, Fujinami, and the 3 Musketeers is on his way, and that 9/3 Korakuen would be "Vader Time". [Ето това вече е много яка новина. Vader in a New Japan ring after 10 f`n years!!! Да Вейдър изобщо не е във форма, но в WrestleLand не се иска толкова да си във форма колкото да правиш шоу, така че всичко е перфектно.]

Rookie, Tetsuya Naito, will become the first New Japan wrestler in some years to have a trial series. The young lion has impressed everyone with his quick progress and will be face a selected cast in singles matches on 9/3 Korakuen, 9/9 Chichibu, 9/14 Miyako, 9/15 Fukushima, and 9/16 Kuki. [Trial series винаги са fun.]

Milano Collection AT will work ALL shows, including WrestleLand, from the next New Japan tour. Masahiro Chono may take him as a full-time partner. [Яко! Ako Milano стане regular ще се зарадвам много, a и идеята за постоянен отбор с Chono никак не е лоша.]

Once again, Akebono will work most shows from the next New Japan tour [Акебоно също взе да се бие доста редовно за NJPW, което определено е плюс. Такава атракция като него не е за изпускане.]

Tenzan vs. Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Title, barring any disagreements within the IWGP executive committee, will be announced for 9/24 Osaka soon. [Идеално.]

Shinsuke Nakamura will NOT return for this tour. It is almost a lock now that he will return on the 10/9 Sumo Hall show, then participate on the October tour, which may be the revived G1 Tag League. [Браво! Много се радвам, че не избързват с Nakamura. Не е истина как съм се надъхал за завръщането му. Самоа като му чуята музиката и ще има голям mark out!~]

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Мерси за новините.Искам да попитам,тази история за това как Gado взел Tenzan под крилото си и го вкарал в форма букинг ли е или е наистина?Ако е букинг е е не виждам смисъла в нея!?Хареса ми изказването на Kojima и ще се радавам някой ден двамата да се изправят отново един срещу друг.Интересно развиват Tanahashi в момента и си личи,че е добре измислено.Все пак наистина за един шампион трябва да е шок,че не е сред най-добрите.И аз също мисля,че образа на Tanahasni клони към heel turn.Радвам се за Takayama,но за жалост тази година не съм го гледал,но имам много добри впечетления от него и от мача му с Kobashi в NOAH.Наистина ще е СТРАХОТНО ако хора като Muto участват на следващия G1 Climax,все пак 35 години!Интересна пресконференция с Tenzan.Каза добри неща и мача му с Tanahashi беше добре buld-нат като за начало.Този tag tournament ми изглежда интересен.It's time,it's Vader time.Много,ама много яка новина.Даже и да не е в добра форма искам да го видя отново,защото е една легенда в кеча.Bono рулира,така че се кефя много за това,че се появява по често и ще продължава да се появява.Радвам се,че Nakamura скоро се връща!

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