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ROH 8/12 Liverpool & Broxbourne 8/13 results!


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First match is the Four Corner Survival

Matt Sydal def. Spud with a shooting star press. Crowd is hot

Chris Hero is now in the ring

Cabana chased Hero out of the ring

Rave and Nana come out and cut a promo which leads to Rave vs. Davey

Jimmy Rave vs. Davey Richards is up next

Davey beat Rave with his modified brainbuster. Good match, Nana was funny

Whitmer vs. Claudio is up next

BJ beat Claudio via jacknife hold. After the match they brawled to the back. Hero came out to attack BJ but again Cabana stopped him and leads to a match

Up next Colt vs. Hero

Colt beat Hero via Colt 45. Solid match

Team NOAH(Go Shiozaki & SUWA) vs. Team England(Doug Williams & Jody Fleisch) up next

Team England beat Team NOAH when Doug pinned Go with the chaos theory, SUWA turned on Go. Go looks impressive


More misc news. RoH will be in Liverpool on March 3rd. Crowd is hot, the ring has a special RoH uk canvass

More misc news. Gabe has been spotted running around, and Cabana was the most over

Brookside beat Collyer with a saxon clutch in a poor match

Tag Title match up next

Aries and Strong beat The Briscoes. Aries pinned Jay via 450. Awesome match, best of the 2 teams yet

Main event next

Danielson beat McGuiness via usb elbows. Awesome match, Nigel was busted open

After the match Danielson challenged Nigel to another match and Nigel accepted

Резултатите са пресни затва и са в такъв вид.Шоуто звучи супер, а и няма как два големи main event-a + Suwa & Go!!!А и бтв още една огромна новина (макар и стара): МЕ беше и за двете титли, които се обединяват, демек вече няма Pure title за съжаление. Nigel беше страхотен шампион...все още хич не ми се нрави решението <_<

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Получило се е отново много яко шоу.NOAH vs Team England трябва да е било awesome!И аз не съм много навит за това събиране на титлите,но все пак...tag team match-а май е бил страхотен.

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Ето и ревю на цялото шоу.

I attended today's ROH Day (FanSlam Convention & Evening Show) at the Liverpool Olympia, Liverpool, England, and thought I'd send you a report. Here’s some details about the FanSlam, followed by the show details.

First of all, the Fan Slam Convention. This was my first time at one of these things, and I found it to be great. Fans from all over Europe attended today's events; I was chatting to some guys from Germany and Ireland who had flown over especially for the weekend of ROH shows, so the appeal of these events is truly continents’ wide. The ROH wrestlers were fantastic (all out of character, even Danielson), so friendly, approachable and happy to be there. I met and chatted with literally everybody, from ROH Owner, Cary Silkin to Colt Cabana (one of the funniest wrestlers I have ever met in person, and also one of the nicest) to Bryan Danielson to the Briscoes, and the list goes on and on. They all posed for photos with fans and signed autographs and merchandise. A couple of Q & A sessions were held, and also taped for future DVD release. The first session was with ROH Booker Gabe Sapolsky, who was very informative. A wide range of topics were discussed, ranging from how he broke into the business, working under Paul Heyman in ECW; his current relationship with Paul Heyman (they still talk fairly regularly); his thoughts on TNA and his relationship with them (in short, it's good and they co-exist fine); and his decision to unify the ROH World & Pure titles and why (basically he felt they'd gone as far as they could with the pure title, he wanted to enhance the specialness of the ROH World title, and he wanted something ‘history-making’ for their UK debut show). He also took lots of questions from the floor.

The second Q & A session that I attended featured Colt Cabana and Claudio Castagnoli. Cobana was absolutely hilarious and has so much charisma, I cannot believe he isn't in at least TNA (not that TNA is necessarily better than ROH, just that he deserves to be on international tv regularly). Castagnoli showed up to the session in character, and wearing a pink three piece suit. He was also hilarious answering questions, most of them revolving around his suit. Cobana was asked all the serious questions, detailing that his wrestling influences were many of the British greats; how he feels humble and ecstatic to be honoured at the British Wrestlers’ Reunion show tomorrow lunchtime; and his thoughts on his best friend, C.M. Punk's ECW debut (Cobana is delighted for him and expects him to eventually make it huge). I took the opportunity to ask him a question from the floor, asking Cobana about his time working the WWE tapings of late, and how he felt that went. He said it was awesome, he got to see 'the WWE machine' up close and personal and he said that it was mindblowing. He said it was a very good experience and that he'd go back any time, as ROH had no problem with him doing it. He said that obviously it would be his dream to follow in C.M. Punk's footsteps, but he said 'whatever will be, will be', and added that he was having an awesome time in ROH and that he was in his dream job right now.

There may have been another Q & A session after this, but I had to leave, returning later for the evening show.

The evening show began at 6:15pm (bell time delayed 15 minutes to allow the crowds queuing round the block to get inside). I'd estimate the crowd just shy of sellout, in the 1,600 fans range. The make up of the crowd was predominately hardcore wrestling fans, all into the ROH product, although there were one or two families who just went because it was 'wrestling', and had no idea that this would be any different from ‘All Star British Wrestling’ or ‘WWE Wrestling’. Boy, were they in for a surprise (mainly how much more athletic and realistic it was). There were also a fair number of young kids there; in particular, there were about five or six 10 year olds in one of the balcony boxes, who were having the absolute time of their lives chanting wrestlers names and cheering guys on. I mention this, because it took some of the heat out of the Davey Richards vs Jimmy Rave match early on, with both guys stopping to glare at the kids stealing their heat. A few 'Shut the f*** up' and 'Past Your Bedtime' chants later and they were generally less annoying (if not any less vocal).

1) In the opener, Matt Sydal defeated Spud, Colt Cabana, and Jonny Storm in a 4 Corner Survival match. Sydal pinned Spud with a shooting star press. Cobana's ring entrance with the Copacabana theme music was great. He was by far the most over wrestler in the match. Good action.

At the conclusion of the match, none other than Chris Hero came running past me through the crowd. He hopped the barrier and slid into the ring to cut a promo. Lots of 'F*** Chris Hero' chants. He had big time heel heat. It was hard to make out what he said (something about CZW ruling) before Colt Cabana came rushing from the back to attack him, chasing him out of the ring. Crowd were chanting the 'Na na na hey hey goodbye' song at him and he disappeared through a side door. Yeah, like he was going to fly all this way just for that......

Toilet Roll City before the next match, when Jimmy Rave and Prince Nana came out. This was hilarious, witnessing this in person. The ring was absolutely bombarded with them, to the point Rave and Nana was throwing them back into the crowd. In an unfortunate incident, one of Nana's throws hit a young girl sitting next to me (she looked to be about eight years old) in the face and she began crying. ROH Head of European marketing Alex Shane was on the scene immediately to check she was okay, quicker than I can type 'potential lawsuit'. The girl was totally fine though (more frightened than anything), and it was all taken in good humour. To Shane's enormous credit, he came over a few minutes later and gave the family a ton of free merchandise to make up for it, about £50 worth of t-shirts for her and her two brothers, and some DVDs, which I thought was a really nice touch.

2) Davey Richards defeated Jimmy Rave with a modified brainbuster. This was a very good match. I can totally see why Richards is getting the push he is getting. Prince Nana was absolute phenomenal working outside the ring, it was shades of Jim Cornette in his prime. Seriously, I can't speak highly enough of how he sold the intensity of the match and how he progressively flipped out more and more at the dramatic nature of the match.

3) BJ Whitmer defeated Claudio Castagnoli with a jacknife hold. Decent match, not quite as heated as the previous two matches. After the match, Chris Hero again came through the crowd and attacked Whitmer, which brought back Colt Cabana to even the odds. Cobana grabbed the mic and said seeing that the Hero had his ring gear on, they should have a match right there and then. He grabbed the time keepers bell, rang it and the match was on.

4) Colt Cabana defeated Chris Hero with the Colt 45. Enjoyable match, both worked hard and Cobana's work in this match was notably more intense than in the opener, where he had done a bit of comedy. Cobana was so over at the end of this match, fans were dancing to his entrance music. He was clearly one of the stars of the show.

5) Team UK (Doug Williams & Jody Fleisch) defeated Team Noah (SUWA & Go Shiozaki). Williams pinned Go with the Chaos Theory after SUWA turned on him. I absolutely LOVED this match. SUWA was heeling on the crowd early, throwing water over some of those in the front rows, and even spitting into the crowd which was a little crazy. I knew little about these two NOAH guys going in, but I was so impressed by them, in particular Go Shiozaki. He delivered some of the stiffest kicks and chops I think I have ever seen, it was incredible. The workrate in this match was awesome, both NOAH guys and Williams were tremendous, and Fleisch was very good too, if a little bit below his normal level. Don't want to be too hard on him, but he slipped on a few moves, although he did take some ridiculous amounts of punishment. Shiozaki turning on SUWA led to the pinfall, after there had been miscommunication between the two earlier in the match. I'd rate this at least ****.

There was then a 20 minute Intermission, during which the ROH announced their return dates to the U.K.: Friday March 2nd, 2007 they will be in Broxbourne, Kent; and Saturday, March 3rd they will return Liverpool, again at the Olympia.

6) Robbie Brookside defeated Chad Collyer to retain the FWA Heavyweight Title. This was the weakest match on the show. Even though Brookside was the hometown boy, and worked as a face, he didn't get much heat apart from a few kids cheering for him. The fans didn’t exactly crap on the match, but they were quiet for long periods and there was little heat. It just seemed out of place on what had been up to that point, a 'pure' ROH show.

7) Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defeated The Briscoes to retain the ROH World Tag Team titles. Aries pinned Jay after the 450. Aries was SO over. In fact, all four guys were by the end of the match. Simply an outstanding tag team match, with great heat. A lot of dual chants going on throughout. Crowd loved all four guys. I'd rate this in the same range as the Williams/Fliesch vs Team NOAH match, possibly higher at ****1/4.

8) ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson defeated ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness via knockout to unify the titles. You know when Michael Cole goes through the motions and utters his pet phrase, 'It's a big fight atmosphere here tonight'? Well, there really was 'a big fight atmosphere' before this match. People at ringside (me included) just abandoned their seats during this one and stood as close to the guard rail as possible to witness this. I think I stood up the whole match. The crowd was split maybe 60-40 in McGuiness' favour, and there were a ton of duelling chants for both guys. This was an awesome main event. The key early on was that both guys had the other in a submission move, and there would be a rope break. This happened multiple times and it ended up 3-3 each, with no more rope breaks for either man allowed. The huge turning point in the match came when Danielson posted McGuiness on the outside, busting McGuiness open. Danielson then repeatedly headbutted him several times, causing a HUGE ball of swelling on the side of McGuiness' forehead. I was literally about two feet away from him and it was ugly with a capital 'U', unlike anything I'd seen up close before.

Danielson then threw a disorientated McGuiness into the crowd and then proceeded to do a running somersault senton from the ring, over the top rope and crowd barrier and into the fourth row on top of McGuiness. You see this stuff on tv, but to see this happen literally feet in front of you is insane. McGuiness' blood was all over the floor and on Danielson's back. Huge heat by this point, with now at least 90% of the crowd cheering on McGuiness. Danielson rolled back into the ring, and McGuiness made it back in at the count of nine, to a thunderous ovation. Danielson then had McGuiness in a camel clutch and proceeded to repeatedly elbow McGuiness in the back of his head, knocking him out and leaving the ref with no choice to stop the match and award it to Danielson. Crowd was irate to say the least - the good kind of irate, that their favourite home country boy had lost. People were so into this match by this point that they were kicking the guardrails in anger at the match finish.

A cocky Danielson paraded around the ring with both belts, challenged some front row fans to climb into the ring and fight him, before grabbing the mic. He said it was the toughest title match he had ever had, and that he had to hand it to McGuiness. He offered him a rematch in 'St Paul, Minnesota', which I guess will be on August 25th. McGuiness accepted. Danielson left the ring and McGuiness thanked the crowd for their support as the show ended.

Post show notes: As I made my way out, most of the undercard guys were in the foyer, mixing with fans and selling their gimmicks at a table. Prince Nana was there, shaking hands, as was the Briscoes. I loved how up close and personal the ROH guys were with the fans, it was something that really shone today.

Overall verdict: I was a somewhat casual ROH fan before this show. I knew of all the guys, I'd seen some matches and had been impressed. But this show took my interest to a whole new level of appreciation. I haven't seen tons of ROH shows, so I can't really say whether it was 'the best ROH show ever, etc.' (it probably wasn't). What I will say is it was easily, by a country mile, the best wrestling show I have ever attended, and I've attended many, including upwards of 20+ WWE/WCW/Other wrestling shows over the past 16 years. A phenomenal experience live, and I can't wait to buy my ticket for the March 2007 return date.

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Няма начин просто да не се гледа това шоу.Било е супер-все пак имаме,според мнението на автора 2 мача над **** и ми е супер интересно да видя мача за обединението на титлите.Защо решиха така да го направят не знамно Даниелсон определено изгради образ на непобедим в ROH.Засега аз виждам,че само Кента може да му вземе титлата.Иначе и другите мачове ми харесват,и определено има какво да се види.

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Резултати от 13!

Ring of Honor were in Broxbourne, England this afternoon for the second and final stop on their huge UK tour. Once again, WrestleMag were there to bring you ongoing results throughout the night. Thanks to everybody who joined us for our live coverage earlier this evening.

Results and notes from the sold out Broxbourne Civic Hall (crowd estimated at around 600) as follows:

- The show started with Austin Aries announcing he would not be able to wrestle due to having broken two ribs in Liverpool. Bryan Danielson interrupted him to question whether he was injured, which led to Bryan Danielson vs Roderick Strong being announced for tonight’s show. As Danielson was leaving, SUWA attacked him.

- Go Shiozaki beat BJ Whitmer in the opening match of the night following a moonsault from the top rope. Good match to get started. The crowd are quiet so far compared to last night, and a chant started up during the opening match acknowledging that.

- Jonny Storm beat Jody Fleisch and Spud in a three-way match after Storm hit the Wonderwhirl on Spud and got the pinfall. Fast paced match, plenty of highspots which the crowd popped for. After the match, Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero and Chad Collyer hit the ring and attacked Storm and Spud which led to toilet paper being thrown all over the place by the fans. Nigel McGuiness and Robbie Brookside hit the ring to make the save - the crowd went nuts for Brookside. They were joined by Colt Cabana who evened things up. This led to a 6-man tag being announced…

- Colt Cabana, Nigel McGuiness & Robbie Brookside beat Chad Collyer, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli after McGuiness pinned Collyer following a hard hitting clothesline. Very good match. The crowd have livened up a hell of a lot since the show began.

- Bryan Danielson called out SUWA after what happened at the start of the show, and challenged him to a match for Danielson’s Title. SUWA accepted and they went at it straight away, with Danielson being busted open in a stiff, brutal match which (like 99% of everything ROH of done this weekend in the UK) the crowd loved. Danielson picked up the win after a small package.

- Doug Williams beat Jimmy Rave with the Chaos Theory. Rave got the full toilet paper treatment upon his entrance.

- The Briscoe Brothers beat Matt Sydal & Davey Richards.

- Bryan Danielson defeated Roderick Strong to retain the ROH Title after using his Cattle Mutilation finisher to get the submission win.

As we’ve previously reported over the weekend at WrestleMag, Ring of Honor will return to the United Kingdom on March 2 and 3, 2007. Once again we’ll be at both dates to bring you full coverage.

Баси Dragon победи Родерик за ЧЕТВЪРТИ ПЪТ.....наистина това вече е прекалено, а Даниелсън не е Goldberg ;)

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Май отново се е получило много добро шоу.Main Envent-а трябва да е бил много добър,но наистина тези победи за Dragon стават много и ми е чудно кой ще го спре.KENTA може би?!,все пак още няма загуба в ROH или Samoa Joe или Homicide.Наистина ситуацията около титлата е много интересна и завързана.Briscoes продължават с победите и си мисля,че точно те ще са следващите tag champions,а и враждата им с Generation Next продължава доста отдавна.След многото загуби които CZW нанесоха на ROH сега ROH мачка в повечето мачове.Не се съмнявам,че мача е бил солиден brawl.Мисля си,че от triple treat-а е трябвало победител да бъде Spud защото в момента е доста over,но все пак...Go Shiozaki ми е доста интересен,все пак е ученик на Kobashi.Като цяло добро шоу е било и нямам търпение да го гледам.

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