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ROH - Резултати от 28 и 29 юли 2006


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* Bobby Dempsey Def. Conrad Kennedy III, Egotistico Fantastico, Rhett Titus, Shane Hagadorn and ??? in a 6 Man Mayhem match when Dempsey pinned Titus with the Death Valley Driver.

* Jimmy Jacobs Def. Trik Davis with the Cannonball Senton in a match taped for ROHVideos.com

* Davey Richards & Jerrelle Clark Def. The Embassy (Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro) when Richards made Rave tap out to a stretch muffler.

* Nigel McGuinness Def. Colt Cabana by countout for the ROH Pure Title. Nigel faked a knee injury on the floor and lured Cabana out, then hit him with a microphone and rolled into the ring for the win.

* Matt Sydal Def. Christopher Daniels in what was described as a "great match." Daniels offered Sydal a handshake after the match and a possible tag team down the line.

* Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) Def. Alex Payne & Pelle Primeau with their DVD/Kneedrop finisher on Payne.

* Austin Aries Def. Bryan Danielson, Delirious and Homicide in a Four Corner Survival. Danielson had the Cattle Mutilation on Delirious, and Aries came off the top with the 450 Splash on Dragon. Aries will now receive a World Title shot some time in the future, and Danielson can not challenge for the tag titles during Aries & Strong's reign.

* Jay & Mark Briscoe Def. Jack Evans & Roderick Strong when Jay pinned Strong with a Spike Jay Driller. Said to be a main-event quality match.

Before the Barbed Wire match, Claudio Castagnoli and Nate Webb came out. Ace Steel & Colt Cabana come out to get rid of them, bringing out Necro and Whitmer. Claudio, Webb and the Saints clear out before the match begins.

* BJ Whitmer Def. The Necro Butcher in a No Ropes, Barbed Wire match with an Exploder onto tacks. Necro was drenched in blood. Said to be an incredible, FMW-like match and a Match of the Year candidate with a ton of amazing nearfalls.

Нещо мейн ивента не го очаквах с голям интерес, защото мислех, че крайният резултат ще е нещо в стил CZW, но частта "FMW-like" ме заинтригува МНОГО. А дано! Другото си звучи на обикновеното много високо ниво ;).

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Шоуто ми изглежда доста добре, особено Даниелс-Сайдал, Briscoes-Strong/Evans и естествено мейн ивента между Уитмър и Некро. Предполагам, че ще се гледа като излезне :)

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Ето и по-подробни резултати от PWInsider:


by Mario Brooks @ 1:03:00 PM on 7/29/2006

This is my first time going to an ROH show outside of the Chicagoland area so I decided to add on another first by E-mail my results and thoughts on last night's event.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Trik Davis was a good Rohvideos match. I'm a mark for Jimmy Jacobs as I think his gimmick is original and well played. Perhaps that's really because the goofy little SOB really is that emo. Lacy looked hot as hell like usual. The crowd was hot for this one and it was a good way to start the show. Rating: **

Embassy vs Davey Richards & Jerrelle Clark - I've been impressed with Clark in the past but tonight he just never seemed to catch on fire. This was my first time ever seeing Davey Richards and for the most part I was impressed. Sal and Jimmy are hilarious together and the Dayton crowd was hot for this entire match. Lots of toilet paper and jeers for Mr. Rave. Unfortunately we were not graced by the presence of Prince Nana... and I bet he isn't going to be happy with Rave tapping out! It felt like the ending of the match was lacking something and came out of nowhere. Not much of a pop for the finish, I think a lot of people missed it and it was sudden... not much time for any drama.

Rating: **

PURE TITLE: Nigel vs Cabana - I was not a fan of this match at all. This was the letdown of the night because Colt and Nigel had a pretty good over the summer in 2005. There were some funny bits in the match, I admit, but it never really picked up. For a brief second it seemed like they might really get started and then Nigel bailed. I don't have a problem with count-out endings ... the Nigel/Dragon match from the Weekend of Champions Night 2 was a HOT finish. This one seemed poorly executed and made no sense. Nigel announced his intention to get counted out and Cabana actually went out into the aisle to argue with him... "What do you think I am, Nigel? Some kind of retard?" Actually... YES! The crowd seemed really deflated after this finish. I'm not sure if it was the heat or people being pissed off about this match, but it took some time and hard work in the next match to get the crowd going again. Cabana and Nigel were both WAY over with the crowd though. rating: *1/2

Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal - This was definitely my favorite match of their series. I was hoping that no one would get hurt in this one and everything was seemingly perfect. For a brief moment I thought these two guys were cursed while in the ring together. This match had a hot finishing sequence that was almost as hot as Allison Danger! These two definitely had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand. My the end of the match the crowd was definitely back into the show. My rating: ***1/2

Intermission! The first of two which was very much appreciated by the crowd since the building was hot all night.

Irish Airborne Vs Students (Pelle & Another Student ) This was a decent match. I enjoy the IA enough as a lower-card tag team, but I'm not sold on them as major players in the tag division just yet. Of course, I still haven't seen their match against the Briscoes, which I would assume was their biggest opportunity to date. This match was a simple Hometown Hero gesture... good match, nothing we haven't seen before. My rating: **

- Four Corner Survival: Danielson/Homicide/Delirious/Aries - This match was awesome! The interaction between all the participants was great. Everyone was "afraid" of Delirious and he was TOTALLY OVER with the crowd. They did a good job of keeping Dragon/Homicide away from each other... teasing us with Homicide trying to get at Dragon and them having a brief exchange on the outside of the ring. Dragon running from Homicide was great and the 187 was extremely over with the Dayton crowd as well. I wasn't expecting to see Aries win but it was an awesome sequence. Dragon had Delirious in Cattle Mutilation when Aries tagged himself in by slapping Delirious on the leg. He then proceeded to climb the turnbuckle and and hit Danielson with the 450 Splash. Awesome finish and the perfect mix of comedy, drama, story and action! I'm definitely not sad that Aries won the right to challenge for the ROH World title! My rating: *** 1/2

Strong/Evans vs Briscoes : Good state of the art tag team wrestling. Almost as good their match back in march in New York City. Two of best tag Teams in ROH's short history Totally tour down the house as expected. This was my first time seeing Strong and Evans as a team and I wasn't disappointed. Jack also looks really good since returning from Dragon Gate. He had some new moves and was really impressive. Strong brought the goods with some stiff chops and kicks. The Briscoes won with the Spike Jay-Driller. I'm glad they pinned Strong as that gives them heat leading into a tag title rematch. My rating: ***

Intermission 2 THANK YOU AGAIN! You could cut the air in that place with a knife, man. The crowd was great though... and for the first time I wasn't sitting in a section with a bunch of people trying to be cute or get themselves over. Overall this was probably the best crowd I've been a part of actually.

No Rope Barb-Wire: Whitmer vs Necro - Nothing I can really say does this match justice. It was completely brutal and intense. They started out slow and the crowd was HOT FOR BLOOD! Well, they got plenty of it as we saw a powerbomb from the ring through a barb-wire covered table on the outside. We saw thumbtacks... including an exploder into the thumbtacks. We saw boards wrapped in barbwire. We got BJ Whitmer diving off of a ladder on top of a board that had Necro sandwiched between barb-wire and the ring. This was brutal, sick stuff. The crowd ate it up and Whitmer was super over. Whitmer is definitely my MVP of 2006 so far... I can't believe the year this guy has had. Also, Homicide was out by ringside encouraging Whitmer. I think they must have filmed a promo in the back with Homicide agreeing to "coach" Whitmer since he had experienced the first War of the Wire.My rating: **** (For the sacrifice of the wrestlers and the heat of the crowd... everyone in the place standing for the entire match!)

As usual ROH delivers another strong show with just about everything on the card ranging from good to just flat out great with exception of Pure title match which wasn't horrible by any means but didn't live to the standard the prior matchups between the two. The No Rope Barb-Wire match delivered and gives ROH yet another MOTYC for 2006. This a can't miss DVD purchase be sure to check it out.

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Резултати от 29:

* Shane Hagadorn Def. Egotistico Fantasitco with a Just Facelock.

* Delirious Def. Claudio Castagnoli by rollup. Claudio is no longer using the Queen/Peter Gabriel music.

* The Embassy (Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro) Def. The Second City Saints (Ace Steel & Colt Cabana) when Rave pinned Cabana with a rollup after a spin kick from Rinauro. Ace busted open Rave with his cowbell after the match, and Rave was taken to the hospital.

Lacey came out to stall for time, saying she couldn't find Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs then appeared in the balcony and gave a live performance of "The Ballad of Lacey".

* Jay Briscoe Def. Jimmy Jacobs with the Jay Driller. Started of slow, but ended hot.

The Briscoes got on the mic and said they'd help end Generation Next by taking their tag titles, but first, they had unfinished business with the Rottweilers.

* Homicide Def. Mark Briscoe with a lariat. Homicide is VERY over as a face.

* Davey Richards, Jerrelle Clark, Dave Crist & Jake Crist Def. Austin Aries, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal & Roderick Strong when Richards pinned Evans after his Double Arm DDT. Said to be a stellar match with non-stop action. Crowd gave the former Generation Next a long, loud ovation, but the Briscoes came out to wipe their asses with GN T-shirts. GeNext came back to run them off, as did a chair swinging Homicide.

* BJ Whitmer Def. Chris Banks with a K-Driller. Banks is OVW's Chris Cage.

* Christopher Daniels Def. Christian Cage with the Angel's Wings. Daniels got Christian to do a 5 Second Pose before the match, and afterwards, said he was welcome back in ROH any time.

* Bryan Danielson Def. Nigel McGuinness to retain the ROH World Title. Danielson got nailed outside of the ring, but crawled under the ring, out the other side, and surprised Nigel with an inside cradle. Danielson was announced after the match as "Mr. Small Package". Said to be a classic match.

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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HOLY FUCKIN' CRAP!!!!!!!не знам обаче мачът между BJ Whitmer и Necro Butcher просто е бил феноменален.Нямам търпение да излезе това DVD.Иначе останалото е просто перфектно и не вярвам някой от мачовете да е бил лош.Все пак това ROH!!!

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F'N AWESOME!Наистина шоуто от 28 трябва да е било страхотно.Снимките които пусна Phil са направо страховити,а и щом мачът е кандидат за мач на годината.Този между Daniels и Sydal също е бил страхотен.Като цяло нямам търпение да гледам това шоу.

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