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He`s baaaaack!


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Тъй като популярността на CTU (главния heel junoir heavyweight stable на New Japan и може би на японския кеч като цяло) е доста голяма, те ще имат възможността да организират свое собствено шоу под банера на CTU. Всичко беше перфектно около шоуто, но сега вече mark-а в мен е адски надъхан за това шоу. Oнзи легендарен мач на Muta & Liger е измежду любимите ми мачове-спектакли, а часта с EVIL Liger ми е един от най-любимите mark out моменти в кеча въобще. 10 години по-късно Kishin Liger is BAAAAAACK!!!

About 10 years ago, Jushin Thunder Liger went to war with Great Muta in a famous match at Kobe World Hall. Muta's heel tactics exploded as the match progressed, putting Liger in trouble. At last, Muta tore off Liger's mask, but underneath it was a mask of pure insanity, the pure white face of Kishin Liger. Liger then tore the upper part of his costume, revealing a painted chest. This Sunday, at last, Kishin Liger reawakens, just shy of ten years since his last appearance. And BADBOY Hido is his target, having sent Liger over the edge in April by cutting some of his hair off...


Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. CTU Ranger Red, CTU Ranger Blue, CTU Ranger Yellow, CTU Ranger Green & CTU Ranger Pink vs. Daigoro Kashiwa (от Kaientai Dojo), MIYAWAKI (от Kaientai Dojo), Teppei Ishizaka (от Kaientai Dojo), PSYCHO (от Kaientai Dojo) & Apple Miyuki (от Kaientai Dojo)

2. TAKA Michinoku Kaientai Dojo, Black Tiger & Hirooki Goto vs. Tiger Mask, El Samurai & Ryusuke Taguchi

3. Jado & Gedo vs. Kintaro Kanemura (Apache Army) & Tetsuhiro Kuroda (Apache Army)

4. Kishin Liger vs. BADBOY Hido (Apache Army)

5. Minoru & Masaaki Mochizuki (от Dragon Gate) vs. Koji Kanemoto & Wataru Inoue

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CTU celebrated its second anniversary in style today with a hugely successful and entertaining show at Korakuen Hall. It was described as one of New Japan's best shows this year, with great action and fan service. All tickets were sold out and the merchandise stands were almost stripped clean before the show even began. CTU members met fans backstage, and Miyama Mask (CTU version, Masahito Kakihara I believe) also appeared. The show began on a scary note when the five participants from "Chiba's secret K organization" rushed to the ring and kidnapped a "CTU child". Hearing the child's screams, the CTU Rangers rushed to the ring and thus began a wildly entertaining pre-show performance. Using all kinds of unique methods, including sexually harassing Apple Miyuki, the CTU Rangers reigned supreme and preserved peace on earth after Red pinned Ishizaka. A lottery was then held, with fans given gifts, followed by an early intermission. After that the show truly began with Hirooki Goto's last match before heading to Mexico. He teamed with the impressive Black Tiger and the returning TAKA Michinoku, his first New Japan appearance in a while. Again, Goto suffered a defeat, falling to Samurai's chickenwing armlock, and will look to regain his vigor and become stronger in Mexico, then return in triumph to New Japan. Goto promised to grow up while he is away. In a white hot match, Jado & Gedo pulled off a miraculous victory over the Apache Army "ace" team of Kanemura & Kuroda. CTU vs. Apache has been one of the feuds of 2006, and this may have been a candidate for the best match so far, up there with the Street Fight from Apache's April show. Gedo was beaten bloody by Apache, which pushed Korakuen into a frenzy, with deafening "Gedo!" and "CTU!" chants. The IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions made a heroic comeback and a bloody Gedo pinned Kuroda with his Gedo clutch to a staggering pop from the crowd. For the third show running in recent days, in three different rings, Jado & Gedo defeated Apache Army combinations and showed why they are one of the world's great tag teams.

BADBOY Hido made a mistake in April, when after being soundly beaten by Liger in a singles match, he sneak attacked Liger and cut off some of his hair. Ever since, the rage has been building within Liger, and today, for the first time in ten years, Kishin Liger reawoke. With a fearful look and brandishing scissors, Hido (seconded by Takashi Sasaki and Hi69) pounced on Liger, and thus began a wild brawl. Both men bled, Liger using a screwdriver and Hido both a staple gun and a barbed wire bat. It wasn't an easy win for Liger, as Hido was determined to do his best, but in the end Liger piled up some chairs in the ring and dropped Hido on them vertically with a brainbuster for the three count. For the first time in seven years, the B's reunited, Minoru & Mochi facing former IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions, Kanemoto & Wataru. The match started a little slow, but that was just the early stage of a long match, and by the end people were saying, "This reminded me of the junior golden age!". It was a tremendous, closely fought match, another great experience for Wataru against three top junior veterans. After Mochi landed his triangle kick at the end, Minoru used the Minoru Special on Wataru for the win. Mochizuki spoke after the match, saying he would love to return to this ring and aim for IWGP Jr. gold, and showed eagerness for future participation in New Japan. On the other hand, Minoru also showed interest on returning Dragon Gate's kindness soon by appearing there. Relations between the companies are now good after a long time, and Jado & Gedo, who are friends with CIMA at the Midbreath gym (where they all get their chiseled physiques), praised Dragon Gate's wrestling style in a magazine interview recently.

CTU members assembled in the ring after the show, each giving a microphone performance. TAKA talked about the CTU Rangers and how cool they were, Goto asked fans to support New Japan and CTU, and Black Tiger thanked the fans. Liger said that he will be facing the big boys in the G1, but that he would do his best to get to the finals. He spoke of CTU's progress in two years and just recently, such as Jado & Gedo's IWGP Jr. Tag recapture, Goto's excursion, their European star Black Tiger, acquaintances like TAKA and Mochi from other promotions, and so on. He said CTU would continue running from now on, and would hold anniversary shows every year in their existence. Gedo told the fans he wants to meet them again on the third anniversary show. Jado said he would like Mochi to challenge he and Gedo in an IWGP Jr. Tag match. Mochi said that he is going after the IJ (International Jr.) Tag Title and said to Jado, "Lets have a double title match! Although... maybe I'm getting ahead of myself!", and smiled. Minoru asked the fans to save up money, as he revealed super-secret plans to run CTU's third anniversary show at Madison Square Garden in New York. A birthday cake was brought into the ring and the fans sung "Happy Birthday" to CTU to end a glorious show.


Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1,644 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House

0. CTU Ranger Red, CTU Ranger Blue, CTU Ranger Yellow, CTU Ranger Green & CTU Ranger Pink beat Daigoro Kashiwa (oт Kaientai Dojo), MIYAWAKI (oт Kaientai Dojo), Teppei Ishizaka (oт Kaientai Dojo), PSYCHO (oт Kaientai Dojo) & Apple Miyuki (oт Kaientai Dojo) (11:28) when Red used a missile kick on Ishizaka.

1. Hirooki Goto Farewell Match: Tiger Mask, El Samurai & Ryusuke Taguchi beat TAKA Michinoku (oт Kaientai Dojo), Black Tiger & Hirooki Goto (20:05) when Samurai used a chickenwing armlock on Goto.

2. Jado & Gedo beat Kintaro Kanemura (от Apache Army) & Tetsuhiro Kuroda (от Apache Army) (15:48) when Gedo used the Gedo clutch on Kuroda.

3. Kishin Liger beat BADBOY Hido (12:22) with a brainbuster on a chair.

4. Special Dream Tag Match: Minoru & Masaaki Mochizuki (от Dragon Gate) beat Koji Kanemoto & Wataru Inoue (21:43) when Minoru used the Minoru Special on Inoue.

Sounds awesome! CTU CTU CTU!

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Не знаех много за CTU,но след като прочетох тези неща стейбълът започна да ми харесва.Историята с Liger и Muta не я бях чувал,но явно е било много добро.Kishin Liger rule!Не знаех,че Goto ще ходи в Мексико,но щом е така дано да се подобри там и да направи някой як мач.Повечето мачове са били доста интересни,но най-много искам да видя последните три и особено този на Liger,защото е бил доста интересен,а че даже и първия! :)

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